Prince Harry & Dr. Biden did a White House virtual event for wounded warriors

USA - 2016 - Invictus Games in Orlando - Wheelchair Rugby Gold Medal Match

On Monday evening, Prince Harry made a very special appearance at a virtual White House event. Dr. Jill Biden and Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin hosted an event online to support and honor wounded warriors. Why this event? Because the 2021 Warrior Games were supposed to happen this week in Orlando, but they were cancelled because of the pandemic. The Warrior Games were the precursor/inspo event for Harry starting the Invictus Games. The Warrior Games are just for American veterans and wounded warriors to compete athletically. When Harry went to the 2013 Warrior Games, he was amazed by the event and hellbent on creating a global event for wounded warriors for all nations.

I’m including the video below, cued up to Harry’s intro and then his speech. He’s lovely, and he’s obviously Zooming in from Montecito. I do wonder if they really had to cancel this year’s Warrior Games? Perhaps they didn’t want to do a vaccine mandate and mandatory testing protocols for the athletes, so they just cancelled it outright. I mean, I understand why the Invictus Games had to be postponed, because that involves international travel and hundreds (if not thousands) of foreign visitors. But the Warrior Games are just for Americans. Maybe the issue was the location: the heart of Florida, and the heart of the nation’s Covid surge. Anyway, we missed out on seeing Dr. Biden and Prince Harry interact. The Bidens adore the ginger prince.

Prince Harry received at British Ambassador's Residence in USA

Prince Harry received at British Ambassador's Residence in USA

Photos courtesy of Avalon Red, Backgrid.

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35 Responses to “Prince Harry & Dr. Biden did a White House virtual event for wounded warriors”

  1. Snuffles says:

    I’m sure it was canceled because of Florida. They probably refused to provide any support for COVID protocols.

  2. girl_ninja says:

    Fabulous! Are we gonna talk about Harry and Megs on the cover of Time as the World’s Most Influential? Shutter Island might just combust!

    • Layla says:

      Oh they’re starting to here. They couldn’t go one minute without mention Dr. Biden’s interaction with kAte tHe GrEat! Although at this point they’re only convincing and consoling themselves because nobody else here gives a sh*t

  3. Roo says:

    How can you not love Dr. Biden? She warm, friendly, smart and curious. And gorgeous.

    • MF1 says:

      She’s fantastic. I’m super happy to have her as our first lady.

      • Giddy says:

        She is wonderful, warm and engaging. And I’ll say it… How fabulous it is to have a First Lady we are proud of after the horrors of Melania!

    • BothSidesNow says:

      @ Giddy, yes, say it loud and proud for those in the back that need to see how a truly dedicated First Lady. Dr. Biden serves, along side her husband, with as much commitment, dedication and compassion, for not solely for the benefits of Americans, but most importantly, those around the world.

  4. Lorelei says:

    Dr. Biden is far too professional to engage in such behavior, but imo, deep down, she was probably *dying* to gossip with Harry about what a sh!tshow her sham event with Kate was, lol.

    At least Harry is able to redeem the US after that humiliating performance by Kate.

    • AmB says:

      In my head there’s a cartoon bubble in the handshake photo where Dr. Jill’s saying “Oh, lovely to see you. I met your sister-in-law. She’s quite a knucklehead, isn’t she?”

  5. BABSORIG says:

    Oooohhhh the British tabloids are gonna have a cow, collectively, LOL. I’m gonna get my popcorn and sit back and enjoy the meltdown.😁😁😄😄😄. TOB attends the Sun awards, prince Harry teams up with the white house, LOL.

  6. Becks1 says:

    I’m sure they looked at Florida’s numbers and DeSantis and said “nope.” It’s a shame for the athletes that hoped to attend though.

    I loved this because there were so many comments about how the Bidens would need to “distance” themselves from Harry and we wouldn’t see them together etc. Dr. Biden said “ha!” to that. She’s not distancing herself from Harry. Working with and honoring veterans is something that means a lot to Dr. Biden and obviously means a lot to Harry and they’re going to keep doing that together whenever the hell they want.

    • Lorelei says:

      @Becks I love how every. single. one. of their predictions about how the Sussexes would crash and burn — and fail immediately after leaving the monarchy, forcing them to come running back with their tails between their legs — are being shown to be completely wrong. It’s very enjoyable to see!

    • BothSidesNow says:

      @ Becks1, may I just add how wonderful this event was and how absolutely charming and charismatic that Dr. Biden and Harry are with everyone that should ever cross paths with them?!?!!!

      This event has shown us that we have wonderful, dedicated people that not only are cheering for those that served, but the dedication after the field of service is over and life as a civilian is supported, listened to, offered a hand or a hug, maintaining a mission of support no matter in what form to those who served and their families that served along side of them as they were off fighting for the freedoms of their countries which could result in the ultimate sacrifice.

      I am incredibly proud to have a First Lady of compassion, dedication, immense empathy and the understanding of how it feels to be a family member who understands but is also deeply concerned of how it affects all of each aspect of life for veterans and their families. All while continuing her service in education, the importance of an education and how important it impacts your life and the lives of your loved ones!!! Dr. Biden is a treasure, and her husband isn’t too shabby either, but she is such an impactful representative of America and the belief that we are all intertwined no matter the miles or the language.

