The Cambridges’s Generation Keenshot event ‘upstaged’ the Sussexes…??

The Cambridges visit Kew Gardens

So, I was wrong. I called the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge’s “Generation Earthshot” event “half-assed” yesterday because there were no photographers there to document William and Kate’s little entrance and tour through the Kew Gardens. To be fair, that part of the event did seem half-assed because only a handful of royal rota people were there, and the only documentation from the first part was via shaky iPhones and the like. Then William and Kate sat down with the kids and looked at their science projects. Real photographers documented that part of it and released the photos a few hours later.

Still, I’m consistently curious about how much or how little planning actually goes into these events which are not announced ahead of time. While people in Kensington Palace obviously put some time into organizing an event with children, science projects, the Mayor of London and an Olympian, surely these keen events should feel slicker, fancier, more organized? Perhaps the secret to unlocking the puzzle is through the coverage. The Daily Express’s headline: “Look away, Harry and Meghan! Kate and William upstage Sussexes with another ‘bold’ outing.” Yes. The Express points out that while Harry and Meghan’s “new ethical finance venture was met with enthusiasm from Sussex fans, they did not cement the project with a public appearance.” Therefore, the Sussexes’ announcement and interview in the NY Times was “upstaged” by Will and Kate’s half-assed Generation Keenshot event. LMAO.

Can you already feel Incandescent Baldingham getting peeved about all of this? I can. The Keenshot Prize Awards ceremony is happening on Sunday. Guess who the hype is about? Kate. Royal commentator Rachel Burchfield told Podcast Royal: “…When it comes to presenters, I am absolutely looking forward to hearing from the Duchess of Cambridge. I love it when she gets up and speaks in public and I love that she is intertwined in this and is a part of it. I think it’s obviously a passion project of Prince William and he’s put a lot of work into it. I’m absolutely looking forward to hearing what the Duchess of Cambridge has to say.” Kate is intertwined?? HOW? Another commentator said that Kate will “play a pretty major part in the awards ceremony.” Again, this is William’s thing. It’s his big keen embiggening project. And I suspect he’s already bored with it, and that’s why Kate has been tasked with bringing some environmental cosplay and buttons into the events.

The Cambridges visit Kew Gardens

The Cambridges visit Kew Gardens

Photos courtesy of Avalon Red.

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  1. This is getting to be North Korea level false propaganda for these two lol. Wonder if they’re going to claim they don’t have buttholes next.

    • Elizabeth Regina says:

      I almost feel sorry for the Keenshot pair. All the propaganda in the world won’t erase the dreadful optics. Even Katy Keen’s fans want her to go back to wearing coat dresses. Some even wondered about the state of their marriage due to their body language. It takes more than grinning like a hyena when no one else is smiling to fool the people.

      • josephine says:

        It seems pretty clear that they can’t stand each other But it’s the situation they created. I’m always amazed at the trade-offs people will put up with just to save face

      • Missskitttin says:

        And the state of her mind. She’s wearing green on green… why???

      • Andrew’s Nemesis says:

        @Kitttin Green ‘cos environment, innit? Our Wiglets loves to theme dress (remember Ireland? One day for each colour of the flag of Eire.)

      • DuchessL says:

        Poor William. He was probably told/knows that he has no star power, no power influence. His only chance of being somewhat relevant and covered is if he brings the hyena. Hyena will keep grinning because the more William needs her, the more top ceo she gets. Her team is happy for her, but i dont think that’s what she wants. Look at the body language of those 2… She wants OUT!

      • kelleybelle says:

        She never dressed like that at all before Meghan came on the scene either. Those slacks would’ve been out of the question for her, but …

    • JC says:

      I spit my tea out reading this — thank you for the laugh!

  2. Nyro says:

    She’s getting that lumpy bumpy look in her face that elderly women who get fillers have.

    • May says:

      Yes, I notice she has a lump above her eyebrow.

    • Ewissa says:

      Yes coz fillers tend to travel

    • Kalana says:

      Her latest round of procedures did not settle well. I don’t know if it is a facelift or just Botox and fillers but her face looks weird now in closeups.

    • PinkestSlip says:

      She’s always going to look weird because she uses heavy drugs to keep her weight down, HEAVY drugs, and her face is consequently haggard, so she tries to fill it. She’s a wreck. Look at old photos of her: she doesn’t have a “thin” frame, she has a solid, large frame. Her ankles are a giveaway, too: they’re thick-ish. Her long shapeless waist is an eyesore, and her hands are old women’s hands. Mess.

  3. MsIam says:

    The Daily Express? Seriously? And I think its pretty bad ass to get all of these major outlets to carry articles about you without a “public appearance”. Daily Express sounds really butt hurt about being left out of the loop.

    • BeanieBean says:

      Which coverage would anyone choose, the Daily Express vs. the New York Times? Seriously, what wankers.

