Prince Harry’s old friends are suddenly very worried about his memoir?

The Duke Of Sussex Carries Out Green Beret Presentation

Do you believe that Prince Harry’s memoir will be an exercise in tea-spilling, score-settling and revisionist history? I don’t. It will probably be a lot like Finding Freedom – the earlier drafts will have more tea, but stuff will get taken out and it will be softened in the rewrite. And much like FF, the gentlest of Sleepy Time Tea will be exploited by the media as some kind of exploitation of the monarchy. Mostly, I believe he will be writing about himself, his mistakes and the lessons he’s learned along the way. But that will be enough to cause a year-long psychotic meltdown from Salt Island, and not just with the media and the monarchy. Did you know that Harry’s old party buddies are worried about what Harry will reveal too? From the Daily Mail’s Talk of the Town column:

It’s not just the Royal Family who are horrified that Prince Harry is writing a tell-all memoir. I can reveal that many of his old friends fear his scribbling could cause them huge embarrassment. Some are even warning that – after decades of loyal discretion – they are ready to dish the Royal dirt if the Prince’s book exposes their secrets.

For Harry’s chums from Eton, and the Forces pals that he left behind to live in California with Meghan, any unwanted revelations could be the final insult after years of them refusing to gossip about him.

A friend told me: ‘It feels very hypocritical given Harry chucked people out of his friendship group for talking to the press. There is a fear that he’s going to reveal details of his hedonistic youth which some worry will play havoc with their careers and personal lives.’

Another pal says ominously: ‘Harry’s mates have remained loyal to him… so far.’

As Harry, 36, has said that he will recount ‘experiences, adventures, losses, and life lessons’, friends fear that it might paint them in a bad light. A source said: ‘If Harry slams any of his old school and military buddies in his new book they have pledged to break ranks to tell their story.’

The bad feeling began when some of Harry’s then inner circle were left off the list for the couple’s wedding reception to make room for new pals such as Oprah Winfrey and George Clooney. Even Harry’s wingman Tom ‘Skippy’ Inskip – famously by Harry’s side in 2012 when he stripped naked in a Las Vegas hotel room – was shunned by the prince when it came to the wedding reception at Frogmore House. And, a source says, Harry’s pals are nervous that ‘friendly emails have gone unanswered, which hasn’t instilled much confidence’.

[From The Daily Mail]

Wow, so many of those “friends” are still big mad that Harry won’t engage with their crap! It’s almost as if Harry already cut them off when they did sh-tty things, like talk to the press about how Meghan was gauche at dinner parties, or how Mean Meghan is the reason why Harry isn’t a fun alcoholic anymore. Speaking of, the Sunday Times also had an article about What Harry Will Write, and this was included in the speculation:

“I never thought he was out of control then,” a source who reportedly knows Harry well told the Sunday Times about Harry’s “party prince years,” which may be one focus of the memoir. “In his new Californian guise, I think he’ll tell it honestly, framed in the context of his ‘journey’ towards ‘healing.’ I think there will be a lot of the old broken me versus the new fixed me who dealt with the pain, and a lot about Meghan as the woman who liberated me to deal with it all.”

[From The Daily Beast]

I have no idea if this unnamed source was saying this in a shady way, but I kind of agree with this. I think it will be about Harry healing, etc. Harry probably won’t frame it as “Meghan the Liberator” but it’s inevitable that Harry will talk about how Meghan threw everything in his life into sharper relief.

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  1. JT says:

    These people are stupid. It is not hypocritical to talk about your own life. Damn.

  2. Kkat says:

    To Harry’s old friends:
    Tell me you’re racist deviants without saying you’re racist deviants

  3. Snuffles says:

    “ Some are even warning that – after decades of loyal discretion – they are ready to dish the Royal dirt if the Prince’s book exposes their secrets.”

    Just highlighting one of the reasons Harry is writing the book. To get his side of the story out. And all they are going to do is make themselves look worse.

