How did Kim Kardashian do on this weekend’s ‘Saturday Night Live’?

Kim Kardashian looks pretty in pink outside the SNL afterparty in NYC!

Here are some photos of Kim Kardashian out in New York on Saturday night, after her arguably successful turn as host of Saturday Night Live. Yes, she looks like a Muppet in this crazy outfit, but again, I’m not really hating Kim’s dumb New York fashion tour. She was enjoying herself and it was fun to see her “street style” in NYC for the week. A lot of people are clutchin’ pearls about how it wasn’t cold enough in NYC for all of the heavy coats and giant feather-ruffle sleeves. To those people I say… please understand how coats work. These are grown women who can, you know, take off layers when they go inside. Kim wanted to be seen in a variety of crazy outfits and that’s what she did. It’s as simple as that.

As for Kim’s SNL hosting duties, I watched some of the videos and I thought she was fine. She clearly had help from the writers with her opening monologue and she did a good job with it:

This was my favorite skit – I love when the women of SNL do these kinds of pretaped skits, and Kim was girlfriend who kept sleeping at the club. It was genuinely funny!

Kim and Aidy Bryant did “The Switch” which featured Khloe Kardashian and Kris Jenner. Y’all knew that they had to bring in the K-J fam.

I was surprised that they got so many people to do cameos in “The Dream Guy” skit – Blake Griffin, John Cena, Amy Schumer, Jesse Williams, Chris Rock, Chase Crawford and former Bachelorette contestant Tyler Cameron (who I thought was Rupert Friend!!).

There were more skits, of course, and you can see them here. Kim was fine – she didn’t knock it out of the park, but she was funny and the writers gave her some good material.

Kim Kardashian looks pretty in pink outside the SNL afterparty in NYC!

Photos courtesy of Backgrid.

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  1. Jillian says:

    I love velvet and I love hot pink but I absolutely loathe the fabric of the monologue outfit. That looks like some $2/yard bargain bin trash and, taste notwithstanding, Kim has plenty of money to hire someone to tell her what a high end fabric looks like. Stop taking fashion pointers from Kanye, his taste is worse than yours!
    Re: performance – I only watched the monologue and the Dream Guy sketch but it was fine. SNL is middling at best and she didn’t embarrass herself

  2. LaUnicaAngelina says:

    The nightmare it must be just to go pee in that outfit.

    I plan on checking out this episode of SNL. I’ve heard positive feedback.

    • CherHorowitz says:

      I’ve watched a few clips – the sketches are mostly a bit cringe but not because of her particularly I just find SNL a bit cringe.

      Whilst she obviously didn’t write the monologue, I was surprised how well she delivered it to be honest. It was pretty funny material and she didn’t butcher it.

      • Mabs A'Mabbin says:

        SNL has been cringe for quite some time now. A long time actually.

      • Jan90067 says:

        The only thing that was great was the pre-recorded “Ladies Night Out” sketch. I liked the “Bachelor” sketch, but damn, the SO OBVIOUS reading of the prompter and flat delivery just made everything almost unwatchable. I know the entire cast uses the prompter almost entirely, but KK’s immovable face and the flat delivery made it so much worse.

        I miss the days when the (orig) cast actually MEMORIZED their lines! Isn’t that what actors are *supposed* to do?

      • Tiffany :) says:

        You can tell it wasn’t the usually SNL writers that did her monologue. It sounded so much like Chappell!

        I thought most of the skits were not funny, but that’s pretty normal on SNL anymore. Like the Aladdin skit. It wasn’t funny, but not because of her necessarily. I thought the “dream guy” skit was so boring. They bring in all of these famous people, but they didn’t write good jokes. Such a WASTE of Chris Rock!

      • Truthiness says:

        I read that she got help from Chappelle, Amy Schumer and Chris Rock. Kanye was there and he is friends with Chappelle. I view SNL with low expectations because they have 5 days to come up with 90 minutes and that’s crazy. Her episode worked for the most part because the writers could satirize the f*** out of the Kardashian Jenners and Kim & family would consider it an honor. And she has millions of followers who would watch, as much as it pains me that she has any followers.