  4. Neners says:

    I didn’t even know they had an event 😂 Maybe it made more waves in the UK though. If so, good for them.

    • Elizabeth Regina says:

      It didn’t. It was barely reported and the comments under the news were not exactly flattering. People are just fed up with this pair.

  5. Lala11_7 says:

    Everything they do is performative & bland AF and it shows…part of that is organic because NEITHER of them has the “IT” factor Harry & Meghan have…but MOST of it is because they’re lazy as HELL!

    • Belli says:

      Yes! Lacking the IT factor wouldn’t matter if they cared and were sincere.

    • GRUEY says:

      It’s becoming increasingly weird that we never get any CONTENT from these two ever. Pics, yes. Descriptions from other people about the keen questions they ask, yes. Actual content? Never.

      • BothSidesNow says:

        @ GRUEY, why is that? I am beginning to feel so badly for any patronage or organization that they are tied to. The disrespect of not spending just a little bit of time, say every six months, just to touch base and see where they could benefit cannot be done by other one of these lazy grifters. To have your donations tied or linked in with either one of them must be the feeling of doom, as that is where they all end up. Closed and forgotten.

  6. Anna says:

    Earthshot…gardens…green outfit!!!

    And the part of looking forward to Kate’s speech sounds sarcastic at this point.

    • MY3CENTS says:

      Yup, guess we can be thankful she didn’t wear a blue skirt referencing the ocean as well. Small mercies with this one.

    • Marivic says:

      I just hope Kate doesn’t trip and mumble in her speech. If she did, William will again have that look of disdain at her.

  7. Suri says:

    Yes…upstaged….most likely in their keen dreams.

  8. Fanciful says:

    Wide-legged pants. Tick. Sweater. Tick. Coat in similar color. Tick. Oh and green for environment. Tick. (plus the ubiquitous massive laugh facial expression and expressive hands).

    • SarahCS says:

      I dislike this outfit a lot more having now seen it face-on. That is BAD.

      • Joan says:

        I agree. I thought it looked ok, in yesterday’s photos , but this full length shot- no!

      • Fanciful says:

        It looks very thrown together. That’s the problem with trying to copy someone else, their personal style isn’t hers so it looks wrong.

      • Jan90067 says:

        With a different coat, it’d be fine. I like green and black together, but I’d’ve put a black and white houndstooth print coat on top.

        At the *very* least, matched my shades of green exactly. And DEFINITELY ditched the twee Peter Pan collar. She’s almost 40 for God’s sake!

      • Cee says:

        It’s the length of the coat and the two shades of green competing. There is no harmony.

      • BothSidesNow says:

        @ Cee, yes, those greens are certainly each fighting each other. I am suffering from a head cold and my NyQuil green is a much more pleasant green that the ones she is wearing. She should have stayed in the car….

        That lump on her forehead can never be unseen again. The only portions of her face that are mouthing is around her mouth, that’s it!! That lump of toxins might start giving me nightmares!!

    • Fanciful says:

      I was thinking with a black coat it would look better. I wear a lot of bright green and often pair it with navy as it softens the contrast. But the proportions are also off.

      Nonetheless it’s kopy keen trying to kopy.

    • PinkestSlip says:

      Yes, don’t forget the Unhinged Jaw Wide-open Mouth Hacking Laugh look

  9. Becks1 says:

    LOL. The Sussexes don’t care that the Cambridges went out and……worked. That’s what this was – it was an engagement, and they went to it, and they both get to put it down in the court circular, and that was the point of it. The Cambridges should be doing exactly that (working) 5 days a week. It should be the norm, not unusual.

    Part of the reason the Sussexes weren’t happy as working royals was because they had to schedule things around William and Charles’s schedules and appearances. I really doubt they care now that they announced something and a day or two later Kate and William appeared in public.

    Finally – I think the reason this wasn’t announced ahead of time was because they weren’t sure who would attend, if it would be just William or William and Kate. My guess is it depends on how Mr. Incandescent feels on any given day.

    • Amy Bee says:

      @Becks: Not only did Harry and Meghan have to work around the heirs and Kate’s schedule they weren’t allowed to do certain projects for fear that they would outshine the other royals. I truly believe Meghan wasn’t given any funding.

      • Jan90067 says:

        Harry has said he also had to fight for funding, and TOBB was given top priority to tie up the money, whether or not he actually *did* anything with it. It also couldn’t be a cause that could make him *look* better than Bitter Bill.

        I’d be pissed about that, too.

    • Lorelei says:

      I’m crying laughing at that smug, “they didn’t cement the project with a public appearance” — wtf? “It” wasn’t an event (or “project” in the way the royals mean), it was an announcement that they’ll be investing $. It’s not like when someone “special” rings the bell at the NY Stock Exchange and there’s a little photo op. What sort of “public appearance” would this announcement about banking have entailed? How can anyone look at these two things and compare them when they’re not even remotely the same thing? My god the desperation to one-up the Sussexes is their driving goal in life.

