Kanye West listed his Wyoming property – including the dome – for $11 million

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For years, Kanye West has been based out of Wyoming. He bought the huge Cody, Wyoming property years ago, when he was still with Kim Kardashian. He spent years transforming the property into what he claimed would be the center of his empire, the dome where he would make music, fashion, sneakers and everything else. The Wyoming dome was, I believe, one of the final straws in the Kardashian-West marriage. Kim only vacationed in Wyoming every four or five months, but she has always lived full-time in LA. She never “moved in” to the dome. Well, now that Kanye has domed it up for years, he’s selling the Wyoming property?

Kanye West is parting ways with his ranch near Cody, Wyoming. The Yeezy designer, 44, has listed the property for $11 million, PEOPLE confirms.

The 4,000-acre property has panoramic views of the surrounding Rocky Mountains, just 52 miles from Yellowstone National Park. TMZ previously reported that the huge chunk of land cost the rapper $14 million.

At the time, a source told PEOPLE that the ranch was previously known as “Monster Lake Ranch.” When West took over, he renamed the property West Lake Ranch, though he also referred to it as “Yeezy campus.”

This isn’t the Donda rapper’s only property in Wyoming. Just three months after purchasing the ranch in Cody, he picked up a second in Greybull for the same price.

[From People]

Is he going to be based at the second Wyoming property, or is Wyoming over for Kanye now? I wonder. I think for much of the past year, Kanye has been living outside of Wyoming too – he’s been traveling back and forth to Europe, New York and LA. He always maintained a home in LA – I believe he still has his pre-Kardashian bachelor pad, which makes sense because Kim got their Bel Air family home which they spent years renovating.

I also wonder if Kanye’s moving out of Wyoming in an attempt to “win back” Kim? If so, it’s not working. While Kim has been putting in the effort to support Kanye and stay on good terms with him, she’s only doing that for their kids. “Sources” told People Magazine this week that Kim is “still moving forward with the divorce” even though she and Kanye are in a much better place right now.

Kanye West attends a church event in Miami covered in silver

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  1. ME says:

    I think he wanted the divorce as much as Kim did. This is not a “Kanye was blindsided by Kim filing for divorce” type of thing. She just beat him to it. He moved on quickly with another woman which probably hurt Kim’s ego. Anyways, I heard Kanye just bought a house in Malibu.

  2. L says:

    That last pic – it looks like she’s wearing chaps and he is wishing she were someone else…..

  3. STRIPE says:

    My guess is the novelty of the isolation wore off for him. Let’s not kid ourselves, the man thrives off attention just as much as Kim does.

  4. LWT00 says:

    Just when you thought there could be nothing uglier than Crocs…

  5. Karelli says:

    Classic narc move. It’s all about control. He tried to move her out of LA so she would be alone in Wyoming for him to continue to ´shape ´ her as he please. She didn’t budge so he brooded for 2 years until she filled for divorce.

  6. why? says:

    Translation: Kim and Kris used Kayne to get access to SNL.

    Sources told People magazine? Would those sources just so happen to be Kim and Kris? When he was papped with Irina, Kris and Kim kept leaking stories about how Kim was blindsided by how Kayne moved on so fast and publicly. Now that Kayne isn’t being papped with Irina, Kris and Kim keep leaking that Kayne is pursuing Kim(just like they leaked that Kim was being pursued by many men since she announced the divorce).

    Win back Kim? It’s more like Kim, Kris, and her other daughters keep gravitating towards Kayne because Kris has had trouble finding Kim another man that she and her daughters can easily exploit. Can the press please stop with the narrative that Kim showed up to Kayne’s superspreader events and was papped with him last week because she is supporting Kayne and staying on good terms with him because of the kids. If Kim truly supported Kayne, she and her mother wouldn’t be leaking stories about how it’s Kayne who is trying to get back with Kim. It would be nice if the press would address how Kris and her daughters keep exploiting Kayne during his manic episodes and how they are constantly leaking negative stories about their exes.

    • ME says:

      I mean, they make EVERYONE around them sign NDA’s…so it’s more than obvious the “sources” are Kim and her family.