    This is what will happen. Harry won’t name names but will refer to incidences where the royal rota would be able to easily identify who was involved. Then they will set their targets on them and twist their arms to spill more secrets or lie.

    But, seriously, everyone freaking knows those boys partied hard in their youths. Stop acting brand new.

    • Nic919 says:

      The ones talking to the tabloids right now have not been silent and not loyal. That said I doubt Harry will be naming names and identifying the ones who showed they were pretty racist when he got serious with Meghan.

  4. Lori says:

    Im sure none of these boarding school prats are legally allowed to mention any of the criminal shenanigans they got up to in the past. The sh!t that goes on in those schools is only talked about inside therapist’s offices.

  5. Eurydice says:

    “A friend told me,” “Another pal says,” – so careful not to specify that these people are Harry’s friends, but more likely the author’s friends.

    • WingKingdom says:

      Omg yes! I was thinking that those definitely aren’t friends of Harry, and they’re talking in 3rd person sooo… good catch on the phrasing!

  6. Sofia says:

    I’m sure Harry’s friends said some… “things” (aka racist/sexist/xenophobic comments) about Meghan (hence why he cut them off IMO) which he might talk about but unless he goes “Lord Nigel Pompousnickel said Meghan was an ugly monkey” then no-one is going to know which friend said what. For starters, other than a very small group of people, no-one really knows who Harry’s aristo friends are and even if they found out, we’re not going to exactly who said what. We can gossip and make guesses but again, we won’t know who said what.

    “People in the know” aka family members, friends, courtiers etc etc will figure out who said what but for most of the public, the comments will go over without a face or name being attached to them.

  7. TeamMeg says:

    In addition to his childhood experiences, I think he is going to talk about some of the dumb things he did as a young man. (Dressing up in the Nazi uniform comes to mind.) He may discuss what motivated him to do those things, what he has learned since, and why the man he now is would never in a million years behave that way. Harry has grown up. He has examined himself, learned a ton, and evolved. If his friends from the old dress-up days have not done the same, they might feel a bit nervous, sure. Well, too bad for them! They can still learn and grow. That option is always open, and what we hope for everyone.

  8. Becks1 says:

    LOL. the point of this memoir is not to bring up the time that Tom inskip and Harry got drunk and had to be escorted out of a club or whatever. I think they can all relax.

    I think the biggest worry I would have if I were one of his friends though would be the Nazi costume – I think Harry is going to own that mistake and apologize for it, as he already has, but if it is brought up, then I also think he’s going to talk about the overall context, the colonials and natives party, that this is the kind of circle he was brought up in, that racism was casual and everywhere, etc. but even then I don’t think he’s going to say “and X was wearing this costume, and Y was wearing this costume, and Z was in this costume” etc .

    I don’t know. I’m on team “this book isn’t going to spill that much tea” but I do think that any tea that IS spilled is going to be about the royals, the rota, and the Firm, not about his random friends from Eton.

    • fluffy_bunny says:

      William was dressed as a Zulu tribesman. Any guesses if there was black face?

      • Becks1 says:

        I don’t think we even need to guess….

      • Rnot says:

        I would be delighted if Harry included a picture of the two of them in costume but didn’t mention William’s at all. Then when asked about it he could say “I can only speak to my own experiences. You’ll have to ask the Duke of Cambridge why he chose that costume and what he thinks about it now.” I don’t think he’d do it but a picture of the future future king in blackface might actually destabilize the monarchy.

      • Saucy&Sassy says:

        fluffy_bunny, actually William made his own costume with a black leotard and lion an leopard furs (iirc) and there used to be one picture left on the internet, but I can’t find it now. Clearly, they don’t want that out in the nether.

      • Vavavoom says:
        You’re right, there are no pictures of William during his 21st birthday party to be found.

        photos of some arriving to his birthday party:

      • anotherlily says:

        Yes, he was ‘blacked up’. These ‘Colonials and Natives’ parties were a regular feature on the royal social calendar.