      I said yesterday that their motto should be “photos or it didn’t happen!” and obviously it was meant to be sarcastic, but because we now live in a world in which it’s impossible to differentiate if headlines are real or The Onion, in less than 24 hours we get that line about it “not being cemented with a public appearance.” That is truly all this family cares about, the photo ops. Unreal

      ETA: also lmao at W&K’s thing yesterday being “bold.” How, exactly? It seemed like it was a nice little engagement that went off without any issues, but BOLD?”

      • Couch potato says:

        Well, from what I can see from the photos, not everyone they met were milky white. Mayby that’s why they’re called BOLD?

      • Harper says:

        Small thing, but I just noticed that on the Cambridge’s Instagram video of the event there’s a segment that includes the highly recognizable Amazon Prime boxes that the kids are packing with padded envelopes. There’s no way of knowing from the video what the exercise is about, but if it’s to point to Amazon as a source of waste, then isn’t that somewhat political of William for his cause to go after a specific company?

        On the other hand, if the Amazon Prime boxes were just there by happenstance, isn’t that poor form on the part of his social media team not to notice their prime placement in the scene, considering their grand master was just very vocal in his critique of Bezos? Either this is some kind of emerging synergy in an anti-Amazon message coming from William’s project, or his video team is really bad and someone should have noticed the Amazon product placement and not included it.

      • goofpuff says:

        BOLD because they actually worked.

      • Kalana says:

        Bezos started his own program rather than giving William 100 million, so maybe William is pissed?

      • Lila says:

        Ahahahaha! I’m now picturing what the Kate version of that event would have looked like…a child’s mask covered in bulls and bears? A prairie dress with currency printed on it? Wandering aimlessly through NYSE and telling random traders that Charlotte is so interested in stocks?

    • L4frimaire says:

      Why is them showing up for their jobs always such a big deal? Maybe if they worked more and did more then show up for one off appearances and photo ops, there wouldn’t be this constant need to drag the Sussexes into it. How much more breathless coverage can we get because Kate wore wide-leg pants again and William slouched in a corner. Why even mention the Sussexes at all?

      • Lorelei says:

        @L4Frimaire I could swear I read that this was precisely their plan: to make as few appearances as possible, so that when they did show up somewhere, it would be a big deal and guarantee lots of media coverage. I’ll try to find wherever I saw that.

        But Kate slipped up a few years ago when the reason she gave for not giving the shamrocks out that time is because she didn’t want people to “expect” her to do it every year. She must have been reprimanded because articles were quickly changed to say that the reason she wasn’t doing it was because she wanted to spend time with her kids.

        The brazen entitlement that both W&K show is wild.

  10. Roo says:

    Since reading here that she does the random “laughing maniacally face” for photographers, I’m wondering if that’s what she’s doing in that photo of just her and the little boy. If so, I’d love to know what he and everyone else were thinking. LOL

    • Digital Unicorn says:

      She pulls these over the top faces to show expression – she is forcibly screwing her face up in that photo but yet its not moving. The only parts of her face that are showing expression are the places that she hasn’t injected with fillers and botox (her mouth and nose).

      • Lorelei says:

        @DU, more and more, the photos of her are either “smiling maniacally” when she knows the cameras are on her, or “complete and utter boredom” when she doesn’t realize they are.

        She doesn’t have many in-between expressions, like a normal person. She never manages to look genuinely interested or smile gently at a child, it’s either all or nothing. Because everything she does is FOR THE CAMERAS.

        Do you think that if someone asked her right now to talk about a few of the science projects those children were working on yesterday, she would remember a single one and have a coherent answer? All she does at these things is pose for the photographers. The children and their projects are props as far as she’s concerned.

  11. Rai says:

    This is what I don’t get: EarthShot is supposed to be a big deal. This huge game changing initiative with major names attached but the DM still starts off with the Sussexes. Even the most vile commentors were baffled why they were mentioned.

    Not only was it bizarre framing, it must be extremely frustrating to the TOB. He can’t compete with Harry’s moves, but you’d think the invisible contract would have clause to allow him SOMETHING…

  12. Noki says:

    They keep hyping her public speaking because she does so little of it. Thus bringing more attention to an already nervous speaker. Yesterday it was mentioned she gets so anxious because she has to do double duty with the fake accent. She should really phase it out. I mentioned the Middletons family accent sound just fine,its not like they have distinctive Northen accents that sound ‘common.’

    • Lorelei says:

      @Noki, imo they really need to stop hyping it, and in fact should be hoping that barely anyone sees it. Because after her “closing remarks” at the round table with Jill Biden? If I was on her team, the last thing I would do is draw more attention and have even more people watch that mess.

