Britney Spears’s team ‘had to sign off on everything from groceries to new makeup’

In one of her recent Instagram posts, Britney Spears seemed really excited about the fact that she’d bought a bunch of tennis shoes. She was seriously excited about sneakers to the point where it seemed like she didn’t get the chance to shop much before. Us Magazine has a profile of Britney and what she’s been going through under the conservatorship. They confirm what a lot of us suspected, that her life was controlled to a ridiculous degree. I thought that her conservators had put her on an allowance and that she was able to spend it as she wanted to. The way Us’s source explains it, all of her purchases had to be signed off on. Britney has been paying these people millions of dollars a year to control her life to a ridiculous degree. Us also has some insider information about her relationship with her sister, Jamie Lynn, whom Britney shaded recently for not being as supportive of her as she’d claimed.

On how closely controlled her spending was
“Her life became a living hell,” one source tells Us… “Britney has found her voice and there’s no stopping her,” warns a second insider. “She wants the world to know what her dad’s been doing and she’s set to unleash on everyone who’s held her back from living her life.”

“Everything she posted on social media was checked and edited before it was shared,” says the insider. Britney couldn’t purchase hygiene products, art supplies or even gifts for her sons… without approval. “Her phone was taken years ago,” adds the insider, “so she couldn’t have access to any of her old contacts.”

The first source says Britney’s hobbies and shopping habits have also been “micro-analyzed” and her team had to sign off on everything from groceries to new makeup.

On her relationship with sister Jamie Lynn
While one source tells Us Jamie “is there for Britney, [but] doesn’t want to be involved in the conservatorship battle,” a second insider fears their relationship may be beyond repair. “Britney feels Jamie Lynn just sat back and watched as their dad took over her life,” explains the insider. “She thinks she was complicit.”

[From US Magazine, print edition, July 26, 2021]

Imagine doing a Vegas residency and performing on stage night after night, for years, and having to get a team of people to sign off on whether you can buy mascara or bread. I bet they controlled what food she was allowed to bring in her house too. Britney has kept quiet for over a damn decade! I can’t even imagine.

Britney has some pretty racy posts up now where she’s showing her boobs and another where she’s dancing in a bikini. I think she’s feeling herself after all she’s been through. When I spoke with Lisa from the Eat, Pray Britney podcast for episode #82 of our podcast, she said that Britney is a creative person and that’s how she expresses herself. Britney said in her first testimony for court that Miley Cyrus smoked joints onstage at the VMAs and that she didn’t face any consequences, basically. (Miley did that in 2013 at the EMAs in Amsterdam, not to take away from her point.) Britney showing her boobs is her F you to the conservators and her way of showing them she’s going to do what she wants. I hope she cleans out a Sephora next.


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  1. stagaroni says:

    I hope Britney will be OK. She has long been a victim of the entertainment industry, her parents, and other shady people. That won’t stop just because the conservatorship ends (and it needs to end). There will always be someone waiting to pounce on her good graces.

    • Eleonor says:

      Personally I hope she has a mental health professionist to support her.
      She has been held on hostage for a decade she needs to find the right balance, the right approach to life.

      • stagaroni says:

        You are absolutely correct, and now she should be able to get an unbiased evaluation of her mental and emotional health.

        I am lucky. I have a conservator, but I have very liberal freedoms. My physician and the judge are very involved in my case and I feel very fortunate.

  2. Sigmund says:

    Good for Britney on finally getting a little bit of freedom, and I hope she gets the rest of it, too. Goodness knows everybody else gets to post their boobs on Instagram if they want to.

  3. Sakura says:

    I love, love, love Britney with those beachy waves(in her IG pic). I just wish she would put the eyeliner down. She looks so much better without the heavy eyeliner.

    • Susan says:

      Funny thought…wasn’t really heavy eyeliner the THING when she went into the conservatorship? It will be kind of fun to watch Britney get a 2021 makeover?! If you can’t access the internet and your shopping is controlled by your redneck dad…

  4. Lena says:

    I don’t blame Britney being mad at her sister. When you don’t say anything or speak out you are complicit.

