ITV will not rehire Piers Morgan for GMB: ‘Piers decided to leave’

Piers Morgan seen outside the ITV Studios

As we discussed, Piers Morgan was “cleared” in the months-long Ofcom investigation into the some-odd 57,000 complaints filed against him for his final days on Good Morning Britain. Piers was on-air on GMB on the days following the Duke and Duchess of Sussex’s Oprah interview, and Piers predictably had vile things to say about Meghan, racism, etc. I’m not going to parse the Ofcom ruling because I truly have no idea how Ofcom works or what the broadcasting standards are in the UK, but from where I sit, Ofcom basically just confirmed that Piers has the right to whatever vile speech he wants, and that he’s allowed to make ad hominem attacks and engage in whatever character assassination he wants, so long as there’s some kind of “balance.”

The Daily Mail dutifully published an hysterical screed by Piers wherein he attacked Meghan once again and also “demanded” his job back. The Mail also published a series of statements from other broadcasters and journalists calling Ofcom’s decision a victory for free speech. So will Piers get his job back? Apparently not, lol:

A row is developing between Piers Morgan and ITV tonight after sources at the channel said he would not be getting his job at GMB back – despite being cleared by Ofcom over criticism of Meghan Markle that led to him being forced out. A string of broadcasters have come out in support of Piers, and ITV’s left-leaning former Guardian chief CEO Dame Carolyn McCall is under pressure to explain why she forced him out in March hours after the Duchess of Sussex complained to her directly and allegedly demanded his ‘head on a plate’, Mr Morgan said in his column.

However, the channel issued a statement today claiming that it was Mr Morgan’s GMB co-panelists’ discussion and contextualisation of the comments that cleared him – and said nothing about the presenter’s right to express an honestly held opinion.

ITV also revealed they ‘have no current plans to invite him to present Good Morning Britain’. A source said: ‘Piers decided to leave. We accepted his decision’.

It comes as Mr Morgan revealed the number of job offers he has received since leaving ITV’s flagship breakfast show has ‘accelerated’ since he was found not to have breach Ofcom’s broadcasting code.

Speaking to the Sun, he slammed the Duchess of Sussex as the ‘Queen of Woke’ and described her as a ‘whiny, forked-tounge actress’.

Mr Morgan said: ‘The woke brigade think they can vilify, shame, silence and get fired anyone who has an opinion they don’t like. Meghan Markle is the queen of this culture, who personally sought to have me lose my job — and succeeded. Why are she and Prince Harry entitled to have their opinion but I’m not entitled to mine?’

He immediately hit back at ITV’s statement for ignoring the central thrust of Ofcom’s conclusion, stating that he was ‘entitled to say he disbelieved the Duke and Duchess of Sussex’s allegations and to hold and express strong views that rigorously challenged their account .

He said today: ‘Hmmm, ITV have just put out a statement saying I only won the ⁦Ofcom⁩ case against Princess Pinocchio because my colleagues expressed different opinions to mine. That’s not what the ⁦Ofcom⁩ report says in its conclusion. I suggest ITV reads it again.’

[From The Daily Mail]

It sounds to me like Piers was already massively unpopular within ITV and Good Morning Britain, and that ITV’s argument is basically “he quit, we didn’t fire him, but we’ll hold him to his choice.” While Piers brought viewers to GMB, were they the viewers advertisers wanted? It feels like Piers simply appeals to “Little Britain” racists and Brexiters, not the demographic any TV show or TV station wants. Plus, I truly believe that ITV corporate probably just had a fundamental moral problem with continuing to give Piers a platform to spew hatred. Fox News said “wait what??”

Celebrities at the ITV studios

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  1. Amy Bee says:

    He’s practically begging for the job he decided to quit. It does sound like he was very unpopular among staff and crew at ITV. He and the rest of the press were hoping Harry and Meghan would say something but it wasn’t their complaint that sent the matter to Ofcom so there was need for them to say anything. When it comes to Piers Morgan, Harry and Meghan play it the right way. He’s dying for their attention and they refuse to give it to him.

