Marc Jacobs got a facelift and documented his recovery and the results

The last few times we talked about designer Marc Jacobs, 58, he was being passive aggressive in 2018 and obnoxious and problematic in 2016. I remember when DListed used to chronicle his sketchy dating life in our early days! Jacobs has been relatively quiet for the last few years at least. He got married a couple of years ago and seems to have mellowed. To Jacobs’ credit, he was one of the designers who refused to dress Melania Trump. He has been open about his negative body image when he was younger. Now he’s had a whole facelift and he’s being open about that too. Jacobs posted photos to Instagram of his face along with the recovery process, which involved sessions in a hyperbaric chamber. People has more on this:

Marc Jacobs…, 58, recently documented his face lift and recovery on Instagram, posting a photo of himself in the New York City office of Dr. Andrew Jacono with his head wrapped in gauze.

“Yesterday. @drjacono #f*ckgravity #livelovelift,” Jacobs wrote in the caption.

He later shared a photo of himself on Friday in an oxygen tank at Hyperbaric Medical Solutions, where he recovered from his surgery. “Getting my oxygen on,” Jacobs wrote, adding the captions: “#doctorsorders #feeltheheal #yesIamokay #he’sgotthatBenjaminButtons #roadtorecovery”

HMS’s website describes hyperbaric oxygen therapy as “an all-natural, non-invasive treatment where a patient simply breathes 100% medical-grade oxygen at an increased atmospheric pressure.” Increasing the body’s oxygen concentration by up to 1,200%, the benefits include body tissue regeneration, fighting infection, and enhancing the body’s natural healing abilities.

[From People]

I’ll be generous, I hope this settles well for him. As I’ve often mentioned, my mom had a facelift and after a few months she looked incredible. Right now Jacobs looks like a Las Vegas magician with a residency at one of the casinos where you can still smoke. My mom’s healing process was really scary though. Her face was black and blue for a while and it was not an easy recovery. How is Jacobs looking bruise free and fine just three days later? I’ve heard good things about hyperbaric oxygen therapy, particularly for wound treatment. It probably helped him heal faster, but I suspect he’s fudging the dates a little. Now I want to get hyperbaric treatment! It’s supposed to be good for general wellness and healing. I definitely don’t want a whole facelift anytime soon though. I would not want to look that different, even temporarily.

Jacobs in 2019
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  1. Kikig says:

    “Right now Jacobs looks like a Las Vegas magician with a residency at one of the casinos where you can still smoke.” 😂😂😂😂😂

  2. BlueWater says:

    He’s looks fine because he went to Dr. Jacono, who is the absolute best. I believe his facelifts start at $100K.

    • GRUEY says:

      They start at 50k as of last year. How do I know? I had a moment of insanity during the pandemic and had an online consult with him as part of my self care, since I wasn’t getting my injectables or anything else fun the last year.

  3. Kelly says:

    Jesus has risen. I don’t know what he was going for, but his other face was better.

    • wow says:

      It’s likely puffy right now, of course! Presentable, but puffy. ‘Twill settle.

    • Chaine says:

      His other face was perfectly fine. This is a case of solution searching for a problem. Hopefully it will settle because right now he looks older.

    • SM says:

      If you mean a Jesus statue at a Las Vegas chapel with neon lights, I agree, he has risen. My dear God, why on earth would anyone deliberately do that to oneself?

    • Vavavoom says:

      But he didn’t think that his other face was fine. If he feels better, then why not. 🙂

      I agree with posters below though, I don’t know why everyone ends up looking the same with injectables and facelifts, etc. (injectables more so) Is it because they’re just injecting the same areas, so everyone’s face shape ends up the same? It’s kind of eerie and starting to look like a horror movie. Every instagram girl looks like a kardashian sister.

  4. Wilma says:

    Nice to see someone being open about it.

    • Lawcatb says:

      Yes! If you’re going to do it, own it.

    • Thirtynine says:

      Yeah, I don’t know anything about him, and I thought he looked fine, but it’s really refreshing to hear honesty about doing it and the feelings of unhappiness or shame that led up to it. I hope it turns out real well for him.

  5. Maria says:

    I know nothing about plastic surgery, but I don’t understand how it makes everyone look the same. That feline, plumped-in-the-middle look. He doesn’t look like himself from 2019 at all, & he looked so much better then, in my opinion. Now, he just looks like any of the parade of men with the same work done.

    • Eurydice says:

      It’s so interesting. There must be trends in plastic surgery and other treatments, also changes in technology. Sometimes I look at celebrities and think, those lips are from 2008, the cheekbones from 2014, etc.

    • Betsy says:

      I would presume that part of it is the surgeon’s skill. I read above that this doctor is the best of the best (I would disagree – remember Tom Cruise’s facelift a few years ago, when he just looked really refreshed, but not puffy or distorted?), but even artists have oeuvres and specific skills and usually you can see the same thread from work to work. Same thing with faces.

    • SM says:

      That’s an interesting question. Hoe do everyone consuming plastic surgery end up looking the same. My husband goes to one local yet fancy tennis tournament each summer. And there is a special tournament for wives of the players and I swear to God, they all look the same. As if you go around a bunch of clones. How come no one pushed a conspiracy that all humans are basically clones produced by evil democrats with Hillary in charge?

  6. Ann says:

    I think it looks like a good face-lift. Still fresh but once it settles it’ll be good. He doesn’t look that different to me, just recently worked on.

    I wonder how much this oxygen treatment costs. Add it to the list of things I’d do if I were rich because I doubt my jank HMO will pay for it.

  7. GRUEY says:

    Folks it takes a full year for a facelift to settle. I’m very curious how he will look.

  8. Nikole says:

    “Right now Jacobs looks like a Las Vegas magician with a residency at one of the casinos where you can still smoke.” Thank you for making me cackle so hard that I woke up my dog!

  9. Margot says:

    A bit reminiscent of Donatella now.

  10. Betsy says:

    He looks distorted. I am so, so sick of seeing plastic surgery and injections ruin people’s faces.

  11. elle says:

    He looks like Al Pacino in the oxygen chamber.