Ingrid Seward: It would be ‘far more insulting’ to the Sussexes to ‘just ignore them’

National Service Of Remembrance At The Cenotaph

Everyone’s least favorite deranged “royal expert” Ingrid Seward has some new thoughts! Thoughts about Prince Harry’s memoir and who it will affect the most deeply. Thoughts on whether titles should be removed and thoughts about how best to punish Harry and Meghan for existing. Seward makes several dreadful mistakes with her assumptions. It’s almost like she’s awful at her job as self-appointed gate-keeper to white privilege and structural racism.

On the argument that the Queen should remove the Sussex titles: “I don’t think removing the titles would make much difference and it would look very petty. I also don’t think it is something the Queen would want to do at this stage of her reign. It would be far more insulting just to ignore them. Even excluding them from the jubilee next year gives them ammunition to criticise the monarchy.”

On which royal will be most affected by Harry’s memoir: “William is probably the one that will come out of this worst of all because there is a row between William and Harry and basically if Harry says things that are inappropriate about the monarchy, that is William’s future. It’s not Harry’s future, he is out of it now, but it is William’s future.”

On Charles’ feelings about Harry: “Of course, everyone forgets poor old Prince Charles, who has remained very very quiet about all of this. It is his son and how hurtful can it be for him to hear Harry say that his father hasn’t been a great father – which is more or less some of the things he has already said.”

[From The Daily Express]

“It would be far more insulting just to ignore them.” If only! If only any of these people had two brain cells to rub together and the intelligence to keep Meghan and Harry’s names out of their g–damn months. Harry and Meghan would absolutely love it if everyone on that toxic island just ignored them. But these clowns cannot. The Queen doesn’t even want to ignore them – she made it very clear that the Sussexes are invited to the Jubilee next year, and she also made it clear that she still adores her grandson.

As for what C-word says about how William will come out of this “worst of all,” maybe Baldemort should have thought about that when he was waging a smear campaign, you know? And guess what, the monarchy is already in a really bad place.

Britain's Prince Harry, Duke of Sussex and Meghan, Duchess of Sussex reacts as they leave after her visit to Canada House in thanks for the warm Canadian hospitality and support they received during their recent stay in Canada, in London on January 7, 2020

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  1. Maria says:

    Christ, my stomach was not prepared for THAT face this early….

  2. Becks1 says:

    LOL, the RRs can’t ignore them. How would they make money? The Sussexes would love it if Ingrid Seward never talked about them again, but she just can’t do it.

    • PEARL GREY says:

      Ingrid and the rest of the carnival couldn’t tear their eyes away from Harry and Meghan even if they had a 24/7 live stream to secret cameras in Buckingham Palace, Kensington Palace, Clarence House, Windsor Castle, Highgrove, Royal Lodge, Balmoral, Sandringham, Frogmore Cottage, Amner Hall, Middleton Manor and Kate’s hair salon to boot. They are obsessed with every little thing Harry and Meghan do, even when they aren’t doing anything. They know the others don’t interest them one bit and whatever drivel they manage to write about them certainly isn’t generating the clicks needed to keep their bills paid. Ingrid shouldn’t flatter herself. She is writing about the irrelevant 6th in line and his cable TV wife daily.

      • Pao says:

        Am i reading this wrong or is she saying that even ignoring them is impossible because “it would give them ammunition”?

        And as for william coming out of this worse: i really want to know the type of deal he has with the press. Because it sounds almost demonic what this man is hiding. Alas he’s got nothing to worry about. Harry made it clear he won’t speak about his brother.

      • Becks1 says:

        @Pao – I’m interpreting it as – she’s saying it would be insulting to the Sussexes to just ignore them (but I don’t think that’s true) but then she makes the comment about the ammunition in regards to the jubilee – I think she means that if the Sussexes aren’t invited, then they’ll run to Oprah or Gayle King and complain about how the royal family treats them. I think? Basically I think she’s saying deprive them of oxygen, because that will SHOW THEM, and then they’ll complain but its the best thing to do.

        I don’t know. She’s not exactly logical.