      We always knew she wasn’t a great speaker, but I always tended to cut her some slack as far as public speaking is concerned because it’s hard and a lot of people (including me!) are terrified of it and very bad at it— but then someone here posted the transcription of what she said to Jill Biden and it was literally nonsensical. Just a bunch of random words, which made no sense at all, strung together. It was so embarrassing. And there is no excuse for that when she had notes right in front of her FFS.

      • Roo says:

        Does anyone have a handy link to that transcript? I don’t think I ever found out exactly what she said; I only read that it was bad.

    • Gubbinal says:

      “Actually the focus isn’t you know um sort of on on parenting itself but actually how we could give them the tools so that they are having their babies and and raising their children with these greater tools and I think that’s the way that education all the way through the system I think would be really um really powerful.”

      Keen words indeed…..

  13. Asking for a friend says:

    She’s there for the photos – smiles on cue and at least she looks like she cares (not saying she does, I think she knows to smile for candid-looking photos). Look at TOB in the shot at the table with the kids – bored and signaling for an aide to get him the hell out of the presence of the peasants. She, despite her obvious lack of charisma, is there to make the dusty royal family look better.

  14. Laura-Lee MacDonald says:

    I took one Toastmasters speaking course in high school to help me with my own speech presentation issues. I had to train myself out of gesticulating wildly with every conversation as well as slowing my cadence as I talk far too fast to be understood by many people, especially those with English as a second language. And when I’m really excited about something, I also raise my volume to alarming levels. Again, one 12 week Toastmasters course in 1992 and I can still use those skills to speak at any event. Drunken weddings with only loved ones to professional conferences with hundreds listening. Is there no Toastmasters in England?!?!? Get this lady a coach! Good grief.

  15. Amy Bee says:

    According to the Telegraph, Kate is expected to speak as well as give out an award at Sunday’s event. The Cambridges have decided to cosplay a power couple. But the tabloids can’t have it both ways. They can’t complain about Harry and Meghan for making appearances and then criticise them when they don’t. I thought the press wanted Harry and Meghan to go away. Another thing, the press used to complain about Meghan’s projects being too slick but I think the real reason why they were upset was that she was very organized and professional and she showed up Kate and William’s lack of professionalism and work ethic.

    • ABritGuest says:

      I saw the Ethic news reported from newsites from thailand to Kenya. Ethic has probably never had so much attention. I doubt this outing got as much play.

      I think there definitely will be “my wife and I” or “my husband and I” moment then- gotta try get a moment like the Sussexes at Global citizen life lol. as I said after Meghan did speeches including at Invictus closing ceremony during the Oceana tour, the rota said Kate needed to do more speeches. I think this is part of the demands being made on Kate that was referred to in that Tatler article.

      I saw a comment on social media from Kate fans that they miss her in coat dresses but she’s under pressure because of Meghan so might not wear them again until she’s princess of Wales.

      I’m guessing earthshot series ratings haven’t been great so far as havent heard anyone talk about it (whereas I did know people who watched his last documentary) & press have been silent on it. I’m guessing Kate will wear a previous dress- if she’s sticking to green she should wear that green Alexander McQueen she wore when presenting BBC sports personality of the year.

      • Amy Bee says:

        @Abritguest: I agree with everything you’ve said.

      • Rapunzel says:

        “I saw a comment on social media from Kate fans that they miss her in coat dresses but she’s under pressure because of Meghan so might not wear them again until she’s princess of Wales.”

        I don’t get this. Under pressure because of Meghan? Under pressure from whom? Is Meghan pointing a gun at her, forcing her to wear pants? And why would this pants wearing change back to coat dresses once she’s POW?

        Can you give more details on what they are saying?

    • Lorelei says:

      @AmyBee “cosplaying a power couple” 👏👏

      @ABritGuest, people actually miss the coatdresses? They LIKED them?? Good god her fans are as bland as she is.

      @Rapunzel, I guess they mean from the public in general, because everyone liked Meghan’s clothes so much better than Kate’s when they were both working royals? If Kate saw praise for Meghan’s clothing, I’m sure that to her, that’s “pressure” to dress more like M so that *she* will receive that praise, too? But all it does is prove how insecure Kate is, and that she always needs to be copying someone else.

      • Rapunzel says:

        Lorelei- that was my initial thought but how was she pressured to dress like Meg when everyone keeps repeating Meg is all wrong?And how/why is it she’ll go back to coatdresses as POW? It’s just gross they are acknowledging the SWF Meghan cosplay on Kate’s part, but twisting it to make Kate a victim who can’t wear her beloved coat dresses. Due to pressure from evil Meghan, of course.

