Kim Kardashian apparently ‘missed’ seeing DaBaby & Marilyn Manson…??

Kim Kardashian steps out of her hotel in Asian inspired top in NY

I hope I made it clear that Kanye West alone is responsible for the complete mess at his Chicago listening party for his album Donda. While I did write “My question is: why the f–k was Kim there,” the rest of the story was about how Kanye is the worst. He makes terrible decisions and surrounds himself with the most problematic and vile people, like Marilyn Manson and DaBaby, both of whom were at the show at Kanye’s invitation. That was Kanye’s choice. But still, Kim agreed to that mess on her own – she appeared on stage for the final song of the night. She wore a wedding gown. And people are mad at her, so *someone* went to People Magazine with a lengthy explanation for why she part of the same show as Manson and DaBaby:

As Kanye West’s Thursday event garners widespread backlash for his collaboration with accused sexual abuser Marilyn Manson, multiple sources tell PEOPLE that Kim Kardashian West didn’t know about Manson’s participation. During the event at Chicago’s Soldier Field — the third listening party for West’s upcoming album Donda — Manson, 52, unexpectedly appeared on the porch of a replica of West’s childhood home on stage.

Kardashian West, who attended the listening party and at one point came on stage for a recreation of her 2014 wedding to West, “missed” both Manson and DaBaby’s appearances, one source says.

“She was seated inside a suite facing the back of the house on the stage so she would not have been able to see them at all from her vantage point,” the source says. “She wasn’t in the loop at all about what was happening at the show. She was only aware of what Kanye had asked her to do, and she was willing to help him.”

Another insider adds that while the Keeping Up with the Kardashians star, 40, wants to be supportive of her ex, she “isn’t happy” with him.

“Kanye will always be family to Kim. When Kanye is doing well and is happy, it benefits the kids,” the source says. “Kim is the first one to support his visions. He asked her to be part of the listening event and she said yes without hesitation. She didn’t know that Marilyn Manson would be there too. She understands why there is backlash. Kim is all about positive publicity. She would have never participated if she knew Manson would be there.”

A third source says Kardashian West, who has since returned to Los Angeles without West, “wasn’t clued in on everything that was going to happen.”

“A lot of it took her by surprise,” the source says. “But then you have to decide: Do you bail at the last minute, or do you do what you agreed to do? In the end, she decided to stay and fulfill her promise. That doesn’t mean that she supports Marilyn Mansion or DaBaby and the things they believe. She was there to support the father of her children.”

[From People]

Kim Kardashian truly went to People Magazine and tried to explain it three different ways, hoping that one of them would stick. 1) The “I had no idea” defense, despite being at the show the entire time and watching what was happening because she was waiting for her cue. 2) The “I didn’t even see them there” defense, because Kanye didn’t tell her who all was coming, he just asked her to come and she said yes, she didn’t even see them backstage when she arrived? O RLY? 3) The “I was just doing this for Kanye, it’s his mess” defense, which is probably the best argument all things considered. She likely did see Manson and DaBaby and she simply didn’t want to pull out and leave Kanye high and dry.

So which is it? #3 – she made a choice to stay, even though she was aware that Manson and DaBaby were there. She has every right to be mad, of course. I would have peaced out and let Ye deal with the fallout himself.

Meanwhile, TMZ reports that “sources close” to Kanye and Kim say that there’s “a chance they could get back together. They’ve been spending time together privately and ‘working on rebuilding the foundation of their relationship.’” What do you think, folks? I think Kanye would honestly love to get back with Kim. I think she’s just trying to play it safe for the sake of their kids.

Kim Kardashian files for divorce from Kanye West as she seeks joint custody of their four children **FILE PHOTOS**

Photos courtesy of Avalon Red, Backgrid, Instagram.

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  1. Maddie says:

    I don’t buy any of Kim’s excuses.

    “Kim is all about positive publicity.” Laughable.

    • Lady Luna says:

      She’s always does this though, she chooses to act like this because she always apologizes and nothing sticks to her.

  2. Pocket Litter says:

    They’re all creepy.