      • Amy Too says:

        Pao, I’m getting “of course we’d like to ignore them because it would be the most insulting thing to do: pretend they don’t exist, not invite them to the jubilee… but we just can’t do that because if would look bad for the monarchy if we just ignored them, and they’d complain about being ignored and disinvited from things, so we must invite them, write about them, and keep covering them as if they were still actively part of the family. They’d be mean to us if we didn’t constantly cover them and try to get them to England all the time.” Delusional justifications for why they MUST keep writing about Harry and Meghan and can’t possibly leave them alone/move on without them even though that’s TOTALLY what the family and the reporters want to do. 🙄

  3. Aurora says:

    They can’t ignore Meghan and Harry because no one would click on their royal articles.

  4. Tom says:

    The professional royal fan fic writers really need to develop another story line. Harry and Meg are happy and happy is boring.

    • Pao says:

      There is another story line: whatever it is that prince William is hiding but its pretty clear that the palace made a deal with the media to keep that under wraps.

      • Coco says:

        The press is keeping a lid on the fact that he and Armie Hammer are writing a cookbook together.

      • EveV says:

        I still don’t understand why the press went after Prince Charles so hard and wrote about his most embarrassing moments, etc but they keep covering for William and do nothing but write embiggening stories about him. Why? I don’t get why the press treats William and wife so differently.

  5. Ronaldinhio says:

    I wish she would, except she is a flea on the back of each imaginary story

  6. aquarius64 says:

    That’s what the Sussex’s want you dumb broad.

    • Agreatreckoning says:

      LOL. Proof “royal experts”/rotas are very slow in the noggin. Harry hasn’t been exactly quiet on wanting to be “insulted” in that way for most of his life. “Insult” away.

    • Over it says:

      Lol. I am loving you peeps

    • Amanda says:

      Failed bullies are often unable or unwilling to understand this though. They have to save face after all their other tactics didn’t work and the intended victim is still out there living their truth, not hiding in fear. So you get statements like this from the bully. But there won’t be any actual ignoring.

  7. Myra says:

    But do they even exist if they stop mentioning the Sussexes. Will we even notice? Are they even capable of going a day without talking about the Sussexes?

    • The Hench says:

      This reminds me of that “if a tree falls in the forest when nobody is there, does it make a sound? “ conundrum. In this case, it’s “if a reporter writes a story that isn’t about the Sussexes does anybody read it?”

      It would appear that the RRs have decided the answer is no 🙄

  8. Izzy says:

    LMAO, yes, please do ignore them! Who knew reverse psychology would finally shut these people up?

  9. minx says:

    What an unpleasant looking woman.

  10. sa says:

    “It is his son and how hurtful can it be for him to hear Harry say that his father hasn’t been a great father – which is more or less some of the things he has already said.”

    It is amazing to me how many people have this perspective, that the hurtful or problematic thing is to call something out. Being a bad father isn’t the problem or hurtful, but the son speaking up about it is the hurtful part. 🙄

    • L84Tea says:

      How hurtful it must have felt to Harry to have his calls ignored and his security cut at the height of their risk level. But sure, let’s just ignore all of that…

    • Sure says:

      She also deliberately avoids mentioning that Charles did much worse to his own father in his authorised biography. Funny that Ingrid would ignore that detail given that her biography of Philip was published last year.

    • truthSF says:

      “It is amazing to me how many people have this perspective, that the hurtful or problematic thing is to call something out. Being a bad father isn’t the problem or hurtful, but the son speaking up about it is the hurtful part”

      Especially when Charles himself said even worse things about his own parents! And he wasn’t no where near as criticized as Harry who only said how hurt he was when his father cut him off and ignored his calls

    • Emmitt says:

      It was probably very hurtful to Philip too when he heard Charles slam him as a Bad Dad.

    • ABritGuest says:

      I remember when Ingrid was begging Meghan to invite her to Frogmore like Diana had invited them to KP 🤣😂. The press& royals set up this smear campaign that inadvertently made Meghan & Harry the focus of royal reporting so it must suck not to have access to the royals who sell. That’s why the press can’t ignore them right now. Also they are still so bitter that they haven’t even met Meghan & so US journalists like Gayle having more proximity has to hurt them. What they deserve.

      The worst thing Harry said about Charles is that he had stopped taking his calls etc & that there was a lot of hurt there but he said he would always love him & was prioritising rebuilding that relationship. Has Clarence House even denied via ‘sources’ that Charles didn’t dodge Harry’s calls?

