Jennifer Hough spoke out about Nicki Minaj & Kenneth Petty’s harassment

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Weeks before Nicki Minaj went full-tilt anti-vaxx, she and her rapist husband Kenneth Petty were sued by a woman named Jennifer Hough. Petty raped Hough when they were both teenagers, and Petty was charged with a felony, and he ended up taking a plea deal. Which makes him a convicted rapist, regardless of whether or not he allocuted to the crime. Soon after Petty and Minaj got together, they began a public and private campaign of harassment and intimidation against Hough. They wanted her to recant, they offered to pay her, they followed her and her daughter around, they sent people to threaten Hough and her family. Minaj also lied about Hough publicly and repeatedly in interviews and on social media. So Hough sued them both and I think she has an excellent case against them. Not only that, I believe a good criminal case could be brought against Minaj and Petty. But for now, the civil suit will do.

Soon after Hough filed her lawsuit, she gave her first interview to the Daily Beast. It was heartbreaking, as she detailed the timeline and extent of the harassment and intimidation. Now Hough has given her first interview – she spoke to The Real yesterday. Here’s the full interview, broken up in three videos:

Hough is credible. Hough must be protected from Minaj, Petty and their goons. Not only that, Hough absolutely has a solid case. Nicki Minaj needs to lose all of her Barbz. This isn’t funny or cute. It never was. Nicki Minaj married a convicted rapist and she and her husband waged an unhinged campaign against the woman he brutally assaulted.

Nicki Minaj with Husband Kenneth Petty spotted at the Marc Jacobs Fashion Show

Screencaps courtesy of The Real, additional photos courtesy of Backgrid.

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  1. LoonyTunes says:

    I have heard Onika speak about the rape as if it were consensual and he only got convicted because he was older than her. That was clearly a lie. I’m glad Jennifer is speaking out and telling her truth. It’s crazy that she married this trash, but now tries to cover him in gold.

    • detritus says:

      She also tried to pretend Hough was a white woman trying to hurt a black man.

      Like Chrissy T was cancelled for telling a teen to kill herself. Onika told her husbands victim she was hiring a person to kill them. WTF

      • Otaku fairy says:

        Exactly. She’s such a liar, and the way this couple has exploited that issue is so disgusting. They used racism to try to protect violent misogyny.

  2. Char says:

    I’m still astonished by the silence of the business. No one said anything against Nicki’s horrible and criminal behaviour, no one. Rihanna was taking pictures with Nicki and husband, Nicki was going to the Met Gala! How can people claim to be feminist, how can people claim to be “Black Lives Matter” and not defend this black woman?

    • rainbowkitty says:

      Yah, I’m wondering when she will be cancelled.. I was shocked to see Rihanna taking photos with her recently. I hope she doesn’t choose to work with her again.

    • Coco says:

      Yes I was also surprised at the couples night photos of Rihanna and Nicki.

    • Ninks says:

      They’ve literally lied about her being black too to make it seem like it’s a white woman falsley accusing a Black man. Nicki has no shame about this. I hope her fans and supporters can see through her lies and games now.

    • Dana says:

      the answer is MONEY

    • Jules says:

      Well it seems like just yesterday that people here in the comments were heralding Nicki as the next feminist icon.

    • Tiffany :) says:

      It’s really heartbreaking that anyone would continue to support her. Nicki’s actions are truly horrific.

      Rihanna also needs to do better when it comes to supporting other women.

  3. Monette says:

    Why hasn’t the “Queen” been cancelled yet? Why does she still have representation, a new album, deals and booked appearences?
    Where is the damn cancel police?

    • rainbowkitty says:

      This is what I want to know too… is it because the man isn’t famous. Is it because it’s a black woman who was raped… I don’t understand why there hasn’t been more outrage about this. I haven’t seen anyone in that industry call her out.

      • Ana170 says:

        For whatever reasons some in the black community are unwilling to call out black men who are accused of crimes against women. Bill Cosby, R. Kelly, Russell Simmons, Chris Brown, and the idiot that shot Megan thee Staliion are just a few that continue to be supported. I don’t know how to fix this. The misogyny runs deep.

      • Lemons says:

        It’s because this involves Nicki and she’s a powerful person in the entertainment industry. For w/e reason, I think many people are afraid to confront her (or her Barbz) about this and choose to ignore it. She’s a toxic person as we’ve seen before. People really act like she’s not covered in Sh*t, but she defended her pedophile brother, she married a rapist, had a child with him, and is now defending him. She has actively taken part in the harassment of his victim. I just can’t…

  4. Pork chops & Apple sauce says:

    She’s been a beef-centric mess for many years now, enough with the attitude on tap already. She sullies her own reputation and musical talent with all of this nonsense. She’s pushing 39 come December, and this just isn’t a look I’d want as I approached 40.

