Gov. Andrew Cuomo finally resigned, which is ‘tragic’ according to Alec Baldwin


In case anyone was keeping track, it took one full week for Governor Andrew Cuomo to realize that he couldn’t talk his way out of trouble. One full week where he was desperate to minimize and negate the damage he did to eleven women. It was Tuesday, August 3rd, when New York AG Letitia James released the report on her investigation into the claims of harassment. Her office found that Cuomo is a serial sexual harasser and a lot more. Cuomo ended up releasing a video statement that day where he argued that he gropes and harasses everyone, even men and old people, and that he would try to do better. Democrats across the country told him to go. President Biden told him to resign. And finally he did.

Gov. Andrew M. Cuomo of New York said Tuesday he would resign from office, succumbing to a ballooning sexual harassment scandal that fueled an astonishing reversal of fortune for one of the nation’s best-known leaders. Mr. Cuomo said his resignation would take effect in 14 days. Lt. Gov. Kathy Hochul, a Democrat, will be sworn in to replace him, becoming the first woman in New York history to occupy the state’s top office.

“Given the circumstances, the best way I can help now is if I step aside and let government get back to governing,” Mr. Cuomo said in remarks streamed from his office in Midtown Manhattan. “And therefore, that’s what I’ll do.”

The resignation of Mr. Cuomo, a three-term Democrat, came a week after a report from the New York State attorney general concluded that the governor sexually harassed nearly a dozen women, including current and former government workers, by engaging in unwanted touching and making inappropriate comments. The 165-page report also found that Mr. Cuomo and his aides unlawfully retaliated against at least one of the women for making her complaints public and fostered a toxic work environment.

[From The NY Times]

So ends the political career of yet another d-bag. Don’t let the door hit you where the good lord split you. Again, it was Democrats holding one of their own accountable for his behavior. When will Republicans hold their own accountable?

Anyway, it was abundantly clear for months now that Cuomo would likely not survive the accusations of harassment. What was good to see is that the women who spoke up and put their names to the accusations were not ripped to shreds in the media. Their stories were listened to and believed and taken seriously, and an investigation was immediately launched. Everything about the AG’s investigation was thorough and above-board. Cuomo’s victims were able to get some justice in a timely manner. Who will complain about that? Alec Baldwin, apparently:

I had to reread that a few times to understand WTF he was saying. First off, a serial sexual harasser stepping down from an elected office because he got caught is not “tragic.” It just isn’t. Second of all, let’s really parse this: “Party politics in this country draw ambitious but ultimately isolated, even socially maladjusted men and women who, given the current cancel culture, will likely have their shortcomings exposed and magnified.” He’s saying the modern American two-party political system draws ambitious people who are also isolated and maladjusted and therefore it’s the two-party system that makes politicians turn into sexual predators? And it’s bad that predators are exposed because it means cancel culture is winning? What the actual f–k.

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  1. Becks1 says:

    I admit I’m surprised about cuomo. I thought he was going to stick it as long as possible, maybe right up until they voted to impeach him. But I’m glad he is stepping down.

    Baldwin’s statement to me reads as….”the current two party system attracts messed up people so we can’t be too hard on them when their poor behavior comes to light.” and just… I have to believe that there are lots of politicians out there today who aren’t harassing women behind the scenes.

  2. Emma33 says:

    I think Alec Baldwin’s marriage draws ambitious, social maladjusted people.

  3. Darla says:

    Shut up Alec!

    • Bettyrose says:

      Darla – if he bottles up that rage he’ll literally explode. Are you prepared to see bits of Alex flying everywhere?

  4. Amy Bee says:

    I get it. Cuomo was his friend and he’s still hurt that his wife’s lies were exposed. I could have sworn Baldwin said he was quiting social media a few months ago.

  5. Eurydice says:

    Andrew Cuomo is a vicious bully who terrorized anyone who went against him. He might even have gotten away with the sexual harassment charges if there weren’t a host of people behind the scenes looking for a safe way to remove their support. His choices were to resign or be thrown out. This way he got to make a last pompous and self-serving speech.

    It’s hard to know what Baldwin is saying in that garble of words. It’s even possible to interpret that he’s glad Cuomo’s gone – that it’s tragic that what Cuomo did had to happen at all. The problem words are “cancel culture” – otherwise, it could read that “politics attract maladjusted people who, in our current day of increased transparency, are more likely to have their shortcomings exposed.”

    • questions says:

      Today’s version of politics does attract weird people. In that sense, I did think Baldwin’s observation (or at least the first part of it) makes sense. It takes a certain kind of person willing to deal with this job.

