Lizzo, like Matthew McConaughey, doesn’t wear deodorant, is ‘with him on this’

Lizzo wears t-shirt with a photo of herself that delivers a message
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The great unwashed debate, which never should have been one in the first place, rages on. Last week we heard Yvette Nicole Brown sort-of vouch for Matthew McConaughey’s personal hygiene. While Matthew hasn’t yet commented on how much he showers (although it’s doubtful his answer would have been straight forward enough to understand) he has admitted to not wearing deodorant. Yvette said that her former costar is a good person who smells sweet like granola. Now that we’ve moved on from bathing to deodorant-wearing, Lizzo has come down firmly on Matthew’s side. She posted an Instagram story with the caption saying she smells better now that she doesn’t used deodorant.

In an Instagram Story, Lizzo posted a headline regarding Matthew not wearing deodorant, which one famous co-star recently weighed in on as well.

“Ok…I’m w him on this one..I stopped using deodorant and I smell BETTER,” she wrote on her Story.

[From Just Jared]

Years ago I used Tom’s Natural deodorant in peach, but I found that it didn’t really work after a few hours if I worked up a sweat. Now I just use baby powder Secret. It smells good, it’s not too strong, and I don’t worry that it will stop working. I know some people are worried about aluminum in deodorant and in that case there are natural alternatives. I just find the traditional deodorant works better for me. I’m not, and will never be on the “no deodorant” side of this debate. As long as someone showers enough, and I believe Lizzo does, they probably smell fine to other people though. I had a conversation with someone about whether you should put on deodorant if you shower right before bed. He said it’s better to wait until the morning when you need it and I said it depends on whether you’re getting lucky that night. If so, wearing deodorant just seems courteous. It does in general, but I’m sure if someone bathes enough they’re not going to smell bad.


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57 Responses to “Lizzo, like Matthew McConaughey, doesn’t wear deodorant, is ‘with him on this’”

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  1. Lauren says:

    I have learned the hard way that the only deodorants that work for me are the ones from the dry comfort line from Nivea, but only in its liquid form (roll-on or spray) anything else and I will smell in a few hours.

  2. aquarius64 says:

    I also have the right to stay away from you when you smell like you need to be downwind.

  3. Jules says:

    simple fact: people can rarely smell their own stink. use basic hygiene and common sense people— for others, not just yourself.

  4. Mireille says:

    I have sensitive skin, so I don’t wear anti-perspirant or deodorant. Neither works for my skin. Haven’t used anti-perspirant in years and won’t use anything that keeps my skin from naturally cooling itself. And when I was using anti-perspirant, it clogged my pores, darken my skin, and made me itchy. I’ve tried several different brands of deodorants over the years and it just made me uncomfortable and itchy too. Both stained my clothes horribly (especially when wearing white). Now I use perfume oil — just enough to massage into underarms and give off a nice smell. And for the most part, it lasts throughout the day. However, since I’m working from home and I’m alone, I just bathe and don’t put anything on my underarms. Underarms and I are very happy with this arrangement.

    • Kath says:

      Have you tried milk of magnesia? My doctor recommended it to me after I had surgery and it’s very good as a deodorant and doesn’t irritate the skin!
      I added some lavender oil to make my own at home but you can just use the milk of magnesia by itself.

      • Mireille says:

        That’s interesting. I have not heard of using milk of magnesia. Thanks for the recommendation. I just Googled it and apparently a lot of people swear by it. I’ll try any alternative to anti-perspirant/deodorant just as long as it’s compatible to my sensitive skin.

      • manda says:

        my husband has recently developed an allergy to deodorants, and he NEEDS to wear it. I will tell him about this. So, I guess you just dab it on just with your fingers? Does it take time to dry?

      • Kath says:

        You can either buy a spray bottle and fill it with the milk or you can apply it with a cotton pad. I find spray to be easier to use and doesn’t take long to dry!

  5. Mel says:

    I had an ex that didn’t wear deodorant and he didn’t smell even after running. That being said, I think that’s incredibly rare. Err on the side of caution and wear the deodorant!

  6. lisa says:

    every time someone has told me that they dont smell, I could literally smell them when they said it

    • bobafelty says:

      yes! they tell you they don’t wear deodorant expecting you to be shocked —but I could smell them coming!

  7. Barbie1 says:

    She and Matthew probably do smell good without it. Some people do.

