Matt Damon on Bennifer: ‘I’m just so happy for him, I’m glad for both of them’

Focus Features Premiere of Stillwater

Matt Damon is currently promoting Stillwater, aka Git Er Done Overseas. Matty D plays a middle-aged MAGA-adjacent type of guy whose daughter is in jail for killing her friend. It’s some kind of Amanda Knox-esque story, only it’s set in France, not Italy. And the case doesn’t seem to be a huge international story, more like a local story of interest to only a handful of French people? I don’t know, I’m literally just going off of the trailer. Anyway, Matt attended the premiere last night and of course he was asked about the Bennifer Revival. Note: Matt was actually asked about Bennifer months ago and he said vague words of support. He’s had more time to prepare an answer this time:

Matt Damon always wants what is best for his longtime friend Ben Affleck. While chatting with Extra at the premiere of his latest film Stillwater in New York City on Monday evening, the 50-year-old actor talked about Affleck, 48, and his rekindled romance with Jennifer Lopez.

When asked to share his thoughts on the pair’s relationship, Damon told the outlet, “I’m just so happy for him.”

“He’s the best. He deserves every happiness in the world,” he added. “I’m glad for both of them.”

[From People]

Of course Ben Affleck doesn’t need Matt’s approval or blessing, but I still think it matters to Ben that his friends are cool with J.Lo this time around. The first time around, Ben’s friends were not this supportive. To be fair, Ben was supporting himself! He was sabotaging the relationship so much back in 2003-04. Will Ben do the same thing this time? Who knows. But maybe this time, people like Matt Damon see that J.Lo could actually be good for Ben.

PS… Just like in Cannes, it does not appear as if Matt’s wife Luciana made it to last night’s premiere. Hm. But his daughter Alexia Barroso was there.

Focus Features Premiere of Stillwater

Focus Features Premiere of Stillwater

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  1. Gobo says:

    I wonder if Matt and Ben are even in frequent contact anymore. I can’t imagine a lot of intersection between their lives, interests and personalities. Except for working in film.

    • Truthiness says:

      They just wrote a movie together.

    • fluffy_bunny says:

      My husband just did a deep dive into the Phoenix kids which led to the Afflecks and Matt and Ben have been friends since they were 8 and used to save money together in a joint bank account for train and plane tickets for auditions. They originally started writing Good Will Hunting in a theater class at Harvard. They’ve been tight forever and always will be most likely. They’ve been focused on the same things since childhood.

    • minx says:

      Just saw a photo of them together. They seem to be friends for life.

  2. lunchcoma says:

    Inner monologue: “Oh god. They asked me that. They really asked me that, like it’s 2002 or something. I guess I have to say something nice and supportive, but man, if I’d known I’d be talking about Ben’s personal life two decades later, I might have picked a different movie partner.”

  3. Sara Conway says:

    Didn’t Matt and his wife sell their primary residence recently? Separation rumors in 3…2…1…

  4. You Know Me says:

    Matt is thankful Ben has someone to pull him around. Matt knows his phone won’t ring at 3am

  5. Merricat says:

    What else could he say? “Ben is phoenixing again, and as soon as he reaches peak plumage, he’s gonna catch fire and have to start over?”

  6. Darla says:

    Something’s up with Matt and his wife, and that’s another reason I was laughing at comments here yesterday basically saying Matt was gonna put the kibosh on Bennifer on account of their new film.

    Matt’s is gonna fly as far under the radar as he possibly can, trust. Matt is gonna keep his mouth shut and pray they only ask about Bennifer, and when they do, Matt is gonna put on the pom poms and cheer away.

    Just my opinion.

    • fluffy_bunny says:

      Was his whole family abroad with him the whole pandemic? He just got back to the states. It might have been too much together time. They’re probably used to him being away for a good chunk of time and their relationship might work best that way.

      • Jayna says:

        Yes, they were. I remember they were in Ireland in the beginning where he had been shooting a film or preparing to when the pandemic hit. They were in Australia much later. Matt said now that his family is back in the states he and Ben are going to work on more writing projects together.

      • Kebbie says:

        It seems possible to me his wife might be busy re-establishing their home and lives in the US. They’ve been out of the country for over a year, imagine how much you’d have to do getting home after a year. Even with help, that’s quite a task.

    • Myra says:

      The comments calling for Matt to intervene in Ben’s private life were quite ridiculous. He has been with his wife for a long time, so maybe they’ve hit a rough patch but can work it out. I’m not a fan of his though. As messy as Ben is, I prefer him over Matt.

    • lucy2 says:

      It’s possible, but it’s also still a pandemic and I think they have young kids, maybe his wife wasn’t comfortable traveling around right now.

      • Jayna says:

        I think this is it. We forget there is a pandemic and there’s a lot of kids involved.

  7. beff says:

    Wasn’t Matt photo’d without his ring on earlier this year? I saw some other photos of them shopping in Au and she did not look pleased at all. Hope they can make it.

    • Jayna says:

      That is interesting. He was on a beach picnic last year with his wife and stepdaughter and Ana and Ben and looked fine.

      But I just looked at those photos of his Stillwater premiere. His wife is always with him on red carpets. And it is interesting that she wasn’t, but instead his parents and his stepdaughter who attended with him.

    • Cava24 says:

      Lucy Damon was still in Australia on 7 July according to the Daily Mail (there’s a photo), Matt came back to the US in mid-May. If they put their kids in Australian schools for the semester while he filmed his cameo in Thor, she still could have left late June when the winter break started so yeah, something is weird there. Is he one of those “we never spend more than two weeks apart” people?

      • Kebbie says:

        He was photographed flying out of Sydney on June 28th with two of his daughters. The photo of her that I think you’re talking about was posted by her friend on July 6th on her Instagram and it was because she was leaving Australia. It seemed more like a goodbye post celebrating past memories than a photo of them together that day. I didn’t see her photographed by paparazzi in Australia after those photos of her with Elsa Pataky like a week before Matt flew out.

        Her and Matt didn’t seem to fly together but it was clear she was also leaving Australia.

  8. Bigly says:

    Yea I think a divorce is incoming for Damon and Luciana. It’s likely even more tricky bc Damon has this image of stable family man & down-to-earth.

    I remember when Matt Damon said intriguing words about Jen Garner after Ben’s divorce. They stood out. He talked about how there are Midwest magazines nobody knows about that put her on the cover or something it was such a weird quote

    • Jayna says:

      You can be down to earth and a stable family man or woman and end up having marital problems that aren’t dramatic, like Ben and his boozing and cheating.

      • fluffy_bunny says:

        It’s weird to assume he’s going to blow up his life like Ben when he has none of the history that Ben has. They could have just grown apart.

  9. Carolnr says:

    I think Matt & his wife are probably fine. For all we know, her mom could not be feeling well & she sent their daughter in her place..
    Matt is not going to bad’ mouth JLnow despite how he feels about her. I do think Matt feels that JL leads a healthy lifestyle & would be good for Ben in that way. There was a blind gossip years back that JG was enlisting the help of Matt to get Ben to go to rehab & he would not go but he agreed to marriage counseling instead. Sounds like it could have been true…but who knows?…

    • Granger says:

      I don’t understand why people assume Matt’s marriage is in trouble just because his wife didn’t go to one premiere. I just read a story yesterday that they’re moving to NYC — maybe she has other things on her mind right now that are more important than a movie launch. I don’t know, maybe I’m naive, but they seem like a solid couple.