Why is Prince Charles so worried that Prince Harry’s memoir will slam Camilla?

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Kensington Palace and Clarence House barely waited 24 hours before they began briefing against Prince Harry in earnest. I tend to believe that Dan Wootton’s Daily Mail exclusive included briefings from Prince William’s staff as well as Prince Charles’ staff, while Richard Kay’s column was more of just Charles’ staff briefing against Harry. What’s also pretty clear is that Charles’ people have truly gone to all of their favorite royal rota rats and mentioned Camilla, the Duchess of Cornwall, very specifically. Kay, Wootton and now Penny Junor have all spoken on the record about how there are big concerns that Harry’s memoir will include an accounting about how Harry feels about his stepmother. Why are Charles’ people even bringing it up? Why are they putting that out there? I don’t know, but it’s fishy. Some highlights from Tom Sykes’ piece in the Daily Beast, which includes comments from Penny Junor:

Harry’s revenge on Charles: A far more achievable goal, however, if one were seeking revenge on Prince Charles, would be to attempt to turn the public against his stepmother Camilla Parker Bowles, and prevent her ever becoming queen. Charles has said that Camilla will only be known as “Princess Consort.” However, The Daily Beast has been previously informed by reliable sources that Charles fully intends to declare her queen when he ascends to the throne. Within the palace this objective is so well known it is considered an open secret.

Penny Junor on Charles’ concerns that Harry will bash Camilla: “I think there is a very good chance he will talk about his feelings for Camilla and his relationship with her. He was a child when he learned about everything from his mother. There were ‘three of them in the marriage,’ as Diana said, but it was a very complex situation which some narratives like The Crown have managed to make very two-dimensional. I suspect that Harry sees it as equally two-dimensional. Harry seems to me at the moment to be very angry and hurt and trying to find himself in some sort of way, but yet again, here is Harry getting it all out there at the expense of his family. I just hope he doesn’t say things in this book that he regrets later. What scares me is the money that it is being suggested is being paid. Penguin Random House are going to want some revelations for their buck.”

Does Harry have the goods to rock the monarchy? “To some extent we have heard it all before at this stage,” says Junor, “and a lot of people in the U.K. are bored stiff of Harry. But it could still damage the royal family, because there are all sorts of stories that Harry will have that everyone is dying to hear. He could talk about the day his mother died and how Charles broke the news to him, for example. That is incredibly personal and we have no idea if Charles did it well and sensitively or not. He could talk about walking behind the cortege. He has said he was made to do it and shouldn’t have been made to do it, it’s his truth and that could be very damaging. The description of the family’s reaction to him falling in love with Meghan and his perception of that could be damaging. He could name the person who made the remark which he interpreted as racist. There is a lot of stuff there that could get picked up and swirl about in the ether forever.”

Christopher Andersen on the memoir: Anderson, the author of bestselling biography Diana’s Boys, told The Daily Beast that the news of the memoir represented the termination of any hopes of familial reconciliation. “Obviously Harry has decided that his relationship with his brother and the rest of the royal family isn’t going to be mended any time soon—certainly not now that he has thrown this new hand grenade into the palace. Royal recollections have been notoriously problematic over the years. In his authorized biography, Charles called his parents aloof, cold, and distant, among other things. The queen and Prince Philip were deeply wounded, and in the queen’s case I’m not sure those wounds ever really fully healed. Harry must know how upset his father and his grandmother will be, but it looks like he’s going ahead and publishing anyway. The Sussexes are really crossing the Rubicon this time—the royal family will almost certainly see this as a whole new level of betrayal. There will be no turning back now.”

[From The Daily Beast]

The whole “Harry will have to give bang for the buck” thing is so telling… telling of how the royal reporters view their own monetization of the dysfunctional Windsors and their fear that Harry has the (easy) ability to blow up all of their palace-sanctioned storylines. They said all of the same sh-t with the Spotify and Netflix deals too, like Harry was going to immediately greenlight several documentaries slamming his family.

As for the repeated references to Camilla and how Charles “fears” what Harry will say about his stepmother… it’s truly so g–damn random. We got through Finding Freedom and the Oprah interview and I don’t recall any significant (or even insignificant) references to Camilla. Harry has made it clear that his problem, all along, was with his father, brother and the institution, the viper courtiers.


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  1. Becks1 says:

    Like some of us said yesterday, I disagree that the bits about Camilla are coming from Charles, I think they’re coming from KP to distract from what else could be said about William and/or Kate.

    No one was really talking about Harry and Camilla’s relationship, even after news of the book was announced, and then we have these very specific leaks about people being “very concerned” about what Harry might say, so now we ARE talking about their relationship and wondering what the issues are etc. But why would Charles put that out there? He wouldn’t, IMO. But William would, especially if he’s worried about what Harry could say about W&K’s marriage.

    (for the record as I have said multiple times at this point I do not think the point of this memoir is for Harry to spill every royal secret he has ever known. But he is going to spill a lot of tea on the relationship with the press, etc.)

    • Merricat says:


    • Me says:

      Charles is all about Charles—once you see the world through that narcissistic prism, it starts to make sense. In Charles’ mind he will always be central so, of course, large swathes of Harry’s book will be about Charles. Maintenance of his status and getting his own way is everything to Charles; he is fixated on HIS wife being queen, not a mere Princess consort. The lower title indicates that Charles and Camilla were in the wrong, that people remember Diana and don’t accept the status quo — Charles can’t and won’t accept that.

      I don’t think Harry book is going to delve further into the stale, 40-year-old tea of a couple of septuagenarians, but Charles will always be convinced that everything is about him.

      • Becks1 says:

        I agree that Charles is narcissistic so if the story coming out at this point was that Charles was so worried about what else Harry might say about Charles, I could see that coming from CH. But I don’t think Charles would want to put it out there that there may be a problem with Harry and Camilla. Harry has never said anything to indicate that, so it seems a strange tack to take.

      • Susan says:

        I agree….and there is a tiny niggling piece of this that makes me think “guilty conscience.” Like, if there wasn’t anything negative Harry could say about Camilla, why is Charles worried? We panic about what we are most insecure about…

    • Sunday says:

      Yup, this is 100% an intentional tactic on the part of KP. Whether the end goal is to deflect from Kate or just to stick it to Charles and give the RRs an excuse to speculate about Camilla is the real question. It seems like the crisis managers have activated the “In Case of Harry Biography, Break Glass” mode in which they desperately search for a royal to throw under the bus as “the racist one” because they’ve convinced themselves that Harry will out whoever had “concerns” about Archie’s skin color (spoiler alert: it was all of them).

      But at the same time, to me it’s downright bizarre that we’ve had no mention of Kate, zero embiggening articles, nothing. I commented yesterday that it’s possible she’s just on a beach somewhere and we’ll get a slew of the usual nonsense when she’s back from holiday, but it does seem intentional that all of a sudden Camilla is being mentioned nonstop and Kate is completely in the wind.