      People like Ingrid made Charles out to be hands off father who wasn’t guiding his sons much more than Harry ever has. Ingrid was also happy to report on thomas Markles rants the summer H&M got married so interesting she doesn’t like family members speaking out now

  11. Sofia says:

    They’ve been saying this for the last 1.5 years and every time they say it, they’re back complaining that H&M are still breathing. They cannot help themselves.

  12. Amy Bee says:

    You know it wouldn’t surprise me if Harry doesn’t specifically mention William or Charles in the book. And I wish the British press would ignore Harry and Meghan but they can’t.

  13. Kittylouise says:

    She is the embodiment of the phrase ‘you get the face you deserve’

  14. S808 says:

    They can’t ignore the Sussexes and that probably pisses them off even more. They breathed life back into the royal sphere and had interested at high that hadn’t been seen since Diana. Podcasts were created to report on them (remember when that one podcast went on maternity leave with Meghan? yeah). RRs made more money in the time the Sussexes were than they had in a LONG time. They’re not gonna let the BRF ignore the Sussexes. There would be nothing to talk about otherwise.

    • Becks1 says:

      They certainly can’t talk about the Cambridges who have not been seen in public since July 11.

      • Nic919 says:

        And the “work” they both did prior to that was watching tennis and soccer.

        It’s really pathetic how the rota lets their laziness slide.

        At least Charles and Camilla did a tour of Cornwall last week.

      • Becks1 says:

        @nic I really enjoy when Charles and Camilla do their little tours – they visit Wales every summer for a week I think and visit Cornwall every summer for a few days, and as an american, I like it because to me, its a big part of what the royals should be doing – promoting the different areas of the country to tourists. I have never really thought about Cornwall too much but two or three years ago when I followed C&C’s trip there I thought, wow, that’s really pretty, huh that looks like a fun activity, that food looks good – it makes me want to visit, you know? I don’t know why Will and Kate don’t do that more. Take the kids to the Scilly Isles like they did last year but post some pics from it (dont include the kids if you dont want) so that people think “oh that looks like someplace I want to visit.” Then they could incorporate work and vacation and have it be a win-win.

      • Deputy Dot says:

        Exactly Becks1. Where’s Willdo? Surely even Arthur Edwards can track him if he puts on a red and white stripy hat and sweater.

    • Amy Bee says:

      It wasn’t just one podcast, it was all of them that went on maternity leave with Meghan and they only came back on when she launched the Smart set collection.

    • truthSF says:

      Right?! Look at how boring it’s been reporting in the other royals lately. They’ve all been desperately finding any way to include the Sussexes in their article just to gain some interests!😂

    • taris says:

      sometimes i’ll come across a random article on something harry or meghan said or did months ago, and i chuckle. hello magazine today had one out on ‘archie’s favourite breakfast’ based on harry’s interview with james corden back in february.
      will the sussexes hurry and come back, please, the girls (media) are starving 😂

      • Feeshalori says:

        Yes, please, do hurry back, the RF and media need to be shocked and blindsided again by your next dastardly act.

  15. Alexandria says:

    Go ahead you brainless creature.

  16. ennie says:

    Those rr cannot afford to ignore them, they live off berating them.

  17. Lizzie says:

    Cain and Unable won’t sell the rags she sells articles to.

  18. Snuffles says:

    These toxic RRs are utterly convinced that they are the oxygen that keeps the monarchy alive. That is they decided to ignore them, they would all wither and die. Maybe that was the case pre-social media, but it’s not now. They are no longer needed. Their oxygen has turned into noxious gas.

    I think deep down they know that and that is why they are terrified.

  19. Merricat says:

    Translation: I have told many lies, and now the Sussex attorneys are at my door.

  20. Jamie says:

    Why are the royal family so convinced Harry is even going to talk about them? He’s had a very interesting life outside of just being a royal, especially with his charity work and military career. He doesn’t need their crusty behinds in order to be fascinating.

  21. BnlurNforever says:

    How about you try it and see how it goes down. I think the BM would be offended at how happy the Sussexes would be if they were ignored by the BM. The Global media, especially the global credible media reports on the Sussexes what they want reported, so I am willing to bet on the Sussexes loving it if the British tabloids ignored them completely. So go ahead BM, try it and see, please.

