Jennifer Lopez took Ben Affleck to the Bronx for National Hispanic Heritage Month

Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck spotted in Venice

Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez were basically in Venice for a whirlwind 48 hours. They arrived in Venice last Thursday, The Last Duel premiere was Friday night, and they left Venice by mid-day Saturday. They glowed the whole time, and they just seemed really happy together throughout. I think J.Lo even did some work in Venice separately – she definitely did some kind of photoshoot, but no one knows for what. These photos are of Bennifer leaving Venice, and as they were heading to the airport, some fan accosted them or got way too close. Ben basically pushed him away:

Yeah, I don’t think it was staged, I think some guy just got way too close and Ben took care of it. After Venice, they flew to New York. J.Lo took her man back to the Bronx!! She had an event at The Lit Bar, a Latina-owned bookstore, where she did an appearance for National Hispanic Heritage Month.

Jennifer Lopez, 52, made the appearance — not far from where she grew up — as part of her new mission-driven platform, Limitless Labs, to shine a light on Latina entrepreneurs and graduates of Goldman Sachs’ 10,000 Small Businesses program. We’re told that Ben Affleck, 49, was an unexpected guest, as one onlooker said: “Ben was so cute. He was taping Jennifer as she talked about how important it was for her to be a part of the Latina community.

“He spent time with the entrepreneurs, posed for photos and bought an armful of books. Ben and Jennifer were adorable together.”

Lopez also commemorated the 500th anniversary of Puerto Rico’s capital city, San Juan, by leading a round of applause at the event. The superstar couple were joined by David Solomon and Dina Powell from Goldman Sachs as well as Small Business Administration administrator Isabella Guzman, one of the highest-ranking Latina women in President Joe Biden’s administration.

While J.Lo and Affleck are back in her home state, a source told Page Six they are not expected to walk the red carpet together at Monday’s 2021 Met Gala.

[From Page Six]

Yeah, that was the question: will they make it to the Met Gala tonight? They were in New York throughout the weekend, and J.Lo made an appearance at the VMAs (Ben was not there). Would they back up their Venice appearance at the Met Gala, as I’ve been trying to manifest for months? Apparently not. SAD.

This, however, is amazing.

Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck spotted in Venice

Photos courtesy of Backgrid.

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  1. Noki says:

    But why wasnt Jlo good enough to have a marriage and kids with?Hhhmm

    • ennie says:


    • Nicole says:

      You know why.

    • Carolnr says:

      Ben did not marry JL because he fell in love with JG on the set of Daredevil. Ben gave that quote directly to Playboy magazine. Google it.
      If he had married JL, it probably would have never lasted. JL would have cut him out of her life & moved on to another relationship. Ben did the right thing backing out of that wedding if he was unsure. And to postpone the wedding that day, was a sure sign that he did not want to get married. If he really wanted to get married to JL, they could have just secretly eloped, incessant media be damned! ( I don’t think JL would have objected to that)
      I hope that they are both not just caught up in a whirlwind romance. Let’s face it, BOTH of their popularities have soared since they came out as Bennifer.Being on a high like that, I imagine, would be hard to give up all that notoriety, if the relationship suddenly stopped working.
      I am rooting for Ben & his sobriety & so far it seems like Ben is healthy & sober. This relationship or any other relationship should not be the basis for Ben being sober….

    • a0 says:

      Because he freaked about the attention and bad press. If you’re implying it’s because she’s a Latina, that’s on you. He was very outspoken at the time, opposing the loaded commentary about her in the media

      • Carolnr says:

        @ AO
        I am not implying anything…I don’t really get where you even got that impression? My comment had NOTHING to do with the fact that JL is a Latino! Why is it when someone disagrees with a comment made they instantly think it is made because JL is a Latino?

    • Leneon says:

      Kaiser posted an article at the beginning of the Bennifer revival back in May:
      Read the New York Post link she referenced. They talked about why Ben broke up with her the first time: basically bad press, pressure from his family, friends, and his career was in tatters. He couldn’t take it anymore and basically ran away.

