Candace Cameron Bure isn’t anti-vaccine, she’s anti-mandate & ‘pro immunity’

Actress Candace Cameron-Bure arrives at the World Premiere Of Disney's 'Aladdin' held at the El Capitan Theatre on May 21, 2019 in Hollywood, Los Angeles, California, United States. (Photo by Xavier Collin/Image Press Agency)

Candace Cameron Bure is an Evangelical Christian, a Republican and a regular actress in some of those wholesome Hallmark Channel movies where everyone is white and no one has premarital sex. She’s 45, she’s been married for 25 years (!!) and she has three now-young-adult children. Basically, if you had to make a guess about how she feels about vaccines, you would probably guess correctly. Of course she’s anti-Vaxx. But she wrapping up her anti-vaccine stance like she’s suddenly some immunologist or intellectual.

First, a little backstory – in September, she had an Instagram Story about how she refuses to disclose her vaccine status, and how she’s adamantly against vaccine mandates. She wrote at the time: “I can no longer stay silent on vaccine mandates. Although I will not disclose my vaccination status to you, I am absolutely opposed to vaccine MANDATES, anywhere. We must speak up.” This is now her big struggle, her big cause. She is the Gandhi of lazy, stupid white people who don’t understand immunity. She posted an Instagram a few days ago which is straight out of the anti-Vaxxer handbook.

Candace Cameron Bure is speaking out about her stance on COVID-19 vaccine mandates. On Thursday, Oct.7, the Hallmark actress shared an infographic from social media personality “The Girl Named Blake” to her Instagram account, explaining that despite being against requiring individuals to get vaccinated against COVID-19, she’s not an anti-vaxxer. Rather, Candace indicated she’s “pro-medical freedom.”

One of the five slides read, “I’m not anti-v, I’m just pro-informed consent,” with another stating, “I’m just pro-immune system.” The last two images endorse “early intervention” and “sunlight, exercise, real food, & vitamins” as an apparent defense against illness.

For these reasons, Candace wrote in her caption, she doesn’t support a vaccine mandate. “This. This is not about what I am against. This is what I am FOR. Read and understand the distinction,” the 45-year-old mother of three stated. “This mama is holding the line and standing up for freedom. This should not separate us. We can have different opinions and still respect and love one another. Be bigger than that!”

[From E! News]

Over 713,000 Americans have died of Covid. The thousands of people who have died of Covid in recent months have been overwhelmingly unvaccinated. On their deathbeds, many of them regretted their decisions to not get the vaccine or take the pandemic seriously. I guess Cameron is one of the lucky ones who doesn’t know anyone with that kind of story. I guess she’s in her little privileged bubble and she thinks she’s making some dumbf–k stance. Oh well. If her ass is unvaccinated and she’s encouraged her family to refuse the vaccine, chances are pretty good that Covid will come for them eventually.

Photos courtesy of Avalon Red and Instagram.

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  1. Amy Bee says:

    Is she anti-abortion? Because if she is, then she’s not pro-medical freedom.

    • Persephone says:

      Exactly right.
      She is a complete idiot.

    • BecauseOfCourse says:

      Everyone who has died of covid had an immune system. In fact, everyone who has ever died of an infectious disease had an immune system that didn’t save them. This selfish bint got each of her three kids vaccinated bc of a mandate, she doesn’t have a problem with them, she’s just greedy and genuinely ugly, just like her fan base.
      But she won’t do their dying for them.
      Sorry, meant for this to be a separate comment!

    • NCWoman says:

      I don’t call people anti-abortion any more. They’re anti-woman. Abortion with its “save the BABIES” emotional appeal is just a tool in the toolkit for making us return to second-class citizen status.

      • lemontwist says:

        Totally agree with you about euphemisms like ‘pro-life’ or ‘anti-abortion’. ‘Anti-woman’ is the truth.
        I’m starting to go with ‘against pregnancy/prenatal healthcare’ or some such because access to abortion IS healthcare for people who are pregnant, period.