    • stagaroni says:

      But, if her father is like this with Britney, don’t you think he is the same with his youngest as well? It seems as if people have been afraid of crossing him. We don’t even know that she didn’t talk to him. He has access to Brit’s millions, who knows what he might have said to her. He certainly tried his best to divide and conquer., but Britney’s new attorney is going to rain fire on him.

      • Digital Unicorn says:

        The Farrow article outed him as a nasty bully who often got into other faces screaming at them – and there has long been stories of how he was like that to them all as children and to Lynne.

        However as others on here have pointed out JL is close to her father – there was a documentary about her on tour and he featured in it. I think he’s been involved in JL’s career and has been using Brit’s money to fund it as lets face it her music/acting career as it stands isn’t going to generate enough income for her to live as she is and am not sure how successful a businessman her husband is.

    • Trillion says:

      JL was also benefitting from the arrangement and therefore part of Brit’s exploitation.

      • rainbowkitty says:

        Yep, there was a write-up recently about a Condo that was bought for JL with Brit’s money. JL’s name was never on the condo it was all financed by Britney. There were videos of jl in the condo bragging about it, but she has since removed all of that from her sm accounts.

    • stagaroni says:

      @Digital Unicorn, thank you for setting me straight. That is just so incredibly heart wrenching. No one can hurt you like family. Again and again.

  5. Digital Unicorn says:

    She’s looking good in those shots – there is a sparkle in her eyes that has been missing for a long time.

    Also, JL Spears is freaking out because when a forensic financial audit is done on the conservatorship it will be discovered just how much she (and the rest of the Spears family) was taking from Brit’s estate. Their gravy train ride is coming to an end.

  6. Laura says:

    I don’t know about Jamie Lynn, she was very young when the conservatorship went into effect. And if the dad was this controlling and powerful enough to take over Britneys life what chance did a teenager have? Maybe easier to drink the kool-aid, esp when everybody else was too. Seems like he brainwashed everyone..
    Also Jamie Lynn recently posted a photo of a big box of stuffed animals /toys that she said were for the girls from Aunt Britney.

    • rainbowkitty says:

      She was 17 when it started. Young yes, but as years went by she became old enough to know better and know that she should have helped her sister instead of profitting/benefitting off of her.

    • February-Pisces says:

      I don’t want to defend Jamie Lynn, but as the youngest child in my family, you are always the baby no matter how old you are. That dynamic doesn’t really change, especially as JL was the youngest by nearly a decade. I don’t think she has much power or influence in her family, especially over her dad. But she still sat back and cashed in on her sisters misery and abuse.

    • lucy2 says:

      Britney seems to feel that JL didn’t help her. She was young back then, but she’s like 30 now, and surely has to have known as least some of what was going on there.

  7. TaraBest says:

    Meanwhile Kanye is playing Phantom of the Opera in Mercedes Benz Stadium and no one has slapped a conservatorship on him. The misogyny of this is all so obvious.

    • Darla says:

      omg that story is crazy right? LOL @ phantom of the opera.

    • Golly Gee says:

      Hadn’t heard anything about this, so went to look it up and saw a photo. Jesus. If I were a black man these days I wouldn’t be wandering around with a nylon pulled down over my face.

    • Vavavoom says:

      It’s so true!
      Phantom of the Opera is so on the nose LOL He’s even living there to finish his album.

  8. susan says:

    I’m concerned that she may be off her meds and having a manic episode. But I in no way think that’s grounds for her conservatorship to be sustained. She needs support, not control.

    Whenever I hear someone say that it’s “for her own good” I would ask the speaker to compare what has been done to Britney to the example of Kanye West. Anyone try to put HIM under conservatorship? Take control of his $$, regulate custody of his kids, a 5150? Not a chance.

    • cassandra says:

      Wasn’t he placed on a 5150 a year or so ago?

