Chris Colfer saw a UFO during the day on Santa Monica Boulevard

Chris Colfer saw a UFO. At least he thinks he did. And he has video to prove it. While on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon, Jimmy asked Chris about a recent incident in Hollywood that Chris had in which he claimed to have witnessed a UFO. Apparently, Chris is a huge believer in all things alien so for him, this was everything he’d ever wanted. He’s convinced the very distant, white balloon hovering in the sky, in the middle of the day, was a UFO and Jimmy agrees. I posted the segment below so you can see the video Chris shot but here is what he said about it:

I’m a huge alien paranormal conspiracist. It’s like my hobby. I love that more than anything else in the world. I was in Hollywood and I was walking down Santa Monica Boulevard [in the] middle of the day. I just saw this thing hovering in the sky. I remember looking up and [thinking] like ‘this can’t be real. I want this too much.’ I whipped out my camera. It was a cylinder shape it was not moving with the wind, it was moving like a dog’s tail. [demonstrates] It was happy to see me. It wasn’t a balloon because it was very bottom heavy. I got a video of it. [shows video, audience laughs] Very creepy. I sent it to everyone I knew. Everyone was like ‘aw Chris, congratulations, you’ve been working for this for so long.’

[From YouTube]

After watching the video, I have no idea what Chris saw. I doubt it was extra-terrestrial. My bet is some store display that became untethered. Although, if aliens were going to show up in the middle of the day, they would likely be attracted to Santa Monica Blvd in Hollywood. But if I wanted something to be a UFO, that’s exactly what I would have seen as well. I don’t know that I believe in aliens. But I want to believe in the supernatural, so I see that in a lot of things that probably aren’t. And like Chris’ friends, mine play along too. They say “ooh” and “aah” like what I described freaked them out as much as it did me.

What legitimately freaked me out was that Chris was on Tonight to promote his 18th book! I had no idea he’d written any books, let alone 18. He’s 31 years old. I promise to be happy for him as soon as I stop feeling like an utter failure in his shadow. Chris did say he was taking a break and the story he told as to why was really funny. He said a guy in a bar tried to buy him a drink and chat him up. The guy said he loved Chris’ books and remembered reading them “as a kid.” Chris said asked how that was possible since the first one only came out nine years ago. The guy said yes, he’d read it when he was 11 and Chris just about lost it. He’s entertaining as hell. I need to watch more of his interviews.




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  1. ItReallyIsYouNotMe says:

    My kids love his books but I had no idea that he wrote 18 of them. The ones they like are The Land of Stories series which is an alternative fairy tale land with all of the traditional fairytale characters.

  2. TIFFANY says:

    I’m glad he found a viable career post Glee. I always liked Chris.

    As far as the UFO goes, why not. I am a believer that we are not the only species of this universe.
    *shrugs *

    • Anners says:

      I 100% didn’t even recognize him (as Kurt) until he started speaking. He’s grown up a lot! I’m also glad he has work and is doing what he loves.

      And same – the universe is too big to be just us out here.

  3. lucy2 says:

    I fully believe there’s life somewhere beyond our one little planet…but I don’t know what that was supposed to be?
    Chris seems like such a nice guy, and I didn’t know he was an author. Good for him! Glad he’s doing well.

  4. Willow says:

    Oh my gosh! He was so charming and funny in that video! But how is that Itty, bitty, teeny, tiny, white dot with a wispy tail waaaaay up in the sky a UFO? As for me, there aren’t any aliens, but there is definitely a Loch Ness monster and Big Foot still roams the West Virginia mountains.

  5. Sally says:

    I knew he wrote books but I haven’t seen a pic of him for a while and I’m weirdly pleased to see that he ages normally? Like he’s definitely cute, but he doesn’t have that eternal babyface I kinda expected him to have? More sweet but definitely an adult?

  6. Margot says:

    My kids adore his books. His latest just came in the mail yesterday and my daughter is holding on to it in case school shuts down again and she needs a pick-me-up.

  7. SpankyB says:

    I never watched Glee so I have no idea who he is but he’s so charming! I love his bar story and have downloaded the first book of that series.

    As for aliens amongst us, sure, why not. I’m all for keeping an open mind about those things. And I’m pretty sure Big Foot lives in the Sierra Mountains behind me. I Believe!

  8. Bread and Circuses says:

    Well, realistically, of course there is other life in the universe, because there’s just so much universe.

    But, also realistically, that life will never manage to find us, because again: there’s just so much universe. The distances are too great, and the number of places too search are too many.

    I too have seen a UFO in the sense that I couldn’t identify what that thing was, but it was absolutely made on Earth. Chris’s was too.