    • Cait says:

      Yes they are all creepy . Kim her “Ex” husband ate both vapid attention wh*res . They are sickening

  3. Chaine says:

    Oh please, she has no morals or beliefs. I’m sure she knew everything that was going to happen on stage and it didn’t bother her one bit. She is only and all about publicity, good or bad it doesn’t matter—she owes all her wealth and fame to a tape of a dude peeing on her—-do you think she really cares that she was part of the same concert as Marilyn Manson? as long as Kanye keeps making a messy spectacle of himself and she keeps injecting herself into it then she will remain in the public eye and that is all that matters to her.

  4. Heylee says:

    Someone with a billion dollar empire to protect is in the dark about who else is appearing at an event with them?!

    What’s next, Dr. Fauci is having Eric Clapton open for him?

  5. Bobafelty says:

    What is the foundation of their relationship? Her, playing dress up doll in his ugly clothes? Him, refusing treatment for severe mental illness because his ego? They’re both the worst – maybe they really do belong together

    • Golly Gee says:

      I wonder what their relationship is about too. What do they talk about? What do they do together? Maybe it’s nothing but a shell, but that shell held up longer than I ever expected it to.

    • Bettyrose says:

      I thought the foundation of their marriage was buying a nicely designed mansion and carefully stripping it of all character and warmth.

  6. EllenOlenska says:

    She wore a wedding gown in a performance with a mentally ill man who she is supposedly divorcing/divorced from. Putting aside DaBaby and Marilyn Manson…wtf? Is this part of her “ Humanitarian of the year” Schtick?!

    • North of Boston says:

      Yeah, if re-enacting your wedding to your troubled ex in public with your children present, at an event that seems like an outward manifestation of the many many issues he has seems like a good idea to you, you either need counseling or you are not a good person.

  7. damejudi says:

    I don’t see how Kim participating (appearing in a wedding dress/stage bride) at Kanye’s listening party is a part of successful co-parenting.

    Maybe, maybe if he begged her to come onstage for the finale with the kids to wave to the crowd I’d understand that a bit.

    But for me, part of healthy co-parenting during separation/divorce is maintaining clear boundaries so as not to confuse the children. I think that’s probably even more important for parents who are famous and have a big social media presence.

    • Merricat says:

      That was exactly what I thought, how confused their children must be by the whole wedding dress business.

    • Tom says:

      There is no explanation possible of how seeing mommy in a wedding dress under these circumstances was positive for their kids.

    • Mariposa says:

      Yep – there’s a lot we don’t know about their relationship or life together – but we know they have children, and we know they’ve announced they are divorcing. Unless they have reconciled and we don’t know about it yet (but the kids do), there is no way that these kinds of antics can be good for their children.

  8. Trillion says:

    DaBaby and MMN must have that Dragon Energy…

  9. Amy Bee says:

    Well she was fading from the spotlight. Getting back with Kanye means the spotlight goes back on her. Kim running to People shows she’s desperate for the public to believe that she doesn’t share Kanye’s values but she’s a Republican and a Trump supporter.

    • Noki says:

      Fading !!!??? If one thing the K Klan have managed to do is conquer the 15 minutes of fame curse. And they have a hundred kids who no doubt will be doing the same for the next generation.

      • Sid says:

        They were fading until Kim started seeing Kanye officially. Getting Kanye into the fold was what finally got them accepted by A-listers and fashion elite. Without Kanye there is no Vogue cover, no Met Gala invitation, no legit modelling career for Kendall, no hanging out with legit celebs, etc. Kanye unfortunately extended their 15 minutes, and here we are. And I do think there is some fear of fading on their end, hence Kim showing up to Kanye’s event. When attention is the foundation of your career, you’ll do anything to maintain that attention. Even hanging out with sexual deviants and proud misogynoirists and misogynists.

      • ME says:

        @ Sid

        I bet Kim and Kanye are going to the MET Gala together this year…just to stir up some publicity.

  10. P says:

    That may be Balenciaga Haute Couture, but who would want to look like a ghost on their wedding day?

  11. Haylie says:

    These are lies. She knew. She’s not stupid, contrary to popular belief.