      • Jais says:

        Yeah I think she just on the beach somewhere @sunday. But I still think it’s curious that her name is left out of all the briefings. @Becks1, if it’s all KP to make Charles look bad, how do you think petty Charles is going to respond lol. @ME- agree that Charles is all about the me. If Charles is leaking because he’s worried about Camilla, I think it’s just cuz they’re terrible. Like they went after Harry’s wife and they’re all about petty revenge so they can’t imagine Harry not getting revenge back at them. Eye for an eye style. You attacked me my wife so I’ll attack yours. Which of course isn’t Harry’s style but these people are just terrible so idk?

      • Becks1 says:

        I definitely think Kate is on vacation somewhere. My guess is she left immediately after Wimbledon and the euro finals.

      • MF1 says:

        The lack of Kate embiggening articles has got to be connected with the fact that Kate was shut out of the statue unveiling. I think that was William’s way of saying, “if you don’t get your mother under control and stop the rogue PR, I can take away all your media exposure.”

      • HeyJude says:

        No,I suspect the sudden hush on Kate embiggening articles is that the Middleton’s are right spooked by Harry’s book because he and Meghan’s interview told the truth about Kate bringing Meghan to tears and they took that as a big blow to Kate’s press offensive. And they’re too dim to know what to do next in the wake of the book announcement, probably fearful as well. So they’re laying low.

    • Seaflower says:


    • Agreatreckoning says:


      Charles saying anything like this now would not be of any benefit. He knows that, so he wouldn’t. The idea of people speculating what Harry might say about Camilla from now until the book comes out serves no good purpose in Charles desire to possibly have Camilla having a Queen title at some point. Now, the speculation would benefit those that don’t want Camilla to have a Queen title and there does seem to be a campaign for that between KP, Middletons and the BM. The headlines alone of Kate’s future queening tell that story.imo Kate being called Queen after Camilla doesn’t quite carry the luster of Kate, peacemaker, rock, linchpin, blahblah..directly after Her Majesty. Whining about what Harry will possibly share is Will/KP’s modus operandi. They’re the ones who’ve truly been emotionally/media reactive to anything Harry & Meghan have done/are doing. Until CH puts out a statement that says differently-not buying this is on Charles. I found this old VF article December 2005. Charles’ campaign for Camilla mostly. It does mention a minor bit about the George Smith stuff that came up yesterday. It’s mostly positive stuff about Camilla and shady at Diana. But, for anyone still griping about Harry talking about generational trauma and family dynamics, there is one named source(and nameless courtiers) that were quoted about HM’s (and Philip’s) parenting or a lack thereof. About a 1/3 of the way down.

    • Chelsea says:

      Yeah Becks1 i think youre right. It reminds of the random part of one of Laceys recent article where he claimed that Charles was too focused on getting the public to accept Camilla as QC to care about the brothers bickering & also strangely said that Charles was worried about his sons not publicly backing Camilla. It struck me as very odd because not only has Harry never said anything bad about Camilla he’s also been “quoted” on background in multiple books on Charles as saying nice things about her and at least publicly appeared happy for them when they got married. I don’t doubt that he was upset with them for everything with his mother but Harry did strike me as the type who just wants his family to be happy and was willing to go the extra mile to support their spouses like Camilla and Kate. It probably made it even more painful when they refused to do the same for him but I still dont buy that he cares enough to try and harm Camilla’s chances at QC; this reads like William being the one who wants to stop it and using his brother as a shield as he’s done his entire life.

    • ElleE says:

      Oh my. Like our American Duchess said, they don’t report the news, they make the news.

      This is made up fan fic-if they wanted to make up something interesting, why not make something up like, “Harry still hates and always will hate C” end of? If Juror never told the truth about Harry before, she isn’t telling the truth about the palace’s “fears”.

      Also: “Harry seems to me at the moment to be very angry and hurt”? No sweetie, those are the words one uses to diminish women, not men. You misfired. Harry is Zen.

    • Farfromreality says:

      Plus 1 million.

  2. minime says:

    soooo…maybe she was the one doing the open racist comments? Their concern seems so random (specially since he never said anything special about her) that it really makes one think that it must be something big. What is kind of funny is that, as usual, they are just shooting themselves in the feet with these memos to the press, since we are all now just thinking what did Camilla did of so horrible that they are all afraid of.

    • DuchessL says:

      Exactly what I was thinking – she might be the racist one – maybe with a hint of alcohol issues with her? And how about what happened at Charles 70th birthday where Meg and Harry were escorted out? I wanna know what happened that day

      • TeamAwesome says:

        I can absolutely see Camilla saying all manner of inappropriate things after a few drinks, or even before, but that’s why I don’t think of it as being damaging to the monarchy, which is how the reveal was characterized in the Oprah interview. I don’t think it would shock anyone.

      • Izzy says:

        They weren’t escorted out. That was a rumor started by Lady Colin Campbell, who knows as much about Meghan and Harry as the rota rats. Numerous articles have made it clear that Charles was leaving as well and they were saying goodbye and see you later.

      • Jan says:

        Would you stop with the nonsense, they were not escorted out of the garden party.
        They left to go on their honeymoon which they delayed to attend the garden party.

      • Bex says:

        Harry and Meghan weren’t escorted out of the garden party for Charles’ birthday. We actually saw the party live, in real time. They left after they’d met the quests and headed to their honeymoon.

        This is a talking point fabricated by the trolls. Why do you believe it? Despite their being actual video which refutes the claim???

      • Nivz says:

        Nothing happened, DuchessL. I saw the video of the 70th bday garden party on YouTube. Meghan spoke to students from different countries (I remember this because she asked, “So which countries are you all from?” )

        After a while, Meghan and Camilla said goodbye to each other with a kiss on the cheek. The comments at the time, before someone decided to revise history, were about how sweetly they said ‘bye.

        Also, Lady C is ridiculous.

      • Agreatreckoning says:

        Lady C was ‘whoring for Goring’ in trying to create interest in her book by manufacturing some kind of scandalous story a month or so before her book release. The bee crashing Harry’s speech and Charles, Camilla & Meghan laughing together about it was the biggest “scandal” of the garden party.


    • Fawsia says:

      Camilla doesn’t have a dog in Charles and his sons’ fight! If anyone said something racist it is Harry’s brother!

    • Becks1 says:

      Well, we should clarify that they are all probably pretty racist. But I don’t think Camilla was THE racist that Harry was referring to, just because I don’t think it would be damaging to her, same way I don’t think it would be damaging to Philip (so even before Harry clarified it wasnt Philip, I knew it wasn’t him.) Would anyone be shocked that Camilla says some inappropriate things, especially after a few drinks? No one would. Plus, her reputation is better than it was 20 years ago but its still not stellar. Outing her as a racist wouldn’t destroy her reputation. Outing William? That would be bad.

      • Christine says:

        Your clarification is important!

        I’m starting to get the vibe that Camilla’s name is being bandied about in the hopes that it will enter the collective conscious that she is the problem, because you are right, no one would be shocked if it was Camilla, she is already so disliked. And, yeah, the only one that wins in that plot is KP.

        Could it be that the lack of Kate stories is because Middleton PR is aiming for Camilla currently?

        They have a year to plant false stories, and hope the public thinks they already know everything by the time the book comes out.

    • Lola says:

      Harry and Meghan said that the one who made the racist comments about Archie’s skin tone was a male.

      • Jaded says:

        No they didn’t – they referred to the person or persons as “they” and that “they” are a senior royal, but not the Queen or Prince Philip.