      • Lorelei says:

        @Rapunzel ita. And how sad is it that even her fans know that she’s copying Meghan, and are so matter-of-fact about it? We know that Kate doesn’t have any spine when it comes to pushing back at the way William treats her in public, but to not have enough confidence in yourself to wear the type of clothes you clearly like better? It’s quite pathetic.

        I actually feel a little sorry for Kate because she really comes across as too insecure to ever have an original idea. Even last week, that gold dress was supposedly intentionally “an homage to Diana.” She’s almost 40 years old and has no discernible style of her own. And I actually really liked her clothes in the girlfriend years, and 2010–2011-ish, before she started with the coatdresses in every color of the rainbow.

      • Rapunzel says:

        Lorelei- I don’t even think Kate likes coatdresses that much. She just got lazy and settled into that style, imo.

  16. Miranda says:

    If you need a tabloid to shout from the rooftops that you “upstaged” the Sussexes…you probably didn’t upstage them. Meghan and Harry get more attention than this (and from these same tabloids!) by just EXISTING. And when they make appearances and give their support to any cause, that cause actually sees tangible RESULTS in the form of both awareness and financial support. It’s not just a photo op like Keenshot.

  17. Beach Dreams says:

    This Earthshot stuff is going to make a brief splash in the (British) press and quietly fade away, just the rest of these two’s half-assed stunts (because that’s exactly what this latest effort at grandstanding is).

    On a superficial note…wow, her face looks so stiff in that hyena laugh photo. Definitely past the point of no return with the procedures.

    • Brit says:

      And they’ll be right back to taking about Harry and Meghan. It’s strange to me because the relationship between KP and media is not beneficial because if the media really got what they wanted, $$$, they wouldn’t be as obsessed with the Sussexes as they are.

  18. Jodes says:

    On a side note. Did Kate have a breast enlargement between the first and 2nd last photo. They seem to have grown by about six sizes. Maybe they’re pneumatic.

    • Nic919 says:

      I think it’s because she’s slouched over in the photo.

      • Jodes says:

        Her chest has never appeared so large before, even with the slouching they would not have essentially changed shape and position on her body. Her body appears unbalanced. As a very slender woman she has never appeared as more than a c cup. There has been some photoshop enhancement introduced.
        Also, oggling and discussing women’s bodies or breasts is not a pastime I undertake, however the differences were quite noticeable.

      • Same says:

        I’m sure she got a boob job – probably at the same time she got the face lift , 72nd round of fillers and the mouth, chin, eyes, forehead and ears Botox last week.

        Or she’s stuffed her bra with a wiglet.

      • Lady D says:

        I thought she was wearing a padded bra in the one picture.

      • Nic919 says:

        She’s worn padded bras in the past. This may be another one of those times because she didn’t have that cleavage in the james bond dress last week.

        One of uncle Gary’s more infamous comments from the case de bang bang time is that he said William likes women with smaller breasts, so I don’t see Kate ever getting a boob job to make them bigger.

    • Laura-Lee MacDonald says:

      Maybe she got a breast lift? I have a few friends who have done that after several pregnancies stretched their breasts out in a way they did not like. Less invasive and safer than implants, more natural looking, and less down time. As a reluctant card-carrying member of the Teeny Titty Committee, I never fault anyone for going for a boob enhancement. If it’s to get Will’s attention again, though? Well, hopefully that’s not it, because that NEVER works.

      • Roo says:

        While I don’t care for Kate, I would be sad for her if she did get a breast enlargement to get her husband’s attention. That’s an awful way to live.

      • Same says:

        — a breast lift is not remotely “less invasive” than an augmentation . It is a major surgery that involves relocating the nipples and splitting skin of the breasts to pull up.

        And good lord , my original post was pure sacasm.

      • Nic919 says:

        See my comment above re Uncle Gary’s comments regarding William’s preference. For him it is the opposite, so she won’t get a boob job to please him.

      • Laura-Lee says:

        Thank you, @same, as that’s not at all how my friend described her procedure! I suspect I have the procedure name wrong, then. And sorry I missed the tone of your comment. It all seems so serious unless I see a lololol. :)

  19. Harper says:

    This event was supposed to introduce Generation Earthshot into our vocabulary. The video of the event shows William sitting down with the school kids desperately trying to make eye contact with the children of his kingdom but the kids were not having it.

  20. Nic919 says:

    None of this made it outside of the island media beyond gossip sites.

    • Lorelei says:

      @Nic, nothing the royals do ever really goes beyond UK tabloid coverage, unless it’s something like Philip’s funeral, or an event with very meme-ready photos, like the ones of W&K (and Harry, I think?) brandishing wands at each other at the Harry Potter exhibit.

      Regular, day-to-day stuff like this will never get international coverage, and I’m sure it makes Bill irate, considering all Meghan needs to do is step outside her house and the photos will automatically be what everyone is talking about.

      The fact that the Queen used a cane got more coverage than this engagement!!