      • Ashley43 says:

        The guy was drinking, gambling and going to strips clubs so she broke up with him but Hollywood protected their Golden Boy with that narrative

    • Mads says:

      Actually he was very open in a Vanity Fair article back in 2003 about how much he admired Jen L. and how he thought she’d be an amazing mother and how she was the first person that made him actually want to do those things.

  2. girl_ninja says:

    I can’t get over how good he looks! To me he looks 10 years younger and well fit. Jennifer is glowing in a way she hasn’t since they last dated.

  3. corralee says:

    I’m struggling to think of any other man who would ever have so much goodwill after groping a woman and cheating on serveral partners (their engagement was called off the first time cause he cheated with strippers like?????)

    I guess being a white man can truly get you anything. Another woman took on the burden of nursing him through his addictions and being his mother/wife, so now J.Lo. has an improved version on her arm who hopefully won’t embarrass her.

    • rainbowkitty says:

      All of this.

    • Diana says:

      Perfectly summed up!!

    • BabsORIG says:

      Re: goodwill post groping, Ben has his fans and they will always be in his corner regardless of how other people feel about him. And it also depends on said groped women, some of the women said it was consensual while others say he did actually grope them, so I guess we will never really know. But their fans will always root for them so its pointless to post the same “cut and paste” post every single time there is a Bennifer thread.
      In regards to Jen Garner etc…you know what? they’re all adults, they made choices and decisions based on reasons best known to all of them or on each individual person. We will never know why JLo was never good enough to marry and have kids with, we will her know why BEN was not good enough to have kids with, they both had kids with other people soon as they split up so if we asking/wondering about one, we should ask/wonder about the other too, (we probably will never know if it was actually Ben that called it all off or if it was JLo or even if it was a mutual decision) but the fact is still that they’re all adults. Jen Garner is not sitting at home crying in her tea and/or moping around for Ben Affleck. She is happy/content with the way things turned out and has long moved on. Maybe this Bennifer redux will end in tears too, who knows? But again, its pointless to keep saying same stuff over and over and over on every single Bennifer post. My opinion of course.

      • Emma says:

        Ohhhh poor rich white man. Thanks BabOrig. I would never have known he had fans.

      • stagaroni says:

        @BABs, The problem is the hypocrisy. It’s acceptable from Man A., but not acceptable from Man B. And, yes, women will keeping repeating themselves about sexual misconduct until it is no longer tolerated by anyone for any reason.

  4. Chisey says:

    Im so glad they’re really doing this. It happens so rarely that you get a second chance with someone once you’re older and wiser, and I’m really rooting for them

  5. Karisma says:

    That video of him talking to the fans is so cute. He really seems to be at a good place it’s nice to see.

  6. Rapunzel says:

    That definitely wasn’t staged at the airport. You could see J-Lo visibly tense and they quickened their steps to get out of there. It looked a little scary.

    • Twin falls says:

      I don’t think it was staged. The guy got close enough to be pushed back, and rightfully got pushed back.

    • Mads says:

      Everyone is so quick to scream PR PR PR when most of the time, yes celebrities are always posturing for paps, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t genuine. JLo and Ben don’t need to go to such lengths as hiring a fake homeless looking man to.. what… try and take a pic with them a little too eagerly and for Ben to push him away? The theories people come up with are actually so stupid lol

  7. Ambrosial says:

    Only miserable people are not enjoying what Bennifer is giving us. I’m totally here for it! You guys deserve Kravis and Mgk/ Megan fox

    • Lena says:

      Ambrosial, Maybe read what Coralee wrote up thread and think about it. I think a lot of so-called feminists on here are ignoring the red flags of this man because they, like JLo and Jen Garner before her, want to believe in a fairy tale. I think I remember nothing but scorn on here for Other women who married known cheaters (Jessica biel) or substance abusers (Jen Garner). But JLo & Ben! They’re being brangeloonied (a new verb) and we all know how that turned out in real life.