    • MF1 says:

      I still don’t buy that Camilla was the one who asked about the baby’s skin color. I can imagine her *thinking* something like that but she’s too smart to say it out loud. (Unlike Chuck and Elegant Bill, who are definitely dumb enough to do that.)

    • HeyJude says:

      It’s interesting to note Harry did very specifically say he wouldn’t reveal who said it in the Oprah interview because it would be “too damaging to that person”.

      It’s clear from their sycophants and rota William and Charles could join Trump on 5th Avenue to shoot someone and they still wouldn’t lose support of their snobby racist circles. The skin color question from either of them would instantly be rationalized by their enablers. (“William was just asking because he wanted to prepare Harry for the public potentially asking that question”, “Charles is a man from a different time and didn’t know better” and such nonsense.)

      But Camilla, no one in England likes Camilla as is. Such a comment would very much hurt any future plans for her as Chuck’s Queen of a multicultural commonwealth.

  3. Alissa says:

    I think it’s funny that they pointed out that Charles said some stuff about his parents in his biography, so it seems extra hypocritical for him to be throwing a temper tantrum about Harry writing a memoir. but I don’t think he’s going to spend a lot of time on Camilla? it’s really weird that that’s the tactic they’re going with. also, Charles, nobody wants her to be Queen. Stick with the princess consort thing.

    • Mac says:

      Since Harry and William were adults when Charles and Camilla got married I don’t think any of the have ever considered Camilla the “stepmother.”

      • JanetDR says:

        That’s my take too. Although there was that horrible history and what they did to Diana… Still, she wasn’t the evil stepmother. It’s weird that there so many things they are worried about! Like the truth I guess.

      • Tessa says:

        She was quite mean to Diana. I think william and Harry realized that but they had no choice but accept her.

  4. Lizzie Bathory says:

    I truly don’t think Harry thinks much about Camilla & vice versa. And frankly, I don’t think Charles thinks about Camilla much as an individual–I think his affection for her is largely predicated on him viewing her as an extension of himself & someone willing to put up with his peccadilloes. So I think the concern here is that Harry might reveal things that might damage Charles’s reputation, which would reduce the well of goodwill Charles has to draw on to make Camilla queen. This is all about Charles losing control of the image he’s carefully rehabilitated for years.

    • taris says:

      yeah, it’s bizarre how camila has been thrown into this conversation, like it’s some kind of game for the rota.

      i think it’s no surprise that harry wouldn’t have ever been particularly close with camila (and also, i don’t believe she’s the racist – she may be *a* racist idk, but she’s not *the* racist, you know?); but, contrary to how the ‘experts’ are treating it, harry’s book isn’t some tell-all designed to be juicy gossip and slander targeted at anyone at all.
      i think he’s going to give a candid, vulnerable account of his entire life – *his life* and experiences. i seriously doubt he’d delve into slander and gossip (eg some people’s marriages and secrets, etc.). although, of course, the rota will keep saying otherwise (because they’re fucking hysterical), harry isn’t ever out to attack anybody.

    • bettyrose says:

      IKR? I mean, sure he’s aware that Camilla was the third person in the marriage, but I doubt Camilla is the object of his anger when it comes to how his mother was treated. The only reason I could see him going after Camilla is if she had an active role in hurting his wife and child(ren). And if she did, then Charles is right to worry.

  5. Jane says:

    Why is everyone so convinced that Harry wants revenge? Neither he nor Meghan seem like spiteful, vengeful people. The Oprah interview was their perspective on certain things that had happened to them and they were both very careful not to name names or single people out specifically, or even be overly critical of people, as opposed to the institution itself. After all this fuss, what if in 2022 Harry comes out with a sort of preachy, self-help, self-realisation, inspirational sort of memoir about how he became the best version of himself, which focuses predominantly on his time in the army, his charity work, and his love for his wife and kids and how that’s made him look at the world with different eyes, and very little about the royal family itself?

    • Snuffles says:

      Because that’s how The Firm, the RRs and the family think. Every single one of them are petty, grudge holding and vengeful. Harry just wants to set the record straight on his life after decades of other people holding the pens and profiting off of him.

    • Malificent says:

      That was my assessment as well. A memoir isn’t an autobiography, and Harry isn’t obligated to cover every part of his life. I don’t think it is going to focus on his family or be especially negative. But it will be fun to watch the wolves chewing on themselves for the next year.

    • Carmen-JamRock says:

      I strongly believe your take is closer to the truth of the matter as any decent person could imagine and yesterday I said pretty much similar things wd be in the Harry’s memoir, except for this cynical description, of course:….”preachy, self-help, self-realisation, inspirational sort of memoir about how he became the best version of himself….” It wont be any of those things.

      HOWEVER!!!! Harry will make a very distinct differentiation between THE ROYAL FAMILY and THE INSTITUTION of the MONARCHY. And all those little self-interested creatures (courtiers and RotaRats) who love to cover themselves under the canopy of “The Monarchy/The Royal Family” by conflating the 2, will be exposed by the manner in which H dissociates them from his family hence, their preemptive narratives.

    • Songs (Or it didnt happen) says:

      @Jane, that’s the thing. Harry could write the most earnest, trite, Hallmark level sappy self help style memoir and the royal rota would *still* clutch their pearls and scream about how it was an attack on the monarchy. Example: “Thoughtless Harry has titled Chapter Seven of his book ‘Sanity and Sanitary’. Many are saying that this is a reference to Charles’ infamous tampon quote. The Queen is said to be deeply disappointed in Harry, who was a favorite grandchild before he began dating actress Meghan Markle.”

      • Christine says:

        Every time I remember the tampon comment, I am shocked all over again that anyone has the energy to get worked up defending Charles.

    • Plums says:

      I’m so tempted to think this is what it’s gonna be as well, but I fell into that exact trap before the Oprah interview aired- I was so sure all the desperate, hysterical , everything-plus-the kitchen-sink briefing against the Sussexes from the palaces in the weeks before the Oprah interview aired was gonna make them look like utter fools who had just decided to tell on themselves needlessly in retrospect. Because obviously the interview was gonna be totally diplomatic about the royals and focus mostly on their current goals and projects.

      Turns out, while they still looked like utter fools who had just decided to tell on themselves leading up to the interview, they were way more right to be worried than I assumed. The amount of tea spilled and family drama examined honestly shocked me. That’s why I’m not gonna just assume Harry’s memoir is going to be totally diplomatic or focused on positivity.

  6. Lori says:

    Remarks interpreted as racist falls into the same category as recollections may vary. They might as well release a statement of “we didnt mean it that way, we have black friends”.

    • Merricat says:

      Nope. Racist is still racist, regardless of what you “meant.”

    • ABritGuest says:

      Yes I think it’s very telling that as much as they claim H&M lied throughout the interview, it’s pretty much accepted in the media that the skin tone conversation happened & it’s about the interpretation or H&M being too sensitive. The media are dying for Harry to name the person as they all know

  7. lanne says:

    The only point I’ll give that miserable cow Junior is her acknowledgment that Harry can tell the truth about his experiences: “it’s his truth.” I don’t think any of the ratchets have ever acknowledged Harry having personal truth before. They seem to think they are privy to his every thought, word, and action. But no bitch, no one over there is bored of Harry or Meghan. They are the only people generating interest in the RF at all. At. All. They cant shut up about this supposedly unimportant 6th in line to the throne.