      • Golly Gee says:

        As a TEMPORARY measure until he received the help necessary and was able to function and look after himself independently.
        Conservatorships are also meant to be temporary unless the person has something like dementia where there is no chance of them being able to look after themselves in the future.

    • Christine says:

      I’ve been reading arguments that Britney still doesn’t have control of her instagram. I hope if that’s the case her lawyer speaks out sooner rather than later before more damage is done.

    • Hyrule Castle says:

      Stop that.

      There is absolutely no evidence Britney has any kind of mental illness, let alone having an episode and off her meds.

      No evidence at.all.

      The only people saying ANYTHING about her are her abusers.

      Stop being part of the problem.

      • petee says:

        Wow where did that come from?

      • Tiffany :) says:

        “There is absolutely no evidence Britney has any kind of mental illness,”

        The courts have plenty of evidence, even if it isn’t public knowledge.

      • Genessee says:

        You don’t know that she doesn’t have a mental illness either.

        The only thing that needs to go or be revised is the conservatorship. That doesn’t mean that Britney should be left to her own devices from then on.

        Britney STILL needs SOME help once she’s done with the conservatorship. She’s been taken care of her whole life. Plus, the adults in her life have FAILED her. She has had ZERO guidance at adulting. We’ve all transitioned into adulthood normally (HS –> College –> Post-College Adulting/Roomates etc.) or suddenly due to life trauma. Britney is missing ALL of that from her life experience.

        I’ll bet you she has no idea how to do her own laundry, cook her own food, make a travel reservation, balance a checkbook (do those still exist?) which makes her vulnerable to financial/life abuse from others.

    • Otaku fairy says:

      It’s hard to know what to believe about Britney’s mental health at this point, with everything that’s happened. She did say she’s depressed and traumatized as a result of this situation. Her speaking out now isn’t automatically her having a manic episode- it could just be her feeling angry and finally in a position to talk about years of abuse and exploitation. Hopefully the way the mental health narrative has been used to control her, take from her, make an ‘example’ of her as a woman, and silence her doesn’t scare her off from getting any future help she may need.

    • S says:

      “I’m concerned that she may be off her meds and having a manic episode” Proving you don’t know what a conservatorship is. The same woman gives britney her meds EVERY SINGLE DAY. She said that. She literally can’t stop taking the meds because they make her take them. including lithium which was 100% against her will.

      This is not how you deal with mental health. Britney’s mental health is worse today because of what they’ve done to her the past 13 years. She hates therapy because they never made it a safe space for her. It’s awful what they’ve done. To claim that just because she posted two topless pictures it means she’s maniac? You are exactly part of the reason they managed to do this to Britney and get away with it.

  9. Chevelle97 says:

    Jamie Lynn has been on a deleting spree on her ig. Idk what she deleted but if anyone wants to see, go check Twitter. She may have been young when the con first started, but she’s a grown woman now, and has benefited from her sisters money. She has said “we have a condo in Florida” where she likes to vacation except it’s Britney’s condo. Plus she seems to be close to Lou Taylor. It seems her whole family thinks Britney’s money is theirs. There’s an acct on Twitter that buys court documents, and they found one where team con filed something with the court saying Britney was deceased, then claimed it was a typo. I think that they were planning or hoping for that to happen, and it didn’t. Shows how strong Britney is. I can’t wait til she’s able to say everything she wants to say.

    • Digital Unicorn says:

      I think Brit is about to discover how much property she really owns, property that is being used and lived in by her family without her permission. The Spears family are running scared esp as Brit gets more and more access to the outside world.

      The internet never forgets.

    • S says:

      She deleted pictures in Britney’s destin condo. Britney mentioned why they locked her up and she thought they were trying to kill her, her entire family was in her destin house having fun. She also deleted pictures with Jamie Spears.

  10. rainbowkitty says:

    Yep. I just made a comment about this. There was a condo that Britney bought or someone bought with Brit’s money for JL. JL had videos and photos on her SM bragging about it. But someone went digging and found out that it was financed by JL and didn’t actually belong to her. She’s been deleting the videos and pics of that one for sure.
    Yes she was young when it started but at some point she knew what was happening and she knew she was benefittng from it.

