People mag confirms Rebecca Gayheart’s cigarette-smoking pregnancy

People Magazine is finally running the Rebecca Gayheart-is-knocked-up story, which basically means someone officially connected to Rebecca and Eric Dane okayed the release of the information. Which means Rebecca’s pregnancy is official. I know, I know. Rebecca is barely B-list, but her husband is high B, perhaps even A-List (in the television world, because of Grey’s Anatomy). This would be such a non-story if not for a few other significant events.

The rumors about Rebecca’s pregnancy have been swirling for a while – almost as long as the minor scandal of the naked-hang-out tape with former beauty queen/maybe hooker Kari Ann Peniche. The other rumor swirling is that Rebecca is still on drugs. We already knowshe’s still smoking. I hate to be a judgy bitch (that’s a lie), but I find it revolting that she’s still smoking. I don’t judge smokers as a rule – but the exception I make is for dumb pregnant women who smoke in this day and age.

Out on a stroll in Los Angeles last weekend with husband Eric Dane, Rebecca Gayheart showed in public what the couple’s close friends have known for some time: that she’s expecting. In February, Dane, 37, told Ellen DeGeneres that he and Gayheart, 38, wanted a baby. “They’re definitely happy,” a source tells PEOPLE. “They’ve been trying for so long.” Reps for the pair have not commented.

[From People]

Well, congratulations and God bless. A shiny new baby will solve any pesky little p.r. problems for the next year or so. Now Rebecca needs to quit the smokes, quit the drugs, quit the liquor and take her prenatal vitamins. Judging from the bump Rebecca’s been sporting, my guess is that she’s probably in her fourth month, but that is just a guess. I’m hoping this pregnancy actually makes Rebecca clean up her issues, and I hope mom and the baby are happy and healthy. Fingers crossed.

Rebecca Gayheart is shown out on 9/23 and 9/25/09. Credit:

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  1. mollyb says:

    This is the care with which she treats the lives of other people’s children: On June 13, 2001, Gayheart struck and fatally injured nine-year-old Jorge Cruz, Jr., as he jaywalked across a Los Angeles-area street. According to the police report, the child was walking home from school and ran across the street approximately 160 feet from a crosswalk. The vehicles in front of Gayheart stopped to permit Cruz to cross. Unwilling to wait, Gayheart maneuvered her vehicle around the other cars, pulling into a two-way left-turn lane to pass them and struck the boy with her vehicle. Her attorney, Steven Lerman, subsequently admitted Gayheart had been using a cell phone during impact.

    I guess she can’t be expected to treat her own with any more care.

  2. e says:

    Babies don’t solve problems.

  3. Lee says:

    Celebrity, D-list or A, does not confer brains, as we know from the nude sunbathing pics of the very-pregnant Catherine Zeta-Jones, with her cigarette in hand. Don’t know the condition of her subsequent child, but somehow I think these morons feel the rules of science and society somehow don’t apply to them.

  4. Jess says:

    Great! Now she can potentially kill another kid. This time, her own. Light up, B$%ch!

  5. bros says:

    I really find this woman revolting. she seems callous and pathologically self-centered.

  6. Fat Elvis says:


  7. clare says:

    Even seeing new mothers smoking around their babies is vile. Somehow I doubt they ever stopped during pregnancy.
    This Rebecca Gayheart seems a troubled soul.

  8. princess pea says:

    Of all the bad behaviour that is out there, smoking while pregnant is neither rare nor exceptional. it’s bad, and the doctors are against it, but it’s not illegal or deadly. It’s likely to result in reduced birth weight and increases the odds of respiratory difficulty for the infant. Could be worse. Let’s hope that cigarettes are the thing she’s traded down to… because some addictions are way more destructive to a fetus.

  9. KT says:

    You know, had I killed a kid accidentally, you better believe I would spend the rest of my life trying to atone for it – I would judge MYSELF harshly if I wasn’t giving back to the world/community in some manner on a regular basis. Gayheart’s nudie video, smoking whilst pregnant and sh*t-eating grin make me want to punch her in the face.

  10. Eileen Yover says:

    Mollyb: Thank you for posting that. I can’t beleive that you don’t ever hear about it when people report about her. Everytime I see a pic or hear her name I think about what she did and it just makes me sick.
    She takes the life of a child and instead of working with the public to raise awareness about talking on phones while driving or safe driving, she does drugs, has “threesomes” with escorts and smoke while preggo. Disgusting!

  11. yadira says:

    Some people should not be allowed to procreate.

    That incident with the little boy would eat at my soul and the guilt would stay with me everyday until I died. But this girl seems happy go lucky and doesn’t seem to give a crap.