      • Ambrosial says:

        I read the thread and I think you should let people enjoy what they want. We get it you hate Ben and bennifer, I think it’s fun and harmless and want to be able to enjoy it without all the negativity. Yes Ben was a cheating alcoholic self destructive mess. He seems to be doing better, it’s like people don’t have the room to grow?
        I don’t know how it will end but it’s guilty free and nice entertainment at the moment.

      • minx says:

        They’re adults. Nobody is exploiting anyone. They want to be together. Maybe one day they won’t want that, but for now it’s fun to watch.

      • Annetommy says:

        A lot of the discussion about Ben seems to hinge on whether the poster regards substance abuse as a medical condition or a character flaw (‘immaturity’). If you want to castigate him for being a substance abuser and acting as substance abusers sometimes do, you can. But you should be aware you regard him as someone with a character flaw and not a medical condition. The largest association of physicians – the American Medical Association (AMA) declared that alcoholism was an illness in 1956. I am not suggesting btw that substance abusers should get a free pass to do whatever the hell they like.

    • DiegoInSF says:

      Agreed, this is the most fun, delightful story to come out in years! Enjoy it people! And if it gets you so worked up, may I suggest don’t click on threads if you dislike them so much.

  8. Who ARE These People? says:

    All the stars should do street interviews in the Bronx.

  9. Jessie Quinton says:

    I’m rooting for them. I’ve not seen either of them look this genuinely happy in a long time, and that kind of happiness is contagious.

    • corralee says:

      I wonder if Hilarie Burton thinks happiness is contagious when she sees pics of him. 🥰

      • Monglight says:

        I wonder what the black costars who called out clayne Crawford for his abusive and toxic behavior on set felt about Hilarie Burton defending him 🤔

      • corralee says:

        This isn’t the gotcha you seem to think it is, especially when it comes to sexual assault.

      • Monglight says:

        It wasn’t supposed to be a gotcha moment. Hilarie Burton gaslighting a black person talking about the experience of abuse his and his females co-stars went through to defend a white man is what I think about when I see her name 🤷🏾‍♀️

      • Jessie Quinton says:

        FFS J-Lo is problematic herself but no one seems to be calling her out either!

        Can’t I just enjoy two people being happy for the sake of being happy? No need to rain on my parade!

  10. Beech says:

    They don’t get jet lagged?

    • corralee says:

      Rich people have access to all sorts of drugs that keep them from feeling jetlagged.

    • Cat C says:

      @Beech I’m wondering the same. Third day in London and I was a rocked! I pushed through but if I could have laid about for the day I sure the heck would have.

      • Jessie Quinton says:

        I have to travel back and forth from London to Chicago a lot — on my way back to London I have an early dinner, pop on my noise cancelling headphones and my eye mask, have a couple melatonin gummies and knock out! Hope that helps :)

  11. Cat C says:

    I just want to know what is their jet lag secret?!

    • Jessie Quinton says:

      They prob sleep loads on the flight, that’s what I tend to do travelling back and forth.

      • Cat C says:

        @Jessie Quinton, I couldn’t reply above but that was how I flew, Chicago straight through & landed about 7am to not lose waking hours in flight. Maybe the melatonin is key, as I did sleep but clearly not enough or quality. I will definitely try it next summer.

    • Veronika says:


  12. Myra says:

    I hope the “he looks miserable” comments can be put to rest now. Ben clearly loves all the attention. I will enjoy Bennifer until it lasts and since we already got the famous butt-rub, everything else is a bonus in this real-life romcom.

  13. Renee says:

    Meanwhile, Jennifer Garner is helping Afghan women with her charity Save the Children. Affleck never deserved her!

    • Al says:

      This is so tired. No one deserves JGar but why pit them against each other in that way?! They’re divorced for 6 years. Plus Ben is very involved in his Eastern Congo charity too

    • ennie says:


    • DiegoInSF says:

      They’re championing Hispanic Heritage month! show your anti-Latinx bias some more.

    • minx says:

      Okay, she’s a saint. Next.

