Duchess Kate ‘held private talks’ with a TV executive about a keen docu-series

Duchess of Cambridge

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex really have the royal saltines shook. In addition to their Netflix deal, Prince Harry has already been part of a massively successful docu-series, The Me You Can’t See, on Apple+. That was just something he wanted to do, to normalize conversations about mental health, and it was successful by any metric. Now Prince William and Duchess Kate are copykeening all over the place. William’s got his Earthshot series coming out on Discovery+ and the BBC, and God knows what kind of mess that will be. As it turns out, Kate might want her own documentary or docu-series too! The Art of Being Keen, perhaps? Buttons: An Oral History? The Impossible Keenness of Pie Charts? No, Kate is thinking about a docu-series about Early Years. From Eden Confidential:

Prince Harry and Meghan signed a deal worth an estimated £73 million to make films and programmes for streaming giant Netflix, but could the Duchess of Cambridge turn out to be the real TV star? For I hear that our future queen held private talks this week with a high-powered television executive.

And insiders claim that Catherine could follow the example of her husband Prince William, whose environmental series with Sir David Attenborough began on BBC1 this week, and make a TV documentary. It would be about early childhood development, a subject close to her heart.

The meeting, held via telephone on Tuesday, was with David Glover, who commissioned the hit Channel 4 show Gogglebox and was responsible for much of the television work of physicist Stephen Hawking.

‘Catherine is very interested in a programme,’ claims the source. ‘She thinks it could be a really significant way to explore an important subject. She’s been very impressed with William’s efforts and knows how much he enjoyed making his Earthshot series.’

The programme could have the feel of the BBC’s popular geneaology series Who Do You Think You Are? in which famous figures explore their ancestry. This week, Catherine, 39, revealed that she’d been looking back at four generations of her family as part of her work into early childhood development. During a trip to University College London, the Duchess met academics from the Children Of The 2020s project, which will track the lives of babies born in 2021 over five years and look at the effect of factors such as economic circumstances.

A television programme would be a big step for Catherine, who used to be very nervous about public speaking but has become increasingly confident. A Kensington Palace spokesman declines to comment on the ‘private’ meeting. However, a royal source tells me the talks were ‘preliminary and for research purposes’.

[From The Daily Mail]

I actually don’t doubt that Kate is quite keen about having her own docu-series, but don’t get your hopes up. If the past ten years has been any indication, Kate will merely promise to “look into a series” and there will be many promises to eventually do a series about child development and nothing will ever happen beyond the Kensington Palace fan-cams. As for Kate studying her own family history… personally, I’ve always thought that was the real focus of Kate’s early-years busy work anyway. She’s not actually interested in helping other people in any way, she’s too self-involved for that. She wants to focus on herself, on her family, and her kids. Which, again, is why a docu-series probably won’t happen.

Meanwhile, Kensington Palace confirmed that Kate will join William “on the green carpet” for the Earthshot Prize Awards ceremony on October 17th. The ceremony is being held at Alexandra Palace, and I think Kate is probably going because it would look very strange if she skipped it. But I bet William wanted her to skip it! Keenshot is his thing, and he wants all the credit.

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Duchess of Cambridge

The Duchess of Cambridge takes her landmark survey to London during a breakfast visit to LEYF (London Early Years Foundation) at Stockwell Gardens Nursery & Pre-school.

Photos courtesy of Avalon Red, Backgrid, social media, WENN.

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  1. Scorpion says:


    Even the Fail’s commentariat dragged her for this idea before the mods could go in and restore order. She should stick to bread and butter engagements. 🙈😅

    One comment said, the series better come with subtitles so we can understand her 😁🤭

    • Yup, Me says:

      The goal isn’t to understand. It purports to be a focus on her Early Years work but it’s actually an ASMR series and her stiff-jawed, unintelligible, posh mumble whisper is meant to put listeners into a trance where they think they might have almost heard something vaguely related to children or somesuch. But mostly, they’re just very very sleepy.

    • Nina says:

      Lol I wish we could have seen more of those comments

    • Chaine says:

      Haha, that was my first thought, “oh great, hours of video of her murmuring unintelligibly at unfortunate child development experts while they strain to figure out what she’s asking them.”

    • Belli says:

      I wonder if they could do a whole documentary without her saying a word.

      Narrator says, “the fragrant queen-to-be had been hard at work to find out whether a child’s first years are important or not.” Camera pans to Kate frowning at an A4 sheet containing a single pie chart.

      Cut to a room inside a university (we can tell it’s inside a university because Kate has changed into a dress with little books and mortar boards all over). An academic says in a weary voice, “Actually, we’re finding that a child’s first years are important.” Kate nods and grins and waves her hands about, so we now know that she has understood.

    • PinkestSlip says:

      Uh-oh, the unhinged jaw laugh will be live?! God help us…

  2. L84Tea says:

    This whole story is classic Kate–not actually doing a docu-series, but wanting everyone to know that she wants to do one. I hope someone tells her that that doesn’t count as working.

    And yes, the Sussexes have them all shooketh to their cores.