  12. Embee says:

    What happened years ago was an accident. It was a tragic accident that was a result of this woman’s lack of foresight and self-centeredness. I have made stupid decisions in traffic while in a hurry, and I have done so while talking on the phone. Most of us have. Thank God that usually a child doesn’t die as a result. Her mistake then does not abrogate her right to have a child now.

  13. Terri says:

    Agree with Embee – what she did years ago was stupid, poor decision, in rush, trying to get thru traffic. The kid JAYWALKED and should not have been there. It was tragic. This doesn’t mean she isn’t allowed to be happy about the life and baby she has now. The smoking is stupid though.

  14. englishbreakfasttasteslikedarjeeling says:

    i totally agree: i don’t care if you smoke, i personally don’t believe that it’s a good idea but whatever, personal responsibility. but if you are choosing to bring a child into this world, her body is no longer just her responsibility. why would you ever want to start your child out with more disadvantages than it already could have.

  15. Rosalee says:

    Wow what did she personally do to some of you? Do you feel the same way about Laura Bush? Matthew Broderick? Brandy? They each killed someone in a traffic accident.

  16. Emmy says:

    I agree with Princess Pea on this. And while I’m not condoning smoking while pregnant it should be pointed out that quiting cold turkey while pregnant can be just as unhealthy as continuing to smoke full time. That’s why many mothers are advised to cut back slowly. A few cigarettes a day verses a pack is an improvement. Let’s not be so quick to judge. It could be that she’s trying to wean herself off of them. Why she doesn’t do this in private and save herself the ridicule is another question.

  17. Regardless of her past mistake, she needs to quit the cigarettes. I think smoking while pregnant is very selfish because you’re putting your needs before your child’s. I’m sure it isn’t an easy feat to put down the Virginia Slims, but if you’ve wanted this child for so long, then it should be a willing sacrifice.

    But it’s not going to help a screwed up marriage. Sorry…

  18. hmm says:

    No doctor is going to condone smoking while pregnant and if it’s true that they have been trying to conceive for awhile, then she had ample opportunity to wean herself off of the ciggies. As to the comments about her killing a child several years ago, I think most people feel that it would be a life altering moment and she doesn’t seem to have grasped the severity of her actions. Instead, she and her husband are video taped engaging in risky, illegal behavior as she brags about how high she is. This pregnancy was supposed to elevate Gayheart and Dane and the release of the tape scuttled the Noxzema Girl and McSteamy, happy family story.

  19. CB Rawks says:

    “….I have made stupid decisions in traffic while in a hurry, and I have done so while talking on the phone. Most of us have.”

    Um, NO.

    Only an effing moron would talk on the phone and drive at the same time.
    It is illegal in Australia now, but it has caused accidents and unfortunately the Moron Herd doesn’t thin itself out in that way without taking innocent lives down too.

    Now I want to slap somebody.

  20. RobN says:

    Several other websites have revealed that the smoking while driving photo is several months old and has been rereleased with the others as if they were taken the same day.

  21. whatever says:

    Actually, hmmm, your a little mistaken. Although it is true that in the majority of pregnancies a doctor would say smoking is bad, it really depends on how much a woman smoked pre-pregnancy. My sister was a chain smoker (completely disgusting in my opinion, but it’s her life) -when she found out she was prego, her OBGYN told her to slowly start quitting not to do it cold turkey bc she had a bigger risk of losing the baby if she just completely quit. It took her 3 months, and she was regularly monitored by the dr, but she never restarted. That being said smoking is just gross in general, so I hope she is trying to quit

  22. wif says:

    I’m with CB Rawks here. I never drive in a hurry, instead I apologize if I arrive late. I never talk on the cell phone while driving. I never have a single drink if I know I’ll be driving. I think what happens is because we all drive we forget to give the process the respect and caution it’s due. I once weighed my car at a weigh station. It was 6,456 pounds. Consider that with paired with the velocity that you are driving at and you have a killing machine that you use for getting groceries. I choose to never, ever, take risks with that.

    And as such, I have a hard time forgiving those who end others lives due to lack of forethought and consideration.

  23. wow says:

    I had a coworker who continued to smoke cigs A LOT while preganant. Her child has major asthma problems.

    There’s nothing legally that an outsider can do, but you would think that at some point a Mother would put her child’s health first. And my coworker at the time had health problems due to her smoking before she even became preganat. I will never understand that mindset.

  24. Catherine says:

    Some celebrities are just born to be ignorant of the facts in life. They somehow skate by doing one idiotic thing after another yet the public (and the paparazzi) continue to hold them high just because they show their sorry butts on tv now and again. It is pathetic. RG doesn’t seem to feel the need to atone for her mistakes.
    Do you think if some average woman hit and killed a kid that she wouldn’t be locked up or publicly vilified the rest of her life? She’d lose her job and would spend her life wishing she could take it back.
    It should be illegal to smoke during pregnancy due to even the smallest side effect of low birth weight. Let’s hope she grows a brain during the pregnancy and quits sucking the cancer sticks.

