Katie Couric won’t be allowed on any CBS show to promote her memoir

Katie Couric at the sixth biennial Stand Up To Cancer (SU2C) telecast at the Barker Hangar in Santa Monica

Katie Couric’s memoir Going There hasn’t even come out yet and there are all of these terrible stories from the book. It really does feel like Couric took a special interest in derailing Ashleigh Banfield’s career, and it’s a wonder Banfield doesn’t have more to say about that. While Couric didn’t include this story in her memoir, it’s a story that has been circulating this week:

Katie Couric mocked and humiliated her NBC rival Ashleigh Banfield during an incident at the 2000 Olympics, a network source told The Daily Mail. The “disgraceful” scene occurred as both journalists were setting up to interview Olympic Gold medalist Michael Johnson. A producer working for Couric is said to have loudly shooed Banfield out of the TODAY Show’s Sydney set, telling her to “sit outside the studio door.” Couric made fun of her junior colleague to her team afterward, reportedly joking, “I hope it wasn’t too mean having her kicked out of here,” according to the report. Couric then reportedly made Banfield wait outside as she and her daughter interviewed Johnson.

When Banfield was finally allowed on set, one of her questions to Johnson was about alleged drug use by athletes at the Olympics. Banfield had been told she could address the rumors with the athlete, but Johnson apparently halted the interview soon after. Couric, in the studio, reportedly called the incident “so embarrassing,” quipping as Banfield walked by, “Ew. That was awkward, Ashleigh. Ew. Awkward.”

Though Couric discusses the Sydney Olympics in her forthcoming “scorched earth” memoir Going There, she reportedly makes no mention of the incident. When reached by the Daily Mail for comment, Banfield said, “I don’t want to reopen old wounds, but Sydney certainly was a professional challenge for me.”

[From The Daily Beast]

So Ashleigh was working at the Sydney Olympics alongside the NBC/Today team and she clearly had the clearance to interview one of the Olympians and Couric kicked her out of her interview? Yiiikes.

Meanwhile, Couric hasn’t even started *promoting* Going There. And considering how many bridges she’s already burned, where would she even be welcomed? Not CBS – sources told Page Six that her criticism of CBS as a network and specific executives there has guaranteed the fact that she will not be allowed to promote her book on any CBS show. NBC has apparently allowed her back on Today on October 19th for an interview though. Which should be “awkward.”

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  1. Bryn says:

    I’m really enjoying watching this. At a time when its so easy to get “cancelled”, and shes doing it to herself. None of these stories make her look good at all, its hilarious.

    • Me says:

      Ashleigh Banfield was one of the faces of 9/11 coverage and I can remember articles and public discussions of why her subsequent career wasn’t more successful—turns out one sociopath in the right position can spike your whole career.

      • Louisa says:

        I loved AB’s 9/11 coverage (and on a shallow note, her look. I remember getting glasses similar to hers). I always wondered what happened to her as she was definitely poised to have a much bigger career.

      • janey janey says:

        This happens all the time. So many people wash out of industries because one person in power decides they need to go. Talent doesn’t matter.

        And what I’ve seen is that it’s any sort of difference that is used to bludgeon people’s career. Women. Black. LatinX. Gay. Trans. Working parent. Illness. Disability.

        I will say this so people in the back can hear.

        IT WAS NEVER ABOUT MERIT. The field is rigged. We’re just pointing out the booby traps and that endlessly pisses people off who have benefitted from those grenades being tucked away for centuries.

      • waitwhat says:

        Hear, hear Janey – well said.

  2. Scorpion says:

    Bye, Karen.

    • Diana says:

      I am dead!!!! 💀💀💀💀

      Absolutely LOVE the Katie Couric coverage on here!!!! I am thoroughly enjoying the eff out of watching this dumpster-fire and cannot wait to read the book!!! 🤣

      • Rose says:

        See the more headlines I read the more I realize I won’t be supporting her or this book. I would never read it let alone buy it. She’s scum

      • STRIPE says:

        This whole thing is WILD!!! Truly I cannot believe how so many people involved in this book didn’t see this implosion coming

      • Christine says:

        I think the publisher saw it coming, and likely encouraged it, under the guise of no publicity is bad publicity.

        Uh, yeah, this is the very definition of bad publicity, I will be fascinated to see how this all ends.

      • Monica says:

        I won’t give Katie any money but I’m here for the Celebitches who take one for the team.