      • Becks1 says:

        WaPo did run a story about William’s billionaire comments, but a lot of the responses on IG are things like “yeah he wants them to find a cure for baldness” (I howled, I couldn’t help it) and “what a posh ass” or the like.

      • Nic919 says:

        @becks1 yes once again it is one of Billy’s dumb ass comments that gets global coverage. Kinda funny actually.

      • Lorelei says:

        @Becks that reminds me of a comment I saw someplace the other day…it said that even William’s hair dislikes him so much that it was “prematurely evacuating itself” from his head in an effort to get away from him 😭

    • Merricat says:

      Lol, of course not. No one in the entire world outside of Tory Britain is interested in the Cambridges. How many of their patronages went belly-up over the last few years?

  21. Sofia says:

    I’m still catching up but I was surprised to see Kate turn up to an Earthshot event. I’m not saying she can’t go and I expect her to turn up to the awards ceremony but I didn’t think she would be turning up to these “smaller” engagements to do with Earthshot. It would be like William turning up to an Early Years event with Kate. Again, I’m not saying she can’t go, I’m just saying I’m surprised she is.

    • Lorelei says:

      @Sofia, a few comments above this one, @AmyBee referred to it as “cosplaying a power couple” and I think that’s exactly right. It’s the only logical reason that all of a sudden, they’re doing so many more joint events now, imo. Especially since it looks like they can’t even stand each other.

  22. Brit says:

    I really am staring to believe that someone in the media is going to flip because all this over the top, desperate attempt to make these two the most special people on earth is becoming very delusional and desperate. What is the purpose in all this? Why don’t these people just be honest and admit that the Cambridge’s are boring and forgettable? Hitching their hopes and delusions on this couple is not getting them anywhere. They know this but they still want access to the Sussexes but keep abusing them and pushing them away. It’s odd. It’s going to be years before the Cambridge’s get on the throne. What is it?

    • ABritGuest says:

      Well you need to check out this journalist (?) on a podcast about the monarchy, talking about how there’s a huge story about William that the British press refuse to touch in comparison with extraordinary press focused on Harry

      • Cessily says:

        I saw that clip, but I also saw the entire show which was over an hour long. AL was on it and admitted to only a 20 min PH interview with a year of following him observing (sounded like what most would call stalking).. I have never seen her speak before and that woman is as close to evil as I ever wish to get. It was very interesting to watch they covered a lot and the lady in the clip that is circulating had every one agreeing with her. (Of course AL exited the discussion very early on in the show)

      • candy says:

        I’ve been noticing the DM posting not flattering photos of the two of them. There is definitely a long standing tit for tat there.

    • Cessily says:

      I saw a clip of CT in an interview she was so livid her lines were creeping through on her new face.. a little meditation and self reflection would do them all some good.

      • L84Tea says:

        Some of these RR’s have serious issues. Like, really need to go talk to someone quick, issues. It’s very clear watching people like Angela Levin and Camilla Tominey that they both have some seriously disturbing psychological behavior. They both have taken a personal stake in the state of H&M’s relationships with W&K, the queen, the monarchy. It goes beyond journalistic curiosity. They are personally offended on W&K’s behalf. Camilla’s hatred for Meghan is so, so dark and bleak. It’s insane to watch.

    • Chica says:

      The issue Brit is that the lamebridges have made friends with the editions of these tabloids even if the reporters themselves have no interests in writing embiggining stories, they’re told what to write by the editors. The editors have final say on how stories will be phrased/written and what a story will included.

    • Greywacke says:

      W&K stories just can’t get the clicks needed to make money the RRs were when the Sussexes were getting married and working royals, so I think things will turn ugly in the next year or two. The RRs want their cash cows and nothing will get more clicks than the Sussexes unless it is a W&K scandal.

  23. Cessily says:

    The petty childish competition that lives in the tabloid rags and Royal gossip writers heads is mind blowing.
    The fact that grown ass adults are writing headlines that even a middle schooler would recognize as taunted bullying is allowed to continue without public outrage is beyond me.
    I’m sure ES will be a British success no matter the numbers because the press will tell you it is and glorify it until you believe that The heavens opened god blessed their endeavor. When in fact no one beyond a few Royalists will pay attention or watch. I have no access to it and I certainly won’t be signing up for a new streaming service to get it, even if they were to offer a free trial.(I always forget to cancel those).

    • Chica says:

      @Cessily The thing about ES is that they’ll be holding the award ceremony in different locations throughout the world for the next 10 years.

      This is baldy’s attempt to create his Invictus Games event.