    • Brit says:

      Yep. He tried everything to get to her attention including even using her father. The majority of the vileness and hatred is because it’s not working. Nothing has brought Meghan and Harry to heel. Not blackmail, not abuse. Absolutely nothing. They don’t know what to do. So they continue with the same nonsense hoping for a different response. All of this because of ego, hubris and not getting access to one woman. It’s absolutely bonkers.

    • NTheMiddle says:

      His shtick for mouthy anti-Meg one liners and outlandish commentary provided him with a lucrative career and lots of attention. He has the right to say what he wants but not be immune to the consequences. I’m glad this platform is closed to him but he’ll find another unfortunately.

    • marehare says:

      Note in the first photo, his fly isn’t zipped.
      Piers is a truly disgusting man who hates Harry and especially Meghan. He writes hate attacks against Meghan and is also racist toward her. It just shows the UK is a very racist country and the non royal family are racists also.

    • Bella DuPont says:

      ITV needs to be very, very careful indeed. They’ve had about 4 suicides in the past of their employees and cast members of one of their shows. Piers attacking someone for admitting to being suicidal and calling her air would have cut deep for many people at the station and could be incredibly damaging for them if they suffer another suicide. They can’t take him back. He’s too toxic.

    • Debbie says:

      It’s almost like irony was knocking at the door, trying to get Piss Moron’s attention. So, the well, let’s say “man” who left his job in a huff, is now publicly begging to be restored to his former position. Hmm, isn’t that they were predicting, no salivating, would happen to M & H?

  2. C-Shell says:

    That pic of PM with his unzipped fly just never gets old. He’s truly repulsive. *shudder*

    The Ofcom decision is nearly incomprehensible, not to mention completely missing the point that 57,000 complaints asserted. I know Moron is basking right now, but I doubt his already sketchy career will make a comeback.

    • ABritGuest says:

      Sounds like Ofcom said his comments had potential to harm/cause offence (they did thats why 50k complained) but because he was challenged- Ofcom said there was no breach of its code. I just think it’s off that whether or not someone felt suicidal can be subject to debate- obviously only they or anyone they confessed feelings to would know.

      Also seems like decision was inconsistent with a recent one about personal views

      Piers obviously wasn’t recruited by anyone after flouncing off in March & despite being a right wing bigot, doesn’t want to be on those type of channels- he wants to be on mainstream shows saying what brits feel to ashamed to admit to agreeing with. He also has lots of friends in the media so he will be back- which is a real reflection on British media considering the things he’s done in the past. But I’m loving that the Sussexes pay him dust & his obsession with Meghan caused him to unravel so publicly.

      Also H&M’s legal victories obviously caused the British media to have a bloody nose which is why they are acting like Ofcom clearing ITV is some big victory for Piers & the rest of them & are throwing around playground names etc. I’m actually embarrassed for the British media at this point. Will be a fascinating media case study one day.

      • Brit says:

        Let them have it. Harry and Meghan literally beat them at their own game. Took them to court and won, stood up for themselves and are successful in the states, where they haven’t made a dent to stop the success and trust they’ve tried. The constant attacks are boring and predictable. They don’t have anything else and them not giving a response after this “ruling” is still bothering them because they thrive in chaos.

      • Cessily says:


      • C-Shell says:

        That Maitlis decision is stunning in its conflict with the ITV/Morgan ruling. Wow. And, I agree, a person’s statements about their mental health and suicidal ideation are NOT subject to debate or another persons so-called “opinion.” Just because his co-presenters pushed back on his vile comments does not achieve “balance.” This whole outcome is a travesty, but I’m comforted that H&M don’t give a flying f*ck about Morgan or Ofcom.

    • Lorelei says:

      I find that photo particularly funny because of how smug he looks, not realizing his fly was open.

      The Ofcom decision is an absolute disgrace. As an American I don’t know too much about it, but is the list of people on the panel making the decision listed publicly anywhere, so British citizens can see exactly where those people stand?