      • Snappyfish says:

        I thought the OJ joke was funny

  3. LadyE says:

    It was honestly fascinating to hear Kim’s real voice. She’s by no means very expressive, but it was a huge difference from her KUWTK voice and extremely flat and drawn out manner of speaking. I thought that was one missed opportunity. They could have done something funny switching her real style of speaking and her KUWTK voice.

    On the switched body skit- man, I was halfway believing that Khloe’s nose was more contouring than plastic surgery. NO MORE.

    • Zantasia says:

      I find that I speak differently when with my family members than with other people—different words, almost a different accent—I wonder if that’s why she has a different way of speaking on KUWTK (she is with her family) than elsewhere.

    • Ronaldinhio says:

      Like París Hilton
      Both deeper more serious and much less blinking annoying

  4. Diana says:

    Ugh… it is so sad to watch what this at one time very pretty natural beauty has done to her face. Why do people mess with perfection I don’t understand. 😔

  5. LahdidahBaby says:

    I can’t believe I’m saying this, but I thought she was great. (Ducking.)

    • Joanna says:

      Yeah I think so too!

    • Dtab says:

      Me too… I thought she did way better than a lot of recent hosts. She knows what people say about her and played up to it.

      • VoominVava says:

        She was obviously inspiring for the writers, too. Some of the best sketch writing since J Lo’s hosting gig. Kim was a good muse for them. I laughed so loud at the “Order in the Kourtney” LOL

      • LahdidahBaby says:


    • molly says:

      Before all this fame happened, I suspect Kim was very funny, very pretty, and relatively down to earth. You could hear bits of it in the early seasons of KUWTK in the way the family laughed easily and gave each other crap. I really hope she’s able to be her original self around her kids, but she’s changed so much physically, I don’t have a lot of hope that they get much of the Original Kim.

    • Eleanor says:

      I did too! I’m not at all a K-follower and I almost didn’t watch it. It was a fun show. It looked like she listened to the writers and did the work.

  6. Seraphina says:

    I think she did pretty well, better than I expected. And a friend sent me the Girls Night Out clip last night and I laughed out loud. So true.
    Thanks for posting the last clip, the eye candy early in the morning helped wake me up.

    • Layla Beans says:

      Same. The Girls Night Out and Dream Guy sketches made me laugh out loud. Loved the John Cena bit “there is one problem, you have a wife.”

      • Fortuona says:

        From Dream Guy Blake used to date Kendall and Tyler dated Gigi for a minute and Kendall is a big fan of The Batchelor

        And there was a bit in The Lottery Draw that was also having a laugh at DBook when they brought up the Bucks

  7. Izzy says:

    I haven’t watched SNL in a long time but at least now I know who Aidy Bryant is. She’s in that Old Navy commercial that I absolutely loathe.

    • Elaine Stritch says:

      Yeah she was great. I actually laughed several times which isn’t the case with SNL lately. I think most people just don’t want her to do well. It was better than most episodes over the past couple of years.

    • Courtney B says:

      I liked her too and thought she’d be awful. Found her engaged and pretty natural with a good sense of humor. I’ve never watched a single KUWTK so I go by celeb gossip. But I got the mockery in the skits related to her family. She looked great in the yellow dress and wish she’d wear more like it. And she looked less plastic in that and the Aladdin skit so maybe there’s hope some is just the awful contouring trend.

    • VoominVava says:

      Why do you loathe it out of curiosity?
      Aidy was in the show “Shrill” following a plus sized girl and how she gets through life. It was pretty good. It made me laugh and cry a lot – being someone who is plus sized and has had weight issues my whole life. (Being the ‘fat’ one at 17 and a size 12 wasn’t helpful to my self esteem) Aidy is an inspiration – I admire her confidence.

  8. Ninks says:

    It wasn’t the train wreck people expected. And I think some people were disappointed that she did ok, that’s the sense I get. They wanted her to fail so they could use it to bash her.

    I loved her look for the Dream Guy skit, she looked really pretty in it.