      • Becks1 says:

        Yeah, I can’t believe I’m going to type this out, because who ARE these people, but….

        William’s 21st birthday party was not the party where Harry attended as a Nazi, I’m pretty sure. His party was African-themed* but the colonials and natives party where Harry wore that costume was another event (I’m 99% sure.)

        *I really hate how the royals are all about “Africa” like Africa is just one small country with lions and the Serengeti. We even saw this with the whole “banish them to africa” plot.

      • AmyB says:

        There were two parties where William “went native” according to the Guardian

        “It’s even considered OK, in Sloaney circles, to throw “Colonial and Native” parties like the one Harry was attending. Prince William wore a straw skirt for his 21st (the dress code for that party was “Out of Africa”) and this time he reportedly turned up wearing a skin-tight black leotard and leopard-skin paws and a tail.”

        Chances he complemented either with skin makeup?

      • E.B. Mann says:

        Africa is a continent, BTW.

    • Amy Bee says:

      @Becks: I agree with you. But we all know that even talking about this environment he grew up in, he will be bashed by the royalists and the press for talking about it. Mind you the royalists use every opportunity to bring up his racist past without realizing that he got that from his family.

    • Lila says:

      I agree with you, but at the same time, I think it’s very likely Harry will talk about realizing just how prejudiced his environment was and that could include admitting he had to part with longtime friends because of their racist opinions. Maybe they’re also worried about Harry describing that experience.

    • Nic919 says:

      If he talks about the costume party, the main person who needs to be worried is William.

    • Tessa says:

      Harry apologized for it, and to various groups. William OTOH NEVER had to apologize. He commandeered a military helicopter to land on Kate’s front lawn then used it to go to a stag party. His commanding officer had to take the blame. Charles also had to apologize for William trespassing on a neighboring estate, speeding along in his car. William had an embarrassing photo of himself dressed dancing in a feathered boa that was not allowed to be published in the UK. But it was published in the US and can be googled.

  9. Psyren says:

    These people are constantly telling on themselves aren’t they.

  10. Woke says:

    It’s obvious those are the friends he cut off and I suspect some if them were cut off well before Meghan. Harry’s military friends are well known and don’t talk to the press anonymously.
    All this talk about what will be in this book, all I want is the love story.

  11. nutella toast says:

    I think H&M leaked this so the RR, Royal Fam, and friends could act like fools looking over their shoulders for a year twisted with anxiety about all the things he COULD reveal (which is on them, not Harry) only to have Harry write an honest self-examination filled with vulnerability about loss, growing into his passions, serving in the military, falling in love, and becoming a Dad – effectively leaving them all out of the narrative. Then they’ll be hurt that they weren’t included.

    • Simone says:

      I agree with you. For a full year this book is going to be publicised on his behalf. They were going to write sh@t about him anyway, now it’s all focussed on making him a best seller & the RF & courtiers now know they have to behave better towards him & Meghan.

      • Saucy&Sassy says:

        Simone, isn’t it interesting? Suddenly everyone (BM) is talking about Harry and giving Meghan a rest. Hmmmmmmmm

  12. SJ says:

    the abuser logic is so, so baked in to everything these people say and do.

    4 paragraphs of barely-veiled threats and then “friendly emails have gone unanswered” like, no shit? there’s this thing where your actions don’t exist in a vaccuum? it’s like they lack object permanence somehow, but about themselves and their own behavior. The target is expected to ignore/tolerate entire heaps of bullshit and then turn on a dime and respond to a “friendly email” as though it existed entirely without context. Pure abuser logic. Yuck!!

  13. Haylie says:

    So this is all Skippy, right?

    • SarahCS says:

      Sounds like it, I was going to point out that the word ‘friends’ in the headline needed inverted commas around it!

  14. Amy Bee says:

    It’s obvious that these people are no longer friends with Harry. He’s not going to expose their misdeeds but talk about his own life. It does strike me that these former friends were very invested in being in Harry’s inner circle but not being an actual friend to him. It must have been quite an eye opener for Harry and I hope he writes about this in the book.