      The thing about the British press is they’re not wrong: they can create the news and tell the ppl who consume their stories what they should believe. That’s how propaganda works. Royal stories reported globally also carries the propaganda narrative bc there is no media that is actively pushing back against the narratives. The BBC is now onside to prop up the monarchy. That is problematic bc the BBC carries more cache than the DM and tabloids. Now they feel indebted to the Windsors, so we all know how that play out. Both Billygoat and Tampon are getting to use the BBC for their advantage with no scrutiny whatsoever.

      It’s appalling.

      • Nyro says:

        I had no idea that they’re going to be doing the awards in different countries. HAHA! Yep, he’s desperate for an Invictus type of event. How pathetic. There’s literally no reason to have it in a new location every year. Who does that for an awards show? 😂😂

  24. Maria says:

    The picture of them stiff as boards while everyone else is engaging is ridiculous. They pretend these two are so down-to-earth all the time and they can’t even let loose for a cute photo.

    • Lorelei says:

      @Maria, they ALWAYS look like that in posed photos and I don’t know why! Every single one. They look like they’re constipated because of the sticks up their asses. They need to lighten up.

      • SnoodleDumpling says:

        Maybe that’s why every photo of theirs feels like a stock photo to me.

        Just, no energy, no connection, no MEANING to any of their movements. It’s all a performance and they are terrible actors who take themselves too seriously to do what is necessary for the performance and who refuse to do something that MIGHT make them look a bit silly.

  25. mariahlee says:

    Ya know, there is space for both couples to co-exist and even thrive in their respective domains. It’s tempting to root for W&K to fail bc of how they maneuvered to boot H&M out, all the while trying to imitate everything that made them compelling. But superficially, they’re competent, and now I realize that they’re too big to fail, for lack of better phrase. They’ll always have the support of two major institutions (media and monarchy), and the ideological stronghold of white supremacy is on their side. All I can do is root for my fave and hope she succeeds in spite of their efforts to destroy her.

  26. Jay says:

    So, the only way the Keens can possibly “upstage” Harry and Meghan is if the Sussexes do a press release and don’t appear for photos? That’s what we’re admitting? This is like me bragging about being the life of the party when I’m the literal first and only guest to arrive. Congrats?

  27. Charm says:

    Surely, even the dumbest, genuflecting, cap-doffing serf knows by now that if youre constantly referencing someone else in everything that you do, while the said someone else doesnt even acknowledge your existence, then yours is a loud, naked, anguished, look-at-me cry for even crumbs from the said someone else?

    And everyone else knows it?

  28. Laura says:

    Wow she has gotten a total “refresh” since Meghan came of the scene, but especially this past summer. Her teeth are whiter, skin clearly ‘toxed and god knows what else, new highlights, weight loss, and new styling. You can tell she and her handlers were absolutely terrified Kate would be seen as the less beautiful and less stylish princess. She has put more work into overhauling her appearance than her early years initiative lol.

    • candy says:

      I noticed she got a ton of botox and/or peels before the early years video series. Her skin did not move.

  29. Over it says:

    I don’t know if their event upstaged Harry and Meghan, well fine we know it didn’t but I can tell you that Kate green outfit definitely upstaged the plants. I can’t find them next to all her green

  30. Lory says:

    Again I’m appreciative of Kaiser’s photo choices. That one of William! If looks could kill. Is that the only good one of William on his own? He does NOT want to be there and/or hates his wife.

    • Rapunzel says:

      He looks like he’s plotting to kill her. I’ll bet this is while Kate is speaking and he is mortified, ready to strangle her. Seriously, he looks full of hateful revenge plotting. I bet if we could hear his thoughts they’d be something like, “How much arsenic shall I put in her tea?”

      I would be checking the brakes on my car my husband made that face around me.

      • MipMip says:

        She realizes he looks like that. It’s why she looks even more anxious and tense on joint engagements than on her solo ones. When she’s alone she seems to loosen up a little. I sincerely hope they don’t live together.

    • Bird says:

      The photo of William alone was in DM and the caption below was ‘The Duke and Duchess were in excellent spirits….’ The photo didn’t capture that. Methinks they were throwing shade

  31. Fawsia says:

    Harry and Meghan’s venture was reported all the financial outlets from NYT, Bloomberg, CNBC all the way to Thailand, India, Middle East, and Africa! Also all of the British Medical Journal including the trash tabloid reporters!

  32. Rapunzel says:

    Nobody’s mentioned the hem on those pants? Gross af.

  33. Lilly (with the double-L) says:

    How are things in London?UK overall? The queues and prices and goods availability? Did they “upstage” that too? I’ve always admired the mayor, Sadiq Khan, so I’m hoping they helped highlight some of his endeavors.

  34. Shawna says:

    I’d be surprised if William gives Kate a chance to upstage him.

  35. Margaret says:

    The picture of the mayor, and kids laughing and having fun, but those two stood woodenly there speaks to their above the people attitude. They did not interact at all.

    • candy says:

      I noticed they wouldn’t get silly during the silly pic. Maybe it’s protocol? It’s weird, I would hate to be held to such a standard.