    Why don’t the ratchets start talking about WHY Harry is so important to them? That’s the elephant in the room.

    • Jais says:

      Yes, I thought Junor said some truth when she mentioned Harry just telling basic memories would be damaging. He doesn’t have to go scorched earth but just telling the truth of his life will do some damage to the monarchy.

      • Tessa says:

        Junor should not have anything to say about Diana’s sons, the way she spent over 20 years writing unkind things about Diana in her books. Maybe Harry will have the guts to confront her over it.

  8. Talia says:

    I think someone is using the known issue with Camilla (being Charles’ mistress during his marriage) to distract from issues with other people (or one person) that the public don’t know about.

    I can’t see Charles doing this as it splashes over onto him and it’s too subtle for the Middletons (nothing about Kate having tried to smooth things over for years) which leaves William.

  9. UnionSnack says:

    Actually Cams is desrving. She is not innocent at all knowing what she did to Diana. She also had her profits of Meghan smear campaign – now public is bashing Meg not Cams.

    • Sofia says:

      Not defending Camilla or whatever, but the press stopped bashing her years ago (before Meghan came). That is because of the long PR campaign that Charles implemented years before Harry and Meghan were even in each other’s radar.

      If any royal woman stopped being criticised by the press because of Meghan, it’s Kate. Not Camilla.

      • UnionSnack says:

        Cams ratings were always incredibly low despite her work (and she ALWAYS worked more then W&K for example) despite the fact she is much more intelligent than K etc. PR campaign was long, right, but according to the results of the surveys Cam always was the unpopular one. That only changed a little after Andrew affair and H&M bashing. Like even for 2021 yougov shows the 10th result of popularity for Camilla among royal family. It’s right after Zara, Anne, Philip (!), Sophie and Ed. I think people would never forgive her for what she did to Di even if Chuck will get the best PR in the world.

      • Amy Bee says:

        @Sofia: Part of that PR campaign was throwing Harry under the bus in exchange for protection for Camilla. That is the real reason the media stopped bashing her.

      • Sofia says:

        @Amy Bee: My point was that Meghan has nothing to do with the lack of Camilla bashing. It stopped long before she was even on the scene.

        @Unionsack: Yes they’ve all gotten a boost from the Meghan bashing but it wasn’t like the press were actively gunning after her in 2017 the way they did in let’s say 1996. There’s always going to be people who don’t like Camilla and that’s understandable but the lack of press bashing of Camilla has nothing to do with Meghan.

      • Amy Bee says:

        @Sofia: I’m just explaining why the media stopped bashing Camilla. Charles gave them Harry in exchange for good press for Camilla and their marriage.

      • Jais says:

        When did he throw Harry under the bus for better Camilla coverage? Was this during the Eton years?

      • Ginger says:

        The British press doesn’t bash her like they used to because of Charles and his PR campaign but the public just doesn’t like her or will ever accept her. I don’t know of many that actually like her

    • AnneSurely says:

      My personal opinion is that Charles knows that whatever goodwill he builds for Camilla can be obliterated forever in a heartbeat by either one of his sons and he is wildly and irrationally paranoid about it. This is not a deep or bright man. He controls William through the pursestrings, for now, but has no reign over Harry. That’s why he’s been undercutting his credibility from the getgo. It has always been a very mundane ‘child of toxic divorce’ vibe from both Harry and William toward Camilla. Like, they’re exhausted from the drama and whatever makes the drama stop is fine with them. So, this is yet another halfwitted hand-showing from him.

      • Tessa says:

        However much money Charles spent on Camilla’s (and his PR). some (to say the least) will never buy the spin. I wonder if Charles realizes it or does he buy into his own spin?

  10. ModeratelyWealthy says:

    1) Their strategy seems to be changing, from blaming Meghan outright, to now a return of ” broken, stupid Harry”. This Juror person goes on and on about ” Harry´s perception”, as if the fault lies on his ” sensitivity” not the Windsor´s lack thereof.

    2) I don’t think William is behind it. I think is very telling that William is not throwing Catherine´s name in this mess, as ” William is concerned for his wife, because he is an elegant man. ” It is very curious so far William has not started his own narrative on how to frame this move on Harry´s part, other than ” Harry is tactless.”

    3) Honestly, I think we should all bury the ” Charles is smart, he is playing the long game.” Charles is as dumb as all of his family. The long game to him is about waiting until a time comes he can punish people. He seems to have a long list of family members he wants down: Diana was the first, then it was Andrew, now is Edward´s turn…( maybe he sees Harry´s as a projection of Diana? I am not sure- methinks his next target would be-William)

    Anyway, Charles does not want Harry to make HIM look worse . Camila is being put forward in a very cavalier way, as if Camila is the only issue Harry would have with his father. We know Camila is not the only issue, but Charles is trying to make the public see Harry as a broken child who could not overcome the death of his mother and blames his stepmother, the same way they tried to blame Meghan for everything.

    When in doubt, blame the woman.

  11. Scorpion says:

    It’s hilarious how Charles called his parents aloof, cold and distant and carried that tradition with his sons. Imagine your own son, coming to you for help and you dodge his calls. You, his only living parent, Charles could have shut this smear campaign with one word. Charles is trash. I hope Harry is a fabulous father to his own kids. I’m rooting for H&M so much. Hopefully Diana is watching over her baby and his family.

    • NotSoSimpleTaylor says:

      It seemed to do a lot of damage to Charles’ personal relationship with the Queen too. I don’t think they’ve had much of a mother-son relationship since.

      • Tessa says:

        The Queen through her inaction, did nothing to protect Diana and ended up welcoming Camilla into the family. Unlike Queen Mary, she accepted the former married mistress and welcomed her to the family.

  12. My3cents says:

    “A lot of people are bored stuff with Harry”
    Haha Haha
    So why is it they keep inserting him and is wife into every article? Couldn’t be that he sells as opposed to the Bored Brother?

    • Lori says:

      This “boredom” tactic reeks of William. Thats his line. Stop racism, Im bored with it. Stop global warming, I’m bored with it. Stop mental health issues, Im bored with it. Stop trolling my wife, Im bored with her……Oops I mean it.
      He’s got the Apathy of a young King.

  13. Sofia says:

    I said it yesterday but I don’t think the worry is that Harry will say anything unsavoury but that anything less than “Camilla is an absolute angel who I love! Diana who?” is going to be seen to the palace as a terrible thing. Plus from what I’ve read, Harry doesn’t seem to have any issues with Camilla. I’m sure there’s some tension and uncomfortableness but I don’t think he has it out for Camilla in a major way.

    Of all the royals to worry about, Camilla isn’t one of them IMO.

    • Harper says:

      Harry’s references to Camilla will not be the beautiful, moving tribute to a woman who filled his father’s heart and soul with the love he longed for since childhood that Charles wants it to be. Instead, Harry will probably say something like, “My first memory of Camilla was of a frumpy, large-breasted woman who smelled like cigs and booze who was always seen sneaking out the back door of Highgrove as we came in the front door. Immediately, I could see the fury in my mother’s eyes and hear her confront my father behind closed doors, their voices rising angrily.”

