Amy Winehouse & Pete Doherty didn’t ruin the the MTV Europe awards


Well it seemed like a pretty safe bet that the combination of Amy Winehouse and Pete Doherty in the same room would either cause spontaneous combustion (probably due to all the flammable alcohol) or make the universe implode. The odds that everything would go off without a hitch seemed pretty slim, given their penchant for drama. But that’s exactly what happened. They were both reported to be well-behaved, though Winehouse seemed a little uninspired. But that’s probably attributable to a wide variety of drugs… and/or withdrawal from a wide variety of drugs. Really, the most troubling part of the evening was that Avril Lavigne won two awards. Not just because her music sucks, but because she’s such an egocentric brat that no one should give her a trophy to encourage her behavior.

Avril Lavigne rocked the MTV Europe Music Awards in Munich Thursday night, winning two of the show’s top prizes – while troubled singer Amy Winehouse surfaced for the event and offered a quiet “thanks.” Lavigne picked up the Most Addictive Track trophy for “Girlfriend,” as well as the Solo Artist of 2007 award – to which the 23-year-old screamed with delight to the packed auditorium: “I am so happy, this is an honor!”

Winehouse won the Artists’ Choice award, the only honor decided by fellow musicians. The singer, who’s appealing her recent pot charge, sheepishly accepted her award with a quiet “thanks” before walking off stage. Later in the evening Winehouse sang her classic “Back to Black,” but audience members noted the soul diva’s lack of energy.

Rapper Snoop Dogg hosted the event, appearing on stage in a selection of outfits including traditional German lederhosen and a kilt. Performers included Mika (despite suffering from strep throat), Lavigne, My Chemical Romance, Babyshambles and the Foo Fighters.

Pete Doherty happily signed autographs for the fans before the show, despite telling reporters he felt “lethargic.” But his performance later in the evening was anything but dreary. The rehabbing singer performed a crowd-pleasing rendition of “Delivery,” reuniting with his band Babyshambles. Earlier in the evening, Doherty denied any pre-show nerves, telling reporters: “It’s second nature, it’s what keeps me going really.”

[From People]

What the hell! How am I supposed to say anything snotty and/or amusing about celebrities when they all behave? Someone, for the love of God, throw a beer bottle at someone else, or just pour it over their head. This is way too tame and grown up for me. Where are Kid Rock and Tommy Lee fighting over Pamela Anderson’s boobs when you need them? I would always expect Europe to outdo America in terms of interesting awards show drama. You have the (aforementioned) two biggest unrepentant drama-loving musical druggies in the UK! Do something with it!

Picture note by Jaybird: I scoured the photo agencies for half an hour trying to find pictures of Snoop in the aforementioned lederhosen, but no luck. Something tells me they’re going to keep those pics tightly under wraps. So here’s Pete Doherty performing with his band Babyshambles at the MTV Europe Music Awards last night. Images thanks to WENN. Header image of Amy Winehouse performing last night at the awards show as well. Images thanks to Splash Photos.


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