Unvaccinated, unmasked California teacher spread covid to their elementary class


This is one of those stories that has me absolutely fuming and I’m an outsider. I can’t imagine what the poor families involved are feeling. It’s been reported that last May, an unvaccinated teacher in Marin County, California entered her elementary school classroom with COVID symptom. At the time, the teacher, who has not been named to the press, said the symptoms were due to allergies and was allowed to work. Since this was an elementary school, the students were too young for a vaccine. Two days later, the teacher tested positive for COVID-19. Two days after that, several students in her class, their families and friends they came in close contact with and staff members tested positive for COVID. As a result, 27 people contracted the virus from this teacher.

An unvaccinated California teacher passed along the Delta variant of COVID-19 to a group of their elementary school students, as well as others, according to a report from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).

Earlier this year, the educator from Marin County — who has not been identified by name — became symptomatic on May 19, experiencing side effects such as “cough, subjective fever, and headache.”

Initially attributing the symptoms they were experiencing to allergies, the teacher continued to work. During that time, they read aloud to their students without wearing a mask or any type of face covering, despite requirements from the school to do so while indoors, the CDC said.

The teacher later took a COVID test two days later, where they subsequently obtained a positive test result.

On May 23, positive cases of COVID-19 were then reported among the teacher’s class of 24, as well as through other staff members, parents, and siblings in close contact with those affected. Each of the infected students at the educational institution were too young to have been vaccinated, per the CDC.

Counting the teacher, a total of 27 cases were identified, the CDC said, with twelve of the teacher’s pupils testing positive for the virus alongside six students in a different grade and eight parents and siblings of the students. Among the 27 cases, 22 individuals reported symptoms, with the most common being fever, cough, headache, and sore throat.

According to the CDC, all school staff members were vaccinated against COVID with the exception of the teacher in question and one other educator on staff.

“This outbreak of COVID-19 that originated with an unvaccinated teacher highlights the importance of vaccinating school staff members who are in close indoor contact with children ineligible for vaccination as schools reopen,” the CDC stated in their report.

[From People]

The first question most of us are asking is how was the teacher allowed in the classroom without the vaccine or a negative COVID test. This happened in May, and they didn’t have that mandate yet. As soon as I saw this was Marin, I called my mother, a former Marin public school teacher, and asked her to contact her network up north to tell me where this happened. They are keeping that info under a tight lid so all I got was it was a parochial school. I was going to say that Marin has an eclectic mixture of people from all types of political backgrounds so I can’t immediately slap a MAGA label on this teacher. There are some deep pockets of naturalists who won’t put anything they consider a toxin in their bodies. But parochial, I’m inclined to think her not being vaxxed was a statement. I honestly don’t give a d@mn what her reason was, she was taking far too big a risk with kids that couldn’t be vaccinated. The minute she coughed she should have called in a sub. A fever is inexcusable, even if it was “subjective.” At the very least someone should have slapped a mask on her.

The Marin County Superintendent of Schools said “they had someone let their guard down,” but it sounds more like someone thought they’d skirt the rules and get away with it. Marin schools have a bizarre hierarchy due to certain pockets of exorbitant wealth throughout the county. More than once, those schools in certain areas have been allowed to slide where other schools weren’t. Now the teacher, the school and the district will be on the hook for it, as they should. My daughter, who goes to school in So Cal, suffers from severe cramps. They caused her to retch while on campus around the same time as this unvaxxed teacher was in the classroom in Nor Cal. My daughter had no other symptoms and was vaccinated. But she was taken to an isolation room until I picked her up and not allowed back on campus until I produced a negative COVID test. It was a pain in the @ss but I understood the precautions. Because look what happens when you ignore things!




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  1. BusyLizzy says:

    This is scary and the repercussions are big. Mask up your children and I hope all teachers get vaccinated.

    • (TheOG) Jan90067 says:

      This story also left out the fact that this teacher, SYMPTOMATIC, (allergies my A$$!!) TOOK OFF HER MASK to read to the kids. So she was a one person super-spreader. WHY in the world she would even think to do this is crazy! Hope she has good personal insurance, because if I was a parent there, I’d sue her a$$ (and the school/district) to the sky and back if she got my child sick.

