Netflix announces that all cast and crew on US productions must be vaccinated

These are behind the scenes photos from Outer Banks season 2, which was filmed during the pandemic. I am not singling it out for any reason.

Last night I saw a segment on NBC News with healthcare workers who spoke on the record about their refusal to get vaccinated. I was so disgusted by it that I put part of it on Twitter. They were super defensive and snotty and I hope they all get fired. Healthcare workers can put vulnerable people at risk, but so can just about anyone who doesn’t get vaccinated. We can even spread it if we are vaccinated so we should all mask up. One of the keys to getting vaccine refusers to get the shot is to make it mandatory for employment. Major corporations including Google, Facebook and now Netflix are requiring in-person workers to get vaccinated. Netflix just announced that it will make vaccinations mandatory for all cast and crew on US productions, making them the first major studio to do so. They will allow for some exceptions.

Netflix is making the COVID-19 vaccine mandatory for U.S. productions, becoming the first major studio to set a vaccination policy.

The vaccine will be required for those in Zone A — which includes members of cast and crew — but the streaming giant plans to make a few exceptions involving age, medical, and religious purposes, Deadline reports.

Last week, the Hollywood unions reached a deal for the new safety protocols for returning to work, allowing producers “the option to implement mandatory vaccination policies for casts and crew in Zone A on a production-by-production basis,” according to a joint statement.

The coronavirus has resulted in numerous delays in Hollywood productions since March 2020. Along with Netflix, large companies including Facebook and Google have also made vaccination mandatory for U.S. employees.

The big decision comes just as another wave of the coronavirus sweeps the country, with the Delta variant now the most common strain in the U.S.

[From People]

I wasn’t sure what Zone A meant so I looked it up and it’sis any perimeter within which activity occurs without physical distancing or the use of PPE.” I guess that can be interpreted different ways, but as long as they’re requiring vaccinations for just about everyone it’s a good thing. We’ve heard of so many productions having to shut down for positive cases despite all their precautions. I think that almost all employers should make vaccinations mandatory and that this will be the way they convince the holdouts. Get vaccinated or lose your job. I’ve heard of at least one case where a Fox News watcher was compelled to get vaccinated for his job.

Hecate wrote a line yesterday that was just so brilliant and true. “If this was a horror movie they would be trying to convince the audience why half the population refused to take the vaccine.” Every day I am floored by how selfish and arrogant people are. Maybe measures like this will convince people to get vaccinated finally, but I’m worried it’s still too late.




Photos credit: Jackson Lee Davis for Netflix

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  1. Becks1 says:

    GOOD. Besides general (and important) health reasons for getting vaccinated, having to shut down productions for days or weeks at a time because of COVID exposure is expensive and time consuming. Get the vaccine.

    • Q says:

      I would like to remind everyone that not everyone can get vaccinated due to cross allergies and illnesses.
      Great if you can get vaccinated but not everyone can and we should all try to be more mindful and understanding of that.

      • Soapboxpudding says:

        True however that covers very, very few people. I have a long list of serious allergies, asthma, an autoimmune disease, and an immune deficiency and I was still able to get the vaccine. I had a rough 36 hours of body pain and inflammation but fine otherwise. Absolutely worth it because my health issues make it very unlikely I’d survive the actual disease.

      • lucy2 says:

        Absolutely, and that’s why everyone who can, should – to protect those who can’t.

        Soapbox, I have a friend like that, she can’t get the flu shots because of allergies and other health issues. She went ahead and got the Covid shots and had very bad reactions both times, but said it was way better than what Covid would have done to her.

      • Becks1 says:

        Meh, I think it goes without saying when we say “get the vaccine” we mean if you are able to do so – and honestly most Americans are able to do so. But because some people cannot get the vaccine, everyone else who can should so that that small group is protected.

      • alsf says:

        This is true for a small number of people. I hope those people are ableb to keep themselves safe. No one, in any of these articles, is talking about these people.

        But if you live in certain sections of America, it’s also self-determined nonsense by people with often a high school science education who somehow can divine the truth through alternative media sources (sound familiar?) Hello anti-vaxxers.

      • lisa taylor says:

        Yes, and lots of people make up fake excuses and pretend health reasons because they do not have a sense of social responsibility and the `common good.’ Trump type mentalities.

  2. Case says:

    This is great. Broadway also just announced in order to attend, you must show proof of vaccination. I’m SO glad so many organizations are taking a stand on this, and it will be even more widespread once the vaccines have full approval.

    I’m tired of feeling like I’m being held hostage by people who refuse to get the vaccine. I want to be able to go places safely, and those who are not eligible to get the vaccine due to age or health conditions deserve to be able to safely go outside their homes.