      • whatWHAT? says:

        “pro-forced birth” works, too.

        because they sure as heck ain’t “pro-life”. they don’t give a rat’s azz what happens to that baby once it’s out. post-natal care, for mom or baby? food? shelter? diapers?

        “you’re on your own, you jezebel.”

        (please note the above is NOT how *I* feel.)

    • Betsy says:

      There is no such position as “anti-abortion.” They have spent the last year telling on themselves. They’re not opposed to abortion, nor do they want to protect life. They want to control women and they’re okay with the deaths of a million. As of May this year, it was calculated that the number of deaths from covid in America was 900,000 (there was a New York Times article). How much higher do we think it is now? “Let your grandma die so we can get back to making more money for wealthy people!” “It doesn’t matter if only 500 kids have died, that’s a low number!”

      So which is it, misogynist right wingers: is life precious or not? If it is, shouldn’t you be vaccinated and taking all necessary precautions to save the lives of the living?

      • Indywom says:

        I guarantee you she gets vaccinated when she has to travel out of the country because she is only willing to stand on principle until it costs her money.

    • Eddie says:

      Anti-mandate? She had plenty of time to get vaxxed before any mandate went into effect. Tragic.

    • Minnieder says:

      True!!! 😂

  2. Noki says:

    Do anti-vaxxers even get canceled or blackballed? It seems she will be just fine and her audieence probably feels the same.

    • Meep says:

      Nope. Just look at Jenny F-cking McCarthy hosting the masked singer.

      • Snappyfish says:

        At her side a man who commits sexual assault. Why I don’t watch the Masked Singer

        As for Candance she should open a book & read the definition of immunity & how herd immunity comes about. It’s with vaccines

      • Golly Gee says:

        @Snappyfish, They know that herd immunity comes from “other” people getting vaccinated and taking the bullet as it were, so that the anti-vaxxers can benefit without having to get vaccinated. So while they believe that vaccines are harmful, they are happy for the majority to get them so that they themselves don’t have to take any perceived risks. The ultimate in selfishness.

  3. John says:

    This woman is a moron.
    Vaccines save lives.
    The GOP is a death cult.

    • josephine says:

      what is especially appalling is that vaccines BOOST one’s immunity. if she were actually pro-immunity, she would get vaccinated.

      she’s just pro-herself. i really think these people are likely vaccinated but looking for backing from rightwing outlets. maybe she’s fishing for a job on fox or the hallmark channel or whatever other network likes women who know their place and like to play the stupid card. she wanted attention and she got it, the lives of others be damned.

  4. Annabel says:

    I’m pro-immune system too! That’s why I got vaccinated as soon as I possibly could, Candace, to help my immune system recognize Covid and attack it.

    • Kristen says:

      Exactly! The best reply I saw to this on Twitter was: “I am pro-immune system too. That’s why I regularly send it instructions on how to fight various intruders as those details become available. Today I am getting my pharmacist to send it a dossier on seasonal influenza!”

    • Lucy2 says:

      Exactly! All she revealed here is that she’s pretty darn clueless about everything.

      And if she really feels that way, fine, but then she needs to stay home. She another anti-vaxxers do not get to impose on MY medical freedom either.

  5. Chaine says:

    She seems like the kind of person that doesn’t know what to do with herself now that her kids are adults, so she is going to dabble in Full On Karening until she gets some grandkids to focus on.

    • Betsy says:

      When you think what a person with that kind of unfocused energy could do for teens in foster care, or in community gardens that grow free produce for the neighborhood, or in connecting with young, low income parents of young children, or… instead they just spin themselves into crazier versions of themselves.

      • Indywom says:

        Or if she is so anti-abortion how about fostering some of those kids who need a home or even better fostering some of those kids who lost both their parents to COVID. This is when you hear crickets from these people.

    • Stacy Dresden says:

      Ok now her nickname in my head is Full Karen

  6. Lizzie says:

    Real question, she was a child star who married at 20 – does she even have a high school education? Everyone is entitled to their opinions but making scientific proclamations without the proper education is scary and dangerous. Also she thinks she is clever and trying to not get banned for being anti vaxx when so she can say very anti vaxx statements. I may not agree with Mayim B. but I read her thoughts because I respect her education.

