Yvette Nicole Brown says Matthew McConaughey smells like granola

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As the great cleanliness debate continues to rage, , several celebrities have had their personal hygiene come into question. Many have admitted to not using deodorant and have claimed their natural body smells good. I am talking about Matthew McConaughney. It would seem that Matthew smells alright alright alright according to his mom, his wife, and his Tropic Thunder costar, Yvette Nicole Brown. Yvette said on The Jess Cagle show that Matthew was kind, treated her well, and has good hygiene. She claimed he always smelled clean, sweet, and like granola. Below are a few more highlights via E! Online:

When filming the 2008 movie Fool’s Gold with Kate Hudson, he said his co-star always brought a salt rock to set to try to persuade him to use it as a “natural deodorant,” according to Elite Daily. “[Kate] says, ‘Would you please put this on?’ I just never wore it. No cologne, no deodorant,” Matthew shared. “The women in my life, including my mother, have all said, ‘Hey, your natural smell smells, one, like a man, and, two, smells like you.”

The same year, Yvette Nicole Brown worked with Matthew on Tropic Thunder and apparently got a good whiff. This week, the Community star, who portrayed Peck’s assistant in the movie, spoke on SiriusXM’s The Jess Cagle Show about Matthew’s alright, alright, alright scent.

“I’m a huge Matthew McConaughey fan,” she began. “I remember that Matthew McConaughey said that he did not use deodorant and that he didn’t have an odor. So my first thought was, ‘I’m going to get as close as I can to him to see if he’s right.'”

So, what were the findings of her study? “He does not have an odor,” Yvette declared. “He smells like granola and good living. He has a sweet, sweet scent. That is just him and it’s not musty or crazy.”

In addition to his good hygiene, she said she was also drawn to Matthew’s friendliness. As she shared, “He was very kind to me… All of my scenes were with him and I’ve been a fan since A Time To Kill. So, the idea that I got to be in scenes with him and be directed by Ben Stiller… it was a great experience.”

[From E! Online]

I am glad to hear that my fellow Texan is a part of “bathe gang” and isn’t running around smelling like vinegar. I know Matthew looks greasy sometimes, but he is proving that looks are deceiving. I wish that I could smell good without deodorant, but that is not the case. This entire debate has not only been comical and gross, it has also been revealing. I know whose house I would go to and those I would skip. Hopefully, the children are not traumatized by the lack of hygiene their parents are pushing on them and will grow up to be clean humans. I am still laughing at Matthew smelling like granola. I did not see that coming. Cigars, yes. Whiskey, maybe. But granola? We now know that Dwayne Johnson, Jason Momoa, and Matthew McConaughey all shower regularly and smell alright, alright, alright.

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  1. Lightpurple says:

    I can attest that Matthew McConaughey smells good. I can’t confirm the granola part but we met him at Fenway Park on a really hot summer night. He was hanging out in the suite area, greeting people, posing for pictures, and even helping the people who deliver food to the suites. A nice guy who bathes.

  2. Jan says:

    I once worked with a lady with armpits that smelled like an aloe Vera plant if you taste it bitter.
    Trying to bring up the subject in a polite way, I asked her what brand of deodorant she used, she got all huffy and asked why, I said it smelled unusual, I chickened out.
    Talking about body odor, children going through puberty, both boys and girls.

  3. Becks1 says:

    i said before on here that my father has never used deodorant in his life and he genuinely does not smell. He sweats a ton (he’s almost 72 and is still a long distance runner and works outside in the yard constantly) but he has just never smelled. I think part of is that he has never used deodorant so his body has just adjusted (or never had to adjust I should say?) But its interesting bc he doesnt sweat through polo shirts or anything when we’re out and about. He does shower regularly though and uses soap in the shower etc. (hair washes are something else, he washes his hair Sundays and Thursdays and has for 40 years lol.)

    Anyway its nice to know that Matthew smells nice, I can see the granola smell with him lol.

  4. AlpineWitch says:

    Glad to know McConaughey smells alright… sweating or not sweating, if I weren’t showering I’d be so stinky after 24 hrs that my husband would have me thrown into the bathtub by force. In particular my feet and armpits really smell foul, worse than a man’s.

  5. Lauren says:

    I am one of those that does not have the option not to use deodorant. My armpits get really smelly with a few hours even worse when I’m ovulating. Good to know that Matthew McConaughey is a shower-friendly person.

  6. Betsy says:

    I’m just here because I love YNB!

  7. SpankyB says:

    If he doesn’t stink why were his Fool’s Gold costars trying to get him to wear crystal deodorant?

    • outoftheshadows says:

      Have you seen how many products Kate Hudson has been shilling in her time? She was probably trying to sell it to him.

  8. Killfanora says:

    And yet over the years we’ve heard comments from fellow actors about “stinky McConaughey”, which is what I always think when I see pics of him…..

  9. Ann says:

    Hmm, for some reason I always thought he would smell like coconuts.

  10. Jayna says:

    All I got is his wife, Camila, is so naturally beautiful.