    • Katherine says:

      I feel like love them or hate them most of what the Kardashian’s do isn’t the train wreck people expect. (I’m mean I’m not suggesting they’re stealth Nobel laureates or anything) At this point they’re well prepared and highly managed and always struck me as somewhat in on the joke. So I’ve thought this whole week she’d do ok and have a few funny moments. Which is basically meeting the SNL hosting bar.

    • LillyfromLillooet says:

      @Ninks, yes, right? She kind of looked normal and lovely.

      I like that every now and then SNL will have a famous non-actor person host the show. Charles Barkley in “White People’s Problems” is still a favorite I re-watch.

    • iconoclast59 says:

      @Ninks @LillyfromLillooet, chiming in to agree that Kim looked great in the Dream Guy sketch. That yellow dress was very flattering on her, and I even liked the hair styling on the wig.

    • Ry says:

      People want her to fail. Yes.
      I dunno why. Why want anyone to fail if no one is hurting anyone. She’s utilizing what she was born with. The viewers made her famous. Not her.
      Would any of you throw out opportunities? Probably not.
      Reeks of jealousy and bitterness. Doesn’t hurt your life. So live and let live and don’t watch if you don’t like it.
      Weird to me.

      • VoominVava says:

        I feel the same way … mostly. But her and her sisters are perpetuating the image of perfection on instagram / social media that is highly damaging to young girls / women all over the world. They lie about work they’ve had done, they photoshop the crap out of their photos and people try to emulate that. It’s highly damaging and that’s where I lose respect for them.

  9. Noki says:

    Arent all opening monologues written for the guest host? Anyways they should have left Kris and Khloe out ,Kris in particular was awful.

    • LahdidahBaby says:

      I agree! Kris should have stayed home. Khloe…I just don’t know why she was there. She shoulda stayed home, too.

    • Ash says:

      I have to agree. Her face looks like it’s made of clay now, and hard as she tries, she comes across as so lifeless to me. I’m so tired of everyone sucking up to this family.

      • Mrs. Rick Savage says:

        In that skit with Aidy you can actually see her real face and OMG her cheeks look ridiculous😳

    • JanetDR says:

      I think that’s true on the monologues. She delivered it well though! Kris, in the other hand, so wooden and scary looking! It reminded me of the actress in the original CSI, they shot her only in darkness for couple of seasons and every now and then you could catch just a glimpse of her face. Only Kris was in full light.
      I have no complaints on Kim’s performance, she was adequate as I predicted 😃 and I think she was a good sport to go along with some of the jokes.

  10. Digital Unicorn says:

    Of all the skits i preferred the Costco one!!

  11. Amy T says:

    We (watched with Sweetheart) thought she was good. But my favorite moment was when she made her monologue entrance and he said “That’s not a real body, no one looks like that.”

    Compared to Elon Musk, she absolutely knocked it out of the park. And Halsey and Lindsey Buckingham’s duet was great.

    • LahdidahBaby says:

      YES, I loved their duet! And it was good seeing him after all this time. He added substance to the performance, and both of them were good.

  12. LeaTheFrench says:

    I thought the opening monologue was kind of endearing in the sense that she was clearly nervous. She was shifting her weight left and right – if you’ve done media training you know it’s something people do when they’re nervous on camera, you have to remind yourself to stand still as it’s a bit disruptive for the viewer. She did a good job overall.

  13. Drew says:

    I may in the minority, I thought she was not good at all. Her cosmetic work is so distracting. There is no life in her eyes at all. That’s just my opinion though.

    • Lightpurple says:

      I’m with you.

    • Jules says:

      She was horrible, she looked tacky, and her plastic face and blow up lips were a huge distraction. And. sigh… SNL has writers that, well, write everything. All Kim had to do was show up and read off the cue cards in her monotone voice. Why tf do people bend over backwards to applaud this family? So tired of it.

    • Amy Too says:

      She knew her lines and some of them were funny, but the delivery was kind of monotone and dead. She sounded bored. Or like all her lines were prerecorded in a booth somewhere where she didn’t know the context for the line, so she just read everything in the exact same voice. I’m not sure why her Aidy voice was so manly either. That was kind of weird.