      Once in a while, there’s an exception like Obama (in the sense, that he’s the closest thing to “normal” I can think of). But otherwise…

    • reef says:

      A. Cuomo has been a horrible person for years and it’s been an open secret. It’s one of the reasons Nixon decided to run because the Dem establishment capitulated to him despite knowing he was awful. It sucks that it takes all this for someone so terrible to be booted but here we are.

    • Kviby says:

      I’ve seen a screenshot explanation on the Hilaria Baldwin sub (found from this site!:))
      Apparently he meant that as something I’d agree with (like I don’t know how true it is but if true yeah it’s « tragic »)
      Politicians are protected and privileged and don’t have to follow the rules. For every cuomo who got caught there are many who don’t and continue to hurt people.
      I mean I guess he doesn’t see the irony of him lamenting the « hiding the truth » given his wife’s recent scandal

  6. Annie says:

    Cancel culture this is an example of your actions have consequences. It should happen more often both in real life and online.

  7. Merricat says:

    What’s tragic is the way men with power continue to believe that women are lesser creatures, without the right to dignity and self. No, you are not a good politician if you use your power to sample any woman who strikes your fancy. No, Alec, you are not a good Democrat simply because you made fun of the previous administration.
    If elected, it is your duty to represent and protect ALL of your constituents, not just the ones with danglers. Stop whining about it, you spoiled babies.

  8. Who ARE these people? says:

    Bullies: Takes one to know one.

  9. Darla says:

    Strong background noise on twitter that Gaetz is going to be charged very soon. Let’s see Republicans keep that same Cuomo energy then. They won’t, of course. They are such hypocrites, liars, and phonies. But Gaetz’s time is nigh.

    • Gab says:

      Cuomo pissed off many in his own party on his way up so he got no free pass from them. Gaetz should also be held responsible by his own party. tbd. When will the allegations against Biden be seriously looked into? They weren’t because he was considered indisposable. And no I did not vote for Trump, but I believe Tara Reade based on my own personal workplace experiences.

      • Lizzie Bathory says:

        Tara Reade is literally platformed by Russia Today (as a columnist & commenter), but go off.

      • Gab says:

        There were also at least 9 other women who complained of inappropriate touching and comments similar to some of the accusations about Cuomo. Not to mention the reports of him stripping naked all the time in front of female secret service agents during his VP years. Hypocritical indeed.

      • Courtney B says:

        Tara Reade was full of horseshit. She is the type who fall into the category of liars who tarnish all those women brave enough to come forward with real stories. I looked into what she said at the time because accusations should be taken seriously. And, yeah, she’s full of it. Fox gave her a platform and it’s not hard to guess why. And there’s a reason that they gave it up too.

      • Lizzie Bathory says:

        He swam naked in his own pool. Female Senators couldn’t swim in the Senate gym pool for years because Lindsey Graham wanted to swim naked. I haven’t seen anything to suggest that Biden has done anything like Cuomo–I suspect you know this isn’t true but you’re “just asking questions” or “concerned about hypocrisy.”

        And I find it telling that you went immediately to Tara Reade, who is literally paid by Russian propagandists who supported Trump. No defense of that, I guess?

      • Gab says:

        Courtney you can think what you want but as I said there were many other instances of inappropriate behavior, if not assault. In my heart I feel nobody would make up a story like that and I choose to believe it. I would believe a story like that about ANY man period.

        AND just imagine if it was Kamala Harris swimming naked. She wouldn’t! People would be freaking out because patriarchy.

      • Merricat says:

        Tara Reade. That’s all I need to know. Pffft.

      • whatWHAT? says:

        “I said there were many other instances of inappropriate behavior, if not assault.”

        no, there weren’t. there were a few stories from some other women who said that Biden “made them feel uncomfortable” but it was NOT inappropriate “touching” or any type of assault. we KNOW Joe is a physically affectionate person – he kisses his adult son, which a LOT of men will not do (“I’m not GAY!”) – and is the kind of person who will give you a supportive hand on the shoulder even if you don’t know him. would that make some people/women uncomfortable? yeah, and I’m one of them as I don’t like to be touched much AT ALL, unless it’s my bf, parent, or VERY close friend. but that’s a sensory issue, not me feeling like I was being harassed.

        When you google Ms. Reade, most of the links that come up are articles about how her story isn’t consistent (she’s added details to make it more “shocking”), how the people on staff that she said she spoke to about the “assault” all call her a liar and said she never spoke to them, and how she’s been a grifter and manipulative person her entire life. she also lied about academic qualifications/achievements. she’s lied under oath and during court proceedings. She also lied about why she was dismissed from her job in Biden’s office. Spoiler: it wasn’t for filing a complaint about sexual harassment, but for poor job performance. To boot, the place that she says the assault happened is a fairly public place, with no out-of-view areas. It was described as a “main thoroughfare” that was “always crowded [and] packed with lobbyists, staff and tourists”. the likelihood that he could assault her there and not be seen by anyone is virtually impossible. To be fair, there are people who corroborated her story (to the extent that they say that she told them about it), but won’t go on the record in any legal proceeding or talk to any investigators. wonder why that is? maybe they don’t believe what she told them, either.

