Kristen Stewart: My fame can’t compare to Princess Diana’s enormous fame

Kristen Stewart strikes a pose during the YSL Party during the 2021 Venice Film Festival

Here are some photos of Kristen Stewart in Venice, where she’s promoting Spencer, the movie where she plays Princess Diana. The above photo was from last night’s YSL party, and the rest of the photos are from today’s photocall for Spencer. It’s been several years since Kristen has done the film festival circuit and she looks like she’s really enjoying herself. Our grumpy lip-biter is all grown up! I mean, she’s 31 years old. It was expected. I’ve seen photos of her girlfriend/partner Dylan Meyer in Venice too, so it’s likely that Dylan could walk the premiere carpet with K-Stew this evening.

A note about Kristen’s styling and hair… I like the length of her hair these days but I dislike the color. Kristen has a weird thing about hair dye, I always feel like she goes a few shades “off” from where she needs to be. If she was aiming for a strawberry-blonde, she either needed to go lighter or darker – this in-between shade is not great. As for the outfit, it’s obviously Chanel, because she reps Chanel. From the waist up, it’s very “Diana.” From the waist down, it’s all K-Stew. She really wore a Chanel blazer and hot pants to Venice. In addition to all that, at the press conference, Kristen was asked a lot about Diana. Some quotes:

Kristen on what made Diana such a singular woman: “I think it’s just something she was born with. There are some people that are endowed with an undeniable, just penetrating energy. The really sad thing about her is she, as normal and sort of casual and disarming her air is immediately, she also felt so isolated and so lonely. She made everyone else feel accompanied and bolstered by this beautiful sort of light, and all she wanted was to have it back. We’re all mirrors of each other—what you give is what you get—and I think she was just desperate to reveal some truth in an environment that is steeped in the energy of, you know, as an outsider, I can say that the Brits generally have this stiff-upper-lip mentality.”

How Kristen experiences fame & how it compared to Diana’s fame: “This is a tough one, because… she was the most famous woman in the world—she was the most photographed woman in the entire world, right? That’s something that’s said about her. I have tasted a high level of that, but nowhere near this monumental, symbolic representation of an entire country, and of the world. So, my experience with just sort of feeling sometimes like you don’t have control over a situation—or when I say ‘situation,’ an impression of you—that’s life. That’s normal. You can’t control everyone’s opinions of you.”

But ultimately, Kristen knows Diana had it worse: “I don’t feel an extreme imposed rigidity. That was something that I had to think about as an outsider… because I’m allowed to make mistakes. There’s such a huge, fast difference between the job of an actor, and someone within the royal family. [You’re] keeping together an ideal that’s supposed to keep an entire nation together. I don’t consider my job as lofty, and if I did, I would be puking backstage.”

[From The Daily Beast]

Obviously, Kristen doesn’t want to give away all of her best quotes so early – right now, she’s not trying to make news for saying something ridiculous. But maybe that will come later in the promotion! For now, I think she sounds perfectly respectful of Diana and Diana’s legacy. It will be interesting to hear Kristen chime in on the royal family and Charles specifically and all of that. It is, after all, what the film is actually about.

78th Venice Film Festival 2021

Kristen Stewart at the 78th Venice Film Festival

78th Venice Film Festival 2021

Photos courtesy of Backgrid.

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  1. Noki says:

    There is always someone like a girlfriend or manager carrying her sneakers right behind her.🤣

    • Lila says:

      Hahaha I love that! Same with Shailene Woolley constantly trying to get barefoot. It’s a fun variety on the red carpet and props to them for getting comfortable.

  2. Wow! She looks absolutely fantastic here. That movie looks terrible, but good for her for at least being more respectful of Diana than Buckingham Palace ever was.

    • BeanieBean says:

      Love the black Chanel outfit! Love! The white Chanel outfit I like a lot, but the white shoes kill it. They’re not the same white as the rest of the outfit & make the whole thing look off. Plus, maybe it would help if she practiced walking in the shoes she’s going to wear? It would be great to see her stand up straight.

  3. Brubs says:

    I’m pretty sure she’s not.going to say anything meaningful about the royal family
    I read an interview.with Pablo Larraín at indie wire and he didn’t say anything either
    It’s not that kind of film

  4. Maria says:

    I liked what she had to say here.
    I think the hair color is intentional. She wants to throw you off not just be “blonde”, if that makes sense.

  5. girl_ninja says:

    She looks so good here. That hair color is FIRE.

  6. says:

    Here early to say that she looks really good and, yes, all grown up. The reviews from this morning are also really flattering, so fingers crossed it translates well to the general audience as well!!!
    And while I can see that a lot of you have warmed up to her, I’m leaving this thread well alone after writing this because a lot of ya’ll are still SAVAGe on here every time she comes up.
    Happy gossiping!