  15. Eurydice says:

    I hope that with all the serious and earnest self-examination there’s room for Harry’s playful kind of goofy side. The tabloids have painted him as dreary and painfully “woke,” but we’ve seen the charm is still there. An experienced ghost writer can help with showing all parts of Harry’s personality.

  16. AVEA says:

    If they were good friends to Harry they wouldn’t be worried about what he says.
    I guess they weren’t ¯\_(ツ)_/¯.

  17. Chaine says:

    Oh noes, he left his “pals” behind to live in California with Meghan? They make out like they and Harry were the Beatles and she was his Yoko Ono breaking them up. Which, by the way, I am starting to doubt everything I’ve ever heard about supposedly evil scheming Yoko. John was probably just sick of the band and ready to move on.

    • SueBarbri says:

      This is the one right here, Chaine. Meghan and Harry are being painted with the same brush as John and Yoko. It’s uncanny, really. We were force fed a narrative about Yoko being this or that, but the other Beatle wives escaped relatively unscathed. And now we can see it with Meghan and Harry. Terrible. And while the Beatles weren’t actual brothers and could dissolve their partnership through legal tricks and court cases, Harry’s life is being torn apart by his actual family.

  18. Margaret says:

    Talks about throwing a rock and seeing
    which dog hollars. Harry has thrown a pebbles and multiple dogs are coming out of the woodwork, from under rocks, and out of the sewers. My, my, my, I can hardly wait.

  19. PC says:

    I think he had a falling out with “Skippy” prior to the wedding.

  20. Harla says:

    His racist, classist friends? Are those the ones that are worried? I’m just amazed at how people are rushing to out themselves as horrible human beings.

  21. Cate says:

    If there’s one thing I learned from that Oprah interview, it’s that Harry & Meghan are VERY careful and deliberate about what they put out in public. While the interview was branded as “damaging” and “explosive” it was also clear that they could have said a hell of a lot more or been very nasty about it. Like the whole Kate made Meghan cry angle. They would have been pretty justified in pinning that explicitly on Kate and William and instead Meghan went out of her way to say Kate is a good person and my beef here is really with the media and courtiers. They have been sooooo careful NOT to aim comments at specific people and make the point that their problem is primarily with the institution of the monarchy and the media. I can’t imagine the book is going to be that different…Harry may well talk about his party days but I really doubt it’s going to be “That racist so and so was leading me astray!”.

  22. Elaine Stritch says:

    OMG the “what-ifs” and theories around this memoir are already getting old and we’ve still got a year…

  23. Scorpion says:

    My, my seems like being nervous is the order of the day. If you did nothing wrong, then you have nothing to worry about 🤭

    • Sid says:

      Right? If anything Harry (and Meghan) has always made a point to protect those who he thinks deserve protection. Like how he made sure to let people know that his grandparents weren’t the ones who commented to him that there were concerns about what Archie’s skin color would be. Anyone who acted right should be sitting comfortably. The others? Well, play stupid games…

  24. L4Frimaire says:

    All these people worried about what Harry MAY say in his memoir. You know what, those same people worried about being mentioned will be pissed if their names don’t show up. A lot of the times in these types of memoirs, the public figures and interactions are mentioned, those who’ve had a positive impact on you and helped you are mentioned, while the nasty peoples names are not printed, even if their actions are. Most of these people will stay anonymous and won’t be mentioned because they don’t matter enough to get more than a blurb in a bigger picture narrative.

    • Amy Bee says:

      Yeah, I think alot of people are going to be angry that they were left out of the book.

      • Sofia says:

        “How dare of Harry to write a book!” and “The royals are dreading the book” will be turned into “How dare of Harry to not mention x” and “The royals are disappointed/angry/upset they weren’t mentioned in situation y”

  25. Mel says:

    It’s funny when people know that their behavior is so shady and suspect that they think the only thing people have to talk about is them.

