“Justin Bieber is ready to impregnate Hailey Baldwin with a lil’ nugget” links

Justin Bieber and Hailey Bieber keep close while leaving an Art Gallery party in West Hollywood

Justin Bieber is ready to get Hailey Baldwin pregnant. [Dlisted]
Is Mads Mikkelsen wearing barrettes?!?! [Go Fug Yourself]
Kanye West had coffee with Michael Cohen. What in the world? [Towleroad]
James Bond does have impeccable suits. [LaineyGossip]
Saoirse Ronan & her boyfriend Jack Lowden went for a walk. [Just Jared]
Recap of the Ted Lasso Season 2 finale. [Pajiba]
My dad was a huge fan of Ambrose Bierce. [Gawker]
The rest of the world loves the way Americans love Halloween. [Buzzfeed]
Kylie Jenner has a lot of pre-pregnancy content in her archives. [Egotastic]
Psych 3 has a trailer. [Seriously OMG]
Rebecca Hall at the London Film Festival premiere of Passing. [RCFA]

Justin & Hailey Bieber look stylish leaving an art gallery auction in West Hollywood

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  1. ME says:

    I think Justin would have had a kid as soon as they got married but Hailey wanted to wait. He said he wanted to be a young father (his parents were teens when they had him). He’s only 27 now, so he’s got time. I think they will probably have a kid next year as Hailey does seem open to it with her “sure, maybe” response lol. Also, I really like his new music video “Ghost”. Made me cry.

    I think Kylie recorded a lot of stuff when she found out she was pregnant because she thought she could hide this pregnancy like the last one. She needs to realize her fans are smart…they can do great detective work just based off of Kylie’s manicure lol.

    • BothSidesNow says:

      @ ME, is he holding her up in the top pic? It looks like to me he is helping her walk….yes? Plus, wait until you are in your 30’s, that’s what I told my kids. I also told them to wait until their 30’s to marry as well. One listened to me. That one has also decided not to have children, which I respect but my gosh, they would be so frikin’ cute and smart too!!

      • iconoclast59 says:

        @BothSidesNow Yes, the body language is very weird in those pics. My guess: Hailey realized too late that the front panel of her dress won’t stay put and Justin’s holding her like that to keep the world from seeing her hoo-ha.

      • NotSoSocialButterfly says:

        I half-hope my kids don’t have kids because of the trajectory of climate change and the political and social trajectory of the US specifically. It’s a depressing future for the generations to come, with sorrow a-plenty.

  2. Anne says:

    Hailey seems like a genuinely sweet person. Justin, on the other hand, has always struck me as a narcissistic man-child, and I’ve been horrified by the recent videos of him appearing to treat her disrespectfully. My take– Hailey, don’t have a child with a child.

  3. CoffeChamp says:

    The headline, echoing Justin is problematic. Again with guys having control over a woman’s body is so gross. “He’s ready…” like that’s all that counts. Maybe it’s just me seeing this.

    • BOOGIE says:

      I felt the same way- ready/impregnate. Not “the Bieber’s want to start a family,” or “the Bieber’s are planing a pregnancy.” This seems all about him.

    • Fortuona says:

      She has recently been going on about it since her niece was born .

      And on this site she is quoted 3 years ago saying she wanted kids (plural) and she even left space for getting their names tatted on her

      • BothSidesNow says:

        What? Why???? I don’t understand the rush.

      • Fortuona says:

        They have been married 3 years so it will be 4 years in in she gets pregnant this year

        And her sister got pregnant 2 years after her wedding

      • Gigi LaMoore says:

        If they are ready to have a baby, then good for them. There is no timeframe they need to follow.

  4. BeanieBean says:

    Well, I am psyched for Psyche. Those guys make me giggle every time. I’m going to re-watch the first two movies–I seem to have missed that first one anyway.

    • salmonpuff says:

      I watched the trailer, even though I found the last season and the two movies pretty silly. But this made me giggle. I will watch it, and my husband will fall asleep to it!

    • paddingtonjr says:

      The shows and movies are pretty silly, in the best possible way! I binge-watched the series during quarantine and it helped to just laugh for a bit. I’ve enjoyed the first two movies for the same reason and am looking forward to the new movie.

  5. Yonati says:

    Incident at Owl Creek Bridge by Ambrose Bierce is fantastic.

  6. MangoAngelesque says:

    It’s always entertained me how much my international friends are amused by our Halloweening. It’s my favourite holiday, so while we don’t go *all out*, we do get into the tradition decorations (tons of jack-o-lanterns, black cats, pumpkins galore, black and orange everything, etc…)

    All of my non-American friends are just kind of bewildered, but intrigued. And always wanting photos if Spirit Halloween shops, hehe.

    • BothSidesNow says:

      I read this on BF yesterday and I actually assumed that everyone celebrated Halloween, but I am an enormous idiot.

      Yes, we go all out for Halloween, Thanksgiving and the New Year too!!

    • The Recluse says:

      I basically treat all of October like Halloween season, like Christmas has sprawled out ahead of Thanksgiving. This year we hung lights outside, but I don’t put my outdoor decorations up until Halloween itself. We have a really cool life size vampire witch that I got from Grandin Road and don’t want her stolen.

  7. Jess says:

    The fact that he’s decided he wants a baby as he kicks off a world tour tells me he isn’t ready to be a dad yet.

    • BothSidesNow says:

      Yup, he will be gone while she is pregnant and nesting. Yet he will thinks that his absence will be perfectly acceptable is while he isn’t home to support her, emotionally when she will desperately need it. I know for me, the first is the hardest as you have no idea what you are getting yourself into. I think it’s selfish and childish for him to make plans with her body as well.

      Kind of gives us, and her, a preview of how this marriage will operate.

      • Gigi LaMoore says:

        Well, if she is o.k. with it, then so I am. If she is not o.k. with it, I hope she is making plans to get outta there or to assert herself more strongly in the relationship.

  8. The Recluse says:

    Saw the James Bond flick this past weekend. It packed an emotional wallop that I wasn’t expecting. I really enjoyed it.