  3. Esmom says:

    I feel like it might be too late. I know I shouldn’t be as floored by the proliferation of anti-vaxxers as I am, I mean it’s the same people who thought electing Trump was a good idea.

    Side note: Outer Banks was a fun, guilty pleasure show for me, I’m looking forward to a new season.

  4. CJ says:

    I worry so much about my youngest. My eldest is vaccinated and it’s her first year of high-school and she wants to do sports, etc. And I don’t really know what to do honestly except keep reminding her that her sister is still in danger, because I don’t want her to miss out on milestones. Shes already very nervous about being at a new school. Smh. I can’t wait for the youngster vaccine. Can’t come soon enough

  5. Snuffles says:

    It won’t convince everyone but it might convince enough to get the US to the percentage we need to be at. My BFF at first was like HELL NAW, now she’s open to it but still hesitant and I’m guessing it’s because she’s job hunting right now and being told it’s a requirement.

    I think making it a job requirement and making it socially unacceptable and preventing the unvaccinated from enjoying the activities they love like concerts, movies, restaurants etc. might push enough people to do it.

  6. fluffy_bunny says:

    My husband’s company will start severing people who aren’t vaccinated I think in October. He has one employee who won’t get vaccinated because he’s already had covid.

  7. Jais says:

    I’m wondering about the religious reasons? What would those be for not getting the vaccine?

    • Ang says:

      My guess would be: complete bullshit?

    • Becks1 says:

      some religions don’t vaccinate, its why many schools have a religious exemption for vaccinations. but the issue is that they can’t ask you which religion, so someone like me could just say “oh its religious, I’m not vaccinating my kids against anything” and you can’t ask me anything else and you wouldnt know that I haven’t been to church in ages, don’t identify with a religion anymore, etc.

      • Dude says:

        I am a school based nurse practitioner and I get this alllll the time. I ended up rewriting my protocols last year to make it my option to decline to see unvaccinated families (for well visits) and boy, did that frost some parents’ cookies! There are 2 clinicians that buy into that ridiculousness locally. It’s so disgustingly dangerous and dishonest.

  8. Ariel says:

    At this point not getting vaccinated, especially as a health care worker, rises to the level of criminally negligent homicide. You get the virus and live but you pass it on to someone who then dies. You’re a murderer. And there should be criminal charges.
    Refusing to get vaccinated puts peoples lives at risk.
    But unless someone in their own familiar dies- they don’t acknowledge it.
    Only their family matters.
    Not yours. Not mine.

    Keep seeing news stories about people who’s family member just died who are *now* encouraging people to get vaccinated, and wishing they had gotten vaxxed sooner.

    The 600,000 dead didn’t matter to them.

    I am angry.

    • Darla says:

      There’s something about some people’s brains that prevents them from feeling any empathy or compassion, unless it happens to them or their family. These people very strongly skew conservative. It’s really something to see.

    • lucy2 says:

      I saw an article about a woman in Louisiana in the hospital with it who was “mad at herself” that she hadn’t gotten the vaccine yet, and said she kept meaning to but “was busy”. BS, it’s been widely available in the US for several months now. Hopefully she didn’t spread it to too many others too.

  9. Juls says:

    Good. Now all the private health insurance companies need to notify customers ‘you have 30 days to get the first dose or we’re dropping you’.

  10. anon says:

    Zone A is on set where the actors are unmasked. It’s not a big percentage of the employees on a movie set. On a big production there are far more people in the other zones. My husband’s show, which tests employees regularly (zone A everyday and other zones every other day or weekly) are getting positives in crew in the construction Mill and other places non zone A. which are very far removed from set. The Teamsters (the drivers) specifically are fighting mandatory vaccinations, they are a bunch of republicans/trumpers. It’s so frustrating.

  11. Bean says:

    My husbands company just announced that vaccinations are mandatory – it’s a biotech so they were already 92% vaccinated but it’s a good thing to have announced.

    We just had a friend pass away from COVID after he had had the first shot. Get BOTH shots and know you aren’t covered till two weeks after your second. Wear masks, avoid large gatherings, we are pretty much back where we started but this time they won’t shut things down.

    This virus does NOT mess around.

  12. Willow says:

    One company, can’t remember which one, is making vaccines mandatory, or if you choose to not vaccinate, you are required to get tested twice a week at your own expense and wear a mask. That’s a smart way to deal with the ‘my body, my choice’ crowd.

  13. Lena says:

    I’m so mad I can’t see straight at my gov (Texas) whose reaction to the surge in positivity rate was to sign a sweeping order to outlaw any mask or vaccine requirements. Like our newspaper editorial said, his actions are WORSE than doing nothing. All because he’s worried about a primary opponent to his right next year. This is all trumps fault because this Abbott guy can’t think on his own. Which will probably get him a primary opponent anyway.