    • Pao says:

      I actually think there could be one. She’s a mess when public speaking but she loves having the spotlight on her. This would do just that. Because ofcourse the articles written about it won’t actually be about early years

      • nina says:

        BAWHAHAHA, Is she going to take the marbles out of her mouth before she goes on camera. Otherwise all you will hear is “mumble mumble…. mumble… mumble”

      • notasugarhere says:

        I could see a series completely done by other people. Researched, written, directed, produced by hard working professionals and experts. Kate would swan in, speak unintelligibly and unintelligently for five minutes, and claim the whole thing as her ‘work’. Just like the National Portrait Gallery project.

      • 2cents says:

        “ BAWHAHAHA, Is she going to take the marbles out of her mouth before she goes on camera. Otherwise all you will hear is “mumble mumble…. mumble… mumble”

        Nina, then they could put subtitles in the documentary, I guess.

      • PinkestSlip says:

        yes, so the “common folk” can understand this common as much nobody who has worked hard to sound like a plummy upper crust Brit…and failed.

  3. Belli says:

    Imagine losing a one-sided competition. Embarrassing.

  4. Cg2495 says:

    Lol… so they will just copy the Montecito royals ? This documentary will never come to be … this woman is lazy and has no real interest in the subject.

  5. Miranda says:

    The little girl in the second-to-last photo! I think her expression speaks for all of us.

    • Flying Fish says:


    • Couch potato says:

      The girl to the left in the last photo doesn’t look impressed either

    • BothSidesNow says:

      Yes!!! We all feel the same!! These girls can’t drive, but can smell BS a mike away!!! I love it!

      Thank you CB’s for pointing out the obvious!! I adore the comedy and the joy that you all bring each day!! Thank you for brightening my day!!

      • Miranda says:

        That’s one of the most important things I’ve learned from teaching 1st and 2nd graders: kids are excellent at detecting phony people (almost as good as dogs in that regard!). It’s too bad that that ability seems to fade as we approach adulthood, right at the time of our lives when it would be most useful!

    • PinkestSlip says:

      my thoughts exactly: “Mummy, help! This hand-waving woman is sending buttons popping everywhere, it hurrrrrts…” Childcare Keen-style.

  6. Emily says:

    So an Early Years docuseries that focuses on Middleton family history? What???

  7. Amy Bee says:

    A court circular entry about Kate having a telephone call with a producer has morphed into Kate’s in talks to do a documentary. The desperation. I agree with Kaiser that it’s likely that nothing comes of this. As for the Earthshot appearance, it’s been reported that Kate is not only going to be there but she’s going to speak at the event and give out award. Now where have we seen that before? BTW, William’s series is already airing but except for a few Kate stans I haven’t seen many people talking about and I don’t believe that it’s been reviewed by any of the papers which is strange.

    • Merricat says:

      There’s no audience willing to sit through Kate’s self-indulgent trip through her childhood, except her small band of devotees. This sounds like Carole’s dream.
      William is no better on film than he is in person, and that goes double for her.

    • Sid says:

      The Earthshot docuseries must be a flop ratings-wise, because the rota rats would have been shouting from the rooftops if it were doing well.

    • BeanieBean says:

      This is what kills me–a court circular notation about Kate taking a phone call. It’s time for my annual review at work, and although I have many a phone call, I don’t list them in my accomplishments. This is just pathetic for an adult woman.

    • The Recluse says:

      Even if she did a series, others would do all the hefty lifting while she wafts through as the series presenter, buttons and all.

  8. Noor says:

    I am getting tired of saying this.

    Anything Kate does is glorified by the tabloid media.
    Anything that Meghan does is disparaged and villified.

    Why??. Where is the threat?. Who feels threaten??

    Most unusual development in the history of tabloid media reporting on the royals. Never before has the tabloid media singled out one royal spouse for vicious reporting while giving a free pass to other royals.

    • Eurydice says:

      Remember all the fuss when Harry spoke to the Disney exec, Bob Iger, at the Lion King premiere?

      • Surly Gale says:

        Oh that was funny because unbeknown to them, Meghan had ALREADY recorded it!! They thought Harry was trying to “pimp” her out, but she’d already done it and Harry was having a joke..”You know my wife does voice work”! It’s even funnier in hindsight! I bet he meant to be overheard and let them troll themselves!

      • PinkestSlip says:

        Surly Gale, you got that right: he was trolling the trolls!!

    • Jais says:

      Yeah it’s really crazy @noor, like a twilight zone episode or something. The British tabs are terrible and the coverage is farcical at this point.
      Eurydice, the fuss started just because they attended a movie premiere. How Hollywood. Can you imagine Kate narrating a Disney nature doc? Eek.

    • NCWoman says:

      Barbados is about to become a republic, removing the queen as the head of state. Harry and Meghan are living the successful Service Is Universal life, getting positive US coverage that the BRF has only dreamed of. There is no live and let live here. They hated her before because they’re racists and had built her up as a failed spoiled actress in their own minds as well as in the British media, but now they see Meghan as an existential threat to the throne who needs to be checked at all costs. (They’ve never understood that Harry is actually intelligent in addition to being charismatic, so they think she is the driving force.)

    • Jan90067 says:

      Wellllll…. yes, there was. They did it to Freeloader against Diana. They called her names, criticizing her weight, her “feistiness”, even her “ginger” status. BUT….