    • Renee says:

      Whoa….First, I’m not saying Garner is a saint. I am saying (in MY opinion) that I believe she is a better person than Affleck.
      Secondly, I’m not pitting Garner against Lopez. I don’t believe in pitting women against one another. I like Lopez. I am all for Lopez championing Hispanic heritage and should have addressed that as well in my previous comment.

  14. Amy Bee says:

    Ben looks like he’s just happy to be back with JLo. I’m glad they get a second chance at love.

  15. janinedm says:

    That banter is SO BRONX! Man, i love living uptown.

  16. Rosa says:

    Doesn’t nearly every man have red flags we should have seen earlier? Women too for that matter. People are people and JLo and Ben are not excluded. Point is, most people have red flags. We only have a short time on this earth and I’m happy they are going for it!

    • Lena says:

      No people I know have shown their penis to co workers, or stuck their fingers down butt cracks, or been falling down drunk on the street. Well that last one maybe, but not since college. Certainly not at 50. I don’t know where you live but that’s not the red flags I have seen with ‘most people’, Thank you very much.

      • Purplehazeforever says:

        Lol, I have…I’ve seen it all unfortunately. Been sexually harassed & assaulted, too. Maybe, I’m just jaded? I don’t expect much from anyone & just don’t care too much about Affleck’s red flags. Should I? I mean, I don’t know him, personally, & never will. This doesn’t mean I don’t know he has them. It means, I don’t think highly about him & don’t care who he dates. JLO is, what, 52? Doesn’t she know what she’s doing? It’s her life. If people want to enjoy Bennifer, they can do so.. without people judging them.

      • a0 says:

        Ben “falling down drunk in the street” isn’t the gotcha moment you seem to think it is. How anyone could have looked at that video and felt anything other than empathy or discomfort is beyond me. He’s an addict and that struggle deserves compassion, no matter what you think of him otherwise.

  17. iconoclast59 says:

    Apparently I’m the only one who cares about the fashion. I love her dress, but I hate that it’s unbuttoned up to her crotch. Between that and the red carpet boobage, all I can say is Jenny, hon, believe us, you’re fabulous. You REALLY don’t have to try that hard!

    • Annaloo. says:

      she’s just making sure he has easy access or a visual reminder of the Good Thing ;-)

      Again, JLo is the one who should be making vagina candles

  18. Annaloo. says:

    I didn’t think Ben could stand the heat of the racism they went through. He’s mentioned it before. I feel he was the one who got squirmy and ashamed of who they were and how he was perceived as a result, and then he dropped her. Jen Garner was a American white wholesome as they come, and everyone made the comparisons of how good she was for him and JLo was a bad, controlling influence. As a woman of color who’s dated white American men, there’s sometimes that hangup when or if they start having to defend.why they are with you. Many American men are incredibly fragile, and incredibly ill equipped to deal w racism. I’ve dated white European men too (hell I’ve dated everyone), and this hangup does not seem to exist w them.

    It felt to me he dropped her bc he couldn’t take the media around him, that he couldn’t take the image that he was being “dominated” by a strong Latina woman.

    • CJ says:

      Yes. He’s as much as admitted to this in interviews over the years. Apologizing for his profound attraction to her. Recognizing that She’s a remarkable person. White fragility and also the immaturity of alcoholism. I don’t think their reunion is fake at all.

    • a0 says:

      I think he was afraid that his career wouldn’t recover from the downturn he had while dating her. He was a laughing stock. Reports at the time said that his agent and Matt had a meeting with him before the wedding, trying to persuade him that the lifestyle wouldn’t be sustainable.

      JLo has also hinted that he found her constant entourage and lots of people in their home frustrating.

  19. bby pls says:

    I’m tired of the lowkey anti-Latine sentiment in the bennifer comment sections. They look like they’re thriving together. Time brings perspective. They’re both problematic but not That problematic. Saying Ben is a recovering addict isn’t a “gotcha” or a “red flag” because addicts are people too. And that’s all.

  20. eliza james says:

    Holy Botox, Batman!