  3. Sofia says:

    He’ll get a job somewhere. It might be GB News (although I wonder why they haven’t hired him almost 6 months after he left) but he’ll get something. Or he might decide to continue being a Twitter troll and DM columnist full time.

    • BothSidesNow says:

      @ Sofia, I think only someone as vile as Pissy would hire him and that person would be Murdoch, though as a US citizen, I don’t know who else sinks to his level elsewhere. But I don’t see Pissy Piers getting offers from that vile POS, so-called human either. In regards to other outlets, they would be suicidal to hire Pissy as he is now labeled liable/problematic material.

      • L4frimaire says:

        I don’t know if Fox would hire him and he did flame out at CNN. He’s lectured Americans on the 2nd amendment and his anti-gun stance way too much, he’s getting long in the tooth and they have Tucker Carlson. Also, he’s come after people like Osaka and Biles, which is a clear pattern of verbally abusing women of color. It’s too obvious to ignore and a few big civil rights organizations complaining to advertisers makes him a liability.Also, not sure if he’d blend that well with the MAGA crowd, although Marjorie Taylor Green might try to hump him. He’ll do his guest spots on different shows but it does seems like disgusting guys like Morgan always fail up.

  4. Merricat says:

    Lol forever. Sure, the offers have been “accelerating.”

  5. Deputy Dot says:

    His co-host on GMB (Gratuitous Moaning Bigots?) never challenged him. Reid was happy just to sit there and roll her eyes occasionally when he had one of his nasty rants. There was only one colleague, Alex Beresford, who dared to speak up in Meghan’s defence.

  6. Cessily says:

    Three chins, bloated gut and unzipped pants.. just looking at him is nauseating.

  7. Eurydice says:

    Piers is an egomaniac, so of course he wouldn’t care that this investigation was about the 57,000 complaints against him. The Ofcom standards are about harming the viewers and 57,000 viewers think he went too far in denying Meghan’s mental health revelations. The unscripted and spur of the moment pushback from the copresenter that he got so huffy about is what saved ITV from being in violation of standards. ITV dodged a bullet. Aside from that, Morgan is a dinosaur, and ITV still has to consider that 57,000 people made the effort to complain – those are the audience. Why bring back a liability?

  8. Izzy says:

    The whole world saw him quit on live TV. The absolute caucasity of him to demand his job back… he’s such a turd.

    • BothSidesNow says:

      @ Izzy, that’s my thought. Is Pissy Piers having dementia because what we ALL saw was him walking off stage having a temper tantrum and he quit. But now he expects his job back? Why, because he thinks ITV vindicated his abusive and slanderous rhetoric which they clearly didn’t! Pissy Piers is fuming for to the fact that his own actions caused him to walk off of the set and quit, thinking that he would be vindicated. Pissy Piers was beaten by his one game and Meghan won, THAT’S why Pissy is so furious and unhinged!

      Pissy can f#ck off and never be heard from again, and we will all be the better for it.

  9. Lizzie says:

    How is this crazed monster walking around and Brittney has a conservator? He is absolutely deranged and clearly fixated on and stalking Meghan.

  10. equality says:

    He wasn’t exactly cleared so can anybody afford to hire him? Unless you have somebody on your show who will counter-balance him, eventually there would be a valid complaint. What he does isn’t simply expressing an opinion. He calls names worse than any child, shouts down anyone who wants to express a counter-opinion, and pouts and walks off if anybody else does get an opinion in. That’s not professional in any way.

  11. TabithaD says:

    He stormed off his show live on air – the ludicrous manbaby.
    And ever since he’s been banging on about all the great job offers that keep rolling in .. but nothing’s materialised.
    And that Ofcom ruling was far from a vindication of him, if that’s what he’s thinking.