      I can’t imagine Charles and Camilla deciding together that the palace response to Harry’s memoir will be fears for her reputation. It’s clear that William needs someone else to be the villain in Harry’s story and he’s pushing Camilla out there to redirect the focus. Charles doesn’t want these private moments rehashed but Will needs another family villain right now.

      • Sofia says:

        I don’t think it’ll be moving either but I don’t think it’s going to be a nightmare like Charles thinks. If he talks about her, it’ll be because of her role in the breakdown of Charles and Diana’s marriage which yes will set Charles and CH off but it won’t be something like “I hate that ugly bitch Camilla. She should never ever be called Queen!” that people want.

        He hasn’t publicly thrashed her and I don’t see him starting now.

      • Tessa says:

        I tend to think he will primarily blame Charles for not dropping Camilla and trying to be a good husband to Diana. I think Harry will concentrate on that though IMO won’t hold Camilla blameless.

  14. MissySnow says:

    I applaud Harry for telling his true and shame the devil!

  15. equality says:

    Before their jaws start flapping do any of these “experts” give a thought to how silly they sound? How often has Penny Junor even spoken to Harry but she knows what he thinks? Making something 2-D is what the BM does all the time but sure let’s accuse everyone else of that. If everyone is “bored stiff of Harry” why are her jaws still flapping about him? “There is a lot of stuff there that could get picked up and swirl about in the ether forever.” Yeah, really like accusing someone of bullying without a viable complaint? Like calling people “damaged”? So tired of the hypocritical BM who put “stuff” out every day without proof that is out there “forever”.

  16. Amy Bee says:

    As I said yesterday, the Camilla factor is intriguing. I don’t think it was public knowledge that Harry didn’t have a good relationship with her. I wonder why CH is briefing about it now? Perhaps CH is laying the groundwork to discredit Harry when the book eventually comes out. I think Harry will talk about Camilla but only briefly and in the context of having a stepmother. That’s not always easy. And oh yea, the main reason for the press’s outrage is Harry taking control of his narrative and diminishing their ability to profit off his life and story.

    • Tessa says:

      Camilla though did not raise William and Harry. They were grown when their father married Camilla.

  17. Izzy says:

    So much in this story is telling on the RF. Why Camilla , and why now? Either she is a bigger part of the problem than we previously knew,mor she’s being used to deflect from a bigger problem with someone else. I’m guessing it’s the latter.

    “The description of the family’s reaction to him falling in love with Meghan and his perception of that could be damaging. He could name the person who made the remark which he interpreted as racist.” The fact that it’s the telling of this information, and not the fact of it, is what makes them nervous, really shows their asses to the whole world. They don’t CARE how racist they are as long as it’s not outed to the world. Too late, booboos, we see your salty, inbred, racist selves.

  18. Mina_Esq says:

    There was nothing “complex” with the Camilla situation. Charles cheated on his wife with Camilla, and it broke Diana’s heart. Pretty straightforward. Also, one of Harry’s goals is to destigmatize mental illness, and these a-hole RR keep trying to weaponize Harry’s admitted mental health struggles. It’s disgraceful that they want to dismiss him as just someone that’s mentally ill, as if it makes whatever he has to say any less valuable. Gross. And finally…bang for their buck? Penguin Random House is not the National Enquirer. Harry is a public figure whose life has always captured an audience. People just want his perspective, not tea! These people may understand their own audience, but they clearly don’t understand PRH autobiography audience.

    • Lori says:

      They are speaking of their own experience trying to sell a royal book or article where they have to have some dirt to get paid. But the difference is they arent royal themselves, Harry is. He can talk only about himself and his experiences and its worth 20 million.

  19. Merricat says:

    Sidebar: in that lead photo, Kate looks like a bottle of Pepto Bismol. I like pale pink, and very vivid pink, but not this bubblegum shade.

    As I said yesterday, I don’t think Camilla figures at the top of Harry’s grievances, as it were. I think Harry feels the family betrayed him all these years by trading on his willingness to work and keep his mouth shut and then refusing to welcome his wife. He asked one thing, that they accept her as his wife, and they couldn’t do it.
    I don’t think Harry loves Camilla. I don’t think he hates her.

  20. Osty says:

    The irony of all these people criticising harry for writing about his own LIFE when they have all written and sold books about his life and family

  21. MerlinsMom1018 says:

    Harry’s “trying to find himself in some way”.
    Here. Lemme fix that for you Penny-Wise.
    Harry has FOUND himself (with love and support from Megs and therapy) and is now ready to burn that bitch down if he so chooses.
    There ya go.

  22. Snuffles says:

    So, on Twitter, poster “Anne Boleyn” has been posting excerpts of Camila’s biography that she stumbled upon in a bargain bin. She noticed that the lady who wrote it (Caroline Graham) is the SAME royal reporter who cozied up to Thomas Markle big time before the wedding. Very suspect! 🤔🤔🤔🤔


    • Scorpion says:

      Oh the plot thickens, I think dear old Cammy had plenty to do with the smear campaign against H&M. I hope Harry airs out and nips that QC BS in the bud.

      • JT says:

        Ok. This is why they are worried about what Harry will say about Camilla.

      • Melissa says:

        Would not be surprised if Cams’s main job in life is to handle unsavory things so Chuck never hears of them. That may be why he was so attached to her – Diana was difficult because she was young and needed him to help her, whereas Camilla was wise and worldly and handled things for him. Life is easy for him when she’s around.

        Makes total sense that most, if not all, of the vitriol coming from CH is actually her and not him. She does the dirty work and he gets to be all “Who, ME? I would never!” about the whole thing.

    • Chica says:

      Notice the happy posing in front of the Confederate flag. Birds of a feather?

    • Becks1 says:

      I know people on twitter keep insisting that this means something, but I really don’t think it does. Lots of RRs have written lots of biographies. I think its pretty clear from Thomas Markle’s own mouth that KP was running interference with him, not a woman who wrote a biography about Camilla 10-15 years ago.

      • taris says:

        yeah, the sussex fans on twitter mean well, but you’ve gotta be careful (and logical) with some of the theories on there. lots of it doesn’t make any sense at all, and sounds almost too paranoid. but that’s just me.

      • Harper says:

        This Twitter focus on Camilla is just what William wanted to happen. Don’t fall for it.

      • Agreatreckoning says:

        It is a definitive misdirection play by Will/KP/rota’s. Using Caroline Graham’s “biography” would be like using Angela Levin’s “biography” or mouth diarrhea as a truthful source of information on Harry/Harry & Meghan. Don’t fall for it.

  23. Jay says:

    If Harry is going to write about his upbringing, perhaps Charles is worried that his long affair with Camilla and the effect on Diana will be brought up and ruin his years of personal image rehabilitation work – er, sorry, I mean Camilla’s reputation. Considering how sensitive he was about the Crown, that does not seem farfetched.

  24. MangoAngelesque says:

    I think William is planting these little Camilla seeds so people will speculate over what Harry could be revealing about Charles’s (almost) flower-named mistress, and NOT on William’s own floral arrangement. Not any other mistress he may have.

