Paris Hilton at the adult video store with her skeleton costume

TMZ has the video of Paris Hilton in a skeleton costume at that adult video store in Toronto telling befuddled management that she wants the posters advertising her “One Night in Paris” sex tape removed. JayBird reported on this on Monday, and store owners said at the time they were working out deals to sell the footage.

Initial reports just said that Paris demanded that the posters be removed, but TMZ hyped it when they released this clip, saying “Paris goes postal.” It’s more like “Paris gets mildly pissed,” because her flat affect barely registers the ripples from her supposed anger at seeing her face in a porn store. Toward the end of the clip you can hear her yelling “I want it now” from off camera but if you pay attention to how she sounds rather than what she’s saying it’s more like she’s annoyed because someone put turkey on her salad when she asked for chicken.

Here’s what Paris says in the tape below. There are two guys working behind the counter, and while you can hear Paris clearly it’s hard to tell what they’re saying. One of them seems like he’s calling their boss and saying “Paris Hilton, yes that was…”

Paris says clearly and firmly, but without her voice breaking or getting too loud:

You can’t use my image in a porn store
Want me to call my lawyer and sue the shit out of this place if you don’t take them down?

I really want them down, because they’re mean and this is not right. I’m really furious. This is disgusting. And I want the other one, now, or I’m calling the f’ing cops.

[Transcribed from the video available at TMZ]

I kind of admire a girl who can get so angry she rips stuff off the wall without really screaming or breaking a sweat. It seems like not being able to express extreme emotion should be a disadvantage for someone who aspires to some sort of B-movie career, but Paris makes it work. She flits all over the place, showing up at events and openings several times a week, always looking calm and composed. It’s only when she’s really upset that her milktoast voice betrays her. She has to resort to breaking stuff to get her point across, because when Paris said “I’m hurt bad,” it’s hard to tell if she broke a nail or a toe.

Thanks to TMZ for this video of the incident. Paris just kind of wanders around, rooting through her purse and trying to muster up courage until about one minute in.

Header image is thanks to PR Photos.

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