        I am all for believing women who are believable, but she isn’t. her accusations were investigated by plenty of news outlets, and they came up with bupkis.

        Here’s a pretty exhaustive “investigation” done by PBS. they have no ax to grind.

      • Gab says:

        whatwhat? you are wrong. Many victims slowly come forward with more and more details of their story as they work through the trauma.
        Also, hair sniffing is not the same as a “hand on the shoulder”.
        I fully find her story credible but you don’t have to if it makes you feel better about yourself.

      • whatWHAT? says:

        “if it makes me feel better about myself”? no, it makes me feel better to defend a decent man who should not be slurred by a person who is not credible and not have those slurs amplified by someone with an agenda that goes against the truth. no, hair sniffing isn’t the same as a hand on the shoulder, but nor it is sexual harassment. unwanted attention? sure, but that is NOT harassment, assault or anything close to what Cuomo (or Gaetz or 45, for that matter) is accused of. and Biden addressed that issue with a public statement. he is not a lech, he is not a groper, and he is not a rapist. what he said:

        “In my many years on the campaign trail and in public life, I have offered countless handshakes, hugs, expressions of affection, support and comfort,” he said. “And not once — never — did I believe I acted inappropriately. If it is suggested I did so, I will listen respectfully. But it was never my intention.”

        quite a difference from “grab them by the p*ssy” and “bleeding from her whatever” and “that’s just locker room talk” and “you’d look good on your knees” and bragging about walking in on teenage pageant contestants while they changed. Biden is a man who, though not a rapist or harasser, acknowledges that he may have made women uncomfortable and will listen to them and change his behavior. quite unlike the previous occupant of the WH.

        so…what part of her background makes her credible, to you? is it her documented lies? her lying under oath? her lying about her academic credentials/background? lying about why she was fired? lying about who she told and what she said? or is it because she’s literally funded by Russian propagandists who wanted 45 re-elected? is it because her story goes along with the narrative you want to believe about Biden? if a woman with her background of grift and manipulation and history of documented lies accused your brother/father/boyfriend/husband/son of sexual assault, would you believe her?

        did you read the PBS article? Here’s another one, about what people who know/knew her think of what kind of person she is.

        FTA: “A number of those in close contact with Reade over the past 12 years, a period in which she went by the names Tara Reade, Tara McCabe or Alexandra McCabe, laid out a familiar pattern: Reade ingratiated herself, explained she was down on her luck and needed help, and eventually took advantage of their goodwill to extract money, skip rent payments or walk out on other bills.”

        “You can use these words: manipulative, deceitful, user,” said Kelly Klett, an attorney who rented Reade a room in her home in 2018. “Looking back at it all now, that is exactly how I view her and how I feel about her.”

  10. Stephanie says:

    I interpreted Baldwin’s statement as Cuomo was forced to resign because of Cancel Culture. It seems to be the go-to excuse for a lot of people who don’t think what they’ve done wrong is a big deal. But many people who get “cancelled” usually find their way back to the spotlight somehow, so it’s not as powerful as some make it out to be.

  11. Sean says:

    Is anyone else nervous that Cuomo won’t face charges since he resigned? I fear that like Nixon, he may have been offered a deal where he would be pardoned if he resigned before impeachment.

    Maybe I’m being paranoid.

  12. questions says:

    What was Mario Cuomo like? Just curious because I never heard of anything like this associated with him. Andrew Cuomo seems different from his father in this respect.

  13. gemma says:

    Off topic from the Cuomo discourse.

    I was watching Alec in one of his appearances on Jerry Seinfeld show on Netflix. He brought up his wife and said he looks at her every day and cannot understand why she is with him. That she could have anybody she wants. I was like, does he mean it as just a complement to his wife (how amazing she is) or does he really believe she is too good for him? I mean, the man is famous, rich and successful. He’s got a lot going for him. And since Hilaria seems fame hungry, he is a catch for her. If he believes it, that could perhaps explain why he keeps having all those babies at his old age. He probably does everything she asks him.

    Anyway, I loved Seinfeld’s response, telling him to stop with that “she is too good for me” nonsense, that everybody puts up with everybody.

    • Merricat says:

      Well, what she gets to put up with is Alec’s famous out-of-control temper. Not my idea of acceptable.

  14. Amy Bee says:

    Cuomo was always adamant that he was never going to run for President. We now know why.