      While they were bad & relentless, it is NO WHERE NEAR the viciousness of what they are doing to Meghan. Doesn’t even come close.

  9. Zebz says:

    This and Williams documentary just goes to show how shook everyone is at kp about Harry and meghans success. No way would either of them be doing anything like this if Harry didn’t pull Meghan. No way. Meghan changed the game without trying. Lmao. That’s impact.

    • Amy Bee says:

      @Zebz: Earthshot prize and Early Years are direct responses to what Harry and Meghan were doing when they were working royals and since they’ve left the family.

      • Zebz says:

        Exactly. If there was no Meghan neither of them would’ve bothered with any of this. After all Harry did big projects before Meghan and they didn’t care. She lit a fire these idiots to get to work. Meghan changed everything for the royals. They had become complacent and were coasting. Not just will and Kate but everyone. They all had to step it up. Even Charles is coming out with a streaming service, capsule collection, and women’s workforce initiatives.

      • BothSidesNow says:

        Wow!! You guys are right!! There was no Earth Shot or Early Years questionnaire without Meghan!! I didn’t realize that until you guys pointed that out.

        Meghan truly is an influential woman within The Monarchy!!

        My how that must burn their tiny brains!!!

  10. Becks1 says:

    I can’t think of anything more boring. She might pull in some viewers initially bc people do like her more than William overall, plus clothes, but I just can’t see it being something well done and interesting.

    I’m with you Kaiser – this is all about Kate wanting to explore HER family and finding out why she is ended up so “perfect” (lol).

    • Seaflower says:

      It will be the fairy tail whitewashed version to make them the perfect wholesome family.

    • Belli says:

      And also to gush over her own parenting. So if a researcher said that it helps children to be around books, it would be that oh yes the Cambridge kids have a library in every palace, not about children who don’t have access to that and closure of local libraries for lack of funding.

      • nina says:

        Nobody who has to put food on the table, get the kids dressed, get kids to school, drop them off at school and possibly the littlest one at daycare all before going to work, has time to listen to some rich entitled castle living duchess tell them about raising their kids. She cannot relate to the everyday struggles of working parents.
        Maybe, instead of preaching to them help charities that do try to assist working parents, raise funds for their programs. Oh wait, but then the limelight is not on her. Never mind then.

      • Jan90067 says:

        You’d THINK the easiest thing would be to do a fund raiser amongst their rich Turnip Tops “friends” or whatever they call themselves… oh wait, Khate closed that door when she tried to freeze out the Rosebush.

        And I forgot, *how many* of her patronages closed for lack of attention to drive donations?

        *In my best Emily Litella voice*: “Never mind” 😄

      • PinkestSlip says:

        Jan, NONE of the Turnip Toffs like her: ABSOLUTELY NONE. She is an interloper, a nobody, a ring-in…she’s not welcome by any stretch of the imagination. She is TOLERATED, period. Everyone is behind Rose, they love her. But Kate? Middle class wannabe…they only invite her to their group gatherings so they can laugh at her fake accent 🙂

    • Harper says:

      Imagine being so dull that coming from a stable family is the only positive talking point about Kate.

      • Nyro says:

        This! It’s call she has and yet no one would see that as an accomplishment. She and the palace sell her stable childhood to the public as if it was due to choices she made instead of winning the conception lottery. It’s absurd. I mean, I’ll even give her skinniness as an “accomplishment”. At least it’s because she chooses not to eat. Goid grief.

      • Nic919 says:

        I would question just how stable her family is. They simply seem to be better at making a united front to the media, but when three adult children aren’t fully actualized adults well into their 30s, that’s the sign of bad parenting. Plus uncle hookers and blow hovers around the edges and is never fully disowned by them.

      • notasugarhere says:

        I question the stability as well. Three adult children who cannot function in the adult world. Daughters raised to compete with each other and sleep their way through the aristocracy until someone finally marries them.

    • Eurydice says:

      It’s kind of the “anti – The Me You Can’t See,” “anti – Harry/memoir,” isn’t it? Like how Kate can show there’s no generational trauma in her family. So predictable – everything she and William do is centered on themselves.

    • Merricat says:

      I think this is Carole’s idea, since a celebration of Waity’s childhood would be ALL about how great Carole is as a parent. This way, she can soak up the reverence that she’ll miss on account of being dead when the Cambridges finally level up.

      • BothSidesNow says:

        That’s probably true @ Merricat. Ma Meddleton loves to push the envelope at how perfect she and Michael are in raising “perfect” children. Poor Michael having to stand there and smile. While Uncle Blow and Cash puts demands into the RF about Kween being ready to be QC now!! He didn’t invest in their education for nothing! He wants his return now, not 25+ years from now. I tell you, that was stupid investment anyway. It’s his own fault. Did he think that TQ would skip Charles? What an idiot!!

      • PinkestSlip says:

        Merricat: “….on account of being dead when the Cambridges finally level up.” lol 🙂

  11. WithTheAmerican says:

    But… but… I thought television deals were The Worst. I guess it’s only super mega successful deals that deserve disparaging. Eyeroll.

    • Jasper says:

      Only when done by the younger brother and his American wife. Wasn’t that the excuse they used to deflect from the abuse meted out? That she was so AMERICAN?