      • Snappyfish says:

        Willingly not protecting the people you came in contact with was a crime during the AIDS epidemic Why is this different? HIV/AIDS was spread by bodily functions & this is spread by respiratory droplets. Far easier to spread & catch. All teachers should be required to at least Mask up. I don’t understand the vaccine hesitation. Every child attending schools are multi vaxxed. Pfizer had full FDA approval now. I do find it funny the same crowd (mostly male) who are decrying the vaccine have no issue with viagra. I mean, you trust Pfizer w/your penis, even though side effects include the warning “May cause death”. Maybe you should trust them w/protecting your life

      • Tiffany :) says:

        The teacher made 3 choices that were so extremely SELFISH and detrimental to the children, that I think she shouldn’t be allowed to teach again.

        1. Didn’t get vaccinated (even though she works with children who can’t get vaccinated and are therefore vulnerable).
        2. Went to work symptomatic.
        3. Removed her mask while in the room with her students.

        In the WaPo article about this event the school officials say “we shouldn’t blame the teacher”, and oh NO, we should ALL absolutely blame the teacher for putting herself before children’s safety.

      • Anna says:

        Agree @Snappyfish This sort of thing needs to be prosecuted and a “ding” on all their insurances since she was so flippant about putting children’s lives in danger and all the others who were (and could have been) infected.

  2. Mc says:

    Infuriating. I know a catholic school teacher who is refusing to be vaccinated. When will these people face criminal charges?

    • Miranda says:

      As a Catholic, I find this outrageous. The main moral objection (I don’t know what we do about the simple contrarians) seems to be the use of aborted fetal cells in development and production. But the Church has sanctioned the vaccine, and they’ve even done the research and stated that Pfizer is preferable because it was developed and is produced without using such cells. Moderna is the 2nd choice, as such cells were used in development and testing, but not production. J&J would be a no-go. But some Bishops have issued statements saying all brands can be used in good conscience. A member of the Pontifical Academy for Life has said the same, which is probably as close to a Vatican endorsement as it gets without the Pope saying it himself (though he should!). So there really are no good excuses. THIS IS NOT THE TIME FOR MISPLACED RELIGIOUS QUALMS. Get the damn vaccine, you fetus-worshiping heathens!

      • Nic919 says:

        The Pope said to get vaccinated so Catholics can’t use religion as a reason to avoid vaccination.

      • Vizia says:

        Some hard-core Catholics I know *hate* the Pope, think he’s the antiChrist, and that his edicts are satanic. One of them is currently in ICU on a respirator.

      • goofpuff says:

        @Vizia Catholics hate the pope and think’s he’s the antichrist? At some point that means they’re not Catholic as the whole basis of that particular sect of the Christian religion revolves around the Pope and the Cardinals setting doctrine. I was raised Catholic myself – Catholic school all my life through high school learning dogma, doctrine, and the bible (yep they made us take religion classes).

    • CeleryBishy says:

      Yet Mostly EVERYONE consumes GMO food, hot dogs or even party drugs…
      Then claim “too pure” for the vaccine ?!?

    • ennie says:

      Mostly catholics in my country and loads have been vaccinated. I have a friend who swears by magnets. She is a teacher at a small country school, and she decided not to vaccine, and neither will her daughter who is 16. I feel for her students.

      • Lady D says:

        I’m sorry, did you say magnets? That wasn’t a typo? Here I thought swallowing Ivermectin was as stupid as a person could get.

  3. North of Boston says:

    Speaking to a classroom of elementary school children, who can’t be vaccinated, are aren’t likely to be able to advocate for their own safety

    What part of that says “it is a GREAT time to take off my mask while reading to these children who are in my care”?

    Also, dear teacher, there are multiple reputable “is it COVID or allergies” symptom checklists available on The Interwebs. Maybe next time check one of those or IDK ask your doctor if you’re not sure BEFORE going to work with a roomful of children and taking off your mask

    Oh look … here’s one ! The fever should have been a tip off Teach.


    • Oh_Hey says:

      I’ve been an educator for over ten years and the nerve of this person putting their kids and families at risk!!!!!
      It has me absolutely boiling. You tend to love kids like their your kids, especially the little ones because they need so much extra Stu and support. I would never endanger my kiddos like that and anybody that would needs to be kept faraway from students forever.

      • Christine says:

        I can’t like your comment more, Oh_Hey! Thank you, for being sane and loving your kiddos. My son called his kindergarten teacher “Mommy” from time to time, and me “Ms. [insert fake name here]”. On the last day of kindergarten, I told her I loved it when he called me by her name, because I knew that meant he truly adored her and trusted her. She’s one of my favorite people on the planet now, as well as my friend!