  26. Over it says:

    Keep going geniuses, You are outing yourselves and saving Harry the time.

  27. Steph says:

    I can’t imagine him bringing his friends in the book in any way but to highlight himself. They’re being extra for no reason if there is any truth to these claims.

  28. My Two Cents says:

    These are kinda weird quotes from his friends, kind of like a reporter went up to them to find an ‘angle’ to the story. Why would any friends be worried about Harry writing his own memoir? what have all his family and friends done to him to be so afraid?

    and yes, as much as they hate hearing it, Meghan has really saved Harry – the life he has with her is 1000x better in every possible way than how it was before. He’s got the family he’s always dreamed of, he was a loving, supportive wife, he’s enlightened, he’s healthy, he’s finally dealing with his past and his mental health issues… and on top he gets to live the life he always imagined he could have, helping others, making a difference and doing it on his own terms, successfully!!

    • Eurydice says:

      We don’t even know if these quotes are actually from Harry’s friends. The author just says “a friend” and “another pal” but is careful not to say whose friend and pal.

  29. Muggs says:

    I feel like there needs to be a motivational poster “live your life in such a way you don’t have to be afraid of your friend’s memoir”

  30. Bettyrose says:

    I hope he writes about being stationed in Southern California. I wasn’t too far away and always had the sense maybe I’d cross paths with him. Didn’t happen of course but it was fun to think about.

  31. Rapunzel says:

    How much you wanna bet that in the next year, during the run up to his memoir, the Royal Rota/BRF will spill all sorts of tea about Harry and his friends’ behavior? In order to beat Harry to the punch and put their spin on it first?

    Then…the book will publish and have nothing at all about those stories.

    Seriously, this will be like the Oprah interview. The RR and BRF will play themselves by panicking. And Harry will be collecting millions just to make them squirm.

  32. Lee says:

    Of course he left his friends behind. When you marry and you have kids you separate yourself from many of the friends you were with before you wed because your responsibilities change. When you have a history of substance abuse and people are enablers of this abuse the wife or the girlfriend gets rid of the toxic baggage around you. If your buddies are leeches the wife tends to cut them off. It’s just the natural cycle of life and relationships that people drift apart. There is no need to make it all drama.

  33. Lizzie says:

    One of my daughters friends wisely said if anyone seriously criticized his wife he would cut them off. He called her his future and wouldn’t let anyone interfere with that. Now it’s years later and I cannot remember why the conversation happened as almost all of their friends were friends of both of them.
    I think when it came to Meghan, Harry’s attitude to his friends was you’re with me our you’re out. Also he might not have been the same with prior girlfriends so the friend crowd thinks Meghan swayed him rather than Harry seeing his future in Meghan.

  34. BnlurNforever says:


  35. aquarius64 says:

    Harry’s friends are afraid they will be outed with racist remarks about Meghan. Rota rats are probably afraid of being outed too. And after Bad Dad threatening to cone for the kids he shouldn’t expect Harry not to take a whack at him…and with Meghan’s blessing.

  36. Carmen-JamRock says:

    So I’m reading an exceprt of Andre Agassi’s autobiography which he co-wrote with JR Moehringer. Wow, JRM is suuuuch an excellent writer! Now i cant wait! for Prince Harry’s memoir.

  37. Ania says:

    He stopped partying, grew up and focuses his energy on family and business, like a lot of adults do. And he also sees the racism and elitism of his friends and wants no part of it while they still party and enjoy their white privillege? Well, it’ probably one of those „you’re changed !” situations…

  38. Noor says:

    Skippy, who? As if anyone interested in the boyish escapes of Skippy and related pals. They are kidding themselves .

    Another red herring thrown by the tabloids for public confusion. First Charles, then poor Camilla, Now Skippy and pals. Later I won’t be surprised to hear Jason Knauf writing his memoirs or any of the “bullied” staff.

    Add on !!

  39. Cisne says:

    It appears that Harry ‘s family nor his friends do not know him very well. Even