  12. Red Weather Tiger says:

    In researching ideas for the Early Years PROGRAMME, Catherine studied four generations of her own family and realized with delight that every one of her family members had, at some point, been children.

  13. Matthew says:

    Producers love a meeting with someone important BUT they also have a sixth sense for what works on tv so….I wouldn’t worry about Kate appearing on the small screen anytime soon. I’ve not seen many famous people with such a lack of charisma as Kate.

    • MF1 says:

      Yup. Film and TV producers take tons of meetings, even some with people they don’t intend to work with just for the sake of networking. Within 30 seconds of meeting Kate, they’re gonna realize that she has no charisma, no on-camera talent, and nothing interesting to say.

      • Snuffles says:

        Or any ideas or any work ethic.

      • Fascinating Fascinator says:

        Yes producers definitely take meetings all the time and yes they do sometimes get excited about big names BUT the biggest tell here that this is a garbage bs story is that ”the meeting” has been identified as a phone call. I work in the industry in LA and have also worked briefly in the UK – please trust that LITERALLY NO ONE considers a phone call a meeting. That is just not how it works. Film and tv are visual mediums….a phone call doesn’t work for these kinds of meetings and real producers don’t work that way. It reads to me like either it was a courtesy call at most or she’s not working with top producers. Either way: lmao

  14. Noki says:

    It must be so frustrating for them to have to put themselves out there now. They cant do the measly engagements now and even go as far as telling charities they wont show up because they dont want the expectation of attending every year. The BM are demanding their pound of flesh due to the Sussexes. Lol

  15. The Duchess says:

    Even the DM commentators were dragging her for even having the audacity to push this idea out there. I actually hope she does it so she can show the entire world just how unqualified, lazy and dumb she really is. Bwahahahaha.

    • Harper says:

      They dragged William over his Earthshot special as well, telling him not to go there with the preaching about the environment. There’s been a subtle shift in the comments now being permitted in the Fail. Interesting.

  16. Over it says:

    If this ever becomes a completed project. I will be sure to record it for when I am having problems falling asleep. Either her lack of voice or counting her buttons, should definitely do the trick

  17. Dang, either the BOTs are broken this morning or this is so unpopular it’s overriding the comment BOTs. This idea is being ripped to shreds in the comments of this article… Yet again they try to copy the Sussex family and yet again they fail desperately.

  18. Moderatelywealthy says:

    She is looking four genaretions into her family to study early development in children?

    I don’t know folks but Duchess Kkkate , with her belief children need a certain socio economic environment to develep properly and now this, is dangerously close to determinism, which would not surprise me one bit .

    As for her Center, more and more I. Convinced it just exists to train KATE on how to talk about children education rather than to inform parents and teachers about it.

    • Nic919 says:

      Watch it change its focus to teen issues when George turns 13.

    • Jan90067 says:

      You can’t inform someone about something you know NOTHING about. Beyond her index card, containing a few sentences at most (and that she can’t even say without looking down at for more than two words in a row), she has no *internalized* knowledge of *anything* other than how to restrict her calories and exercise.

      • BothSidesNow says:

        In addition to her injections and the down time. KKWeen would be able to give us information regarding injections and what to expect. In addition to what she uses for “carrots” when she is offered a “stick”. Is it solely jewelry? I’m actually curious now. But not enough to watch her and try to decipher her “posh” Catherine accent.

  19. Incognita says:

    My issue: my youngest had a different start to life and I was woefully unprepared for it. I now know that if your kid doesn’t touch soft objects, you need to take a baby brush and lightly brush their arms and hands every half hour for a month. I now know that if your kid doesn’t make contact or normal baby sounds you need to use sign language. I know all sorts of stuff about speech therapy, dealing with pediatric neurologists and cardiologist, leg braces, physical therapists and how isolated your world becomes. You never hear Kate talk about how to deal when you’re dealt a different set of cards than the rest or how the mother/parents/ family can get help or support.

    • Jais says:

      Thank you for pointing this out @incognita. I learned more from this comment than I have from Kate’s 5 questions.

    • Gah says:

      Amen. We have a lot of internal and external resources and my daughter had an undiagnosed debilitating neuro psychiatric disease from before age 2 that all pediatricians, neurologists and child experts told me was caused by my parenting, my childhood trauma or perhaps having a bright and sensitive child. One “expert” told me I wasn’t meditating right!?

      Our situation was so dire we considered institutionalizing my suicidal 5 year old. I also considered suicide multiple times.

      Only once we got a diagnosis and my daughter started on heavy antibiotics and a fab neuro anti inflammatory followed by homeopathy did our lives change.

      So yeah all the money and resources in the world couldn’t help when she was running naked in the middle of the street screaming. I got soooo much shit from neighbors and passers by.

      My heart breaks for families of the many kids who have the same disease who can’t just keep turning over stones and/or don’t have the resilience to keep going.

      Parenting is hard in the best of circumstances. But throw in a couple curve balls and it can break you.

      Ps if you know someone with a kid who struggles w mental health/OCD/rage/ODD get them info on PANS/PANDAS and watch brain on Fire ASAP.

      • BothSidesNow says:

        @ Gah, I am so sorry that you had to go through these experiences, but most importantly that your daughter suffered for so many years.