    • LadyMTL says:

      I was coming here to say something similar re: fever. I have allergies almost every spring and I have never gotten a fever unless I actually got sick (eg with bronchitis or whatnot) That should have been the biggest red flag. I can’t believe how stupid everyone was, from the teacher herself to the admin at the school who let her just waltz in without even a negative test. Bah.

    • TigerMcQueen says:

      The teacher’s specific symptoms aside, I would suggest that anyone who thinks it’s allergies should just assume it’s COVID and get a test.

      Case in point: I had COVID, and for several days after I was exposed, I felt like I was reacting to pollen in the air (slight cough, slight nose drip, slight sore throat…the occasional cough was the main symptom). I isolated and got tested because several people in my family caught it planning my dad’s funeral and had more classic symptoms before I did.

      If anyone thinks it’s anything, they should just assume it’s COVID. Two people in our breakout group started with diarrhea as their only symptom. They normally would have thought it was the stress mixed with reaction to all the funeral food dropped off at my mom’s house. One was fatigued and would have thought they were just tired because of the stress and 10 hour drive home. Just about everyone had a different set of symptoms, and just about everyone’s symptoms changed throughout the course of the illness, sometimes coming and going. So if you’re someone who interacts with people who cannot be vaxxed, always always always assume that you might spread it and keep your mask on.

    • Chicken Tetrazzini! says:

      Thanks for this checklist. I had a very mild scratchy throat the other day and had a teacher friend ask me to meet her for lunch. I let her know how I was feeling immediately and we ended up not meeting because she was going back to school that week and her daughter has a severe auto-immune disorder. I am 95% positive mine was allergies mixed with having to speak loudly through a cloth mask, but I wasn’t willing to risk it and nor was she.

      I have a feeling we’re going to be in for a helluva chaotic fall as ragweed and delta wage war on our sinuses

    • KL says:

      Let’s not forget she likely knew/had reason to suspect she’d been exposed to COVID in the first place, which reduces the plausible deniability that it might have just been allergies to basically nil.

    • jwoolman says:

      I’m allergic to all outdoors and I’ve never had a fever due to allergies. She should have been tested before entry even without a fever. She was unvaccinated and obviously thinks masks are optional.

  4. Mac says:

    I have a relative who teaches at the elementary level in New York and her instructions were to remove her mask when reading because seeing the reader’s mouth move apparently helps kids learn. She never removed her mask because that’s insane.

    • Noodle says:

      My son receives speech therapy services, and his therapist, as well as my son, wear those protective clear sheet masks over their faces so they can see each others’ mouths. Then they sit 6-8 feet away from each other because those sheets don’t protect them from the smaller particles. They are never unprotected in session. There are so many products that can accommodate needs -like the need for a child to see a teacher’s/therapist’s mouth for instruction on articulating a letter.

      • Anna says:

        Yes, with speech therapy, that is a tough field in the midst of pandemic. It’s hard all around, for the kids, the teachers, everyone, but I think speech pathologists are generally an innovative group so hopefully they are doing the best to work with students through the difficulties and particularities of this time. Hats off to them all.

    • Robyn says:

      There are masks with clear windows in them for this exact purpose. My friend who works with the folks with hearing impairments uses one at work so they can see her mouth moving.

      ETA: Noodle covered it much better!

      • Christine says:

        I don’t even have hearing loss yet, but I’ve noticed that even I rely on reading lips to a certain extent, because I’ve had to say, “Pardon?” a whole lot more. I have so much more sympathy for my Mom, and her hearing aide woes now.

  5. Izzy says:

    This happens a lot more than people realize. The kids are fine with wearing masks and almost always tell the truth. It’s the adults who lie and do stupid things like this.

    Source: my stepmom, who was an elementary school nurse until last week, when she decided she didn’t feel safe enough there and resigned. One day after school started back.

  6. gemcat says:

    this is so horrible, and inhumane.

    I am currently sitting here waiting for my 16yo daughter, who is 2 1/2 weeks into her first dose of Pfizer and has not yet had her second (we’re in the EU) to get tested this afternoon after contracting a very sore throat and stuffed nose *which is super common with Delta..

    She probably caught it at her school which has just started back up..1000+ students who are just getting their first dose (and even then it’s not all of them yet), no masks, shared halls and dining area.. and where there is a known spread and those classes have been relegated to distance learning in the meantime..but yeah.

