Jennifer Aniston wanted to save a wedding gift from the fire

When the raging fire in Malibu was encroaching on her home on the beach, Aniston chose some special items to save in case she lost all her other worldly possessions. She took paperwork and, curiously, a silver cake knife she received as a wedding present six years ago.

She had to evacuate on October 20, and she may have revealed some sentimental feelings toward her ex in her choice of items to spare:

Among the things [Aniston] grabbed was a gift that she and Brad received at their July 2000 Malibu wedding, says a source. “Jen grabbed a bunch of important paperwork and the silver cake knife she and Brad got as a gift on their wedding day,” says the source.

[From Star Magazine, print edition, November 12, 2007]

Maybe the silver knife has a specific meaning for her, and she sees it as a symbol of her doomed marriage, or maybe it’s just a valuable piece of silver party-ware and she didn’t want to lose it.

In related news, Jennifer Aniston’s rep has said that he’s annoyed that W Magazine chose to run Aniston and Angelina Jolie’s face in competition on different covers of the magazine. Nine celebrities were shown on different covers of the November “Art Issue.” They probably did it to generate buzz, but at least there were seven other famous faces thrown in there for good measure. Aniston’s rep says that , “We were not happy about it…. We were shocked and disappointed that W ran that cover.” [quote from US Weekly via National Ledger]

It’s not like W had to do much more than include Aniston and Jolie among the celebrities on the cover. Even if you don’t think about the ongoing feud that only exists in fans’ minds and is fueled by tabloid sales, they’re natural choices. Both are famous enough, and sell enough magazines, to put them on the magazine-cover radar. It’s not like they edged out another celebrity that moves more supermarket glossies.

Aniston is shown on 8/29/07 outside of a business meeting. Thanks to WENN for these pictures.

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