        @ Gah & @ Icognito, you both never stopped fighting FOR your children. You guys are stronger than The Rock and you both are advocates for finding the truth and staying the course, no matter how hard it became on yourselves!! I am in awe of the strength that you both endured and I send virtual hugs and look forward to continued growth forward all of you!! And may the bumps be tiny and the road be filled with support and happiness!!

    • BothSidesNow says:

      @ Incognita, thank you for sharing your experience. I have seen mothers that have shown an insight into their day-to-day lives of raising children that have developed differently mentally. How a mother would ask her four year old where he wanted to be brushed due to his birth mothers addictions when he was born. How she was able to connect with him using the brushing technique. It’s eye opening at how we must utilize a foreign object before we can use our own hands or arms for a child that is suffering.

      Thank you for sharing your experience. We must all join together and support each other as women and as mothers.

  20. Sure says:

    Heard another RR on his weekly podcast talk about K’s interest in researching her family history. I suspect a Who Do You Think You Are? type of programme looking into K’s background will be used to recalibrate her public image. Forget mean girl K and focus instead on humble beginnings K who’s just like you average brainwashed citizen! The RR seemed to suggest that in order for K to sustain public interest in her early years work, she would need to provide more personally engaging content just like the proposed TV programme. The emphasis seems to be on how to market K’s work rather than on K actually doing work which produces real world results……How do you solve a problem like Katherine?

    • The Duchess says:

      I think she’s going through some sort of identity crisis. She spent years trying to climb into the aristocracy and be accepted as ‘one of them’, but now she wants to show the world she’s from this perfect little country family who are very humble and normal? Pull the other leg.

      • Nyro says:

        This also stems from Meghan, who made it cool to be proud of where you come from and not give a crap what so-called aristocrats think about you. Of course Kate believes none of that, but if leaning into her family’s coal miner history makes her relatable like Meghan, she’ll do it.

    • Belli says:

      Just like this whole Early Years thing right from the start, it’s about Kate and not the children.

    • CC2 says:

      Yep. Also to remind people that her 4 generations are whitey white white and perfect. And if they aren’t, try to use that as an excuse for their racism. Idk if there are divorces within the generations, but I expect some snarky article comparing Doria and Carole.

    • Amy Too says:

      I honestly wonder if she was just approached for the “who do you think you are?” series and they sent her some preliminary research into the last 4 generation, and that’s why she mentioned she had been looking into her family’s past. But then the writer of this article just decided to spin the little line about her taking a call with a producer into this big potential early years project. Maybe when they went to talk to their “sources” for this, someone mentioned the looking into her family history, but rather than go with the obvious that she was learning about her family’s history bc she might be on who do you think you are?, they tried to shoehorn that little tidbit into their Early Years docuseries theory.

      WDYTYA would be up her alley lately: Kate: the normal middle class girl with a humble background, making the RF so modern and relatable! Plus, Kate: the proper British white one with no scary black people in her family tree. And she wouldn’t have to do anything except show up and have the information presented to her. She wouldn’t have to do a lot of speaking, she wouldn’t be in charge of producing or guiding the program. It’s a formulaic program where she can just get slotted in.

  21. MellyMel says:

    How embarrassing to be copying your brother and sister-in-law in everything they do, cause you have no original idea of your own. These two are indeed in a one-sided beef and its hilarious to watch. Also every time I read ‘Early Years’, I roll my eyes.

    • Jais says:

      That’s the thing. It really is embarrassing. How mortifying to be so blatantly copying the sussexes. Before Meghan came around, they never did this stuff because they do not have creative ideas. She showed up, they bullied her out, and stole her ideas. So evil, jeez.
      Meghan is literally the blueprint now for what the royals do. On top of that, it’s showing how much the royals really want to be stars, like Diana- level stars. They are creating awards so they can be on a stage and be a star. They want to be Meghan bad. But she wouldn’t dim her light for these uncreative, vicious, wannabe, copycats.

  22. Lizzie says:

    This story is all ‘insiders claim’ so I guess that means Carole dictated it. Would TOB let this go forward and ‘steal’ his limelight, such as it is?

  23. Agreatreckoning says:

    Will they film the Gogglebox people watch and try to take it seriously?

    If they want Kate to go this route she’s better off doing something light and fun for kids.

    Working titles:

    Sovereign Street
    The Incandescent Company
    HRH FlufnStuf
    Tool Time for Babies

    • SarahCS says:

      Now that is something I might consider watching.

      Let’s be honest, the only people who would actually watch it (apart from the half-dozen Cambridge ‘stans’) are the reporters, pundits, comedians, etc.

  24. nina says:

    Ugh. They should just give it a rest.
    Don’t they realize to compete with H&M they need to have people who want to work with them and who has the clout to bring them to the world stage. Nobody with that kind of power wants work with them.
    They don’t have the star power required to make it on the world stage and the people are not going to spend their own currency in the industry to build them up.

  25. Nyro says:

    I’m not buying it. Kate doesn’t even have the capacity to answer a simple question about how motherhood is treating her let alone negotiate a tv production deal. Give me a break. 😂

  26. Nic919 says:

    Most people would consider a family where three out of three adult children have never held a proper job and one of them is a 40 year old on government assistance for over a decade to be a dysfunctional one.