    I don’t know how many people I want to beat over the head with “if you have symptoms, stay home!!”, but it’s a lot…which is just so scary. It feels like the very minimal effort one can make.. and obv. get vaccinated too *or if you don’t then stay the FUCK at home, for forever…thank you.

    • North of Boston says:

      Gemcat so sorry you (and thousands of other kids and parents) are going through that.

      Maybe this incident in Marin County and all the outbreaks that happening as schools reopen will be like the Provincetown outbreak- a wake up call that causes public health officials to say “hang on! We need to rethink this, what we thought was safe isn’t really safe”

  7. AnnaC says:

    I live in RI and this same thing happened with my neighbors last May, a week after going back to in person; as it was a small, private school didn’t make the media. Their 9 year old daughter’s teacher claimed “spring allergies” while knowing her son had tested positive. The entire class had to quarantine, 60% of the class tested positive though most were asymptomatic. However several of the parents became quite ill, my neighbors and their teenage daughter included. Was well into summer before the parents felt somewhat back to normal again.

    • AG says:

      Hi, AnnaC, I’m in RI too, hello! This sounds like it should have been a big story! i wonder what school it was?…

      • AnnaC says:

        I don’t want to post the name but south of Providence. From what my neighbors said they kept it locked down/internal in part due to some influential parents. And it’s RI after all, lol.

  8. Meghan says:

    I have a 5 year old and he has to go to school, I can’t afford to not work. My sister was on quarantine last week with my niece, who tested negative. My boss is on quarantine with her TWO year old (and 4 year old but the 2 year old class is the one affected) and they get tested today. My best friend started quarantine with her 3 year old and almost 6 year old yesterday, and they go to different schools. This is INSANE and I am basically just waiting for the moment I get the call from my son’s school that we need to quarantine.

    And if my son gets it and I can trace it back to an anti-vax, anti-masker? Well I will have someone post the link to my GoFundMe for my jail commissary fund because I will be furious. The vaccine for kids cannot come fast enough. My ex wants to “wait” but IDGAF anymore, my son is getting it and if my ex wants to take me to court then so be it but my kid will be protected AND be doing his part to protect others.

  9. Div says:

    We really need a nationwide vaccine mandate. I’m seriously angry…my 60 year old aunt teaches at a community college in California and while 95% of the public higher ed institutes in CA require vaccinations…her particular community college does not require students and/or staff to be vaccinated and half the people aren’t wearing masks even though they are supposed to be required to wear them. She’s been teaching ONE week and has already contracted the Delta Variant (luckily, she’s vaxxed so it sucks but it’s nowhere near as horrible as it could have been if she wasn’t vaccinated). She reported it and told the administrators she thought she contracted it from the school as she is super careful otherwise and isn’t in enclosed spaces at all (she does curbside for groceries, etc.) and they went “there’s no way to prove that.”

    Anyway, I’ve been telling her to quit as she doesn’t need the money but she loves teaching.

  10. AMJ says:

    Unvaccinated and unmasked means deliberately infecting others. There’s no other way to put it. People like these should face consequences of their stupid, selfish, dangerous choices. They don’t differ from drunk drivers.

    • Tiffany :) says:

      “Unvaccinated and unmasked means deliberately infecting others”

      Yes, this.

    • Naomi says:

      Unvaccinated is terrible in the first place. I’m just shocked. We don’t even hear of this one teacher even getting a COVID test to make sure her “allergies” weren’t Delta.

  11. Brooke says:

    I am amazed by the people who show the obvious symptoms of COVID but still claim or think they have something else. I have a co-worker who got super sick in December but just thought she had the flu. Her brother got sick and was actually diagnosed with COVID after they spent time together. He was in the hospital for two weeks. She still refused to say it was the virus. It wasn’t until her doctor said she had antibodies that she accepted that she had it.

    I have another co-worker that refuses to be vaccinated. Her husband thinks it’s the mark of the beast and will leave her and take the kids if she gets it. (I think that’s a lie) She also refuses to wear a mask most of the time and touches our stuff all of the time. I have cancer and have explained as nicely as I could that I cannot have her around me but she doesn’t get it. She just says that she’s a super clean person and washes her hands. She uses hand sanitizer. How are people still so ignorant after almost two years of this??