    Not that Harry WOULD do that. But that would absolutely be William’s immediate assumption, but god knows he would have done it if the situation were reversed.

  25. Sunday says:

    All the RRs faux concern feels very similar to the reporting following Kate’s Tatler debacle, in which all the reporters were very supportive of Duchess Keen while also quoting the supposedly offensive article in full, every single time. They are chomping at the bit to gossip about Camilla, and this allows them to speculate about all the potential reactions to her being Queen Consort instead of Princess Consort.

    So, maybe the RRs are just getting creative, but I do think it’s very likely that KP has given the green light for their favorite mouthpieces to go after Camilla to get to Charles. If it did come from KP then it’s interesting that Will is once again torpedoing his father’s reign. Tanking any possibility of support for Camilla does two things: it takes the heat off Will or Kate as “the racist one” who questioned Archie’s skin color, and it makes the general public even less enthused about Charles as King, which is the only way William can raise his own esteem in contrast.

  26. Slippers4 life says:

    Is it just me or does there seem to be a pattern in the British tabloids of blaming children for “hurting” their parents by sharing the ways in which they were neglected by them? Charles “hurt” his parents by sharing his story of neglect. Meghan Markle “hurt” her father by what at this point? Having boundaries with a person who continues hurtful and exploitative behaviours? Harry “hurt” his father by sharing how his own neglectful upbringing after the death of his mother impacted him. Why are the British media insisting on reinforcing avoidant and perhaps even role reversed attachment patterns in parents and children? So in the British tabloids/media in general, children are meant to be the bigger people, accept the toxic patterns they were raised in and then, if they try to heal, they’re hurting their parents? What the actual? No! Parents need to be bigger, wiser, stronger, and kind. It’s not a child’s job to organize their parents emotions for them. That is meant to be the other way around. Please stop normalizing toxic family systems and shaming children for breaking toxic generational patterns. What the royal family doesn’t get, is they would last a lot longer if they owned the truth of their history ans try to heal to move forward. Our generation, at least in the commonwealth countries, are not fittin’ to curtsey to Will and Kate especially if they continue reinforcing stories like this.

    • equality says:

      Meghan hurt Tom by not giving him a chance to get pictures with his grandchildren to sell to tabloids.

  27. Ainsley7 says:

    One of the biggest things that hurt Harry was all the misinformation about him in the press. William is doing it now, but Charles started it. Charles threw Harry (and William to a lesser extent) under the bus repeatedly to rehab his reputation and Camilla’s. He leaked the night the boys officially met her and really forced them to be ok with her. He betrayed them in every way for her. The reason that so many feel this is weird is because Charles’ PR worked. It’s why Harry himself has made it clear that he’s more upset with Charles and people still want to believe that the real problem is 100% William. There’s a reason that Diana referred to Camilla as the “Rottweiler.” Her image is all PR.

  28. joanne says:

    What is the story about Harry and Meghan being escorted out of Charles 70th birthday party? I hadn’t heard that before. It sounds interesting. I really hope Harry makes it clear about that ridiculous PR stunt Will and Kate pulled with that empty commercial airplane. How that was done with malice and forethought to damage Harry and Meghan. It was vicious.

    • Sofia says:

      It’s apparently a rumour started by Lady Colin Campbell who doesn’t know a thing about the Sussexes and believes the moon bump conspiracies. I wouldn’t look too deeply into it.

    • Becks1 says:

      It’s in relation to the garden party they attended two days after their wedding IIRC (Meghan in the cream dress with sheer sleeves and the big hat) – they left early so there was all this talk that they were escorted out for some reason, but they were always scheduled to leave early, they came, mingled for a bit, Harry gave a speech, and then they left. It was taken as a big snub to H&M but their early exit was the plan all along.

      • Nic919 says:

        I recall seeing clips of that party and they were in no way being escorted out in the way that was being implied by person who still uses aristo ex husband name despite only being married for a few seconds.

        Charles and Camilla were very chatty with them throughout that event and their interactions were far friendlier than I have ever seen from W and K.

  29. TheOriginalMia says:

    I’m in agreement with others who lay this latest freak out at William’s door. He loves throwing women under buses, so why not Camilla? It accomplishes two things. It hits at his father’s sore spot and also shifts attention away from his blunders of late. Funny how Kate isn’t in Harry’s crosshairs with this book, when her white tears lie set Meghan up for years of abuse. No, it’s Camilla, who is the evil stepmother. Sorry, William. She didn’t make the colorism comments. You did. And this latest campaign will fail because some of us aren’t that gullible.

    • Jenna says:

      It also hammers home the point that most of the British public won’t tolerate Camilla as queen. And since Charles has made it clear he won’t tolerate being king without her, there’s a chance he could step aside.

      That’s if the old bat currently bolted to the throne ever dies, of course.

      • Lori says:

        I think HM has another 7-8 yrs in her. And Im mot sure Charles does. Would not shock me if she out lives him.

  30. ABritGuest says:

    I agree that Camilla is a distraction. I was wrong on Oprah being as revealing as it was but even that was quite protective of the family with Harry only naming Charles as someone he felt let down by. But I’m leaning towards this book only spilling real tea about HARRY and if anyone gets dragged it would be the rota.

    My guess is when the book comes out press will say it’s boring (cos not revelatory enough& secretly they want it to be juicy as hell) & preachy (cos it’s focused on his learning curve) & how he’s being a hypocrite moaning about the press whilst ‘invading his own privacy’. They will probably complain that royals aren’t credited enough with his growth/achievements if he barely cites them& that he didn’t name the royal racists etc so how can the Oprah interview be taken seriously.

    I can see him highlighting the invisible contract more and Camilla has been a big beneficiary of cosying up to the press for better coverage so maybe they are concerned how that will look especially as some of those she cosied up to would slam Diana as unstable etc- not great during period crown season 5 comes out & 25th anniversary of Diana’s passing. Or even how certain stories were used to make Charles look like a better parent eg drugs rehab story- Harry might correct that type of story & how he was thrown under the bus by the institution. Things like the press spying on him & teenage Chelsy might be covered too.

    These royal experts/rota are a protectionist racket & they are just scared of their grift being ruined if people can get info direct from source. None of them showed concerns about reconciliation when Lacey’s updated book quoted William’s ‘friend’ calling Meghan a bitch & socipath & her & Harry as damaged goods.

    Penny says people are sick of Harry so why do the media insist on talking about him constantly? Today the GB breakfast shows were all about Harry’s book with scant mention of George’s birthday & no mention of FFK’s earthshot book news.

    • Tessa says:

      Penny derided Diana for years, Harry and William’s mother was bashed by Penny. Maybe Harry will confront her over it, I doubt William will bother.