    • Lorelei says:

      @Tabitha, regardless of what he does next, we’ll always have that glorious little GIF of him stomping off set like a toddler

    • BothSidesNow says:

      @ Tabitha D, I would like to add that there seems to be a chauvinistic attitude in regards to Dame McCall in regards to outside parties pushing her to hire Pissy back. Had Dame McCall been a woman, no such push would be happening. But the fact that she is a woman, Pissy probably thinks his gender disqualifies her position and decision to let him stay with the decision that Pissy made, not her. I am side-eyeing this pressure on her.

  12. GuestWho says:

    Seriously, and not really on topic but…

    what kind of grown man calls a woman by ridiculous, school yard names? He is as pathetic a human as they come. He is just an unbelievable POS.

    He stormed off in an immature, completely unprofessional, embarrassing huff. How like him to blame a woman who doesn’t care that he exists.

  13. Brit says:

    GMB, ITV, Daily Mail and GB are not what Piers wants. He wants America and the opportunities here. I feel he wanted to use the connection to Meghan to get him more opportunities and when she didn’t comply with the access game and help him, he got angry. Meghan and Harry made lots of careers and ended some. In this case, his constant outburst, reputation for being an Obsessed stalker and Americans not liking him, and being stuck career wise, has sent him over the edge.

    • BothSidesNow says:

      @ Brit, I think you are right, which is why he held that US visit and was a guest on Faux News. Pissy’s US tour bombed and no one in the US wants him, which vindicated his unemployment position today. Pissy has no offers coming in, but he feels he has been vindicated and should be rewarded back onto GMB, but he caused that, no one to blame but himself. I guess his wife is going to have to drum up some additional work to compensate his ego and lifestyle!

      Could not have happened to a more deserving POS than him!!!

    • Kalana says:

      Conspiracy theory: Piers’ guest spot on Tucker Carlson’s show was his senior royal benefactor fulfilling his end of the bargain through the Rupert Murdoch connection. Piers was the attack dog for the royals in return for being hired by Murdoch but it seems to have stopped with that little guest spot.

  14. aquarius64 says:

    I think despite Pus’ fan base, ITV’s bottom line took a hit for his ongoing foolishness. (I bet there is more than the 57,000 Ofcom complaints that were involved in his firing.) PM is DOA in the US; no one outside of Fox will touch him.

    • Eurydice says:

      For every person that takes the time to complain, there are many more who stay silent. It used to be something like 26 more for every complaint, but I’m not sure what it is now.

      As for Piers, I don’t think Fox wants him, either.

      • diANNa says:

        No, Fox News wouldn’t want him. Although goes after WOC -and the Fox base would like that – he also condemned racism being directed towards Black soccer players.

        He also spoke out against Trump occasionally and seems to support vaccines and mask-wearing.

        It seems like his obsession with, and subsequent abuse of Meghan has really created a brand identity crisis for him which is costing him his career. He’s not a good fit for any particular demographic and therefore any appeal would have to lie with an audience wanting/respecting his opinion enough to tune in. Most of us live in a bit of a bubble, seeking news and distribution sources which favour our own perspectives (me too for sure) so why would we want to be “surprised” by tuning into any source to hear what that asshole has to say?

        Hubris sure has come for him.

    • Sofia says:

      This isn’t the first time Piers was complained about. BBC did a list of the top 10 most complained broadcasts and Piers occupied 4 of those spots.

      • JT says:

        Didn’t his interview on Fox bomb as well? I think even Tucker Carlson thought he was an idiot….which says a lot.

    • Jan says:

      Piss moron is not slim and blond enough for Fox, they have enough dotish men on their payroll already.

  15. Julia K says:

    The only thing left to wonder is when will Harry and Meghan drop the lawsuit bomb on him? He can’t get a job. He is sending out his wife and son to smear Meghan. Signs of a desperate man who will slip up and say something to trigger that lawsuit that he must know is coming. Sooner rather than later he will hang himself with the rope that keeps getting shorter.

  16. girl_ninja says:

    I will always be grateful to hot & brilliant weatherman Alex Beresford for calling Morgan out on that morning. He challenged him to his face and called him out on his pathetic, ugly behavior and now Morgan can rot with the DM.