    • Merricat says:

      They did the best they could with what they had. Kim’s best work was the sketch in which she was sleeping.

  14. Gigi LaMoore says:

    I thought she did o.k.

  15. Louise177 says:

    I thought Kim was okay and had some funny sketches. SNL has been uneven for years. I’ve never heard of guests writing their own monologue so I don’t understand why it was mentioned.

  16. Valentina says:

    The people’s kourt skit was hilarious! My only issue was her face, it’s so different and motionless.

    • ME says:

      It’s ironic that the People’s Kourt skit seems to be the one people liked the most. Didn’t Kim say Kourtney was the least interesting to look at? Yet, she did an entire skit focused on her lol.

      I think the bar was set so low for Kim, all she had to do was show up and it would be called a success. She was stiff, licked her lips a lot (from being nervous) and well didn’t deliver her lines very well. But people don’t expect much from her so in that sense, she did ok. The writers had a lot of material to come up with jokes.

  17. Mimi says:

    I stayed up and watched and I thought she did so good! The only thing I was mad about was Kate wasn’t there lol (I know she’s filming her new show) and beck left I love beck. I thought she was really funny and it was nice to see her laugh at herself. I didn’t get to see the Costco sketch yet … it wasn’t on the live version? Idk I somehow missed it. But the kourt sketch killed me. And the switch with aidy was so funny.

  18. paranormalgirl says:

    That yellow dress in the Dream Guy skit looked amazing.

    • Courtney B says:

      She needs to use that style all the time. The color was great too and it’s not an easy on to pull off.

  19. 123qwerty says:

    She did great. She got a good monologue writer an obviously worked on it. Kudos.

  20. Busyann says:

    I stayed up to watch it and it was pretty good. She did a good job and I was surprised by some of the things she went for, like the OJ stuff and that kiss. I also liked the way she handled the Kanye stuff. I felt that Kris being part of it ruined the flow a bit. Kind of like a parent going on their kids first date.

  21. Mimi says:

    OH and she also got to kiss Pete 😅🤣😭❤️😍

    • Fortuona says:

      And Pete got to play MGK who he is friends with in the Peoples Kourt

      • Mimi says:

        Omg Pete as MGK killed me. I just love all that humour where people can make fun of themselves/close friends (and obi Pete talked to colson before) him and Chloe “kissing” got me lmaooooo. THIS IS SO CRINGE🤣🤣

  22. Watson says:

    Job well done! Even if you hated it you watched it which was the whole point of having her in the show!

  23. Chaine says:

    I tried to watch the clips but her voice is still awful and Nothing on her face moves except her mouth.

  24. qtpi says:

    I thought the opening was quite the roast. Like the writers were coming up with roasting jokes to see if she would actually agree to say it.

  25. K says:

    All I see is Flaming Hot Cheeto dust as contour.

  26. Amy Too says:

    Something I’ve always found funny about Kim kardashian is how she can’t dance. For someone who is supposed to be such a sex symbol, so in tune with her body and how to pose it and make it look good, she always looks so robotic and uncomfortable when she’s dancing, which is probably why she got to be asleep for 2/3 of the music video.

  27. Bettyrose says:

    I mean she was fine I guess but that opening monologue was brutal. They wrote her her as racist, sheltered, narcissistic asshole. And she read the lines with total lack of self awareness. I can’t stand her but she’s not racist, at least not in the way they portrayed her. And while no lies were told about her sisters and Caitlin the monologue was pretty insulting to them and she went along with it. I’d be pissed if I were them that she agreed to it. Though who even knows what she agreed to and how much she even understood.

    • Lightpurple says:

      The monologue was insulting to Nicole Brown and Ron Goldman.

      • ME says:

        It’s like people don’t even think about the victims and their families when making OJ Simpson jokes. She could have cut that from the monologue but Kim is a people pleaser. She just read whatever jokes the writers made for her.