  31. taris says:

    i find it rather sad that the ‘experts’ are treating harry’s memoir like this huge incoming bash-a-thon and are, as usual, having a melt down, over a book nobody’s even read yet, on any platform that’ll have them.

    the book will be huge, of course, but i’m sure it’ll just be harry finally speaking his truth. and even with all the (justified) anger that he’s been feeling, i don’t believe it’s his intention to go after anybody. the only institution i’m sure he’ll go supremely hard at is the media – and they know this, they’re pre-deflecting with all their faux ‘what will harry say about his family?’ concerns.

    the british press will be hysterical nomatter what. if harry says – as sensitively as possible – something along the lines of ‘i struggled with my mental health growing up and nobody in the family talked about these issues, it was really hard’ – he’ll be accused of ‘attacking’ his family, so… damned both ways.
    he’s just going to tell his story and the rational and sane among us will understand.

    as for the camila thing … i doubt charles is talking to any reporters about harry’s book at this moment. he’s probably still in shock. as none of the palaces have given an official response of the book, my bet is that this is mostly just the rota just trying to provoke a response.
    like i said, the media are treating this like some modern game of thrones, when real lives are involved here.

  32. Hairpin says:

    Lol is Camilla the one who made comments about skin color? Are they letting us know?

  33. Mooney says:

    It’s not rocket science that Harry doesn’t like the woman who made his late mother’s life hell and is occupying the place which was rightfully hers. Maybe he’s come to tolerate her over the years. But I think every single time he looks at her he would be reminded of that trauma all over again. Maybe William too, all this I said above.

    And really tells you about Chuck’s priorities 😒

  34. JT says:

    Sometimes the truth is just the truth. Not his truth or her truth, but THE truth. Nobody is scared because Harry is telling his version of events. They are running scared because Harry will just be honest tell the truth.

    Sometimes the whole “his truth” bit annoys me because it sounds like “recollections may vary.” Sometimes there is just pure, unadulterated honesty.

  35. Mel says:

    Frankly, I don’t believe that Harry thinks about Camilla that much. He probably says enough to be polite and goes about his business. All this frothing at the mouth is telling. If you’ve done nothing, you should have nothing to worry about. It would be hilarious if he barely mentioned any of them, but I’m sure that would be spun into some kind thing also.

    • Jay says:

      @Mel, that’s where I’m leaning, too – sure, they all mad now about what they believe Harry might say next year, but that’s NOTHING to how furious they’ll be if he barely mentions them!

      I expect a lot of Harry being labelled “ungrateful” or that actually, his success is all down to his family’s advice and he’s putting the Queen in an early grave by not crediting William for all his help, or something like that.

    • Tessa says:

      I think he is polite to her. NO more than that. She has her own children and grandchildren and spends time with them at Raymill and probably does not see all that much of Harry and William.

  36. serena says:

    Basically he could talk about anything in his life and it would be ‘damaging to the RF’.. try asking yourself why that is, perhaps?
    Harry did nothing to purposefully damage the RF (although I wish he did), he didn’t need to really, because they did it all by themself.

    Also, it seems to me that they press is always bringing up Kate and in this case Camilla, to highlight how mean Harry/Meghan is, because attacking innocent women is the lowest of low (eyeroll), to deflect on Chaz and Willy.

    • Tessa says:

      IMO William caused the damage, alienating his own brother by trying to split him up from Meghan. That is the true scandal but unfortunately there are stans that think this man is “perfect”.

  37. Melissa says:

    What I find fascinating is that Harry has said he is writing his own memoir, and these folks are making it about themselves! Newsflash to KP and the Royal Family: this is not about you!!!

    They do this about all thing Meghan and Harry – make it about themselves. What a sad way to go through life.

  38. Murphy says:

    Yeah, no….Camilla is not on his radar. She’s like the only one out there who doesn’t give an eff and doesn’t have a PR agenda.

  39. Over it says:

    The remarks made about Archie and what Harry interpreted as being racist. Omfg. Penny , when your ass becomes black, then and only then can you tell a person of color what is and isn’t racist. Until then shut the fuck up you white racist bitch.
    Also how the family welcome Meghan at first, they didn’t, they tried to destroy her from the get go because she has black in her.

    • Jaded says:

      IKR? That “He could name the person who made the remark which he interpreted as racist” comment made me see red. I loath Penny Junor with the heat of a thousand suns and I hope she comes back in her next life as a cockroach because she’s the human version of one now.

  40. NotSoSimpleTaylor says:

    My understanding is Charles more or less isolated Camilla from the rest of his family after they got married and that is partially why she still lives at her house most of the time. Most likely it’s because Elizabeth and Philip really didn’t want anything to do with her or the entire situation. But with things being the way they were I can’t imagine Harry formed enough of an attachment and if he did, I think at worst he was indifferent, especially with all the other stressors he had since Charles remarried.

    Come to think of it, until Harry and Meghan left, media reports said that Harry was the most welcoming towards Camilla. Admittedly, it could simply be that he just ignored her instead of calling her a bunch of unpleasant adjectives. I do think Camilla’s relationship with William is fraught and William told on himself. I remember the picture where she was leaning hard into Charles when walking alongside William and I sensed her trying to hide her fear in that photo. So yeah, I do think Camilla has a “fraught” relationship with one of the boys but I don’t think it’s Harry.

    Charles is about to see his royal house of cards fall apart. Harry will blow apart all of the PR Charles and the rest of the grey men carefully constructed. He may not even mean to but there’s no way he won’t when it comes to speaking his truth.

    • Lori says:

      William is said to have a particularly unpleasant relationship with Laura, Camilla’s daughter. Like scream match level unpleasant. I can see him throwing Camilla to the wolves with zero remorse.

  41. Over it says:

    This is definitely Willy trying to throw his father and stepmother under the bus, he isn’t doing it to protect Kate because he loves and cares about her but because if she is outed , so is he because those two are in the whole with the devil together. I will forever believe it was William who talked about Archie skin color. Please don’t misunderstand me, they all did but Willy was the only one stupid enough to say it to Harry face.

    • Merricat says:

      Agreed. William is dangling “What will Harry say about Camilla?!” as a shiny object to distract from his terrible, horrible, no good, very bad year.

    • Jenna says:

      I agree on both counts. I think William wants Charles to step aside when granny kicks it. What better way to make that happen than by inserting Camilla into the conversation at every opportunity? William is all-in on the narrative that King Charles is a two-for-one-deal. That “open secret” stuff about how Charles is quietly determined that Camilla WILL be queen one day alongside him is always guaranteed to rile people up.

  42. The Artist Formerly Known as Valiantly Varnished says:

    All this signals to me is that there is a LOT of $hit that went down with Camilla that has not seen the light of day. And Charles’ people THINK they are getting ahead of it by bringing it up first. But because they’re absolutely terrible at PR they don’t get that they are actually bringing more attention and interest and curiosity to it. Hit dogs holler and Charles is YOWLING.

  43. Rapunzel says:

    More interesting to me than the Camilla stuff is the little mention of ” he could say how Charles broke the news of Diana’s death.” Junor even hints he may not have done it ” well or sensitively”

    Wtf, nobody was even thinking about that, Penny. Why are you? Is there dirt there?

    • NotSoSimpleTaylor says:

      I can’t remember when, I can’t remember where but I thought it was Philip, Elizabeth, and Tiggy who told the boys. Not Charles.

  44. K says:

    I’m thinking Camilla was the one who asked about Archie’s skin tone

    • bettyrose says:

      Yeah, that seems to be the going theory, and it would explain why they’re worried about what Harry will say. He doesn’t need to write a book about how Camilla treated Diana. The Crown has already covered that, and it’s only tangentially relevant to his experiences growing up with and then without Diana. But how Camilla treated his wife? That’s fair game.