  25. Squirtle says:

    Oh please, unless she’s smoking a pack a day then she should be able to quit cold turkey without seriously affecting the baby. My best friend when I was 18 got pregnant and she didn’t quit smoking up until late in her pregnancy and even after the baby was born she still smoked, now her kid has asthma and horrible breathing problems and he’s always got upper respiratory infections. I seriously doubt she’s been ordered by her doctor to cut down slowly.

  26. TinaWithPom says:

    One of my friends was a two-pack-a-week smoker and kept it up during her pregnancy. Her 10-year-old daughter has had chronic respiratory infections, since birth, and asthma since 3 years old. Her health hinders her ability to play team soccer, which she loves. My friend continues to smoke… =(

  27. lrm says:

    It should be illegal to smoke during pregnancy? Yea,that’s what we need-MORE laws and rules and regulations.
    What would happen-would the mom to be,be fined or go to jail?
    That’s an einstein-esque strategy there—hmmm…let’s make it illegal!
    Jesus-get real. More laws are NOT what we need to curtail health endangering practices.

    Hell,I’d like to make it illegal to sell, buy or eat 98% of the so called ‘food’ sold in American stores.And I’d like to press charges against the FDA for all of their b.s. ‘approvals’. Paint,dye,chemicals…yea,they are ‘low grade and safe for human consumption’.

    But guess what? I don’t think that would solve the problem,either.

    It honestly scares me,the fervor with which people seem to want more authoritative controls over people’s day to day lives….

    Public education is one thing,robotic living is another. Yea,I’ll take my chances with the morons who smoke while pregnant [or at all,let’s face it folks: Smoking increases costs for all of us,in terms of healthcare. But no more than crappy eating of pseudo foods as a daily lifestyle regimen.]….but I’d rather have all of that than more rules.

    Still,it will be like the tobacco companies-the food industry is next-watch for it! lawsuits,you name it….b/c they knew certain ingredients were dangerous [partially hydrogenated,for ex.] and kept it hidden deliberately.

  28. Eileen Yover says:

    lrm let me get this straight: you compare smoking while pregnant to eating processed foods?? Wow. So your saying that cities will ban people from eating processed foods around other people on airplanes and in public restaraunts or bars for health reasons?? I think its been proven over and over that smoking is insanely unhealthy and a ticking timebomb for your body. If you want to smoke and kill yourself-go for it. Smoking with a helpless fetus inside you is ridiculous. Nicotine actually constricts the blood vessels to the fetus dropping oxygen levels transferred through the cord down to 70%. Newborns also go through withdrawls when they are born just like a crack baby. I can’t say the grill cheeses with processed cheese I ate while pregnant did that.

  29. Munkey says:

    lrm: I know you think you’re one of the few who “sees the truth”, but in reality, you’re just arrogant and uninformed. And don’t bother with calling me a sheep or some other nonsense, because I actually have tangible experience in the field of medical toxicology, and it’s pretty obvious that you do not.

    Eileen: Very well said, thank you!

  30. Terri says:

    Comparing smoking to processed foods is a bit ridiculous. I think most intelligent pregnant women eat better than usual when pregnant, for the good of the baby – just like quitting smoking for the good of the baby. If you are eating crap and it is only affecting you, fine. We are talking about the babys welfare when you are pregnant.

  31. la chica says:

    i would have liked to see a photo of her smoking included in the links. i can’t diss unless i see proof that she is smoking while preggers.

  32. sam says:

    At the risk of everyone getting mad at me (for the record I hate smoking).

    Several of my friends have been given the same advice from different doctors: reduce, then quit – as it is less hard on baby and mum.

    It doesn’t seem to be unusual advice. I was very proud of my friends for quitting one even managed to do it in just over a week even though the doctor said to take longer.

    I don’t like smoking, but I also don’t like name calling of people when I don’t know the whole story.

  33. Kathie says:

    I don’t think pregnant women should smoke..period…I quit after 34 years 2 packs a day with a book called The Easyway to Stop Smoking, no pills, no gum, no relapse. I have absoutely no self discipline but it made sense to me that I was stronger and better than nicotine. With lots of financial resources at her fingertips this lady could choose from any number of quitting systems and succeed.

  34. Trashaddict says:

    Rosalee: Rebecca Gayheart, Laura Bush, Matthew Broderick, and Brandi (amongst others). Scary that you can name that many. And that’s just the celebrities. People need to take the damage their cars and poor judgment can do more seriously and slow down, put out their cigarettes, turn off their cellphones, pay attention, and stop treating driving like some kind of freaking video game or the Indy 500. I accept taking my life in my hands every time I drive, but my kids don’t have a choice and when somebody cuts by my bumper at 70mph, for absolute sure I get road rage.
    Slow down and think when you drive, everybody.
    (sorry, off topic but it’s a sore point with me).