      • bettyrose says:

        Yes! It absolutely was. I’m sorry for not even making that point, but I think it goes to show how absolutely clueless KK is. Either she’s a complete asshole for going along with that monologue or she’s a clueless idiot who really had no idea what she was even saying (I tend to think it’s option 2). The SNL writers knew she was just a mouthpiece with minimal sentience, so they went with jokes that would have been outrageous coming from the mouth of a thinking person.

      • Courtney B says:

        That was my husband’s response. Plus her late father really came to regret his role even by the end of the trial. (And he at least had been a friend who believed in his friend’s innocence, not a hired gun) so it was also surprising she went there considering she seems to revere his memory.

      • Merricat says:


    • Jules says:

      come on, no one forced her to do anything. she was happy to be on tv and promote herself, and she will stoop to any length for attention.

  28. Kaykay says:

    Wow that intro was actually very good. It made me laugh several times. The writers for sure gave her some good material. Kudos to Kim for agreeing to say all that stuff. It was ballsy and I feel like one needs a lot of self distance to pull that off.

    Tyler Cameron looks like a young Liam Neeson.

    That generic girl Rochelle wig was not flattering on her.

  29. JillyBean says:

    Yeah I was pretty critical – but I think she did really good and seemed very open to doing the best she could do

  30. MC2 says:

    I don’t hate or love Kim K, I see her as a human being, and this was the funniest SNL that I’ve seen in so long! Unless you’re a comedian, all hosts have the writers help them with the monologue, and if they’re really terrible, they’ll do a walk & depend on the cast. She held her own, was self depreciating & hilarious! I don’y get the past time for hating on this woman & find it fascinating, I thought it could be great or terrible & it was great!

  31. koko says:

    All I’ve got is hot pink “feather duster”.

  32. Abby says:

    i liked a lot of it. her impression of kourtney all over travis during The People’s Kourt really made me laugh. and so did the mom’s night out. i was amazed she agreed to ‘dance’ a couple different sketches. a nonstop insecurity of hers is not being able to dance. jasmine was probably the worst sketch, she couldn’t take her eyes off the cue cards and it could have been a lot funnier if she wasn’t deer in headlights.

    • ME says:

      Well it isn’t hard for her to act like Kourtney since they both have similar voices to begin with. It wasn’t much of a stretch.

  33. ME says:

    Is using spray tan 24 hours/7 days a week for years and years good for you? When was the last time we saw her natural skin color? Why does she do this?

  34. MarcelMarcel says:

    I like her hot pink outfit… it’s fun, loud and totally impractical. I’m not big on the beige latex vibe but… I like the dramatic silhouette paired with a vibrant colour.

  35. Nicki says:

    It’s remarkable how, even with only her face uncovered, she can manage to look naked. And I agree with everyone here who’s saying she did well. She had a small role on a small TV show once (Drop Dead Diva) and she wasn’t awful.

  36. DaphneOG says:

    She did better than Owen, who I love. The Aladdin sketch and Kourt were poor writing. But the rest made me laugh. Not sure why she’s getting destroyed by the press.

    • ME says:

      I thought the Kourt sketch was the best one of the night. But that was due to the snl cast mostly. I do wonder why Kim had to mention that Kanye is the richest Black man in America. Why was it so important for that to be said during her monologue? Kim is so f*cking obsessed with money it’s kind of gross.

  37. Katherine says:

    That monologue was actually funny and I loved more of the skits than I have in a really long time. Did not expect that, but the writers seem to have been really inspired by Kim. I expected her acting skills to be a touch better but it was fun either way

  38. why? says:

    Why does the press feel the need to normalize Kim? This is how we ended up with Trump as president and an inexperienced administration that caused havoc for 4 years. Kim isn’t a hero or victim, and she doesn’t deserve praise simply because she read cue cards. This is just like the time that people praised Trump for being presidential after he read cue cards during his SOU speech. Initial reactions were that Kim did an awful job(some commented on her voice, inability of her face to move, insensitive lines about Ron and Nicole, horrible acting). A huge indication that Kim’s hosting of SNL was a huge failure was the fact that Halsey(not Kim, Kris, or Khloe) was trending hours after it aired. Under the SNL hashtag, the only ones praising Kim for being funny and doing an awesome job were the bots that Kris paid. By Sunday not many sites were talking about Kim’s “awesome” hosting. There were a few articles that claimed that there was a ratings boosting, which doesn’t make sense since trending topics tell a different story.