  11. Mandy says:

    Britney used to vacation in it until the conservatorship. Even went there with Justin Timberlake. It’s in Destin, Fl. People in town always knew when she was there. She hasn’t been there since her dad took over.

  12. Cacec04 says:

    These pictures are old. If you see recent non-IG pics (like the ones of her going to the police station) Britney has pink hair, paler, and heavier. Could she be using old pics of herself just because she likes them? Sure. But until Britney is out from under this conservatorship, I think we should be cautious about judging or taking anything “she” posts on social media at face value.

    • Sid says:

      ITA Cacec04. I won’t believe anything unless I hear it verbally come from the mouth of Britney or her lawyer when they are in a legal setting. These people wouldn’t even let Britney have a cellphone or a beauty treatment, but we are supposed to believe she is running her own IG? There is too much shadiness going on.

  13. Kimberly says:

    dude Miley Cyrus had those crazy nude pics on that weird magazine website and you saw nipple…yet my girl Britney can’t  purchase her own eye liner with her own money?

  14. Theothermia says:

    I hope she gets free and sues 💚

  15. Rose says:

    Based on her comments from her dad, she probably was monitored on every calorie she ate. She probably didn’t even have any choice over something is simple as a meal to eat. I hope she destroys them.

  16. Tiffany :) says:

    One of my friends in college had a mom that was struggling with mental illness. He came home one day, and she had spent $12k at Office Depot. His house had multiple rooms that were filled floor to ceiling with staples and paperclips and post it notes. Sometimes there are reasons that spending is subject to review.

    • Kebbie says:

      There are trusts and things that can be set up to protect against that while also allowing her to spend her own hard earned money as she pleases, within reason.

      I think in the future it’s most important that there are safeguards in place to protect her from people like Sam Lutfi, her father, and other scrounger creeps that just want to manipulate her and take control of her finances. If her father insists on approving every loaf of bread she buys, it’s not because he’s trying to protect her, it’s because he’s an abusive POS.

      • Tiffany :) says:

        Kebbie, it’s my understanding that is what the current oversight does. It allows her to freely spend $2k in cash per week (which is a lot!), and then bigger expenses are approved the conservatorship. It is my understanding that her dad has to submit financials to the court. So his oversight also has oversight.

        I understand that her current situation is deeply upsetting to her, so changes do need to be made. But I don’t think she will get to a place where she can buy things that cost tens of thousands without someone reviewing it and giving the ok (either her dad or another appointed conservator).

      • Golly Gee says:

        Tiffany, first of all, she is not allowed to spend that $2000 as she likes. She hast to get approval for everything she purchases. So if she wants to buy a lipstick, she needs approval. This is completely unnecessary control.
        Secondly, as Kebbie says, there are less restrictive ways in which she can get help in the areas of her life where she needs it. She does not need a conservatorship. A longterm conservatorship is a last resort for people — such as those with dementia —who are completely incapable of managing on their own. There are lots of people with mental illness who manage without a conservatorship and it’s not even certain if she has a mental illness or just had a breakdown at the time she was committed.
        There is a whole industry set up around conservatorships and professionals with a vested interest in keeping them going. At a past hearing her former court appointed attorney Sam Ingham, when questioned whether the conservatorship should continue, testified that Britney could barely function and was almost comatose! Legal experts in the area of conservatorships as well as the ACLU have weighed in on Britney‘s case and all have said that based on the lucidity of her testimony and the fact that she was consistently working and choreographing her shows, she should not be under a conservatorship.

    • WithTheAmerican says:

      So what? Your mom’s friend is free to do what she wants with her money. So should Britney be. I highly doubt she’ll make great choices, but it’s HER MONEY.

      No one talks about men this way. It’s outrageous.

  17. Margo says:

    She looks so much like her Mom.

  18. Jananell says:

    It’s all happening. Imagine Ms. Spears’ joy in FINALLY. And with the need for JUSTICE in whatever form we treat people. All power to the disenfranchised.