Lady Gaga in Schiaparelli at the AMMP gala: surprisingly wonderful?

Academy Museum of Motion Pictures Opening Gala

Saturday night’s opening gala for the Academy Museum of Motion Pictures in LA got such a good crowd! This was the best carpet we’ve had since… maybe the Oscars 2020? Lady Gaga was there, of course, and she’s back to blonde, although I think all of this is a wig. I actually thought Gaga had one of the best looks of the night in this custom Schiaparelli. Love the combo of a sleek, sleeveless black gown with a taffeta drape/cape. I don’t think that’s part of the dress (like, attached) but I could be wrong. I think it’s a black gown and then the blue cape was made to be worn on one shoulder.

Academy Museum of Motion Pictures Opening Gala

Academy Museum of Motion Pictures Opening Gala

The women from the new film Passing were all there, because there will be a major Oscar campaign around this film, I am sure. Rebecca Hall adapted the screenplay and directed and produced the film, based on the book of the same name by Nella Larsen. I did not realize that Hall’s hair was so short these days! It doesn’t suit her, but I’m sure it’s freeing. The dress is meh.

Academy Museum of Motion Pictures: Opening Gala

Tessa Thompson wore this shaggy Dior look which is just kind of… eh. I’m sure that a lot of craftsmanship went into it, but it doesn’t do much for Tessa. On the other hand, she was clearly victorious in the Great Muppet War.

Academy Museum of Motion Pictures Opening Gala

Academy Museum of Motion Pictures: Opening Gala

Ruth Negga in vintage Arnold Scassi. Holy 1980s office Christmas party dress. What was she thinking?!?

Academy Museum of Motion Pictures: Opening Gala

Photos courtesy of Avalon Red.

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28 Responses to “Lady Gaga in Schiaparelli at the AMMP gala: surprisingly wonderful?”

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  1. Roserose says:

    Victorious in the Great Muppet War got a great big belly laugh from me on a Monday morning!

  2. Jillian says:

    I like Tessa’s fluffy thing, looks comfortable and she’s pulling it off. Lady Gaga looks lovely too but that wig….ma’am. It’s pulled too far down on her forehead, move it back just a bit and it wouldn’t look weird

  3. tempest prognosticator says:

    Wow, Lady Gaga looks gorgeous. Glamorous.

    • PeacefulParsley says:

      If anyone can wear Schiaparelli (vs. the other way around), it’s her. She is stunning, and I don’t think she gets enough credit for it because her occasional odd choices work against that fact. OTOH, I don’t like connecting a woman’s value to her appearance.

    • josephine says:

      I really hated her hair and make-up — so matronly. The dress was great, but I don’t understand why her hair & make-up team made her look like an old lady trying to look younger. Such a waste of a great dress.

    • Thirtynine says:

      Lady Gaga has such presence. You can’t ignore her. I don’t think the hair/wig matters really- it’s just part of the whole fabulous package.

  4. North of Boston says:

    I really liked Tessa’s outfit. And it probably looked gorgeous in person and in motion.

    Rebecca Hall’s outfit I did not care for. There was a beautiful dress in there, but the sheerness just draws your eye to what’s underneath and leotards are not what I want to be seeing on the red carpet.

  5. Angelica Schuyler says:

    Gaga looks stunning. Absolutely gorgeous, and the look is timeless. Love this look on her.

  6. Valentina says:

    I can’t get past Gaga’s lips, gorgeous dress though.

  7. Heat says:

    Gaga’s look was gorgeous…all except the hair.

  8. Hellohello says:

    I guess my tastes are different because I think Ruth and Tessa look amazing while Gaga looks like some half baked Elizabeth Taylor cosplay from the late ‘80’s.

  9. LeonsMomma says:

    You know what, I like all of the dresses! Already liking what I am seeing vs. the Met Gala.

  10. locamg says:

    I don’t like what Gaga has done to her face. I feel like she’s almost unrecognizable sometimes.

  11. lucy2 says:

    I like Lady Gaga’s dress a lot, but I’ve never ever thought the white blonde hair was flattering on her. This hair and makeup is so severe.
    I kind of like Rebecca’s except for it being see through, and whatever that necklace/strap is.
    I usually dislike Muppet-y stuff, but Tessa’s isn’t bad. She looks great.

  12. Yuh says:

    The moon dress is stunning, and her hair is everything.

  13. MF1 says:

    A lot of the other actresses look like they showed up to the wrong event. Lady Gaga is one of the few who understood the assignment: formal red carpet but not as formal as the Oscars and not as over the top as Cannes.

  14. Keira says:

    @shrimptoncouture did a great write up about Ruth’s dress.

  15. psl says:

    Gaga got a new face for the upcoming Holiday season, I see……..

  16. Ann says:

    I actually like Ruth’s dress? The green velvet is very 80s but it looks interesting and flattering on her, to me. I like the cut.

    Gaga does look great, though I don’t care for the hair.

  17. DaphneOG says:

    She doesn’t look like Gaga. Is that makeup or more? I truly had no clue who this was from the photos. Love the dress!

  18. ......... says:

    Her new face gives me uncanny valley vibes. She looks like she’s a character from a PlayStation 1 game.

  19. Bread and Circuses says:

    I think I would have really liked Tessa’s outfit if the bottom were sleek and a different fabric, rather than more the same. In the photo where she’s cropped to show from the waist up only, she looks wonderful in it.