    • lanne says:

      You have to be blunt and tell her to keep away from you. Don’t risk your life for politeness’s sake. She probably is living with a Qanon freak, which is stressful in its own right–he is probably totally briainwashed and making her (and the kids’) lives a living hell. Still, she is not your problem. Take care of yourself, please. My mother is a 3 time cancer survivor, and I worry so much about people with cancer at this time–so many people are not able to get the care they need (especially surgeries–cancer surgeries are considered “elective”) because of these unvaccinated idiots filling up the hospitals. Be safe, be aggressive if you need to be. She may be a kind Typhoid Mary, but she’s a Typhoid Mary nonetheless.

    • TigerMcQueen says:

      Seriously, if you have a functioning HR department, go to HR if she keeps touching your stuff or coming anywhere near you. Or get a spray bottle and use it on her (only half joking). Explaining nicely won’t work with these people.

    • Kkat says:

      My mother (evangelical maga) once I shot down all the other conspiracy theories she spouted said its the mark of the beast.

      So even her theology is bad 😛😒

  12. Golly Gee says:

    Apparently 8 out of 10 students in the first two rows were infected and 4 out of 14 in the last three rows were infected. So tell your kids to sit at the back if they are unlucky enough to be in a school where the teacher is not required to wear a mask or doesn’t wear one when required.

  13. nemo says:

    eff that teacher and eff their “freedom”.

  14. Ocho says:

    We just received a letter from our school this weekend saying EVERYTHING will be returning to normal: no one will be required to wear masks, there will be no distancing, no bubbling and all activities resuming, including swimming, singing and everyone eating together. This is a primary (elementary) school in the UK where no children are vaccinated. The teachers are not required to be vaccinated. I mean, I hope it all works out — I want the kids to have all these things, but it feels like the administration is sticking their heads in the ground, no? How much work would it be to mask up, remove riskier clubs like singing and swimming, shift the desks apart and bubble by classroom? By not taking any safety precautions I feel we have increased the chances of everything closing again. And, you know, seriously endangering someone’s health and killing them. There’s that.

    • Karla says:

      I live on the continent. We also got news today that elementary schools will start unmasked although these are all kids under the age of 12. I don’t know what they Are thinking. I will definitely give my kids the FFP2 masks as we did for the last 1,5 years. So far no infection. Knock on wood.

  15. GrnieWnie says:

    wellll I know people in that school district and apparently the superintendent called the sub (the teacher was actually a sub, which blows my mind because why would a sub pick masks as the hill to die on??) personally to let her know she was never working in the district again and that he was telling all the surrounding districts about her too.

    Also, the post leaves out the best part…that student infections corresponded with the seating chart! Meaning all the students who were within 2 m of the teacher were infected. Ridiculous!

    • Coco says:

      Fellow Bay Area resident and I am thrilled to hear that teacher won’t ever work in the district again. Better not work again in education, period.

    • Sophie says:

      Thanks for the local gossip! A substitute teacher did this?! What a foolish person, she will never get work as a teacher around there again. That being said, I think the school should have provided more oversight of this sub.

  16. Mee yo says:

    To the writer- if your daughter is wretching during her period, take her for an ultrasound to be checked for Endometriosis. Make sure the check not just the uterus, but also surrounding organs as the implants (excess tissue that’s causing the pain) can be located various places- the ovaries, liver etc. The MD may suggest surgery or birth control pills. I did the latter for 2 decades. It helped a lot. And I had no side effects. No decrease in egg count or viability. I even took it continuously and would only get my period (a withdrawal bleed) 1-2x a year. It was great! There is no medical need to get your period once a month unless you’re in the process of procreating.

    • salmonpuff says:

      Second — and if you can, go straight to an OBGYN. My daughter struggled for three years with periods that were debilitating. Her doctor put her on 3 different birth control brands that made it worse, so we finally took her to an OBGYN who did an ultrasound and tested her for several other disorders that cause excessive bleeding and painful periods. The first bc pills the OBGYN tried were a miracle, and my daughter is able to function again.

    • MF1 says:

      I also take birth control continuously and it’s awesome. 100% recommend to those who can tolerate the pill.

      Regarding endometriosis: I’ve had several friends who have endo. It can take a LONG time to diagnose (average time is around 10 years) and it can be difficult to manage. So the sooner you get your daughter checked out, the better.

      • North of Boston says:

        + 1

        And the sooner you start treatment the better, because as it progresses and involves other organs it can require surgery to remove existing lesions and cause complications such as infertility or damage to intestines etc.