  5. rainbowkitty says:

    I have a hard time reading things having to do with rape and sexual abuse, etc… I know it happens and I saying I can’t stomach it is privileged, anyway I read some of what she said this morning and it is brutal… he looked in a mirror and beat his chest after raping her. I hope she gets justice. And I hope Minaj gets finally cancelled. She should have been cancelled a long time ago when she worked with that gross 69 kid.

  6. Kviby says:

    When will any celeb denounce this or dissociate with her? Originally her husband was violent that was years ago but now they are continuing the violence with the following and the threats, to his rape victim! Agree that it could be criminal not only a civil case.

  7. StellainNH says:

    Jennifer is such a brave woman. I hope that she gets everything that she deserves. It sounds like all she wants to to be able to lie her life in peace.

  8. Chelsea says:

    One of the craziest parts of this to me is that Nicki insinuated that Hough was white by saying “White is right” when talking about Pettys conviction earlier. She tried to destroy another Black Woman by telling the world that she was white in the hopes that people would think her husband’s conviction was racially motivated knowing the history of black men being jailed and some cases lynched for looking at white women in the states.

    Can you imagine being as horrible as to use our people’s trauma to defend a damn rapist?! And to then open up Hough to all of this public harassment in addition to the private harassment she organized? Nicki’s a monster.

    • Rachel says:

      Yes this!

      That was the first thing I thought when I saw her, Nicki totally lied about this woman being white. I believed her when I read her story when it was previously covered here and I believed Jennifer before I even heard her speak on The Real because of that obvious lie on Nicki’s part. She must have arrogantly assumed Jennifer would never come out like this and speak up for herself. Bless this brave woman for proving Nicki wrong on that count.

      I hope she gets justice and is left alone. You can just tell by listening to her that she’s telling the truth. Her trauma is clear. Kenneth and Nicki are both gross.

      Also I’m not really familiar with the Real but good on them for having Jennifer on the show to speak her truth.

    • Otaku fairy says:

      Agreed. Especially with all the danger these two + stans have put her in, Jennifer should not have to have shown us her face. Sometimes woc get put in damaging situations where protecting misogyny is painted as fighting racism, or where the shared male oppression really has to be emphasized in order for anything else to matter. This is one of the more extreme examples. It’s a very messy, complicated issue. All over the world. And you always have to worry about how raising that concern will be misinterpreted.

  9. OriginalLeigh says:

    So Jennifer Hough is a black woman? A victim is a victim and race should not make a difference, but Nicki previously implied that Jennifer was a white woman lying about a black man. Nicki is not a good person.

  10. MCV says:

    Nicki has a convicted pedophile and rapist as a brother and a rapist husband i truly pray for her kid.

    • Coco says:

      I was just happy she didn’t have a girl because that poor baby would not be safe around anyone. I worry that her son may grow up to think what his father and uncle behavior is ok and we know Nicki would co-sign it.

      • TIFFANY says:

        That little boy needs to be protected as well. Boys are victim to assaults as well.

      • IMARA219 says:

        I really dislike her teaching her toxicity to a boy, being a boy mom is such a beautiful opportunity and she’s wasting it.

      • Otaku fairy says:

        @Imara219: Yep. So many women remain willfully ignorant about what they’re teaching their sons and other young boys in their own daily eagerness to treat women like shit. What’s funny/pathetic is that some of them are really bothered by terms like toxic masculinity. They’ll whine about how it’s Reverse Discrimination1 because there must be a female equivalent. All they have to do is look in the mirror.

  11. MY3CENTS says:

    I cancelled her years ago when I heard that she defended her rapist brother after he repeatedly raped an 11year old. There is a special place in hell for people like her.

  12. Jane says:

    Why, oh why, would any woman marry a convicted rapist? I just don’t understand it.

    • Robyn says:

      He’s also a convicted killer. So much coverage leaves this out, but he served time for manslaughter as well.

    • THRILLLLHAUS says:

      Because sis got picked is what it looks like more than anything. As hyper focused on what other people think of her as she is, do you think she’d be with someone non-famous if literally anyone with some degree of clout would have her as an actual in-name romantic partner? I honestly hate the term PMAB but if it walks like a duck…

  13. TIFFANY says:

    Jennifer needs to keep these appearances and interviews up. For no other reason than to keep her and her family alive.

    And it is a damn shame that is the defense needed to keep your life.

    Nikki and her rapist need to burn. But first settle out of court.