  22. Lori says:

    Perhaps the queen has finally told them all to shit the f@ck up and quit digging holes. Maybe thats what she meant when they were told never complain never explain was now out the window. When the RR write fairytales and smear stories they will be called out.

  23. girl_ninja says:

    I wish they would ignore Harry and Megs and we can enjoy them in peace.

  24. Over it says:

    I think Part of the reason Harry and Meghan left is so that you idiots would leave them alone to get on with their lives. Unfortunately all you have left are dull and duller. So you have to stalk Harry and Meghan. Ingrid, don’t hate Megs because she is black and beautiful, hate her because she is black,beautiful, smart,intelligent, rich, successful and powerful. But most of all hate her because she has the man, the prince that none of you will ever have.

  25. Jay says:

    It would, in fact, be best strategically to leave Harry and Meghan alone. You first, Ingrid! Set the example!

    As for this “Poor old Charles” bit…nope, nope, and nope.

  26. taris says:

    because *attention* is the very thing these rota rats themselves crave, they genuinely believe denying it to anybody is the ultimate punishment.
    i’m beyond tired of this harpy and her awful wigs.

    harry and meghan are not going anywhere.

  27. MsIam says:

    “Poor old Prince Charles” is a miserable crap head. The fact that he runs out of town to get away from Harry when he’s visited the UK instead of facing the music pretty much confirms that he was an absent father. Facts is facts, Ingrid. You caped for him being a horrible husband, you ignore Prince Andrew to make Harry the villain; I think Charles and William are just the Kings you deserve, Ingrid.

    • Tessa says:

      Charles put his sons second. He used them in the PR campaign, for Camilla.the spin was that “the boys” planned Charles 50th birthday party and made sure Camilla sat front and center. The reality was that Harry was neglected and William started Club H at Highgrove a “nightclub.” while Charles was away. He cocooned William and let Harry take the heat.

  28. Rapunzel says:

    “It’s not Harry’s future, he is out of it now, but it is William’s future.”

    It was never Harry’s future, you dingbat!! Not when he was a working royal, and not now. It hasn’t ever been his future and he has known that since he was born.

    I swear, this is why the RRs are so pissed: they genuinely feel like Harry was FFK instead of William. It’s what they hoped and dreamed of.

    Whatever is up with William, it’s clear that the thought of him ruling without Harry around has them panicked. It must be bad. Very bad.

    Or else they wouldn’t freely disrespect the FFK by implying he desperately needs little brother and will be miserable ruling without him.

    Omg, I wonder: are the RRs trying to tell Wills to stop ignoring his bro and patch things up? Is this a subtle hint? A “you need Harry, Will, so fix this”?

    • Nic919 says:

      Well with the strong hints (more deleted tweets) by British reporters not in the rota saying there are things to report about William but they just can’t do so right now, clearly there is something.

      • Rapunzel says:

        Right, Nic919. Thanks to deleted tweets we know there’s something. But what I’m theorizing is that this something genuinely has the RRs panicked for a Wills reign without Harry. I think it’s worse than we thought and the RRs are really worried what will happen if Harry never comes back.

        I think the RRs wouldn’t be pushing the “Harry abandoned his duty to help Wills as King” narrative otherwise.

      • Lady D says:

        I don’t understand why they would care so much about a Harry-free reign? What exactly are they expecting Harry to do when the “Evil looking potato” (thanks to @Dss) becomes king? It won’t be Harry getting crowned, he won’t be handing out the cash or be in charge of the Crown Jewels, so what do they see as Harry’s role? They can’t possibly think William will listen to Harry.

      • Becks1 says:

        @LadyD that’s part of what makes this so weird. After the past few years though, I have to wonder if part of the fear is that William is the opposite of a diplomat, and they are worried about his interactions with other world leaders? He and Kate are the opposite of heavyweights, we saw that with Kate and Dr. Biden, with William’s behavior after the euro final, etc. Maybe part of the hope was that Harry would take over a lot of the international travel (“take over” from his father, William barely travels) and a lot of the diplomatic work? That he would be the one to meet with dignitaries etc? But then what would William be doing?

        I don’t know. It’s just a weird point that has been made over and over again.

    • Lizzie Bathory says:

      Yes–they know (but can’t say) that William isn’t up to the job. He has mistresses, but that’s not disqualifying. It’s just gossip. He has always been “work-shy,” so Harry would be trotted out for important things when William couldn’t be counted on. Is it something more than laziness that makes William so unreliable?

