Is Meryl Streep trying to convince daughter Grace to get married at home?

Grace Gummer, Meryl Streep at the "Suffr....
Meryl Streep’s daughter, Grace Gummer, is marrying musician Mark Ronson. Both Grace and Mark have been married before, although Grace was only married for a little over a month to David Strathairn’s son, Tay. Mark was married to Joséphine de La Baume from 2011 to 2017 and before that he was engaged to Rashida Jones. Now Mark and Grace, who have been together a little over a year, are engaged and, according to OK! Magazine, battling with the Mamma Mia herself on wedding plans. If we believe what’s being reported, Meryl wants a formal, fancy ‘do at her snazzy Connecticut compound while Mark and Grace want something kooky and fun either on the West Coast or in London. And, if OK’s! insider is to be believed, Meryl’s been pushy about it, too.

Meryl Streep is over the moon that her daughter Grace Gummer is engaged, but an insider says she’s going over the top micromanaging the wedding plans. The Oscar winner has shifted into “major momzilla mode,” says the insider, ever since Grace, 35, and British musician Mark Ronson revealed their plans to get married last month. According to the insider, Meryl 72, “is eager to host an elegant, formal ceremony at the family home in Connecticut she shares with Grace’s dad [sculptor Don Gummer]” But the bride-to-be “has different ideas,” notes the insider, who says the Mr. Robot actress wants “a cooler, hip ceremony” in either L.A. or London, where Mark, 45, has a home.

[From OK! Magazine, print edition, July 26, 2021]

OK’s insider claims that Meryl is “pestering” the couple every day with some new wedding idea, all of the “china and crystal” variety. This whole momzilla image goes against every perception I have of Meryl. I’m sure she can be a perfectionist when it comes to etting a take right, but I couldn’t see her giving two whiffs about a party detail. Like, I could see an event planner asking her what are her thoughts on food and Meryl’s response being, “we should have some.” I can, however, absolutely see Meryl wanting to have the wedding at her home so she doesn’t have to go anywhere for it. But the vibe of the wedding? That surprises me. As mentioned above, Grace was married, Meryl’s son Henry is married and Mamie has been married twice. So if this was an issue with Meryl, you’d think we’d have heard about it. Unless Meryl’s bored and has nothing else to focus on. We’ve all picked up new hobbies during lockdown, maybe this is hers?

Now, if anyone is asking me, I’m voting for a hip wedding in London (sorry Meryl!). And honestly, like DListed, I am much more focused on the guest list than the china pattern.




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  1. Linny says:

    Just Do both! My best friend’s daughter went to Ireland to get married in some old Irish town where her Great Great Great Grandmother grew up, following summer they had a big 4 day wedding on the Florida beach Indian style with all the color and glamour of a traditional Indian wedding, everyone was satisfied.

  2. Bettyrose says:

    When she stormed onto the screen in Dr Death I was like dayum Mamie looking good. And that’s when I googled the cast and learned Grace exists. I don’t know why I’m so behind on discovering the Gummers who’ve clearly been on the scene a long time. And here she is marrying Mark Ronson. They seem like they’ll be a fun and interesting couple.

    • hindulovegod says:

      I didn’t realize until this that Mamie and Grace are two different people. I thought it was the same actress in all those roles. Their resemblance is striking.

      • Bettyrose says:

        They look enough alike to be twins but apparently they’re three years apart. I know Mamie from the Good Wife. When I thought I was watching her in Dr Death I only googled to confirm because the character is so different that I wasn’t quite sure it was Mamie. And it wasn’t. It was Grace. LOL. And now I know. (As an aside, can you imagine being Meryl Streep’s daughter? You’d never have time to catch up on her unrivaled repertoire of films and characters. Only having grown up during Meryl’s career can I say I’ve seen quite a few).

      • Pilar says:

        The younger daughter is the more interesting IMO. Also will probably have a better career. Went to Yale school of drama and does seems to be friends with all the cooler theatre/ film crowd like Jeremy o Harris and that crew.

  3. Normades says:

    I read an interview recently where Mark said the common denominator in all his failed relationships is him. He seemed like a lot to handle. I give this marriage 5 years top.

    • amiloo says:

      I’m pretty sure I read on Deuxmoi that he’s already cheating on her. A lot.

    • Pilar says:

      Wasn’t grace married just recently for like only a few months? She seems to have a worse RS record than him tbh. He was with his ex wife for a decade or so.
      But he’s is a workaholic, but he’s also getting older so who knows? I am just surprised he ended up with this girl she seems really straight laced compared to his normal crowd.

  4. Normades says:

    If you want to watch something funny/cute check out his ex wife’s (Josephine de la Baume) YouTube episode with Alexa Chung. They talk about the differences between French and English ladies. It’s stereotyping but they are both a delight.

  5. Eating Popcorn says:

    Meryl Streep, the woman who called Harvey Weinstein God in her acceptance speech… please just go away. She allegedly had no idea that he was ever inappropriate to women. Oh Yeah, she’s the one who also gave Roman Polanski a standing ovation.

    • Bettyrose says:

      I hate that she’s so problematic because my gawd she’s had an amazing career and is so iconic. To quote Seinfeld-Elaine in Meryl’s theatrical accent “maybe the dingo ate your baby!”

      • Eva says:

        1st, OK Magazine is bs most of the time, if she ever encouraged a wedding at home it was probably in jest like most mothers do, 2nd as the person said below she was being sarcastic, and 3rd, victims of both men have defended her. She is not nearly as problematic as some people who think she’s overrated would have you believe, she is known for her kindness and humility.

    • KG says:

      Will just speak up to say she was being sarcastic in referring to Weinstein as “God.” That’s what other people in the industry called him because he had so much power.

    • A says:

      Didn’t she call him “God…old Testament style,” the implication being that he’s a jealous and vengeful god who won’t hesitate to punish you if you violate the terms of the covenant/contract you’ve made with him by worshipping other gods?

      Seems to me like she’s pretty clear on the fact that she knows who and what he is and is capable of.

    • Eva says:

      There is no evidence people knew he abused women, Ronan Farrow believes she didn’t know and his victims have defended her.

  6. Lena says:

    If this is Okay I believe nothing they say. I was struck that she was married for one month to someone. How does one be married for only a month? Seems a little nuts. Did you not know this person? Well good luck on this one grace. I always liked mark ronson.

    • Notsoanonymous says:

      Usually with short marriages, it’s one of two things; something that happened premarriage and was discovered after (like cheating) or family/social pressure to marry in the first place. And sometimes, both.

  7. Amanda says:

    She looks so much like her mother.

    • fritanga says:

      Actually, I think she looks like Bonnie Raitt’s secret love child who’s trying to channel Streep. That’s what she seemed to me on Mr. Robot. And I second the person upthread: If this lasts five years (actually I give it two) I’ll be amazed. Why don’t people just shack up anymore? It can’t be because they want to have kids – they can just have ’em, no questions asked. V. weird, especially since both were previously (and obviously unhappily) married.

      • Normades says:

        I said 5 years tops but hey one of them could get cold feet and not even make it to the alter.
        They’ve been dating for less than a year. I agree there’s no rush to get married.