    • Brit says:

      I like him but Alex was just as complicit , they all were. Piers has been abusing Meghan before that incident and his cohosts either laughed or were quiet about it. They were all concerned about ratings and Money and not her humanity including people on that show who were neutral and liked the Sussexes. Maybe I’m being harsh but I feel that entire morning show is fraudulent.

      • girl_ninja says:

        You’re right and I do think folks let their fear of ratings and not getting a paycheck get in the way of doing what is right. I also don’t think Alex had the leverage to do anything about it. Not an excuse just a reason.

  17. Chill says:

    I will say it again. You have the right to say whatever you want. However, there are consequences for it.

    • iconoclast59 says:

      Exactly. I’m not even in media, but if I go on SM, TV, or wherever and say vile nasty things about someone, my company will fire me, as is their right. As an employee, I represent the company, and if my conduct doesn’t reflect the company’s values, I’m out of there. It baffles me why OFCOM omitted that important point.

      • Eurydice says:

        Ofcom regulates communication services – basically, what goes out to the public. They don’t deal with employment issues.

  18. RosaD says:

    M*rgan was saved because he was challenged by his colleagues. Ofcom said his comments were potentially harmful and offensive.

  19. Woke says:

    He wasn’t cleared it’s ITV that was clear. I think his carrier on mainstream TV is over either in US or in the UK. I’m not even sure he brings that much money for the Daily Mail. For the British media the fights against harry and meghan feels personal it’s not just about the money.

  20. @poppedbubble says:

    Why is he whining and demanding his job back when other offers have been “accelerated” since his “vindication”? What’s that? Oh. It’s not true? Ah. Gotcha.

  21. The Artist Formerly Known as Valiantly Varnished says:

    If he has SO many job offers why is he whining about ITV still? He quit. And ITV said “okay, bye.”

  22. Chantal says:

    This pleases me but I remain skeptical. The BM has no credibility. Since he claims to have so many job offers, let him take one of those. He’s basically begging for his job back because 1) who’s going to match his salary and 2) He will never have a bigger platform from which to attack Meghan and other famous Black women. One Black woman he won’t attack is Oprah. I think he still has a house in LA and desperately wants to make it in LA/the US. Oprah is a very powerful billionaire with powerful friends in the entertainment industry. His buddy Trump recently was booed at his own rally after telling his followers to get the vaccine. So his power and influence has greatly diminished. PM must be butt hurt that Prince Harry and Duchess Meghan are succeeding in the US in various endeavors whereas he was driven out of this country.

  23. Lorelei says:

    And here we are, thinking we might *finally* be rid of that cretin, at least on a daily basis. Sigh.

  24. Kalana says:

    The Daily Mail cover is horrific. They are desperately gagging to dominate Meghan and humiliate her in a way that is sadistic and disturbing. They HATE her and they would have been fine if Meghan had died from their mistreatment. Thank goodness Harry took his family away from that.

  25. jferber says:

    I know shame is not in him, but he is an embarrassing British leech. So slimy.

  26. BudsBunny says:

    He’s sickening. I can’t believe anyone would hire him.

  27. Melly says:

    I thought Piers is the subject already of a lawsuit Harry is bringing for hacking his phone as a teenager I think?

    Anyway this is long overdue karma for Piers. Poor Milly Dowler, the faked pictures of British soldiers, and then the continued stalking of Meghan. May he continue to suffer and fade into obscurity.

    • Agreatreckoning says:

      It is. At the bottom it says he received 802 messages of support. 802 messages of support vs. 57,000 complaints. 1.41%. IIRC, the DM had headlines back in March about all the thousands of signatures with online petitions supporting him. I guess bots and individuals can sign online petitions multiple times but not file formal complaints. PM probably cheated while playing solitaire and patted himself on the back when he “won”.

  28. Over it says:

    Can this bullfrog of a shitbag pretending to be a man just explode and be gone already.