    The description of Kim’s older women in the club skit is similar to an episode of Girlfriends.

    Kim looks ridiculous in those costumes which just highlights the lengths she has gone to make her waist look smaller than what it is.

    The most interesting thing about the Kardashians/Jenners is how Kris pays the press to write only nice things about her daughters. It would be nice if the press would call them out for constantly playing the victim, leaking negative things about their exes and women who they perceive as threats, paying for positive press and followers, adding their names to products/companies/ideas and then taking credit for them(another thing that they have in common with Trump), their hypocrisy, and how they contribute to negative body images for girls.

    • bettyrose says:

      PREACH! I do not understand the praise. The writers were making fun of her, and I do not think she was in on the joke.

      • dj says:

        Agreed. This is how we ended up with Trump! The bar was set very low with Kim. I saw the Costco skit which was not good.

    • S says:

      Thank you I feel like people always turn a blind eye to the problematic things that family has done and the way they operate in their chase for fame.

  39. canichangemyname says:

    I didn’t care for her monologue. I mean, the words were funny (writers), but her delivery was super fast and kinda wooden. You could tell she was nervous, which is okay, but she’s really not the greatest at this. Which we all knew. She was fine for what it was. I do appreciate her willingness to mock herself, and People’s Kourt did crack me up LOL

  40. Veronica S. says:

    Honestly, as crazy as that outfit is, it’s nice to see her in some color. Medium and dark skin tones tend to look good in bright colors because of the contrast, so if she must insist on tanning her natural olive skin tone into oblivion, at least make it pay off somehow.

  41. IrrelevantGirl says:

    She can successfully read off of a teleprompter. That’s all I’ve got.

  42. MangoAngelesque says:

    I can’t help it… all I could think was that it looked like Elon got his AI doll looking more life-like, but still needs to work on the eyes. They’re still extremely flat.

  43. Mrs. Rick Savage says:

    An OJ Simpson joke, making fun of her family, woah I didn’t see that coming🙄yes it was mostly unfunny and predictable.

  44. February-Pisces says:

    From what I’ve seen she did a good job, I know people were expecting her to be terrible. I think she was definitely nervous during her opening monologue but she still delivered.

    One think I will say about Kim is that she is exactly who she is. Given how much stick she receives for the sheer fact she exists, she has never tried to be anyone or anything else. She’s taken very little talent and managed to milk it for nearly 15 years. Given how many reality/ influencer copycats are out there, no one has come even close to her status. She’s good at just being ‘Kim’ and she doesn’t apologise for it.

  45. Take says:

    Her eyes used to look so pretty & unusual. Now she looks animatronic.

    The writers saved the day & she went along w it fine. Improv genius vs the reality star. No hard feelings- just who cares &have fun.

  46. Fabiola says:

    I think she did a fine job. I give props to anyone who isn’t an actor and can host SNL. She stepped out of her comfort zone and she was able to get through it. Also, why do people have to be so mean and make fun of other people’s looks? So she gets Botox. Don’t most women in Hollywood get Botox. I think she is still very pretty.

    • ME says:

      I think people just have a problem with the KarJenners because they lie about the work they’ve had done. They say it’s all due to diet,exercise, and make-up tricks…which is bullsh*t. People would like them more if they were just honest about it all.

  47. Monica says:

    I’ve softened toward Kim since the mid-aughts. She’s a legit celeb, whether we like it or not. She’s a vision in that hot pink catsuit and ruffly coat. She brings the drama while not being a hot mess.

  48. The Recluse says:

    Muppet indeed! How many muppets died to make that gloriously pink coat?! (heehee)

  49. Case says:

    I expected her to do well and she did. BTW, ya’ll know most hosts do NOT write their own monologue, right? Generally just the stand-up comedians write their own because they have experience and a specific voice.

  50. NorthernGirl_20 says:

    I did not watch, but I read about her OJ jokes and I feel they were not in good taste.