    • Zebz says:

      Right. Her family life is horrible. What the hell is she talking about? They are all dependent on Carole. She didn’t raise her kids to be self sufficient at all. And her and her husband definitely aren’t a partnership of equals. Her brother had to go to counseling. Not to mention her uncle the cocaine dealer. Why does she keep talking about how perfect and stable her childhood and family life is?

      Both she and William are totally out of touch with reality. It’s like she really believes the sycophant press about herself and every time Meghan makes an appearance it snaps her back into reality.

      • Jais says:

        Hmm, I’ve wondered that before @zebz, as in how much of these embiggening pieces do they believe about themselves? Do they read them and just go yep, I totally am the jewel in the crown that will save the monarchy. Or what was that quote about William being some sort of gentleman?

      • Zebz says:

        I think they want to believe it. They want to delude themselves that everyone loves them, Harry and Meghan are hated by everyone, and that they are better than them. Kate is the perfect mom and super wife, William the doting dad and global statesmen. Then Harry and Meghan step out and reality slaps them in the face. They are meeting with dignitaries and global leaders, Harry is getting global deals with google, better up is worth 4 billions, his patronage got 100 million donation, they are on times most influential list and the cover sold out, etc. and that was just in the past few weeks!!

        There was a rumor that William had to be assured by staff that he is better than Harry. Harry is the source of his deepest insecurity since Harry was born. Meghan entering encapsulated the entire issue. The fact that Harry pulled Meghan when he knows that he would not be able to is the cause of this entire problem with the Cambridge’s and Sussex’s. Kate is basically in the cross fire trying to compete for Williams attention and he is completely focused on defeating Harry and winning the feud and meghans approval.

        Kate is a nonentity to William at this rate she is hanging on by a thread.

    • Over it says:

      Lol, I so agree with you. Welfare recipients telling us where we are going wrong.

  27. Lizzie says:

    These folks NEVER learn from their own mistakes. Do not compete with Harry and Meghan, you look like a loser. Copy’s never outshine the original.

  28. notasugarhere says:

    That awful lilac 80s bridesmaids dress again. Are any of her multiple stylists trained at all?

  29. Rapunzel says:

    Lol at the backlash in The Fail to Kate considering this idea. How stupid are Prince Angry Penishead and Duchess Mop-in-buttons for thinking this could work.

    The Elegant Bald Incandescent Rage lightbulb and his stick figure in wiglets and bespoke couture coat dresses wife never learn. This is what happens when you spend years training folks to hate certain people for their behavior…and then try to copy it.

    Like seriously, how did they think they could insult H&M for being Hollywood while they try to be Hollywood themselves?

  30. Margaret says:

    What is interesting, is the smearing of the Sussexes for the things they now want, and the people are dragging them for it. Love it.

  31. AD says:

    The author of the battle of brothers I think or one like him had said the Cambridges are really looking at what the Sussexes are doing and he is sure they will be thinking about ways to counter their popularity. So there you have it. It’s competition. Never mind the papers dogging them they are scared of them becoming too popular than the royals so they are trying to go big.

    Bottom line they are trying to compete and you cannot compete where you don’t compare. They want her to be seen as competent as Meghan.

    • kelleybelle says:

      Good luck with that …

    • L4Frimaire says:

      Meghan was a senior working royal for only two years but everything she did there, and since, is driving what the royals do now. It’s from minor stuff from upping their wardrobe game and doing Zooms with a more relaxed setting, to now everyone wanting to get media deals. Prince Charles is the de facto head of state yet he feels the need to have tv series and capsule fashion corrections. He’ll go on about the environment but can’t be asked questions about cash for honours, royal spending or Andrew. Same with the Cambridge’s. This is them wanting the same things Harry and Meghan have because they have it, with no thought behind the work and planning that goes into it. This is all a big pretend game subsidized by the taxpayers. I can’t imagine something like this happening in D.C., where the president and his kids are given tv specials and award shows with no accountability whatsoever. The Trumps tried it but do the future kings of England really want that comparison? These people are being indulged and given baubles because they are bored, resentful and no one requires any real leadership from them. Power with no accountability. Seriously, who is going to check them?

  32. Dee Kay says:

    All of this family’s problems stem back to Diana. Diana really showed them the way. She was a media star and she knew how to perform to draw attention to issues (both global issues that affect millions of people and her own personal issues with mental health and marriage/divorce). If the Royal Family had understood how best to let Diana shine and lead them into the future, then they would have been better prepared to welcome and feature Meghan and showcase her (or rather, allow HER to showcase THEM) to best advantage. But they hated and tried to sabotage Diana at every turn, and ditto with Meghan, so now there is no one in that family who knows how to do the media job that must be done, but they (finally!) see that IS what needs to be done. So they’re just incompetent blundering fools at it. It would be sad but they made their bed so they can lie in it.

    • Chrissy says:

      Well said, Dee Kay. The BRF and their courtiers’ problem is that they are only reactive and never pro-active. They wouldn’t be able to see a good thing in their midst if they tripped over it. All those overblown egos and ridiculous rules about embiggening the least worthy while smearing and even torturing those with the most progressive ideas will come back to bite them big time if there’s any justice in this world.