  7. tbg says:

    Yeah, like “real food,” sun and zinc lozenges are going to save anyone from Covid. Eat broccoli and stand outside all you want but if you breathe in someone’s diseased particles, you’re screwed. If she values life since she’s anti-abortion, surely she values everyone’s lives and a vaccine that will keep them safe. Wake up, Candace.

  8. Driver8 says:

    I am so fucking tired of these people. 😔

  9. Izzy says:

    She’s a bible-thumping bigot, just like her big brother.

  10. Beenie says:

    “This mama is holding the line and standing up for freedom.”

    *Everything* she said was terrible, but this line really grates.

    Can women please stop referring to themselves in the third person as “this mama” or “mama bear”, etc.? It is not cute, it is not wholesome, and it does not make you sound like a more invested or better mother. It is annoying.

    And calling yourself “this mama” definitely does NOT qualify you as “this doctor”, “this immunologist”, or “this vaccine researcher”. “Mama bears” =/= educated PhD with years of relevant experience on this exact issue.

    Ugh I’m so annoyed.

    • Merricat says:

      + one million to you, Beenie.

    • tbg says:

      It’s annoying and it also appears that is the only way they define themselves – as “mamas.” I’m sure there’s more to you than being a mother. Why not “this wife,” “this book lover,” “foodie” or “this pet lover”? That has always irked me but I’m childfree and a lot about “mamas” these days annoys me.

    • Betsy says:

      It’s a gross flavor of parenting I have never liked, a sort of low class mentality that has its fists up and ready to fight (or wants to pretend for some reason that that’s how they are?).

      Candace. Girl. The threat isn’t coming from the people telling you to get vaccinated, the threat is coming from you. You are the danger to your own children. You are the one endangering the children you come into contact with. You.

    • MF1 says:

      Yes, thank you for pointing out the “this mama” and “mama bear” nonsense. It seems she has no identity outside of having pushed out a couple of babies. As my least favorite president would say: Sad!

    • Stacy Dresden says:

      Ew, for real.

  11. Moira's Rose's Garden says:

    It’s early, but I’m going out on a limb to say this is the COTD.

    “She is the Gandhi of lazy, stupid white people who don’t under immunity.”

  12. Merricat says:

    All these intellectually under-served folk who think they know more than research doctors, lol. I’d like to know if Candace believes Spiderman got his powers from radiation, then offer the procedure so she, too, can be a superhero. Smh, what an ass.

  13. Red Weather Tiger says:

    The fact that so many other middle-aged Hallmark ingenues liked that stupid comment on instagram, including Danica McKellar, Katherine McPhee, and Alexa Vega Pena, tells me all I need to know about what channel I will NOT be watching, no matter how hungry I am for predictable, snowy- white fare this holiday season.

    • Jan90067 says:

      Netflix and the other streaming channels have scores of Christmas movies (I heard Netflix has 10 or so *new* ones coming out, too) so you can get your fix elsewhere. I gave up on the Karen Channel a couple of years ago. I even get my Frasier and Golden Girls fix from streaming or other channels.

    • HeatherC says:

      I stopped watching Hallmark movies when Hilarie Burton Morgan posted that she left a role in a Hallmark movie because the producers wouldn’t consider her requests for interracial couples, LGBTQ+ representation and diverse casting! (and yes she fully admits that because husband JDM is a series regular on TWD she had the flexibility and means to take that moral stance that others may not)

      This was also the same network that pulled an ad for a wedding planning service that featured two brides kissing. Hallmark is trash. I’ll binge watch a cheesy Lifetime movie any day.

      • Tiffany :) says:

        Wow, that’s really interesting.
        A handful of years ago I heard terrible things about the person that does casting for Hallmark. Apparently they are really awful to be around and treat actors terribly. It kind of all makes sense.

  14. ML says:

    Argh! One of my -healthy- cousins got Covid early on and it attacked her kidneys. My cousin eats well, isn’t overweight, had no known illnesses, is in her 50s and now she’s on dialysis. The virus doesn’t care about your lifestyle and not everyone who lives healthy is protected!! And as to being well-informed: can she explain why most of the people who are hospitalized and die are not vaccinated?!

