Amanda Gorman in Vera Wang at the Met Gala: very on theme?

Amanda Gorman was one of my favorite interviews at the Met Gala last night, just because she’s so smart and interesting. Her Vera Wang gown was inspired by the Statue of Liberty and the night sky. She explained that she wore laurel around her head to signify that she’s a poet. Poet laureate comes from the Latin for laurel. The wording on her clutch is from the inscription on the base of the Statue of Liberty. There are over 3,000 hand sewn crystals on that gown. It’s just so pretty and fitting for a young poet. I look forward to seeing so much more from her.


Emily Ratajkowski was also in Vera Wang, in a complicated lace and tulle gown which was staid for her. Emily said that Vera’s line has red wedding gowns and that’s part of how this look was inspired. It’s pretty and nothing special. Vera is an American designer, and red and blue fit the theme.
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Jennifer Hudson was in AZ Factory, in a mermaid gown with a giant circular zipper down the back. I think my favorite part of this look is the cape. There were so many great capes last night and this one looks regal.

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Saweetie was in Christian Cowan, in a gown with trailing sides that incorporated the Black American Heritage flag and the Filipino flag. This reminded me of Teyana Taylor’s Prabal Gurung dress in that it showed off her amazing figure. Keke Palmer cracked me up when she was admiring people’s bodies last night.

MET Gala Departures 2021

MET Gala Departures 2021

Alicia Keys was also in AZ Factory. She’s not my favorite person, but I like this gown. A white shirt and tiered tulle skirt are quite American and fit the theme. I like the red and white bra underneath. She had tiny pearls in her hair.

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  1. mellie says:

    I cannot say enough good things about Amanda Gorman, such a beautiful girl inside and out. She is a gift.

    • CariBean says:

      Right? Every time I see read more about her, I like a bit more.

    • Snappyfish says:

      She looked so lovely. I remember I tweeted during the inauguration she was the hope of American in a sunny yellow coat &
      She liked it. I took a screenshot like a fan girl. I loved the wash of stars across her face. I am alway impressed with her. Then Yara followed her & I though I was going to die. The girl from Butter grew up into a flawless beauty!! Her look was Josephine Baker inspired & I knew Baker was smiling down on her.

      • AMA1977 says:

        Oh, I saw Yara in the People photo gallery last night (they had everyone, it was glorious) and she and Iman were my favorite-favorites, followed closely by Normani in that beautiful yellow. There were lots of fabulous lewks and some that missed the mark for me, but I gasped when I saw Yara. Perfection.

        I want to know what’s up with all the dyed-to-match heels this year? I am having prom flashbacks, lol! Some of them (Amanda’s here) are more delicate and prettier than others, but there were LOTS of matchy-matchy shoes this time out! I guess that is an American convention.

    • Dierski says:

      Truly she is a national treasure! Loved everything about her look and just adore her as a person.

  2. August Rain says:

    Why is Amanda Gorman’s bodice so bulky? She is a petite woman and it looks like she borrowed someone else’s torso.
    Sawetie looks so good. I could never not be anxious about wearing such little coverage – boob tape or not. her confidence is amazing and her body is banging. So nice to see all types of bodies. White women have black women to thank for self-acceptance being fashionable. It looks like we’d still be stuck in the heroin chic days without it.

    • Miranda says:

      I think the bodice is meant to have a blouson silhouette, which I don’t think is very compatible with strapless dresses, and definitely not on petite women. But whatever, she’s intelligent and beautiful and I’m happy that she’s being celebrated. She represents everything that, even after the rabid hate of the last 4 years, can still make us proud to be American.

  3. Mac says:

    I loved Jennifer’s look. Perfect for the Respect tour.

  4. Becks1 says:

    Amanda Gorman’s looks was one of my favorite – very on theme, gorgeous dress, loved the laurels in her hair, loved the clutch, and she looked so happy.

    I hadn’t seen Jennifer Hudson until now and I also love her look. That cape and that train….it could overwhelm but I think she pulls it off well.

  5. CE says:

    What. Is. The. Theme???
    That’s all I could think looking at everyone’s style choices last night. Whatever the real answer is, I don’t care because the point is, neither did anyone else!

    • LaraW” says:

      Lol maybe that’s the point: We’re in ‘Murica, we do whatever the f-ck we want!


      Would have been interesting to see fashion mixed with politics— some of the most defining fashion moments have been tied to history, like protests of the Vietnam War. Or do something like a dress made entirely of “support our troops” yellow ribbons, or a dress commenting on women’s reproductive rights. Surprised I haven’t seen a reference to Jackie O.

    • Yup, Me says:

      The theme was “American Independence”. I finally just looked it up.

  6. MsIam says:

    I like the color of Amanda’s dress but it needed to fit better around the waist. She is so tiny and this makes her look chunky. Maybe its the layers of netting/chiffon? Aretha would definitely wear Jennifer’s dress! Definitely a diva dress! Don’t like the skirt of Alicia dress, maybe one less layer of tulle? The other two are meh.

  7. Miss Jupitero says:

    I’m not crazy about the dress, although the colour is wonderful. It makes her look chunky, and she is very petite! Everything else though is just perfect– the clutch, the crown, the sparkles on her face.

    I’m a poet– I think I need to get me a crown dagnabit. So glad to see a poet at the Met Gala!

  8. Kviby says:

    I love all alicias choices here

  9. Athena says:

    I though the theme was Americana. To me just wearing a red dress or a blue dress with glitter was not imaginative, like Meghan Pacino in a red suit and blue shirt with stars. Denim is very American, so Lupita in the denim gown was more representative of the theme.

  10. Coco says:

    For me, Gorman had the look of the night.

  11. Renee says:

    Amanda and Saweetie were both killing it with their dresses. Saweetie’s body is incredible. Both ladies looked beautiful.

  12. Silver says:

    So many of these look like bad prom dresses with an exuberant price tag … Hudson and ratajkowski look ace

  13. Jess says:

    Amanda’s eye makeup/crystals are DIVINE. I’m obsessed!

  14. Watcher says:

    I adored Gorman’s eye makeup – truly magical!