      • Becks1 says:

        @Lizzie that’s the big question that I can’t figure out. there is “something” there. It’s not just laziness, and its not just the affairs. But what could it be? Is he a raging bully to everyone in his life? Is he abusive? Gambling habit? drug habit?

        I dont know what’s going on, but there is something big about William that all the british media seem to know. And like @Rapunzel said – its big enough that it means Harry has to come back when William is king. That is one thing we have heard repeatedly over the past two years – that William needs Harry when he’s king. I don’t think its just about being the scapegoat, they can still use harry for that when he’s in California. There’s something else.

      • The Hench says:

        I agree. I think there is something about William that they really don’t want out in the public arena and that’s why they all go into a complete meltdown every time they think Harry is going to reveal it. There has to be something we still don’t know and, whatever it is, it’s bad. Worse than what we’ve had so far, which already includes racism, sexism, bullying, incompetence, leaking to the tabloids and smearing and lying about somebody so they are nearly driven to commit suicide.

      • BothSidesNow says:

        Lizzie Bathory, not only is TOBB not reliable, but he is unfit to serve as the head of the Monarchy. TOBB has always had the plan for his future to include Harry. Harry would be his savior in taking the throne, to make the important decisions all while taking the credit for Harry’s work. Any fantastically disastrous results will be all due to Harry’s poor guidance, Harry’s fault solely, NOT any actions of TOBB! Everyone knows that TOBB is unfit to be king, reasons that the family had planned on Harry being the voice of reason and calculated decisions.

        Now they are left at the mercy of TOBB and the Monarchy will crumble due to Harry’s lack of duty as his first choice IS not the Monarchy.
        As for poor Chaz, he has spoken out many times as to how neglected he was during his early life and his lack of his parents presence during his formative years. We must all take the wise words of Anne and declare that poor Chaz needs to “get over with it”.

      • Thirtynine says:

        Just on this discussion: I am not sure about how important this is. After all- this is the country that keeps electing Boris Johnson. The only difference though, is that Johnson has cultivated a lovable cheeky rascal, one- of -us persona and William is aiming for regal with a common touch. But in terms of work ethic, capability and Tory attitudes, they are pretty much interchangeable, really. So to be honest, it’s hard to think what could be worse than we already know or suspect that would be such a dealbreaker it just wouln’t be spun, ignored or handwaved away.

  29. Layla says:

    Like it would be insulting to you to bring up your failed Oprah pre-interview interview? Stupid woman

  30. Merricat says:

    As one CBer said not long ago, “Cows gotta moo.”

  31. Chaine says:

    All I’m thinking is can someone rescue this woman’s poor dachshund from her

  32. Eating Popcorn says:

    What type of person sits around coming up with ways to insult people? I like H&M but, hey if they are not your ‘thing’, just keep calm and carry on. Don’t try to come up with ways of hurting someone who you don’t like, I mean this is the basis for normal interactions among people.

  33. Cee says:

    “The Queen doesn’t even want to ignore them – she made it very clear that the Sussexes are invited to the Jubilee next year, and she also made it clear that she still adores her grandson.”

    These assholles don’t even respect their Monarch. I hope Charles and William are taking notes – they’ll suffer the same fate.

  34. A Guest says:

    These people have beaten the horse to death, revived it and then beaten it to death again.

  35. North of Boston says:

    Ingrid Seward is one of the 4 idiots who provided “expert” royal commentary and analysis on the Oprah interview… BEFORE it had actually aired. So she’s a bold faced liar who lies for money and attention.

    So as far as I’m concerned, this is all I have to say on her “expert” stories:

    “Shut up and take a seat, Ingrid”

  36. TheFarmer'sWife says:

    It’s not a surprise Charles didn’t know how to be a better father or husband. His parents left him for months/years on end with a nanny and went on world tours. His father openly cheated on his mother. Harry found the courage to break free from all that for himself and his family. There’s open and violent racism being expressed towards his wife and horrifyingly brown shoes is what being written about! OMG. Yes, I’m still having trouble processing that!