  3. Amy T says:

    I would have ignored this book altogether, not because I had any particular strong feelings about Katie Couric in any direction. But I will definitely be thumbing the library’s copy when it arrives (and leaves, and comes back, and leaves again….repeat until book is not returned or gets too grubby to go out anymore and I reorder a new one, or don’t).

    For every ambitious, walk-over-whomever-to-get-to-wherever, there are and remain thousands of reporters who cared more about getting accurate information to the community they covered for a barely living wage. I know, because I was one of them. I get wanting to rise. I will never get abusing and belittling the people around you to do it.

    • Nina says:

      I was one of them too. I got out on time. Journalism is so toxic

      • Merricat says:

        Modern journalism is toxic, in part because of entertainment organizations pretending to be news. When I was an editor, there was competitiveness, but that showed up in the quality of the research and the writing. 24-hour television news turned what was a field about facts and sources into a minefield of innuendo and exaggeration, just for the sake of ratings. It’s hard to see.

      • Amy T says:

        Spot-on, @Merricat. And @Nina – that was more true for broadcast than print when I was doing it. But now I think it’s pervaded every format….sigh…

  4. Amy Bee says:

    Sounds like she used to bully Ashleigh. Am I surprised by this? No. As I said the other day, I always felt that she was fake. So to read that she was a mean girl isn’t shocking at all. She’s just a terrible person and I hope when she goes on the Today show she will be challenged on her treatment of her colleagues.

    • StartupSpouse says:

      I think the Today show will give her softball questions.

      I stan Ann Curry and I wonder what the dynamic is between these two. I would love to see Ann do a hard-hitting interview with Katie. Really take her to the mat. It will never happen, but it would be great.

  5. Eurydice says:

    I suppose we’ll be hearing from her a version of “Wha, wha, wha, I’m just telling my truth, poor me, wokeness, cancel culture, blah, blah…” But, actually, what I’d love to see is “Yeah, I did all that and I’m an unrepentant bitch.” It won’t make me like her, but it would be a refreshing change from all the false apologies and tears.

    • BothSidesNow says:

      Yup. KC will start playing the victim and that everyone misunderstood her writings. KC will start to one day wish she hadn’t done this, but it may be decades before she makes that realization, if she does.

      • Jaded says:

        Yup. That’s exactly what toxic narcissists do — play the poor victim card and try to elicit sympathy. We see you Katie and remember…revenge is a dish best served cold and you WILL reap what you’ve sown.

  6. FrodoOrOdo says:

    I know people are weirded out by the feet but I can’t get away from how deeply unsettling her face is in the cover shot. It’s not a warm, casual smile. It’s weaponized as menace, almost Joker-like.

  7. Ariel says:

    The book photo makes her look like a demon. Perhaps it is because she seems to be an awful human, but yeah I don’t know what they were going for with the pic, but I’m getting evil.

    • Surly Gale says:

      I get “casually” evil. Not openly, purposefully but just “meh, who cares if I’m “naughty” cause look where I am and look where you are so f-you” kind of vibe.

  8. Becks1 says:

    In 2000, Katie Couric was at the top. There was no reason for her to be threatened. She was established on the Today Show, she was America’s Sweetheart, etc. The fact that she was STILL so mean and so petty towards a fellow reporter because….what, Ashleigh was pretty? She thought Ashleigh was after her job? That’s pretty gross.

    As for CBS – Stephen Colbert said the other night that his show sells the most books on tv (I can’t remember if he said TV or late night.) Basically going on his show to promote your book guarantees you a huge bump in sales. This was in context of Stephanie Grisham and how he refused to invite her on to promote her book. But now I’m thinking of that with Katie Couric.

    This book is going to do huge sales regardless, but I feel like we’re watching someone take a match to their reputation in real time and its like a train wreck, you can’t look away.

    • HelloDolly! says:

      What’s sad is that Couric probably got away with this bullying and gendered behavior more so because she was a woman. Of, course, a man could get away with this, but maybe not, depending on the situation. Couric infantiized and spoke down to Banfield in an uncomfortable mimcry or embodied toxic masculinity. This is probably how she thrived in different male dominated workplaces–just be “one of the [gross] guys.”

      • Jane Wilson says:

        I believe she got away with it because of the one thing that matters in TV: ratings.
        I’ve yet to see any woman get away with anything because she’s a woman. Never. It’s only because of power.
        But not every woman with power uses it to knock down rivals; some use it for appropriate reasons…usually the things that got them there in the first place – hard work, talent, having a voice, good decision-making and hard work.
        But anywhere there’s a schemer like Couric, truly talented people are mowed down, others diminished by hurt and fear.
        I think Couric is an asshole for two reasons…because she’s really good at it and because she really enjoys it.