    • terra says:

      No, she’s not stupid – she’s just vapid.

    • E.D says:

      I can’t stand her but there is no denying that she or the team behind her are not stupid.

      Plus – even if the event was being extremely ‘COVID safe’ with seperate bubbles backstage for the talent, there is no way in hell there wasn’t a ‘schedule’ plastered everywhere backstage with Kim, Marilyn Manson and DaBaby all listed on the run sheet.

      Her people are lying big time here.

  12. Ana says:

    That picture of them both sitting and Kim’s face all covered is claustrophobic. Next, Kim will be saying this show was therapeutic to her.

  13. Jules says:

    Right, just like people were at Epstein’s pedo island for the nice ocean views. Desperate attempt to control the narrative, but trash hangs out with trash.

  14. whatever says:

    I don’t understand. Which is it? She missed their appearances and wasn’t in the loop at all about what was happening, or that it took her by surprise, but she decided to stay and fulfill her promise? Even if you give her the benefit of the doubt and say that she had no idea before she got there that day, either she saw it happening at the show or didn’t. A lie is more plausible when you just pick one and stick with it, rather than adopting many contradictory lies…

    • Lexilla says:

      Manson was there because he collaborated on the album, right? And maybe DaBaby too for all I know. And didn’t she post about listening to the album? So she knew he was collaborating with them.

  15. CE says:

    Let’s not allow Kim to ‘both sides’ this situation in any way. She’s complicit in encouraging whatever bs Kanye endorses by being there. She therefore supports a serial abuser and set trafficker (manson) and homophobe (dababy). Let’s cancel her too

  16. Aria says:

    The Donda wedding visual really reminds me of that stunning wedding photo of Meghan all lit up walking down the aisle, with the rest of the chapel In shadows. It became instantly iconic. I think Kim was thrilled to get to cosplay that moment, and is so greedy for attention that she ‘ll jump at any chance to have everyone’s eyes on her. She only cared that MM and Da Baby were involved when the backlash happened.

  17. Bryn says:

    So presumably the kids know they are divorcing, or at least the ones old enough. This must confuse them to see mom in a wedding dress on stage with dad.

  18. Coco says:

    The more money this album makes, the more money will come to Kim K and her children, either pre or post-divorce. If Kanye had told her that Ghislaine Maxwell was going to sing along over the prison phone line, while Woody Allen played the flute and Kim had to dress in an outfit made entirely of MyPillows full of murder hornets, she’d go along with it.

  19. She had no problem with, actually correction, SUPPORTED him when he posed with a naked Taylor Swift model. She has always been a gender traitor.

  20. Well Wisher says:

    Silence is golden.

  21. grabbyhands says:

    I will never understand why people keep giving this woman or her grifter family the benefit of the doubt when they prove over and over again that they will grasp at anything to get attention and that all of them will associate with any lowlife if they think it has a chance of giving them press. They have excuses at the ready if there’s backlash – we’ve all seen the scenario play itself out before.

    If the divorce wasn’t all one well played long con, then I think Kim realized that no one was lining up to be her next PR romance and she grasped onto the thing she knows is going to get her guaranteed attention.

  22. Joanna says:

    She has a great PR team! I don’t like her but her PR team does a great job. There’s always people sticking up for her despite her black fishing, lies, and callous treatment of people in general. Great PR team

  23. psl says:

    I am so tired of Kim and her lies.

  24. Tanya Nguyen says:

    There are no successful rich men or royalty lining up to date Kim. Professional athletes also know to stay away from her. Just look at Tristan’s career and what the association with the kardashians has done to his brand. Kim will crawl back to Kanye for the press. He will continue to live in Wyoming and she’ll live in california and they will have asexual relations.

  25. ME says:

    She had no problem posing for pics with Trump so…

    I don’t believe a word she says. Also, a lot of people think this “divorce” is a pr stunt. I’m starting to think it just might be. Either that or Kim realized she gets way more attention when she’s with Kanye. Also, she probably felt some jealousy when Kanye moved on so quickly with Irina.