    • cassandra says:

      Excellent point. My first thought was that she or her family could be the victims of violence either from a fan or even directed by Minaj. I wouldn’t be surprised at all

      Also if you’re so embarrassed and ashamed of your husband’s behavior that you harass others, perhaps you shouldn’t have married him 🤷‍♀️

      • TIFFANY says:

        It’s not so much shame as legality. He already couldn’t go to the Met Gala ( or her invite was recanted) because the museum is near a school district. California is also a no go because he did not register as a see offender , he can’t get visas or travel internationally. His legal issues are a inconvenience for her and that is what this is.

        He is going to end her career. So be it then.

  14. Bean says:

    Jennifer looks traumatized. When she speaks her head is down and her eyes averted. I hope she wins and I hope she can get some healing. I can’t imagine having to deal with that trauma for 2 decades and never being able to move past it.

    • BothSidesNow says:

      @ Bean, I agree with you. You can see her blouse shaking before she speaks with the hosts. Ms. Hough has been victimized again for what NM and her rapist-killer husband are doing to her, her family and her daughters!! Ms. Houghs interview should be plastered on every network and run consistently for weeks!!! People NEED to hear what Ms. Hough is going through and the hate campaign that NM and Petty are subjecting her to. Ms. Hough is probably experiencing the violent crime that Petty subjected to her all those years ago, again and again.

      Cancel NM and Petty!! They need to be cancelled NOW!!!

    • Tiffany :) says:

      Yes, her body language is very telling. My heart goes out to Jennifer.

  15. nina says:

    That was hard to watch.

  16. House of No says:

    Nicki’s a menace to women, especially black women. What a disgusting soul!

  17. Ctgirl says:

    Nikki and her husband should be arrested for their harassment of his rape victim. What a terrible, trashy, mean and moronic couple.

  18. paranormalgirl says:

    All Nikki had to do was leave this woman alone. But nope. Coudn’t do that. Piece of shit human.

  19. Rice says:

    The Onika and Petty divorce is going to be spectacular.

  20. Steph says:

    And murderer. He’s a convicted murderer. I’m starting to wonder if Nicki is ok. She is making profoundly bad choices. I wonder if she is being abused and forced into this? She knew from jumpthat she could never be able to safely live with him bc he has to register on the sex offenders list. She’ll always have to make her address public. Yet she married and had a kid with him anyways thinking she’d really be able to get Hough to recant….I don’t get it.

  21. Liz version 700 says:

    This interview is heartbreaking. She is still so traumatized it hurts to listen too. I can’t believe that Nikki is allowed to get away with stalking this woman her husband raped!

  22. JustBe says:

    This is how you know that so-called ‘cancel culture’ was always a lie. Regular citizens who are caught on camera doing racists and/or horrible things might risk losing employment, but rich/famous/powerful people rarely suffer significant, negative consequences (and temporary loss of fame does not count as a significant, negative consequence). If there was true public social justice, everyone would be condemning Minaj and she would be begging to settle with Ms. Hough for a significant sum of money. But, as it stands, Minaj is posting ridiculous anti-vaccine posts on social media to distract the public from her criminal behavior. And, sadly, everyone is falling for it. Why hasn’t Ms. Hough’s heartbreaking interview been as widely covered as a stupid IG post? Partly because of the misogynoir, because the pain and crimes against women, but especially WOC, are always diminished in the American media landscape.
    I’m so glad that Kaiser is covering this story here, but I’m so sad that Ms. Hough has had to resort to opening herself up to public scrutiny in hopes of finding some level of safety and peace.
    As stated above, Minaj and her spouse are harassing this women in hopes of getting his record expunged so that they can travel internationally and he doesn’t have to continue to live as a registered sex offender. But, rapists/murderers should continue to be scrutinized indefinitely unless and until they prove to not be a danger to any other person.

  23. why? says:

    It’s crazy how Nicki’s PR machine is spinning this.

    Nicki and her husband wouldn’t have been be in this position had her husband not raped anyone(our judicial system is extremely flawed, he was allowed to plead down to the lesser offense of attempted rape), registered as a SO in California, and either paid his parking tickets or watched where he was parking(they noticed that he was using a CA address and therefore violating his plea deal because he hadn’t registered as a SO in the state). Instead of just doing the right thing, they decided to solve it by forcing Jennifer into changing her story(using her fans, bloggers, and staff to harass her and her family and tarnish her reputation). Thinking that his wife’s money and status will make it all go away.

  24. Well Wisher says:

    This interview by the Real was on point, it demonstrated why the #metoo movement was so necessary and eventually created by Ms. Burke. It evoked a maternal need to wrap her in one’s arms and soothe the inner child that was traumatized as a teenager. I send Ms Hough love, best wishes and healing energy.

  25. Gracie says:

    How very brave of her. This is a very violent person she is up against – manslaughter and rape. I would argue you can’t rehabilitate that out of someone, especially if they acknowledge no wrongdoing. She is in a dangerous situation and I hope she has protection.