    • schmootc says:

      Clearly the people who died didn’t love God enough/didn’t pray enough/etc. Nothing to do with vaccination!

  15. teehee says:

    So then she should not have been vaccinated as a baby according to her own rules, and she should have had to endure measles, mumps, rubella, pertussis, small pox, chicken pox and I guess also polio.

    And she wishes this on the rest of the earth too.

    Yeah have fun with that. Vaccines aren’t a matter of “choice”. Some things have to be mandated, like speed limits and seatbelts, age restrictions for harmful substances or actions and for liability and accountability.
    Some very important things are NOT about choice because that would kill you – and a lot of other innocent people.

  16. Sean says:

    I know I shouldn’t but I can’t help but feel a little sorry for her. It’s her eyes. They look off to me. Not shaming or mocking her. I look at her eyes and I see someone unwell.

  17. Busyann says:

    I tuned out all politics and Covid news the last few months and I’ve been consistently happier than I have been in like 2 years. So I might be missing something here. Just chiming in to say that this type of anti-mandate jibber jabber is silly. I was mandated in August to get the vaccine and once the order came out, I did it. After it was done, I actually let out a big sigh of relief that I didn’t know I was holding.

    This was the first time I was ever mandated by an employer to be vaccinated, but in college I had to get my MMR or get out….sooooooo what’s the difference? People like Cameron act like vaccination requirements are new. They most definitely are not.

  18. Scal says:

    I am also pro immune system. WHICH IS WHY I GOT VACCINATED. I trust my immune system to know how to react to a vaccine in order to protect me from a active disease. Which is also why I got a tetanus shot, a MMR, a TDAP when I was pregnant, etc etc. Your immune system isn’t a bubble.

    The stupidity of these people I swear.

    • Emma says:

      It’s just exceedingly endlessly incredible to me that people think they’re pure and natural if they don’t get a vaccine. How pure are you going to feel when Grandma is coughing blood out of her lungs because you gave her a filthy disease that is going to kill her?

      You can be critical of the government and critical of Big Pharma (which is sadly a thing in many ways in the wretched American “healthcare” system) and still *understand the basic facts of science.*

  19. Emma says:

    These cheap, stupid Christian influencer cowards saying “v” or “it” because they’re terrified of Instagram linking to actual scientific facts. This shows you they aren’t actually interested in a rational conversation. Just their own monologue spinning its wheels endlessly locked in epistemic closure.

  20. Rapunzel says:

    You. Cannot. Have. Immunity. To. A. Novel. Virus.

    Idiots like Candace don’t even f-ing understand that humans are/were not meant get this virus. Therefore human bodies have no natural immunity. Trying to naturally “boost” your immune system will not work because there’s nothing naturally in your body to boost. This is why the vaccine is important.

    Additionally, trusting your immune system with a novel virus like this allows the virus to use you to mutate into something stronger to survive. Vaccination is crucial for preventing infection and serious illness, but is even more crucial for stopping virus mutation.

    And, if “this mama” was really “holding the line,” she’d recognize an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure and support vaccination. That’s what a smart mama would want.

    But I don’t expect smart from Kirk Cameron’s sister.

  21. @poppedbubble says:

    Oh please. Why not say she is pro medical freedom AND pro vaccine then, if the point isn’t to be anti-vaccine? Or better yet, why not just keep her mouth shut if she isn’t anti vax but can’t bring herself to publicly acknowledge it? Nobody cares about her pro medical freedom BS. Who among us isn’t pro medical freedom? And another thing, she’s anti mandate but pro informed consent? What the eff is that??? No one is strapping anyone down and injecting people. Yes, more and more businesses are putting in requirements to get the vaccine, but anti vaxxers have a choice, right? They can quit and get another job. These people and their machinations. This really set me off this morning. GTFOH with her cutesy give slides.

  22. Marigold says:

    I cannot stand her. Hallmark Channel should be boycotted if they keep her movies.