    Now the real question is, how will Kim distract from this? Nude pics give her zero pr anymore. Maybe a fake pregnancy? But Kylie is pregnant so the attention is on her. Maybe she’ll help “free” another Black man/woman from prison and act like the White Savior she is not.

  26. Angel says:

    Kim is really pathetic. I know that’s the father of her kids and he will always be in her life but the man embarrassed her and exposed their secret in front of the whole world and accused her of cheating on him. Why is she playing nice with him ?

    • ME says:

      He has too much dirt on the family. They will always be at his mercy. LOL I believe this is why their cat was named Mercy !

  27. L4Frimaire says:

    These people are all terrible, lol.

  28. Shanaynay says:

    I recently heard that their divorce is off the table. I knew they were just BS’ing about the whole thing. Anything these two morons say and/or do are all for publicity. They are both pathetic losers.

    Anytime KK’s mouth is moving you know she’s lying. Fake, fake, and fake. You cannot expect any less from a fame***ker!!!!!! She’s disgusting.

  29. Melanie P says:

    She’s so jealous of Courtney’s happiness and it shows,,she’s a copycat..

  30. why? says:

    Kim is always the victim. Every poor decision she makes is always someone else’s fault. Her kids made her fail the baby bar twice even though she hardly ever studied because she was too busy setting up staged photo-ops, partying, leaking stories about her divorce, Kanye, and her 3rd husband, playing the victim, and posting staged photos of herself “studying”. Her son got Covid and infected everyone else in the family even though she and her family were constantly partying and vacationing. And now, she didn’t know that Kanye, who appears to be in a manic episode, invited those 2 to a third super spreader event. She didn’t like that Kayne was supporting Trump and running for president even though she was in the WH setting up photo-ops with Trump and Jared who were implementing horrible policies.

    I don’t think that the divorce was a pr stunt. Kris and Kim thought that Kim could find someone who was better than Kanye, only to find out that no one wanted to be associated with Kim and her family. No one should be surprised that Kris and Kim are leaking these make-up stories about Kayne and Kim, Kris was having a hard time finding husband #4 for Kim, Kayne is in yet another manic episode, Kanye is getting a lot of attention because of the album, listening parties, and collaborations, and Kris always makes her daughters get pregnant at the same time(Kylie revealed that she is pregnant, so it won’t be too long before Khloe and Kim follow).

    Did Kim retake the baby bar? She will probably “pass” it this time because enough time has gone by that Kris can arrange for a good result.

  31. JustMe says:

    Their kids are going to need sooooo much therapy

  32. February-Pisces says:

    Their whole marriage was a business arrangement, I can see that now. I think in the beginning when they were dating I actually believed they were in love, cos Kanye is Kim’s type and Kanye got backlash from people wondering why he would want to date a Kardashian. He seemed so supportive of her they way he would embiggen her, like he was totally into her.

    But now I can’t even imagine these too even being the slightest bit affectionate, they seem so asexual towards each other, I can’t imaging them ever getting it on. I wouldn’t be surprised if Kanye was confused about his sexuality or gender identity. He seems tortured by something and he’s looking for an outlet.

  33. Ohh says:

    Kanye keeps aligning himself with horrible men. Manson is a violent abuser that has beaten, tortured, raped and severely abused so many women. It’s disgusting that as a father of 2 girls he keeps choosing, violent mysogynist rhetoric and men to work with. Aligning himself with Trump and MAGA and now these two rotten selfish abusive men. Kim seems like she is in an abusive relationship with Kanye and manage his tantrums and anger to keep the peace for the kids. It’s too bad Kanye keeps showing us who he is.

  34. Steph says:

    These women’s devotion to their children’s fathers is so bizarre to me. I get co parenting is important but this is too far.

    Also, how is this supportive? This is just being a yes man. This is not what he needs, this is just agreeing to what he wants. Like, let’s pretend she really had no idea they were there, she’s been married to him long enough to know he’d pull a stunt like this. And it’s bc he surrounds himself with yes men. Someone who truly cared for him would be firm in the saying no.

  35. Amy T says:

    Kardashian family values…..