Jennifer Aniston: Lockdown ‘forced a lot of us to have a… personal re-evaluation’

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Here’s something I did not know: the Jennifer Aniston-and-Reese Witherspoon AppleTV show, The Morning Show, goes by a different name in Australia. In Oz, they call it Morning Wars. Which sounds like a euphemism for bowel movements. Ah, yes, I just had my coffee, it’s time for the “morning wars.” Anyway, Aniston covers the latest issue of Marie Claire Australia, and the interview excerpt is kind of meh, like Aniston didn’t even care to spill about any part of her life.

Working during the pandemic: “We weren’t together the way we were before,” she says, recalling the daily COVID tests, endless masks and elaborate social distancing protocols necessary to shoot Morning Wars safely. “One of the great things about doing a show is [that] your crew is your family. But we were all separated this time. So it wasn’t the joyful creative experience you’re used to. I missed seeing everyone’s faces.”

The “personal re-evaluation” that came during lockdown. “When you feel, energetically, the whole world come to a halt, and something bigger than all of us, bigger than anything, takes over … Everyone was powerless in this moment, and all we could do was stay home. And I think it forced a lot of us to have a little bit of personal re-evaluation on what is important and what’s not important.” At the same time, Aniston says there was part of her that also “loved being in that solitude”

Is she dating David Schwimmer or what? “That’s really funny. I was just saying, ‘I hadn’t heard a word of this.’ Honestly. I was getting a couple of texts from people saying, ‘I thought you were on a break, LOL.’ And I kept saying, ‘What are you talking about?’ And then I went online to see what was happening and I was like, ‘That is the funniest rumour that I never heard that got shot down in the quickest amount of time.’”

What she missed: “I’m missing movie theatres. But I just want to do great work in whatever medium it comes up in.”

[From Marie Claire]

I realize the younger peeps still love the Friends-related gossip, but that show started in 1994 and I’m aghast at the fact that Aniston and all of us have to keep playing along with all of this sh-t. David Schwimmer and Jennifer Aniston were not into each other! For the love of God. They’re still not into each other. And it’s sad that this is one of the big rumors about her love life in the year of our lord Beyonce 2021!!! As for personal evaluation during lockdown… I think most of us were just happy to make it out with our sanity and our lives. And while we might have felt a brief moment of solidarity during the pandemic, that went away pretty quickly when maskless idiots took over and then they turned into anti-vaccine idiots. No need to re-evaluate! A huge chunk of Americans are suck-ass.

Jennifer Aniston attends the 77th Annual Golden Globe Awards, Golden Globes, at Hotel Beverly Hilton in Beverly Hills, Los Angeles, USA, on 05 January 2020. | usage worldwide

Cover courtesy of Marie Claire Australia, additional photos courtesy of Backgrid and Avalon Red.

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  1. Rapunzel says:

    I know this Covid situation has taught me just how selfish and stupid some people are. And depressingly, how I’m surrounded by these narcissistic idiots in my town and county.

    I wonder, since Jen is hard-core on following mask/vax protocols, if Jen hasn’t made a similar discovery about some people in her life.

    • WithTheAmerican says:

      Didn’t she have to break up with a yoga instructor or something? I vaguely recall something about that.

      Jen does fake tan the way Trump never could.

    • lucy2 says:

      It for sure has made me think less of a LOT of people, and of humanity as a whole. Like, we’ve never been great, but wow, the selfishness and ignorance is astounding.
      She did make a comment about having to cut a person out of her life for being anti-vax.

      On a less serious note, at the reunion show, I think she and David both said they WERE into each other when the show started, but nothing every came of it, and it’s been 20+ years now. But it was kind of a fun rumor for the 2 minutes it lasted.

  2. josephine says:

    The whole “reevaluation” thing that has come from lots of celebs strikes me as so clueless. Glad you had the time to reevaluate – I was killing myself figuring out how to do my job, keep my kids sane, protect my parents, all while watching the world burn.

    She’s certainly not the only one, but celebs don’t get it at all. I don’t want to hear a single thing about what they did or went through. I had hoped that if anything, the pandemic taught us that celebrity is incredibly meaningless and valueless.

  3. Anna says:

    Whatever, Jennifer. You need press? Why not talk about hair products? Babies? How HAPPY you are? Did I miss something?

  4. AmyB says:

    Can we PLEASE stop hearing clueless/privileged/sheltered celebrities talk about how the pandemic lockdown allowed them time to “re-evaluate” GTFOH ….. More than 700,000 people DIED!! People lost their jobs, families lost their homes, children were forced to have their entire education system interrupted! Our political system is a complete mess now, with the result of a huge portion of the Republican party believing 1) the election was stolen and fraud occurred 2) the Jan 6th Insurrection was not an attack on our Capital 2) vaccines and mask wearing is a government conspiracy.

    But yes, let’s talk about the shut-down, as all those months gave you time to reflect, as you did your yoga in your million dollar mansion, as you dined on your Chef created meals! As you did your mediation, and trainer led workouts by the ocean, and reflected on the meaning of life! PLEASE GO AWAY, and gain some fucking self-awareness!