  8. Diana says:

    I don’t wear it and neither does my husband. I honestly feel like we smell better! Sweating is
    good for you 🤷‍♀️

    • Larisa says:

      You still sweat if you wear deodorant. Your entire skin is capable of sweating, putting antiperspirant in 2 little spots does not prevent you from sweating.

    • Robyn says:

      I don’t wear it either. Haven’t for years and I don’t smell – yes, I’m sure and no, I’m not disgusting.

  9. Christina says:

    I like to use salt deodorant. It doesn’t clog your pores. It keeps the bacteria in check so that the smell doesn’t happen until the salt wears off. For me, it’s late in the day-evening, but I live in the Pacific Northwest. If I lived in Atlanta, I don’t think that would work. It would probably be back to Mitchum. I think that allowing yourself to perspire helps, though. Some people are accustomed to hot climates and they always seem fresh as daisies.

  10. psl says:

    These people really believe they don’t smell, don’t they?

    I hate to break the news to them……..

    • Larisa says:

      Some people really don’t. Just like some sweat way more. I had a colleague like that. She did not smell bad, nor did she look wet when I did. I’d say my sweating amount is pretty average.

    • Robyn says:

      “Nose blind” also goes for folks who reek of applied scents as well, “natural” or not, and it’s harmful for folks with chemical sensitivities. There’s more than one way to stink y’all.

      • Aeval says:

        AMEN! Thank you for saying that Robyn. Frankly, I’d rather someone smell a little sweaty than to stink of fragrances — especially strong perfumes. A natural, clean human smell won’t give me migraines or an asthma attack. A couple minutes in an elevator when someone with heavy scents on can literally ruin my day.

      • Robyn says:

        You bet. It’s not even heavy perfume per se, but once you add up the soap, lotion, hair stuff, deodorant, detergents, dryer sheets…”natural, organic, unscented” or not, it’s a lot of “necessary” products and I can not only smell, but taste you from a distance. Be aware that you just might stink to someone else and it can make them ill for hours afterwards.

      • Aeval says:

        Yep. I have a friend that layers Lush body products, and it’s one of those taste-the-scents situations. It forced social distance between us long before COVID came around.

        It used to be a big issue for me back in the days of dinner parties at friends’ houses. A couple of them really went in on the cleaners and candles and laundry scents and diffusers and Frebreezes, etc. I’d hit the albuterol a few times and eventually have to leave early.

  11. FancyPants says:

    I haven’t worn deodorant in years. Contrary to popular belief, I am ACUTELY aware of my own body odor, especially when I am heavily exerting myself such as during the endurance events I participate in, and deodorant doesn’t help with any odor. All I can tell a deodorant does is stain my clothes. I use a thing called Dr. Sweat (which I kinda think I heard about right here in a sponsored post?) and it drastically reduces my sweat rate. Oh, and I shower every night before I go to bed and usually earlier in the day too after workouts.

    • SomeChick says:

      deodorant is unnecessary if you are clean. it’s just another product created to make money. one of the first deodorants from back in the ’20s was called Odorono!

  12. Lilibetp says:

    I shower AND use antiperspirant.

  13. girl_ninja says:

    I use Avon’s feelin’ fresh deodorant. It’s the only thing that works for me.

  14. asiont says:

    I also don’t use any deodorant and no other cosmetics with artificial scents (they are highly toxic). I use only soap with very short ingredient list and very simple and natural moisturizer and my skin got much better since I started doing it. If I smell I just take a shower.

    • Grant says:

      Fragrances are not “highly toxic.” In fact, the phrase “highly toxic” is a term of art in the beauty industry b/c there’s no uniform standard for what is toxic and what isn’t toxic in terms of cosmetics. Some people may be sensitive to fragrance but calling them highly toxic is false and misinformation.

      • Elizabeth says:

        There should probably be a uniform standard for what is actually toxic, what is damaging to the environment, etc. That’s frightening.

  15. Pusspants says:

    I believe Lizzo may not smell without deodorant because she looks like she is well-groomed and cares about her appearance and presentation. On the other hand, Matthew McConaughy does not.

  16. Chaine says:

    Prince Andrew has entered the chat.

  17. OriginalLala says:

    I stopped wearing anti-perspirant 10 years ago, I wear deodorant though (Green Beaver company in Canada has amazing deodorant that actually works!)

  18. DiegoInSF says:

    Get the mandelic acid from the ordinary which is super cheap and just apply it on your pits or other sweaty areas, it kills the bacteria and therefore odor and it doesn’t disrupt the acid mantle. You’re welcome!