      I am also so happy to see Harry and his continued efforts of living a life of service that we can all live! Harry is happy, humbled, compassionate, empathetic wonderful man that will continue to create opportunities for everyone, near and wide, were ever it is needed!!

      • BothSidesNow says:

        I would like to add that not only did my father serve during WWII, but I have a fabulous nephew who served for 20 years and is still with the National Guard, while also holding down 2 additional jobs. And his incredible son, who is actually serving right now. Finally home after his third deployment and still a reflection of his life choices after watching his father serve.

        To all of the service members, active or not, and their families thank you for protecting us at home and abroad.

  7. Merricat says:

    Harry is a gem of a person; we know it in the U.S., even if they won’t admit it in royalist Britain.

  8. Eurydice says:

    The Department of Defense canceled the event, and they’ve announced a vaccine mandate for the military, so I don’t think it was about not wanting to enforce protocols. And just because an event is only in the US doesn’t mean that there wouldn’t be the potential for lots of travel – it’s a big country with lots of people, who would be traveling from lots of hot spots, without any limitations on interstate travel. The Florida covid numbers are still very bad, but they were even worse when the DoD would have had to make their decision to cancel.

  9. Lexistential says:

    Seeing them collaborate together makes me so happy. We get the White House-Royal team-up on our side of the Atlantic, and there’s no way Dr. Jill is about to disavow him to make tabloids or courtiers happy.

    (Compared to the previous attempt at pairing off Dr. Jill with a British Royal, it’s nice to have clear speaking and no posh verbal rambling.)

  10. Ellen says:

    Wasn’t it simply cancelled because of the Paralympics? Seems there would be some overlap there. (And the Paralympics were incredible! Watch some online if u can. Worth it).

  11. Myra says:

    I love that they thought of him for this. They’ll probably link up again for the Invictus Games.

  12. Amy Bee says:

    It was probably cancelled because of the COVID situation in Florida. It’s interesting that Harry was supposed to be there in person. It says how much respect the US military community has for Harry.

  13. ElleE says:

    Dr. Biden couldn’t have hoped for a better synergy. The zoom call they had was chill: ppl were in their cars, on their couches and it just fit Harry and Dr. Jill’s preferred presentation style (not a gala).

    I think it is interesting and appropriate that Harry’s wife was not there; like the way Posh doesn’t go to every Becks event. I am starting to see her as not an introvert, but am seeing the continuity of her persona?

    She was like one of those NCIS actors-hard working and rarely seen in public. Those public events during her brief stint as a working-nonemployee for the BRF had to be a grind for a person that seems to prefer a low public profile (which she had before Harry). She could be everywhere now, in her home turf and she isn’t. Same as before.

  14. Marleigh says:

    It’s an event that takes a lot of planning for the organizers and athletes’ training regimens. They probably canceled it late last year or early this year before we knew where the US stood with vaccine availability.

  15. Catherine says:

    The cancellation was announced several weeks ago when it became clear that COVID cases were spiking again particularly in Florida. Having the event would have required people traveling from all over the country to a covid hot spot. Also. There are a small number of international athletes. A team from the UK has competed since 2013. Thats why Harry attended in 2013. His Endeavour Fund helped support the teams trip. I think it was the absolute right decision to cancel. I love the fact that Harry was planning to attend in person. While the tabloids have been writing fiction about them desperately planning to return to the UK for a christening. The Sussexes are booked and busy. Not pining away for the BRF validation.

  16. Over it says:

    I listen to Harry introduction, it took the man almost 2 minutes to list all Harry accomplishments. If the other bald incandescent brother accomplishments had to be listed, it would probably take 10 seconds and that would Only be all his titles. Baldimort truly falls flat compared to his magnificent brother Harry . Made my day

    • Jan says:

      The CV was something, I thought Harry was job hunting.
      Dr. Biden said it didn’t matter under which flag, so when the BM start crying about Harry being a traitor, they can sit and spin.
      He is sure getting love for his birthday.

  17. aquarius64 says:

    Glad to see this team up with Harry and FLOTUS!! Still steamed that Dr. Biden was used to try and sell Kate as a woman of substance. It shows the current White House is not going to distance itself from Harry to please the BRF, courtiers and the BM.

  18. Courtney B says:

    I still remember Harry’s surprise White House visit to a military family event with Michelle and Jill while in the US. The audience went NUTS! And Harry was so warm, natural and charming.

  19. Chelsea says:

    It’s unfortunate this had to be cancelled but I doubt that Florida was willing to take proper health precautions and given that so many of the competitors are disabled it is not worth it to risk it. It was nice to hear from the two soldiers and their families that spoke and you can see how happy and at ease Harry is on these calls with veterans which is nice.

    Also: Dr. Biden’s affection for Harry came through when she talked about him. Im sure that they will team on projects in the future and I’m looking forward to hopefully seeing her at the Invictus Games next year. I dont know why some UK press tried to convince themselves that the Bidens wouldn’t work with the Sussexes but literally every first lady has attended the Invictus Games, including Melania in 17, and Dr. Biden has made care for military families a key area for her work so they were always going to link up again.

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