Kat Dennings arranged a very special birthday surprise for her cat


Kat Dennings is mom to Millie, eight. Millie, is a domestic long-haired tabby that she rescued as a kitten. If you spend any time at all on Kat’s Instagram, Millie is featured prominently, as she should be, she’s a marvel in every way. So it comes as no surprise that Kat puts extra thought into her baby’s birthday celebrations. Kat, who is partnering with Royal Canin to promote National Take Your Cat to the Vet Day on August 22, talked about Millie’s guilty pleasure which happens to be the little pouches the chopsticks come in when you order Chinese take out. And what Baby wants, Baby gets. Kat collected all the wrappers she could over the course of a few months so when Millie’s big day arrived, Kat was able to shower her in chopstick wrapper love.

Kat Dennings will do anything to make her cat, Millie, happy!

The Dollface star, 35, tells PEOPLE exclusively about the hilarious habit her furry friend picked up — and how she eventually catered to it.

“Millie has very limited access to anything dangerous. I’m an insane helicopter mom when it comes to her. This cat loves anytime I get sushi takeout or delivery or whatever, and you know how the chopsticks come in that little chopstick pouch? There’s something about the chopstick pouch that drives this cat wild,” the actress, who’s partnered with Royal Canin to raise awareness about their National Take Your Cat to the Vet Day campaign, says about her cat’s quirk.

“She loves the empty chopstick pouch. She hoarded that,” she continues. “She would find one and drag it upstairs and hide it, and I just found this little stash of empty chopstick pouches.”
Dennings once went the extra mile to pull off an “insane” chopstick pouch feat for Millie’s birthday.

“I saved all the chopsticks pouches for months and months, and I surprised her. She sat on the bed, and I filmed it in slow motion — again, I know, I’m insane. I threw a hundred chopstick wrappers into the air and filmed her reaction, and she could not believe it,” she says. “So I don’t know if that story says more about Millie or about me.”

[From People]

Kat said she filmed this chopstick pouch confetti fete, but I can’t find evidence of it. Maybe that was just a sacred moment between mother and daughter on her special day. Looking at photos of Millie on Kat’s IG, I can kind of get a sense of her personality and even picturing this scene is bringing me much joy. I love that she did this for Millie. Think about the planning that went into it and how excited she must’ve been every time she tucked away another wrapper. And the great thing is that, unlike ungrateful children who will call you out on repeating yourself, Kat can make it rain chopstick wrappers every year and Millie will be just as dazzled as if it was happening the first time.

It will surprise no one here to know that I, too, celebrate my pets’ birthdays. Growing up, our gift to our Irish Setter was a trash bag full of balloons suspended from a tree. He’d knock it down and chase the balloons down one by one until he’d popped each one. I tried that with my Jindos and they were so terrified, they hid from the bag/balloons for hours. To this day, they regard balloons brought in for other’s birthdays with great suspicion. Another birthday I “delivered” them mail, because they love to attack junk mail when we bring it in. But they knew it was my daughter who put it in the mailbox and just looked at us weird when we opened the door. Maybe I’ll try the chopstick wrapper thing. My new kitten will love it, I know that.

The National Take Your Cat to the Vet Day is a good initiative because cats really don’t tell us when they get sick. They tend to go off and deal with their issues, not always successfully, so regular vet care is especially important for cats. Low-cost clinics are starting to open back up, so make sure your kitty gets checked out.

Also, I forgot Kat was engaged. She and her fiancé, Andrew W.K. seem to have a lot of fun together. Obviously Mille approves of him, or Kat would’ve kicked him to the curb.




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  1. Esmom says:

    Kat with her cat, so darn sweet. Cats are such nuts. Mine hoards green beans and would love to be showered with tiny spinach leaves, lol.

    Good reminder about the vet, too. Covid got us off track and it’s definitely time for a check up.

    • AlpineWitch says:

      Ours hoard paper balls and sometimes food 🤣

      My husband and I also organise birthday parties for our kitties, even with a card that they usually try to chew straightaway lol
      We don’t invite other people though as many would think we’re 2 nuts speaking with their cats like they were humans. One of them usually replies too (the boy) 🤣

      • Esmom says:

        Aw. I can relate, I talk to my cat all day long. When I was in 6th grade, my best friend and I planned a wedding for our two cats, complete with a cat food cake! Goofy for sure.

  2. EllenOlenska says:

    I needed this this morning…now Im going to have to see how my cats feel about chopstick wrappers…

  3. It’sJustBlanche says:



    I think it’s just as well the balloon gift phased out- it sounds like a nightmare picking up all the trash after, but you absolutely have to.

  5. Ariel says:

    We do some kind of meat- pork, fish, steak (whatever we order/cook that night) instead of dog food, and some melty vanilla ice cream.
    Of course both dogs get the treat on each other’s birthdays (they are rescues, so they are adoption anniversaries). And everyone loves it.

    Not that they don’t get restaurant leftovers on the reg as well.
    Spoiled dogs are the only kind of dogs i know.

  6. amurph says:

    That’s honestly adorable. We usually do a little treat for my dogs on their birthdays. This year I had my brother and his kids come over since he’s her favorite person in the entire world. I got her doggy ice cream and we sang happy birthday. She’s 13 and has cancer. She deserves it.

  7. Kelsey says:

    I love Kat Dennings and Millie. So cute.

  8. Kkat says:

    We got our dog a special doggy cake for her birthday, and now she gets angry when other people have birthdays and sing and its not for her lol 😂

  9. SarahCS says:

    It’s been so sad not having people here for the cats birthday the last two years, usually at least a couple of (his) friends come over. Its late July so even here in the UK we can usually sit outside, I put up the ‘happy birthday’ banner, presents, cards, etc. It also happens to be my boyfriends birthday so I always offer to organise something for him which he says no to then gets annoyed that ‘you’re having a party for the cat again’. Well duh, of course I am.

  10. Case says:

    This is delightful and Millie is BEAUTIFUL.

    • Golly Gee says:

      She is beautiful! I don’t think I’ve ever seen stripes like that, and particularly in that coloring in a long-haired cat. Usually that color combo is calico.