      • Sid says:

        I don’t even think it’s protocol, I think it’s just them. There’s a lot to criticize about QEII, but she has always seemed pretty good at trying to match the energy of the people she interacts with, even when they do something unexpected. If she had been in this photo she likely wouldn’t have done anything silly, but I don’t think she would have been standing there looking so stiff and uptight.

  36. Rapunzel says:

    New headline in The Fail about her repeating the coat:

    “How does Kate do it? After 10 years – and three children – the Duchess is still slipping into the same outfits she first wore at the start of her royal career ”

    Praise for staying skinny. Soooo gross.

    • Anna says:

      Really disgusting comment, because God forbid her body would change. Should we analyze if William weighs the same as 10 years ago?

    • Kalana says:

      It’s all she has. Kate is the model for a regressive message for women: Don’t take up space. Be silent and ornamental.

    • Nic919 says:

      She’s actually thinner than she was 10 years ago. But that’s because she exercises obsessively and eats very little. Most people would classify that as unhealthy behaviour bordering on a disorder. But of course they remain silent on what is obvious to anyone with eyes.

      • kelleybelle says:

        Yes, she’s a lot thinner. People have commented that she’s painfully thin when meeting her in person. It’s almost like she’s petrified to gain weight.

    • Agreatreckoning says:

      LOL @Rapunzel, My first thought re: royal career….St. Andrew’s was the place to go to maneuver herself into that royal career!

  37. L4frimaire says:

    It gets so tiring how everything the folks on Salt Island do has to mention the Sussexes. They continuously get in their own way and diminish their events by making it about upstaging the Sussexes. Why is an announcement about an investment partnership in a fund even related to this event? It’s just silly. Also it’s shows how little they understand what the Sussexes new jobs are. This isn’t a “project” that merits a public event. Why would you stage an public event for something like investing forming a partnership with a private company? The Keens should have their press focus on them add them only. This is why no one takes them seriously.

  38. Cg2495 says:

    Gosh! He manic laugh is so scary ! Stage the Sussex? Hahaha pls

  39. Gingerbee says:

    Omg, Twitter is so funny. There is side by side picture of Steve Harvey and Kate in color block green, and Steve is the winner.

  40. Lala11_7 says:

    Today’s fashion tip:

    If you wear a long coat that flares out at the bottom…you shouldn’t wear pants that flare too…the lines of that outfit would have looked much cleaner with slim fit pants.

    • Chica says:

      The reason her coat is doing that is because it is a coat DRESS. If you look at the previous times she’s worn it, you’ll see it was worn as a dress and looks better that way

  41. Lizzie says:

    How do you say you are desperate without saying you are desperate?

  42. AmelieOriginal says:

    From what I’ve read, Kate is attending to support William and to hand out some awards. This seems totally normal on the surface (we know their marriage is probably iffy behind the scenes). if Harry were doing something like this, Meghan would probably attend and support him too. But I don’t think Kate is making a speech. We’ve never heard Kate make a speech about saving the environment, not sure she will “steal the spotlight” at her husband’s event.

  43. Mrs.Krabapple says:

    And once again, the kids look utterly bored in the presence of William and Kate. I don’t know why the Kate stans think she is such a great “earth mother” to children, when the children she meets show zero engagement with her,

  44. Eurydice says:

    When I read how Kate is “intertwined ” with Will, all I could picture was her wrapped around his leg like a koala, and him trying to shake her off.

    You know, I’m starting to think the RR are throwing shade at the Cambridges. Why keep comparing them to H&M?. Why not just report on the event and let them take the limelight?

  45. jferber says:

    I can practically see Kate trying to channel Meghan: “I’m just so charismatic. I love the people. The people love me. I care. Let me look like I care.” Just no, Kate. You ain’t got it and you never will. You can’t fake genuine or kind or smart. Not once in your life will you ever upstage the Duchess.

  46. Lizzie says:

    Yup, their wheeling out the top ceo daily now, the Sussex’s have the palace shook.

  47. Izzy says:

    Well, the Sussexes made an announcement about a partnership, and they have a strong track record of following up with concrete action. So they didn’t technically have an event for the Keenbridges to upstage, but do go on.

  48. incognito08 says:

    The BM and Royal Rota stay trying to make fetch happen with this dry, milquetoast couple. No amount of fan fiction by these so-called journalists will generate interest by folks on Salty Isle or across the pond. I honestly believe that they know it too; however, they continue with these wacky stories to remain in PWT’s good graces.

  49. Giiiirl says:

    The absolute strong hold MM has on Kate. Even with the hair – anyone else notice the shift to less bouncy curls? Longer tresses? No original bone.

  50. kelleybelle says:

    Phony, awkward, staged. Knock it off, the jig’s up.