      • remarks says:

        Compared to Matt Lauer, maybe people thought her behavior seemed less weird. There’s probably a sliding scale of bad behaviour and he was at the top end and by comparison she probably seemed “nicer.”

      • stagaroni says:

        The atmosphere at NBC and the Today Show was toxic. Bryant Gumball harassed Couric on air for taking nine weeks maternity leave. Then Matt Lauer came along. The women there must have felt insecure about their jobs…we know they were sexually harassed, assaulted, and jobs were given to younger, prettier women. This doesn’t excuse Couric’s behavior at all, it just shows that the rot starts at the top and continues to eat away at the foundation. Management by fear and intimidation eventually backfires.

  9. Mimi says:

    It’s like watching a crash- you can’t look away

    • Chaine says:

      Exactly… the Fail has a lengthy interview with that nanny she trashed in the book and the nanny holds nothing back!

  10. Catherine says:

    Guarantee. The Today show will find a way to emphasize the Prince Harry angle especially if she interviewed by Hoda and/or Savannah. They love to shade the Sussexes. At this point with how she has hit at so many people she worked with Prince Harry shouldn’t even be brought up but they will do it.

  11. Mabs A'Mabbin says:

    There’s that foot.

  12. Robyn says:

    It’s very satisfying to watch this edition of F*ck Around and Find Out play out.

  13. remarks says:

    I’m kind of shocked a grown woman (in her late 30s-early 40s?) would utter “Ew. That was awkward, Ashleigh. Ew. Awkward.” Whut.

  14. phlyfiremama says:

    I remember seeing Katie, Billy Crystal, and Bette Midler on some show and I kid you not, the collective procedures they have had on their faces was a horror show to me. I was grossed out: they looked like puppets!!

  15. Giddy says:

    It makes me so happy that KC has managed to completely demolish her own reputation. How fun to watch this mean girl be accidentally mean to herself.

  16. remarks says:

    A lot of these industries don’t seem worth admiring, even though we’re taught from a young age to be so goal and career-oriented.

  17. Jamie says:

    Showing my age here, but I have watched the TODAY show way back when Tom Brokaw and Jane Pauley were on. It was a staple in my house and still is. I would have never thought that Matt Lauer was a dang rapist and America’s Sweetheart Katie Couric was a no-showering-on-the-weekend b*tch. If there is anything bad about Hoda Kotb, please don’t tell me. I don’t want to know. What is WRONG with people??

  18. pottymouth pup says:

    Why in G-d’s name would she want to promote this book (of course, why the hell did she write it)? It seems as though she’s happy to out herself as a horrible person

  19. rea says:

    Couric was always a toxic person. There were rumors circulating around the media scene that she was one to avoid. Ironically she was always hailed as a sweetheart by the people. This is a lesson to everyone here to not hail as people as holier than thou. These are media people and have a personality to sell much like actors/actresses do in movies its an act. A lot of times their onscreen person vs real life person is so different.

    • LMR says:

      First Ellen and now her. It’s almost like deeming someone “America’s Sweetheart” unleashes all holy hell.

  20. Nicole says:

    I’m just here to say Yikes! Stephen Colbert is a CBS property and would get her a lot of views. She messed up.

  21. Grant says:

    She looks deranged on that cover but I suppose it matches her personality.

  22. Tiffany says:

    I can’t believe a publishing house read this and said, yeah, let’s keep it going.

    I’m guessing they will not get that advance they paid her back. I just can’t see this being a huge success.

    Couric ain’t been famous enough in a minute.

  23. stagaroni says:

    Why would you advertise such loathsome things about yourself? Is there a dictatorship opening available, or maybe a prison warden job she is eyeing?? I just find it so self-destructive and/or delusional. And she calls her book, “Going There”, as if she is brave for doing so. No, Katie…you shouldn’t have gone there. In fact, just go back to where you came from.

  24. Feebee says:

    What would be “ew, awkward” would be if NBC invited Banfield and Norville to watch in studio.

  25. Plums says:

    idk, maybe she’s playing 3D chess by writing a memoir that makes her come off as a godawful person and burning all these industry bridges because it’ll drive sales. I know I’m more curious to read the memoir of an un-self-aware human disaster than I would otherwise be if Katie Couric, respectable former news anchor, wrote a memoir about how boring and respectable she was.

  26. nicole says:

    I always thought she had “the crazy eyes”…