  23. Lunasf17 says:

    So over 713,000 Americans are dead but rich, white, Christian lady is the victim?! Ok…..I’m so over this victim card anti vaxxers are playing. Also does this idiot realize many Americans have no access to healthy foods, a safe place to workout and money for vitamins.

  24. kimberly says:

    just wanted to add thst the picture of Cam really does a brilliant job of showing us her spirit…no sarcasm….I truly see her genuine self in the picture…bless her fake Christian heart…

  25. Kelly Sunshine says:

    Well, a lot of her movies are filmed in Canada. I’m going to assume that she *has* been vaccinated, or she won’t be working up here.

    • Courtney B says:

      I think ‘won’t disclose my status’ people are always vaccinated. That’s why they don’t want to say when screaming about ‘freedom!’. Otherwise they’d brag ‘I’m not vaccinated and no one can tell me I have to be.’ See also tucker Carlson, et al.

      • Lucy2 says:

        Oh for sure. There were some story not telling you about the Fox News offices and a high vaccination rate. They all know it’s the best protection, I need it for work, but want to continue pandering to their base.
        Cameron is no exception.

  26. ME says:

    F*cking idiot. If it wasn’t for vaccines, would any of us even be here? Has she heard of Polio ? Small Pox ? Let’s put all the anti-vaxxers on an island and see how they do. I’m so fed up with them. They are the reason this pandemic hasn’t ended yet.

  27. Courtney B says:

    And don’t ‘both sides’ it. We’re not being separated by pro vaccine people. We’re trying to save your fucking life. Anti vaccine/mandate people are the ones killing people, harassing and threatening health care workers, assaulting people at school boards for discussing it, shouting down/booing people trying to say get vaccinated (including Lindsey graham and even TRUMP!) and knocking over mobile covid testing sites.

  28. Mabs A'Mabbin says:

    I love social media. It has consistently given me daily shots combating moronitis, idiotosis and vileradica. Let the little monsters speak and exercise their freedom of speech for it colors them wholly and completely.

  29. EnormousCoat says:

    “I’m pro-immune system?” Shut your stupid mouth. People do not have the right to turn themselves into biological weapons. Doing that has nothing to do with freedom. It does however, have everything to do with being a stupid, self-centered ass.
    Go spread your nonsense somewhere else, trash.

  30. Stef says:

    She’s truly an idiot.

    Her only redeeming quality is that she’s married to Valerie Bure. I used to have a huge crush on his hotter and more talented brother, NHL legend Pavel Bure. Le sigh…

  31. canichangemyname says:

    Omg I just can’t anymore with these morons. She is so gd evelangical Karen. Weird how these idiots are actively encouraging their base to die sooner.

  32. Mrs.Krabapple says:

    I wonder what would happen if something like ebola hit her city? Would she still be ant-vaccination? Maybe publicly, so she can continue to pander to her fan base — but I’ll bet she will be one of the first people running for the vaccination, maybe using her money to buy her way to the front of the lines. But I suspect all republicans would suddenly change their tunes, and claim they were never anti-vaccine. After all, it’s easy to be anti-vaccine when the highest death rate is to the elderly and minorities. But it’s an entirely different thing if THEIR demographic was equally at risk. Only goes to show how selfish and un-Christian people like Cameron-Bure really are.

  33. NYC says:

    Jason Aldean posted on Insta a similar anti mandate rant.

    • Courtney B says:

      Jared Leto just attended an anti vaxx protest in Italy and got tear gassed. I hope these are covered tomorrow. I email tips from time to time but nada.

  34. Valerie says:

    When I read this the other day, my instinct was to shake my head and blame the on-set tutors who worked on Full House, but look at how Jodi Sweetin turned out.

  35. khaveman says:

    Anti-vax wolf in sheep’s clothing comment from her???

  36. PixiePaperdoll says:

    I’m an irreligious leftie and while I think people who don’t get vaccines are idiots, I also don’t think the government can force you to get one. (I do think they can insist you wear a mask just like you have to cover butt when you’re out in public.)