  35. Mc says:

    Response to Emmy and Princess Pea;
    Yes there are actions far worse than smoking during pregnancy and yes quiting cold turkey while pregnant can have adverse affects as well. But, read the article; this couple has been trying to concieve for a long time. She has had sufficient time to quit smoking before she became pregnant. It sounds to me like two smokers trying to justify their own addictions…

  36. buenavissta says:

    Lucky me, I get to weigh in as a mother and smoker (something I’m very NOT proud of). I don’t condone smoking under any circumstances, but I am an addict and I continue to struggle with it. My OB/GYN told me to keep it to 5 a day or less, which I did. I can assure you all that I smoked those 5 cigarettes in solitude to avoid being so ruthlessly judged. Both of my children were born on time, healthy and large and have no health issues period. I would still prefer to not have smoked but I did.

    All I’m saying is there are worse things one can or can’t do, and I’m hard pressed to believe that there are no commenters here with their own bad habits or other human-type faults.

    Lucky it’s late in the day…I eagerly await the backlash!

  37. ozcat says:

    What r the odds the selfish cow was trying to get pregnant therfore her smoking is child abuse.

  38. barneslr says:

    “Only an effing moron would talk on the phone and drive at the same time.”

    I was going to say the same thing, but you beat me to it.

  39. stacy says:

    I am a smoker. I am also trying to quit, but if i was planning a pregnancy i would quit no questions asked. If the pregnancy happened unplanned, i would probably have to ween myself off the cigs at first. Granted i dont smoke more than 5 cigs a day, but regardless. If they have been trying to get pregnant for a while then she had plenty of time to get rid of the smokes. I do not condone smoking while your pregnant, and putting a helpless baby at risk. It is selfish to hope that your baby will turn out healthy b/c you cant/ wont put the cigs down.

  40. DEB says:

    Give the girl a break, it’s her life. Yes she killed a kid, but that is in the past and was dealt with. Just like several other people’s past. We all do things that we regret but you move on. If she is pregnant she should quit but if she doesn’t it is her choice. She will be the one taking her child to the ER and doctors for the health issues. not you not me. get over it. just because she is a “celebrity” doesnt mean we the people control her life. And no I don’t smoke, drink or do drugs. I did have 3 children with health issues even though I took care of myself. Sometimes it is all up to GOD no matter what you do.

  41. Ashley says:

    For someone who’s been trying to have children you would think they’d take better care like stopping the smoking, drinking and drugs.I hope they both disappear soon or at least stay out of the rags. She shows little regard for anyone but herself, the fact that these two non-entities are having a baby is beyond belief. Judging by what I’ve seen they have the mentatlity of two teenagers. They’ll be the parents still doing crack and filming sex tapes while their kid’s in the next room.

  42. Lisa says:

    About five years ago, I was hit by a car while crossing the street. The car was going very slowly, just inching along towards the stop sign. I crossed, thinking, “oh, the car is going to stop at the sign”. The car kept moving and ran into me. I was shaken up, but fine. The driver was having trouble seeing because he was facing the sunrise. I don’t hold it against him, but I do know that now, whenever I cross the street, I always make sure the driver(s) see me or I don’t cross. Unfortunately, most drivers look out only for other cars (since these are an actual threat) and not pedestrians (since these will just get squished).

    The issue I (and I think many others) have with Gayheart is that she was not in a situation that made it difficult to see the child crossing the street. It was the middle of the afternoon, so no sunrise and no sunset, and there were a bunch of cars in front of her that she had to go around in order to go forward. That is an OBVIOUS red flag that something is going on and you should be paying closer attention. Any driver who should be allowed on the roads would look at that situation and think, “hey, I wonder why all these cars are stopped” and be on the lookout.

    Yes, it is in the past, but the other issue I (and I think many others) have is that she has not shown any outwards signs of remorse or made attempts to educate others to not make the same mistake she did. She is in a position to do that, and hasn’t. Had she, I would have much more respect for her.

  43. wow says:

    Wow,so many know it alls and judgemental people here. One lady even had the nerve to say that she never hurries to work and she takes her time. Yeah right. Grow up people.

  44. whatever says:

    Do some of you harpies give third degree to people you see on the streets smoking? I think it’s safe to say majority of you fools are cowards who yell behind the screen and cluck you tongues and annoy your husbands in real life with the dumbest of reasons.

  45. Mariana says:

    My sister is smoker and she was pregnant last year. Her doctor said that she could smoke only three cigarettes a day. Maybe rebeca was doing the same.

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