  37. pottymouth pup says:

    “and basically if Harry says things that are inappropriate about the monarchy,”

    this, here, is where she tells on herself. she’s not saying there’s a concern of lies being told to impugn the firm which would hurt the monarchy; she’s noting that the truths pertaining to the actions of specific senior royals that Harry could legitimately address in his book are what is damaging to the monarchy

  38. Jaded says:

    All I can think of is Harry’s comment to Oprah…”If you knew what I know, you’d do what I’m doing,” The tabloids and RRs are sitting on something big about William. I have no idea what that could be but it’s something potentially so explosive that it would wreck whatever positive coverage he’s managed to garner. Maybe it’s mistresses, maybe an out of wedlock child, a drug addiction (coke would explain his temper tantrums), whatever. Reporters like Hagatha here are contractually obliged to keep up the attacks against the Sussexes and the fawning stories about Charles and the Cambridges to deflect and divert eyeballs from finding out what Harry knows.

    I, for one, hope to live long enough to find out what Harry knows.

    • SenseOfTheAbsurd says:

      It’s clear that there’s something, but in the absence of anything substantive as to what it is, it just leaves the public and press free to hint and speculate and imagine lurid scenarios much worse than what it probably is. Along lines of ‘as a noted Royal Expert (LOL) with columns in leading tabloids, and Princess Diana’s former dog groomer, I’m not saying that William’s a sadistic serial rapist who has put several sex workers in hospital and responsible for [insert well-known unsolved murder here]‘. Whilst it’s a secret, there’s no scenario that can be ruled out. If William doesn’t a) co-operate with tabloid blackmail or b) come clean, there is literally nothing that can’t be hinted at to fill the gap.

  39. jferber says:

    What about the old gem, “If you have nothing nice to say, say nothing.” That works for me on most occasions.

  40. Amy Too says:

    Something I’ve noticed is that all of these RRs and the members of the RF that they speak for, are acting like Harry was born 4 years ago when he met Meghan, and that his entire memoir is going to be about how Meghan was rejected/“didn’t fit in” and all the things that happened to/about/around Meghan. This guy is 36, right? And he has a crazy unique perspective on the world just being a member of the royal family raised in that environment. Then, his mom, beloved princess famous world wide, died right in the middle of his formative years and that’s also a very unique perspective. Then he was a prince serving in Afghanistan. Twice, I think. There’s a lot to talk about there just with the whole “man who lived in palaces and was surrounded by security 24/7 now lives in tent in war zone and IS the security for others.” All of his charity work, the things he started on his own that have been going on successfully for years, plus the many, many international trips he’s taken and all the people he’s met/circumstances he’s seen first hand/lessons he’s learned/famous and powerful people he’s met and worked with. He has a TON to talk about from before he even knew Meghan existed.

    And then, during the Meghan period, he can talk generally about being in a long distance relationship, being in a relationship with someone of a different race and nationality than himself, becoming a husband, becoming a father (twice), moving house and country (a few times), transitioning to new work in a new location, making money for himself for the first time and what that felt like, and a lot of this all during a pandemic.

    They were in the UK, in KP specifically, for such a short time. And even then, it’s not like all they did during that time was talk to Will and Kate and courtiers 24/7 about how much everyone liked or disliked Meghan. This book is not going to be a collection of 100% accurate transcripts of every single conversation Harry and/or Meghan had with everyone they ever spoke to over the past 4 years, plus every single conversation that anyone in the palaces/media/family/their social circle had regarding Meghan and Harry. But that’s what they’re acting like. Like they’ve given an entire book’s worth of scandalous, horrific content just in the past 4 years with how they treated, and spoke about, and spoke to Meghan and Harry. Which I believe. I think they were that awful, but do they really think that Harry has had such a boring and normal, uninteresting life that the only things he could/would want to include in his memoir is all the mean things people said to him about his wife over the past couple of years? They’re so obsessed with Meghan that they seem to forget that Harry existed before he met Megan. And they’re so obsessed with themselves and their reputations, that they seem to forget that Harry existed/exists even when they’re not talking to him… and that while he was existing outside of their direct sight, he was having life experiences that had nothing to do with them. And they’re so obsessed with how Meghan and Harry relate to the monarchy, that they forget that Meghan and Harry exist as a couple who do things together and talk about things together that have absolutely nothing to do with his family or the monarchy. The basis of their partnership and relationship is not shared anger regarding the BRF and their media clowns, it’s so much more than that. Which is also why the BRF and media are not going to gets Harry to divorce Meg, leave his children’s and come running back home to them if they can only get him to stop being mad at them. He is not married to Meghan because he’s mad at the BRF. She exists as an actual person in her own right outside of her media-prescribed role as “thing that is in direct opposition to all that is good about England in general and the BRF in particular.” He could write entire chapters about Meghan and their marriage without mentioning the RF or media at all.