        A friend of mine had it and her doctor wouldn’t even look for it because her primary pain was in her upper abdomen. He said “oh no, you’d never get it there unless you walk on your hands”!!!

        She switched doctors after his wise*** comments and new doctor examined her/did imaging and properly diagnosed her … she required surgery to try to get it under control and then long term BC to manage it. (And had a stupid battle with insurance because they didn’t cover contraceptives at the time)
        Prior doctor had just let it ride and told her to manage her symptoms with Motrin, which a) did nothing to address the disease and b) is really scary since many of the symptoms are shared with abdominal cancers … the 2nd doctor was concerned he would find some during surgery in addition to the Endometriosis Lesions … so 1st doc being dismissive was dangerous.

    • Hecate says:

      Sorry for the delay in the response – I’m just seeing this. Yes, we’ve taken her to the OB and are working on solutions. I went through the same thing and am determined that she doesn’t. With the surge earlier this year testing, etc got off track. But we are back on track with things. Thank you for the tips I will bring them up to her doctor as well.

  17. Christine says:

    Do you think there could be legal ramifications from this? Especially if the info about the teacher removing her mask is true. I understand the requirements for vaccination or a negative test came after the fact, but was there an active mask mandate? I guess you’d have to argue that she knowingly had covid and spread it

  18. ME says:

    I can’t believe they just believed her when she said it was “allergies”. No b*tch go get a negative Covid test or you can’t come to work ! She shouldn’t even be allowed to work unvaccinated and unmasked anyways. Why is the world so dumb? I don’t understand. Where I live they have now said that kids with runny noses or sore throats can still attend school. They have to get a Covid test only if they have a fever, cough, or shortness of breath. I think that’s dangerous and really stupid. Covid symptoms vary greatly. This is one big mess. We have learned nothing in the past two years.

  19. SKE says:

    This teacher and Marin County better hope that none of these people end up hospitalized or dead because it seems like they could be on the hook for legal damages.

  20. faithmobile says:

    Marin county had the lowest childhood vaccine rate and is one of the reasons we now have a childhood vaccine mandate to attend any school in California that receives public funding. My mother is a liberal anti-vaxxer, so I know the type(she may only see my kids masked outdoors). This
    story is infuriating on so many levels.

  21. Amber says:

    Marin county is famously one of the least vaccinated counties in California and the public school district has had issues with vaccine exemptions in the past. There was a little boy in Marin with cancer who couldn’t go to school a few years ago because so many of his classmates were unvaccinated from things like measles and diphtheria and it placed him at mortal risk. His dad had to really fight and lobby local governments to enforce vaccination at the schools. So this is just a peak Marin County thing and the teacher doesn’t necessarily have to be a Republican to be engaging in selfish and risky behavior.

  22. Emma says:

    This attitude is so familiar to me where I live — near very rural pockets in the Midwest — people are just absolutely refusing to wear masks or to be vaccinated and finding every excuse in the book.

  23. Rose says:

    My brother is a teacher in the district next to mine and he got Covid from his students. He has a newborn baby girl. I just got a screenshot of emails sent to him by teachers he works with telling him that it’s such a great thing he has Covid because “the vaccine is so much worse than actual Covid”. This is in Tulsa, Oklahoma, where schools are forbidden to hand down mask mandates.

  24. Marigold says:

    This is criminal. She should be sued.

  25. Tiffany :) says:

    Posted in wrong place

  26. acerbia says:

    I heard the school was Mark Day, which used to be St. Marks, in San Rafael. No official confirmation, just what I heard from my mom in Mill Valley.

  27. Amelia says:

    Hi from Marin County! We have a high COVID vax rate for those who are eligible (12 and up) but low rate for regular childhood vaccinations. It’s liberal anti-vaxers who are more about natural remedies, yoga, kombucha etc. Those are all great but they are not going to protect your child from diphtheria or measles.

    Local elementary schools frequently have whooping cough outbreaks, which then the vaccinated kids sometimes catch too.

    I wonder if living through a pandemic will help people see how dangerous it is to not vaccinate their kids.

  28. ChattyCath says:

    Piers Morgan has just won his case for ‘freedom’ to insult and harass Meghan. Society is broken thanks to the widespread belief in individualism. Ant vaccination movement is part of this. Concern and justification only for self and literally no one else justified by spurious claims of ‘liberty’ and ‘rights’. None of us can exist alone, we rely on others to provide basic necessities. Therefore we should protect others by vaccinating and mask wearing!