Britney Spears goes shopping in shorts, a half shirt and pink Uggs

Britney Spears went shopping at a Target in LA yesterday while wearing cut off shorts, pink Uggs, and a see-through floral top tied up to reveal her stomach. It wasn’t one of her worst outfits, and at least it covered the important bits. Britney ended the US leg of her tour over the weekend and is now headed to Australia in November. With over a month of downtime, we’re sure to see plenty of photos of her at Starbucks, getting pedicures, and shopping.

Britney went to Target for the second day in a row and ended up picking up a pet parakeet afterwards at a pet store in Calabasas, CA.

All of that is fascinating, I know, and this is just an excuse to post these pictures of Brit-Brit shopping. Maybe she dresses like this on purpose, because we didn’t talk much about the pretty flowing white sundress she wore to Target yesterday.

In related Britney news, she won an apology from UK’s More magazine for billing an interview as exclusive when it just consisted of quotes she’d given other outlets. More blamed a freelancer for presenting the story as new. Jennifer Aniston should really follow her lead and sue some of the magazines that regularly repurpose her quotes.

Photo credit: Fame Pictures

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27 Responses to “Britney Spears goes shopping in shorts, a half shirt and pink Uggs”

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  1. Lynnie says:

    Somebody. Help. Her. Please.

  2. Birdie says:

    Britney’s reality is stuck circa 2001, as evident by her questionable fashion choices.

  3. Hieronymus Grex says:

    They call those things Uggs for a reason.

  4. dude says:

    awh brit! At least shes in good shape!

  5. Frenchie says:

    Her money won’t make her look better, but at least she shouldn’t buy clothes made in china or india by 12 year olds because she can afford to.
    She starts to have those huge saliva glands from certain practices.

  6. GatsbyGal says:

    Someone should tell her those giant square sunglasses just make her head look even more square than it usually does.


  7. georgiagrl says:

    She is sooo trailer its unreal! And someone please tell me swhy she where’s her hair like that? Its hideous! Love her music though!

  8. Fat Elvis says:

    Trashy from head to toe (per usual).

  9. Ellen Smith says:

    Trailer trash to the max.

  10. Tia C says:

    I’ve never understood the Ugg thing. They should be called FUGS. Not to mention, boots and shorts do not go together. And why wear boots when it’s obviously not cold out? Oh, the rational questions could go on, but why waste my time, lol

  11. ligeia says:

    Uggs- so very californian. So many soccer moms wear these to the store. I guess they’re pretty comfy to wear as slippers and maybe some people just don’t want to change when they want to run to the store for a couple things. All in all, not the worst outfit.

  12. QB says:

    She is starting to look again like she did when she got marry to KFED , didn’t we have a couple of weeks ago a cover about how Britney had her body back?? Because she looks like she got loss it again.

  13. Kevin says:

    Man those are some short jorts! Those thighs look like they are building up some friction in the top photo. I’m glad home girl seems to be doing and looking better these days, but I still suspect, in a pinch, she could lift your truck with her neck to change a tire.

  14. TaylorB says:

    I wear Uggs, in my house as slippers, in the winter. I have been know to wear them when I walk the dogs, granted I have been known to walk the dogs in my PJ’s as well, so I am clearly no fashion plate. But to a store, with shorts, in the summer, I don’t think so.

  15. KelBear says:

    Her hair looks like crap, even when she is doing a show it still looks like crap. She needs to do something with that mop on her head

  16. Heavenbound says:

    This chick is so Hillbilly, her hair is so over processed, that the only way her hair would look better is if she cuts it short, and let it grow naturally. Brit has never been known for being classy.

    And, this is the roll model of Miley Cirus?
    How freaking sad.

  17. TaylorB says:


    After she went wackadoodle and shaved her head I thought that the one, very, very tiny bright spot for her is that her hair could grow out healthy again… but alas she can not seem to keep Peroxide away from her noggin.

  18. SolitaryAngel says:

    It’s amazing how the tide has changed….when Brit was crazy, she got a lot of sympathy, from right here in this forum. Now that she’s “semi-normal”, everyone is right back to bashing her. Nice.

  19. ms.bitch says:

    Umm is she running around with a pink wig speaking in a faux british accent? Leave her alone. When she is on her own personal time and thats what she is comfortable in, so be it.

  20. Eileen Yover says:

    I have completely shut this girl out of my life-its so liberating!! lol No seriously I haven’t heard one song of hers since all her crazy starting happening with her sons. I change the channel when she’s on tv or radio. I saw my husband uploaded Circus on our computer for a DJ gig (he’s djing on the weekends because he thinks he’s still in college) and I deleted it off there.
    She is just gross.

  21. brianne says:

    So the girl isn’t very style savvy, who cares? Her job is to sing and gyrate, and according to all the ticket sales she seems to be doing that just fine. There are far worse crimes out there than those of fashion.

  22. Susana says:

    Yeah, far worse crimes like not being a good mother….oh wait, that would be her too!

  23. kimberly says:

    there are a few things that you shouldn’t be seen wearing anymore:

    80’s style (so hilariously out)
    Uggs in sunny weather
    “skinny”jeans aka tapered junk shrunk
    headbands (too stupid it’s laughable)
    anything seen on britney spears(it’s not her thing)

  24. Bex says:

    Honestly, if she wasn’t famous, she wouldn’t turn any heads looking like that.

  25. dovesgate says:

    It looks like shes backsliding. I hope someone is keeping an eye on her.

  26. Ana says:

    Please!!!! horrible! her nail!!!! alll of her! HELP!!!!!