      • Dee Kay says:

        yes @Chrissy. exactly. they had the right thinking at the right time, Diana saw how culture and society and media were evolving at precisely the right moment and her instincts about how to be royal in those conditions were spot-on. gosh if the Royals had seen the innovations Diana was making in the 1980s, the institution would be in such a different place right now. heck, they would have welcomed Meghan, would have been overjoyed that such a high-level operator in the media field was coming on board. but nope.

  33. Chaz says:

    Kate Kate Kate if being mediocre is your shtick own it and stop trying to punch above your weight class. Embrace tepid and the British will follow – they did before Meghan and they truly deserve you now. You and William should try to stay in your lane as future future heads of …? Oh well decide later what you want to be and stop running a better woman’s race. You are in the way.

  34. kelleybelle says:

    What a bunch of bollox.

  35. Cottage Ca says:

    Cripes almighty! The clever, bright and intelligent Megan gets slaughtered in the “popular” Press whilst Middleton’s uncle is photographed urinating in the street. Oh please

  36. tamsin says:

    i find it interesting that they’ve discovered the use of the word “private” in this context and not used the word “secret.”

  37. Cottage Ca says:

    I still cannot understand how the grasping Middleton family who had made their dubious “fortune” from means unknown, Uncle Gary photographed urinating in a London street, were allowed anywhere near Diana’s son.

    • *****Stevie*** says:

      I know. It seems the UK media were projecting on to Meghan, what the Middleton’s actually have behaved as.

    • Dee Kay says:

      I used to just buy the party line (pun intended) that Carole’s party favors company had made them millions, but Celebitchers (Celebitches?) have made me realize that’s freaking impossible. No one, literally no one, could build a multi-million dollar fortune on the back of party favors unless they had launched a chain of big box stores that was selling all kinds of cheap plastic goods like that. An online retailer selling party stuff might make a comfy six-figure income at best, but not really break into the next tier on that business alone. They’re totally money laundering for the uncle.

  38. Jaded says:

    I’d bet my bank account that CarolE set this “private talk” with an unnamed “high-powered TV executive” up and leaked it to the press. She doesn’t seem to realize you can only blow a balloon up so far before it bursts. Something like this is so far out of Kate’s wheelhouse that it’s risible. She can barely string 6 words together so can you imagine her having to actually narrate a whole show? The directors would be tearing their hair out in frustration after the 99th take of her mumbling one sentence. Not gonna happen.

    • Lizzie says:

      Something highly scripted and edited could be put together but she would continue to ‘highlight’ others work. She brings nothing to the table.

      • tamsin says:

        It would be great if Kate actually highlighted what real research is being done, and what the condlusions are. Reports abut her and early childhood are not at all informative about early chlildhood.

  39. Cottage Ca says:

    The Middletons are so out of their intellectual depth it’s cringeworthy to witness. Angela Merkel spoke to Kate in German, rightly or wrongly. Kate, despite all her “private schooling”, replied, “sorry I don’t speak German”. So much for private school

  40. NightOwl says:

    It’s interesting how in unguarded unscripted moments, she is often attempting to interact with people who could not be more bored. Her facial expressions seem even more exaggerated when they are not being reciprocated in the least.

    • Merricat says:

      That’s because the number one way to get people interested in you is to show an interest in THEM, which is impossible for Kate, who has never shown an interest in anything or anyone outside herself.

  41. Mrs.Krabapple says:

    I suspect it will be scripted for her, and she will have plenty of time to rehearse her lines. And they will either hire child actors, or rehearse with the children until they are able to look at Kate and appear interested in her. It will be used to show the world that Kate is the world’s best mother, and her kids are certainly entitled to billions of dollars of tax payers’ wealth because she is such a good mother. None of the royal sycophants will question Kate’s contributions, and those who do will be labeled haters.

  42. Cottage Ca says:

    Nothing more than a catalogue model, posing and pointing into the distance, no substance whatsoever. Dear God if this is our ” future Queen” long live a Republic

  43. Keri says:

    That keen rictus grin on display again while everyone around her is like WTF? Kids can smell BS judging by the hilarious reaction photos. I swear, she looks like she wants to eat the kids in the second to last photo.

    She can’t even keep their lame YouTube channel interesting with regular updates but now wants a larger platform?

  44. Just Me says:

    🤦‍♀️ Kate, the other duchess, has never progressed successfully beyond her own “Early Years” development in her Royal life!

  45. Layla says:

    The importance of being keenest 🙄

  46. MangoAngelesque says:

    Maybe someone told her she could make up her own Keen Sign Language, all with Dramatically Emphatic Fingers, and she’s all aboard.

    And, btw…following her husband’s example? No. This woman is frantically chasing her sister-in-law and the brother she’s been chasing since she married The Dull One years ago.

  47. Mary says:

    The truth is Buttons keeps copying our West Coast royal… but please note that she can’t produce a single friend to speak on her behalf or meet her at the movie premiere or join her on an outing. Not. One. Single. Person. She is the joke of society because she is not one of them. Rich, yes. From the working class … how gauche. She is not noble, she is not aristocracy. She is a commoner. She is an outsider. And the crowd she wants acceptance from, only really enjoys reminding her she is not one of them.
    She could have been welcoming to Meghan and supporting, but hurt people hurt people and she instead treated her as she is treated. And it did not earn her anything from those she seeks acceptance from. Not even Baldingham could get her in. It made him look bad! It’s not like the monarchy needed her for her money. As soon as the Queen dies, I guarantee there will be bets for when the divorce will be announced.