    I’m part Asian and my sweat doesn’t smell, and yes other people have told me this not just me thinking this. Stinky sweat is mainly genetic.

    • Robyn says:

      A swipe with a lemon slice works well too!

      • Robyn says:

        Never had an issue with lemon juice and other places in the world have been doing it for untold years and years. Then again, I don’t shave my armpits regularly and that’s normal hygiene too.

      • faithmobile says:

        I agree lemon works well, I found a natural deodorant that smells great for when i’m home but If go out in public I’ll use antiperspirant because I can soak a shirt and it’s embarrassing.

      • Erinn says:

        Be careful with citrus. Some including lemon can cause a horrible reaction when mixed with sun and leave basically chemical burns on your skin.

    • Elizabeth says:

      Ooh going to try it, thank you!

      • Amber says:

        please do not put raw, undiluted lemon juice on your armpit skin, *especially* if you shave or wax. it is too acidic.

      • Robyn says:

        Like literally everything, see if it works for YOU. If not, leave it. There is no one size fits all.

    • abbynormal says:

      Also a benzyl peroxide wash for a few minutes in the pits–for keeping bacteria in check, obvs not for anti-perspirant purposes.

  19. Ry says:

    Not a minute ago I had this compulsion to put on extra deodorant. Hot here.
    Then I read this.
    I know where I stand on this one but to each their own. I have a friend who doesn’t wear it yet you’d never know. She doesn’t sweat, either. We suspect she’s not human.

  20. CE says:

    Breast cancer runs in my family, so I stopped using aluminum-based deodorants when I found out they increase your risk of cancer. I’ve tried lots of stuff and the crystal thing has worked for many years. It’s not an antiperspirant so I still sweat a lot, but don’t stink.

    • Arpeggi says:

      While I totally understand why you’d err on the side of caution given your family history, there’s no link between breast cancer and aluminium in anti-perspirants. It’s been hypothesized and pushed by one researcher and hyped in the media, but no other group managed to confirm it, see a link of causation for actual patients or describe how a a compound applied locally on the skin could penetrate in breast tissues.
      Again, if you found a product that works for you that doesn’t contain any, that’s awesome! But don’t feel worried about having used some for some time

  21. Amber says:

    if you suffer from hyperhydrosis (sweating too much) you should put anti-perspirant on right before you go to bed. You’re not likely to be sweaty at that particular moment so it gives the product time to absorb. I notice significantly less sweating when I apply it at night versus when I forget and do it in the morning because by that point I’m already stressed out–and stress is what makes me sweat.

  22. DuchessL says:

    I dont wear deodorant, and i dont smell. I think the composition of your clothes is the culprit. And also probably we dont all carry the same bacterias and some people might carry the smelly bacteria? Wouldnt it be like the breath? Anyway, I know when i’m about to wear anything made of non-natural fiber and it’s a hot day or I might sweat, i will wear the deodorant. Otherwise, i’m good. And i shower. My deo stick lasts ages

  23. Misbehavin says:

    I don’t really understand why some people find it so hard to believe that others don’t need to wear deodorant or bathe as much. We all have different genes and different skin and needs etc. I have thin fine oily hair. If I don’t wash it every day it’s disgusting. When I was younger I though people who didn’t wash their hair every day were disgusting and smelly and gross. Now, as an adult, I understand the differences. I just think it’s weird that people get that with regards to hair, but refuse to think it might also apply to skin.

    • Erinn says:

      Try a PH balancing shampoo. I have very fine oil prone hair and I can easily do every other day now with the right shampoo and a bit of dry shampoo before bed. Sometimes I can go longer but it depends on weather as well. I also air dry the majority of my hair but always do a quick blow dry on the roots when it’s mostly dry otherwise I’m oily by end of day.

    • Robyn says:

      I very much appreciate this perspective!

  24. jferber says:

    I’m really tired of basic hygiene becoming a trend issue. Just why?

  25. Jillian says:

    If I shower and don’t put on deodorant, my armpits will stink in a few hours. I’ve got the opposite of whatever body chemistry Lizzo and Matthew have, just extra stinky 😆

  26. JillyBean says:

    I switched from antiperspirant to a more natural based alternative- it was a very rough and nasty 6 weeks (I did it in January when it’s cold to minimize as best I could…) now I use the natural Lavilin stick and it is amazing (super expensive) but I love it – it says it’s for 72 hours (but not that long for me) …..and I shower 1-2 time per days days depending on training!