  7. Lizzie says:

    I don’t usually like her styling but everything is really cute here. I used to wear cute clothes but the I have gained a lot of pandemic weight. I’m working on it but apologize in advance future hangry comments.

  8. Nikki* says:

    She looks great and sounded respectful. I think I like her hair color; it’s sure interesting! I’d love a natural looking strawberry blonde, but I can’t get mine right at all!

  9. likethedirection says:

    I’ve just been listening to the “You’re Wrong About” episodes on Diana and I actually think what Kristen says is really insightful and compassionate. Diana shone her light on others and made them feel worthwhile, but never had that light reflected back to her.

  10. Lena says:

    Her hair color here is….interesting. I can’t tell if she still has short hair or if it’s been styled so it looks like it’s rolled up in the back. I have liked the short cuts she’s had the last few years. So many actresses just have the longish hair with no particular style to it, and it’s boring.

  11. Jenny says:

    She is stunning in the white outfit. Love her hair. Blonde washes her out – this colour makes her glow.

  12. Lizzbert says:

    She’s giving great Jane Fonda vibes here!

  13. L4frimaire says:

    I like her looks here,although prefer the white outfit. I actually liked her cheesy Christmas movie, although I’m not into her in general. I’m wait and see in the movie. Some descriptions are that it’s basically like Jackie.

  14. SomeChick says:

    Lagerfeld brought in the jacket and hot pants look to Chanel several years back. so you can’t really blame Kristen for that. such a trashy beyotch he was.

    • Lisa says:

      I would have liked the black outfit better if the shorts didn’t have that strange hem detail. If they were clean lines, and not that Chanel tweed. Also I like the sizing better on the white jacket. If the black jacket wasn’t so fitted, and the shorts were cleaner, I could have loved it.

  15. Susan says:

    Please don’t bring the hate, but you know how there is occasionally an actor/singer/performer and you really don’t understand the hype around them? I really don’t understand why she is such the thing she is. She’s not terrible, she’s just Meh. Would she be where she is if not for Twilight? And would anyone have become famous starring in Twilight? These are questions I don’t know the answer to. LOL

    • Ainsley7 says:

      Honestly, it’s a very tricky question. She was already getting work before twilight, but not a household name. She might have made her mark doing something else. I think she does have a certain something. I’m not sure how to explain it. It’s more about her look than her actual acting ability. Her ability to look troubled and strong at the same time is a big factor. she’s also able to go from girl next door to gorgeous. So, she can look the part of one of Hollywood’s favorite stereotypes at all levels. I also think there’s something to be said for her surviving the affair with that director after Twilight. If there was nothing there than that would have killed her career. So, I think Twilight would have boosted anyone, but I think Kristen has that certain something that keeps getting her parts. It’s a shame she is so hit and miss as an actress or that she didn’t just go into modeling.

  16. Tangerinetree says:

    @L4Frimaire I really liked her Christmas movie, too. And the Twilight series.
    Off-kilter is her look, and she killed it here. Love love love the jacket and hot pants.
    Her comments were kind and respectful. I hope her Spencer movie will be surprisingly good.

  17. Dksro says:

    She’s so beautiful and sounds compassionate, that’s all I’ve got.

  18. april says:

    Both of her outfits are supercute. I don’t like the red shade of hair color on her either. Her complexion doesn’t support red hair.

  19. Merricat says:

    I like her, and have since she was in Panic Room as a kid.

  20. whoop says:

    I love how people like to forget she’s a staunch supporter of Woody Allen :/

    Terrible actress, nepotism baby, what else is new.

  21. Lyds says:

    I think KStew has a very (to steal the adjective from the jilted wife of her ex-lover) “transfixing” face. Really delicate features that are at once feminine and androgynous. She’s definitely got the “it” factor, albeit one she seems reluctant to embrace, like a female James Dean.

    That said, she is a hit-or-miss actress and does best when she’s just emoting as herself. Her best roles, IMO are from Panic Room and Speak. I didn’t buy her as Joan Jett and while I didn’t watch the Seberg film, I absolutely don’t buy her as Diana. The snippet in the trailer confirmed it and while I applaud her for her effort, it seems so miscast that it’s almost disrespectful: how many times have we complained about the portrayal of famous Americans by the English or Australians? I just don’t see how having an American play Diana was a good idea…especially one NOT known for being a character actor who is good at accent work. Imagine if they purposely cast an English woman to play Jackie?

    Speaking of Jackie…loathed it. Usually love art house films but I did not buy Natalie as Jackie (again, another talented-as-herself-emoting actress). A film centered around a funeral procession without flashbacks to the man lost really carved the heart out of the movie. You have Natalie crying, breathing, angrily demanding to honor her husband (what is she fighting for?), and prettily smoking. And the last scene? Ok…show me the point and I’ll show you how far they missed it.

  22. MangoAngelesque says:

    I imagine she’d have felt more comfortable playing Camilla, considering her own role as the “third person” in someone else’s marriage.