    The constant harping about all the damaging things Harry knows about the monarchy and all the horrible things they did to him, his wife, and his children, is just putting a huge emphasis on how myopic they all are, how obsessed they all are, how much they dismiss Harry and his life’s work, and mostly, how evil they all were to him if they know that he could write a 300 page book solely about all the bad things they did to him and Meghan. And how little they know him if they honestly think he would ever even want to write that book.

    • Becks1 says:

      Honestly, just a memoir of all Harry’s travels would be fascinating, in my opinion. I’m someone who has only been to Canada twice and Mexico a handful of times and while I did study abroad in Spain, that was 18 years ago. Considering all that travel Harry did on behalf of the crown and for his own charities and own interests? That could be really really interesting. He’s been to Nepal, all over Africa, Antarctica, I’m assuming all over Europe, etc.

      I don’t think that’s all its going to be about lol, but just to your point that Harry has a very full and interesting story to tell outside of what happened in the Firm once he married Meghan.

      ETA sorry I’ve been to Canada three times. not the point, I know, but I wanted to clarify lol

  41. Julia K says:

    I feel guilty for even thinking this, but could addiction be a problem for both Mr and Mrs Cambridge?

    • Julia K says:

      Responding to Jaded above

    • AmB says:

      But addiction doesn’t seem big or permanent or unfixable enough – it’s a platform for a redemption story. I think it’s got to be something more foundational than behaviors or habits.

      • Lady D says:

        I wonder if it’s the ammunition Kate needs to secure her place in the marriage?

      • Enny says:

        I wonder if they know that, for whatever reason, William won’t be able physically or mentally to be king, and they fear Charles’s reign won’t be very long. In which case George could still be a minor when he becomes king, and they were planning on having a Regent Harry for a period of at least a few years…?

  42. J ferber says:

    Ingrid Sewer must spew for bucks $ (sorry, no pound sign on my keyboard).

  43. Robin Samuels says:

    The Duchess of Sussex has not been seen since she made the cameo appearance for the VAX Live concert in May and has not spoken since the NPR-FM program concerning her book (recorded in May). However, there is an article or should I say many articles written daily in the British media that includes her name even if the article is about someone else! They use her photo as bait and they’re dying because they can’t get a photo of Lili. They won’t admit that they’re addicted and if it wasn’t for those fabricated stories they wouldn’t be able to feed their trolls, who by the way is getting so irritated and restless, they’re threatening to kick the Queen for adding Lili to the line of succession. Could someone please tell Ingrid Sewer that she has aged since the day she chased Diana down the street and the bangs that they were not cute then, are still not cute today. One thing for sure about the female royal reporters, they don’t spend much money on personal appearance. Peace!

  44. MerryGirl says:

    Is that so? Then why did 12 million of them tune in to the Oprah interview? Why does every morning talk show have a so called “expert” talking and analyzing their every move? Why is every newspaper headline about them? Why is there a poll every Monday morning to gauges the British public’s thoughts and feelings re H&M? Girl go back under the rock you crawled out from.

    ETA: the comment I was responding to seems to have disappeared.

  45. Elizabeth Rose says:

    Are all the lies melting that woman’s face off?!?! Sheesh!

  46. Tessa says:

    She wrote horrible things about Diana. She is another big Charles fan apparently.

  47. Tessa says:

    She’s the friend of Cressida Bonas’ mother, and wrote that Harry should “take her back.” Apparently she is displeased Harry did not follow her advice.

  48. Tessa says:

    Ingrid used Diana to help sell her Majesty Magazine. PUtting her on many covers. She then turned on Diana when she fell out of favor. Majesty is boring now, focusing on Kate and what she wears and Charles and Camilla.

  49. Likeyoucare says:

    These clowns do have unfortunate face. That is all my comment today. Thank you.

  50. Becks1 says:

    When did they say they wanted privacy?