      • Tessa says:

        I think that’s it. Diana’s story is out there. But I think Camilla may have been working against Meghan behind the scenes and even deriding Meghan.

    • NotSoSimpleTaylor says:

      Yeah…I can see it. That would fit. Especially given her aristocratic roots, I can see her being especially ignorant on that front.

    • TheAnonymousPimpernel says:

      It. Was. William.

    • MangoAngelesque says:

      Harry said he wouldn’t say who because it would “ruin their reputation,” or words to that effect. That would not be the concern if it were Camilla, as her reputation would categorically not be affected.

      William “I’m so bored with racism and look how much I care about mental health” Cambridge and his wife, though? Yeah. Definite damage to be leveled on would-be crowned heads.

  45. Jenna says:

    “Why are Charles’ people even bringing it up? Why are they putting that out there?”

    Because they are, collectively and individually, dumber than hair. I mean, who knew that constantly hearing from birth about how you’re ordained by Imaginary Sky Friend to be singularly better than everyone else could lead to such toxic and abiding cluelessness?

    Harry might really be in burn-it-AAAALL-down mode, and I can’t really say I blame him. Stripping him of his military honors and rank was a bridge too far. They knew how very deeply that would hurt him, and they did it with purposeful cruelty.

    I can’t imagine the staggering hypocrisy has gone unnoticed (especially with Meghan) that the family and institution that Lost. The. Freaking. Plot. over a biracial line of succession are the very same people who have gone to great lengths to enable and protect the grifter pedophile who is currently 9th in line for the throne.

  46. Nic919 says:

    Harry isn’t going to use this as a burn book, but if there is a spouse that he might still have an issue with, it’s the one who put a lie out in the media about his wife which was used to attack Meghan incessantly to this day. And no apologies for it.

    Nothing Camilla might have done, and it’s doubtful that she’s a part of any of it outside of being a passive observer to what Charles does, comes close to the outright lie that Kate has still failed to correct. Camilla’s family also isn’t doing interviews crapping on Meghan either. So this Camilla thing is a red herring coming from William or his lackeys.

    • TheAnonymousPimpernel says:

      Hear, Hear, Nic919.

    • Tessa says:

      I don’t think Camilla is a particularly nice person. She had to be reined in after she took Kate out to a public restaurant pre Wedding to give her “advice.” (and all the other people heard the advice). The Queen appeared to snub her at William and Kate’s wedding.” She also behaved inappropriately on tours (giggling at people entertaining her and Charles on tour) and smirking at the minister at Meghan and Harry’s wedding. She does work harder than Kate though and is years older. I think Harry may be annoyed at the way Camilla sat back and did not help out Meghan.

  47. L4frimaire says:

    This really seems so random and trying to throw Camilla under the bus. Maybe she really is an unpleasant person behind the scenes but don’t think she’s Harry’s main focus at all. I get the impression that Camilla really was never interested in Charles’ kids and her job was to serve Charles and Charles only. She seems like she’s doesn’t particularly care about them because she didn’t like their mother or them taking Charles focus from her. What all these people speculating about the book seem to forget that it is about Harry, written in the first person.These others are not the focus in the way they are hoping.

    • SueBarbri says:

      Totally. I’ve never gotten the impression that William or Harry interacted with Camilla much at all. Harry was kind enough to be polite about her when they forced him to do so in front of the cameras, but I don’t remember hearing the word “Camilla” come out of William or Kate’s mouth. I could be wrong, though. I think CPB is racist, but I doubt that H&M care what she says and I don’t think her words impacted them in any way.

      But CH and BP are wasting their time if they’re trying to garner sympathy for CPB. I went to Meghan and Harry’s wedding at Windsor (we sat right near the port-a-potties!), and the crowd was happily buzzing whenever a celebrity came on the big tv screens. But when the camera flashed to CPB, the people around us actually started loudly booing. If CPB’s rehab project wasn’t successful enough to have won over the people interested enough in the monarchy to get up at dawn and sit outside in the hot sun all day and wave flags, then she’s in real trouble that has nothing at all to do with Harry’s book.

      • Tessa says:

        I don’t think William and Harry had any choice, they had to “play nice” with Charles and Camilla. No matter how much money Charles put into Camilla’s PR campaign, it is doubt ful that she will be “beloved” to put it mildly–by all.

  48. Nivz says:

    The Camilla whose downfall I really want to see is Tominey.

    But imagine if Camilla Cornwall were actually like her character in ‘The Windsors’!?

    • Tessa says:

      Camilla was IMO out for herself. She derided the royal wife, which traditional mistresses would not be allowed to do.

  49. Sure says:

    Perhaps Ed & Sophie have decided to pay back Charles by leaking Camilla’s role in trying to break up H & M.

  50. Curious says:

    during this whole mess of slandering H/M by the press, that each one have taken the royal family side. not once have Harry mention Camilla. not once have i read anything negative in public from Harry mouth about his stepmother Camilla. both Harry/William growing up had next to nothing to do with Camilla. they had a nanny when they visited Charles, they was in school. they visited their father.still think the nanny did all the work at that time. they got older and was away most of the time. Camilla was not involved in their lives. she is just the woman their father married.no bonds between them. . whatever happened later after Harry married Meghan,i doubt Harry will write about how his stepmother tried to sabotage his marriage to Meghan by sending her biographer to befriend Thomas Markle.

  51. A says:

    I mean, I highly doubt Harry will be either spilling any tea, or slamming any individual members of the royal family. I think his memoir will be in a similar vein to the Oprah interview, where he made thoughtful, reasonable observations on how the royal family is, how they’ve treated him + his wife, how the interact with the press, etc. But the memoir will primarily focus on how he feels + how he has dealt with the various happenings of his life, and less about any one else in particular.

  52. eli says:

    Maybe Charles is afraid his mother wont abdicate if the people turn on Camilla. I am not sure Camilla is her first choice for queen or king’s consort.

  53. Tessa says:

    Charles probably long ago prepared a will for Camilla so William could not control her finances.

  54. Robin Samuels says:

    Few listen to Harry but many quickly absorb and repeat as truth everything the royal reporters say about Harry. During the engagement interview, he said, “They think they know me.” In SA, “If you knew what I know you’d do what I’m doing.” In the Oprah interview, “I will never share the name of the person who said it.” In “The Me You Can’t See” he discussed generational parenting and the need to break away. As parents, many of us have strived to do things differently because we identified a weakness in something our parents did or did not do. In the announcement concerning the book, “Not as the Prince I was born into but the man I’ve become.” IMO his memoir is not about the members of his dysfunctional, poorly educated, privileged family that lacks compassion and stockpiles secrets to use against one another. The media doesn’t talk about the growth and development of Sentable and the Invictus Games; his relationship with African Parks and the status of Travalyst. He has traveled globally more than most because he was their mule. He has witnessed and learned much about human nature regardless of race, creed, or color. There is much about Harry we don’t know because the media keeps the readers focused on a shirt with a Nazi emblem, a bash in Las Vegas, or after midnight drinking sprees. Being in the military during a crisis or in the delivery room when your first child is born is an impactful event in any man’s life. In closing, anyone who believes anything Colin Campbell says is delusional. Peace and love.