    • Tessa says:

      Kate could have gotten a friend. What a waste that Kate did not befriend Meghan and instead just let Meghan take the blame for the crying story, for instance.

    • Monica says:

      My new coworker is a rock star, just out of college with skills and intelligence for miles. I’m an old-timer having toiled in the trenches since caveman days. I could have been threatened by her—instead my reaction is, what a RELIEF. I’m not in this alone anymore and I’ve learned great things from her while helping her with the realities of the working world. Of course, I’m also not part of a crusty, fading institution that needed a scapegoat, either.

  48. MJM says:

    I am sure that a docuseries will be made (by professionals) that she will take credit for and have the rota put forth gushing articles about what a great job she did.

    That is how this will play out. Kate is no more capable of producing a docuseries than my pet schoodle is.

  49. MTC says:

    As long as her programme features her in multiple pinkie rings….

  50. *****Stevie*** says:

    Here’s my opinion on the Cambridge’s long engagement. I have always believed (Here’s my opinion on the Cambridge’s long engagement. I have always believed (allegedly) that the Cambridge’s delayed their marriage due to concerns over mental illness of Kate’s relatives, and fears of this being inherited by the Royal children. I believe (allegedly) this informs the push of the Cambridge’s & Harry for mental health issues acceptance and for making it acceptable to seek out help for your mental health. This I also believe (allegedly) is what informs Kate’s interest in early years. In an attempt to find out if there is any connection to what happens in early years to stave off mental health issues. And to see if these issues can be mitigated by actives completed when children are young (allegedly). Including out doors actives with children which she is so keen on. Nature v nurture as opposed to a genetic inheritance……allegedly 😉 so in agreement with you here Kate’s “interest” have to to do with Kate’s “passions”…..Kate.) that the Cambridge’s delayed their marriage due to concerns over mental illness of Kate’s relatives, and fears of this being inherited by the Royal children. I believe this informs the push of the Cambridge’s & Harry for mental health issues acceptance and for making it acceptable to seek out help for your mental health. This I also believe is what informs Kate’s interest in early years. In an attempt to find out if there is any connection to what happens in early years to stave off mental health issues. And to see if these issues can be mitigated by actives completed when children are young. Including out doors actives with children which she is so keen on. Nature v nurture as opposed to a genetic inheritance……allegedly 😉 so in agreement with you here Kate’s “interest” have to to do with Kate’s “passions”…..Kate.

    • Agreatreckoning says:

      I don’t believe William should be left out of the equation of mental health issues at all. Lots of questions with him and the House of Windsor in general.

    • Merricat says:

      I could not disagree more, although I appreciate that you want everything to make sense. The long engagement was William keeping Kate on a string while he went round to all his aristocratic lady friends, begging them to marry him. When he ran out of possibilities, he married her. Early Years was invented to make it appear as though Kate did something beyond shopping. The interest in normalizing help for mental issues was not her idea, nor is it anything she’s shown an real interest in, nor has she done anything tangible in the area.
      She really is that shallow.

      • Agreatreckoning says:

        @Merricat, right. Kate’s Early Years was invented to give the impression she’d been “working” on something. Considering her wee project was coincidentally announced a few days before Meghan’s completed cookbook launch party – completing a solo project before Kate ever did – Early Years was quickly invented.

        The long engagement had more to do with William looking at other options- none were interested.

      • Tessa says:

        I remember a lot of smoke and mirrors during the years she dated William. There was “talk” of a Babykins children’s clothing line that Kate would start, yet nothing came of it. Then there was her “photography exhibit” which never appeared. She worked less than a year at Party Pieces and left after the 2007 breakup. It seemed to be just “talk” about Kate’s “work.” I think Will would have dropped Kate had one of the women he was pursuing reciprocated his interest. Kate did not even get a ring until about ten years so there was no engagement, no strings, and he could have walked at any time. He only gave her the ring late in 2010.

      • *****Stevie*** says:

        Why Kate? Especially in the context of she is older than he and “due to her keeping herself “rail thin” (no shame intended) will look haggard earlier. He must of had feelings for her. Regarding her “passion” for early year & outdoorsy activities with kids, she has an arts history degree she could have used this “degree” to get up to all sorts of nonsense in these historical buildings which are now at her east access. She instead focuses on two areas seemingly pulled out if her bottom. And actively is seen to apply these to her own children. Royal guinea pigs.

  51. Tessa says:

    I wonder what those children thought of Kate’s exaggerated grins and laughing.

  52. Monica says:

    Gawd, if this travesty actually gets made (BIG if), whoever edits it to make Kate seem TV-ready will deserve a lifetime achievement award, even if they’re 22.

  53. Daretop says:

    I wonder what those children thought of Kate’s exaggerated grins and laughing – nice oh

  54. Cottage Ca says:

    There are photos of Uncle Gary urinating in a London street. That is Kate’s hushed-up background .

  55. House of No says:

    Why does she always smile in such a maniacal manner? It’s incredibly off-putting.