  15. Moira's Rose's Garden says:

    When one of your daughter’s drops Cuomo from her last name, you know you’re a slimeball.

  16. Lena says:

    He saw the writing on the wall, democrats hold their members accountable and were preparing for impeachment. I try to avoid Fox but they were gleefully calling for his head and the hypocrisy was astounding. They chose to completely disregard in the Trump era 27 women who came out with much worse behavior than these women did with charges including rape. And Matt Gaetz is still on the Judiciary Committee.

  17. Lucy2 says:

    Oh Alec, that is, how you say, bullsh!t.

  18. StormsMama says:

    Well I saw that on his Instagram last night
    And the comments were mostly along the lines of “serial sexual harassment isn’t a shortcoming” and “it’s called ACCOUNTABILITY ALEC!”
    There were also some complaining “but trump” as if trump not being held accountable means Cuomo shouldn’t either. So absurd.

    His use of tragic offended me in a way I can’t quite explain but basically it’s pompous and hyperbolic. So I unfollowed him. How much hot air can one person take. Done with Alec.

  19. Kp says:

    When will Tara Reade be taken seriously?

    • Lizzie Bathory says:

      As stated above, Tara Reade is a troll bought & paid for by Russia. She is literally platformed by Russia Today in a sad attempt to take down Biden by anti-American interests. Stop carrying water for them.

      • Lizzie Bathory says:

        The propaganda arm of the Russian Federation is platforming someone who accused the guy running against Donald Trump (who has dozens of accusations against him). That’s AFTER it was established that Russia interfered in our elections to get Trump elected. If you think that’s a coincidence, I have a condo in Trump Tower to sell you.

        How many Cuomo accusers write columns for RT? How many Trump accusers appear on their broadcasts? I’ll wait.

    • psl says:

      Will E. Jean be taken seriously? Or the 14 year old girl who accused 45?

      See? I can throw that right back at you.

    • Merricat says:

      Please, Tara Reade is no source for truth.

    • Gab says:

      Thank you KP! I believe Tara.

  20. psl says:

    Although Cuomo is a creep and deserves this, I really wish Dems would go this hard after Republicans. We had an ACTUAL RAPIST in the White House for 4 years. He is STILL walking free.

    It is just so damn confusing and upsetting. Make EVERYONE accountable, NOT just Democrats.

    • iconoclast59 says:

      @psl, I feel the same way. My lament about Cuomo’s resignation is that we (Democrats) are the only ones who ask our people to step down. Meanwhile, the Republicans continue to do and say awful things that degrade our quality of life, and not only do their party leaders NOT ask them to resign, they rarely even voice a criticism! While we might feel we’re winning the moral battle, I fear we’re losing the war.

  21. Mabs A'Mabbin says:

    Maybe I’d understand Baldwin’s comment better if it were in Spanish.

  22. Pork chops & Apple sauce says:

    Baldwin has since “corrected” or clarified his Twitter statement on his IGTV. He rambled but eventually get to what he says he wanted to originally convey but was misunderstood. He’s a mess.

  23. Pusspants says:

    I’m so glad Cuomo’s out! The women he harassed and all the staffers that had to work in the toxic environment he created have finally gotten justice. I hope he serves as a warning to others in power that running an office like this and interacting with people this way is unacceptable.

    On a personal note, I can’t stand this guy for being such a bad Italian American stereotype. My parents were both Italian, I’m an American and I don’t appreciate his excuse of being touchy-feely because he’s Italian. Yes, Italians have a tendency to talk with their hands to gesture and they tend to be more emotionally demonstrative in their facial expressions and language than some. BUT, that doesn’t mean grabbing someone’s ass or breasts. Even if he learned at a young age to kiss and hug people in everyday conversation, he was smart enough to learn where to draw the line. He makes it sound like this is just what all Italian American men are like (so it’s okay) and that is a stereotype that needs to die. He’s an embarrassment!

  24. JL says:

    Third-hand bit of family lore: about 10 years ago, when she was in her early 20s, my cousin was walking in Los Angeles. She’s small, dark-haired, actually looks a lot like Hillaria Baldwin. An older guy in a fancy car passed her… and then looped back around the block, so he could roll down the window and creepily asked if she was interested in spending time with older men. The skeeveboat in question? Certainly appeared to be Alec Baldwin. So maybe he’s not the best judge of what behavior should be “cancelled”.

  25. Natters says:

    He made life for the small business owner in NY hard as real estate developers donated a lot to his campaigns. Also whenever DeBlasio would try to execute health mandates for NYC he would block it, then two weeks later do the mandate and take credit for it. Trust me I’m no big fan of DiBlasio, because he tries to make police accountable our city has cops who just phone it in but between him and Cuomo, I’ll take Bill any day. I was never a Cuomosexual.