Netflix starts a book club hosted by Uzo Aduba, ‘But Have You Read the Book?’

Uzo Aduba for Netflix Book Club
Amid being caught in a controversy over their poor handling of transphobic comments made by Dave Chappelle in his new Netflix special, Netflix is moving forward with projects that have been in the works for a while. Netflix announced a new program called But Have You Read the Book? which will be hosted by Uzo Aduba and released November 16th. The show is a book club of sorts as every month Aduba will present a new book from which a film or series on Netflix is based on. Aduba will have conversations with the cast, creators, and authors about how they adapted the book. The first book, Passing, inspired the film of the same name starring Ruth Negga and Tessa Thompson which will be out November 10. Below are a few more details from People:

“I can’t tell you how many times I’ve asked friends, ‘But have you read the book?’ ” Aduba said in a statement. “So I’m excited to host Netflix Book Club and bring together loyal book fans, TV and movie obsessives and the creators behind their favorite stories. I can’t wait to dive deep into the creative process and what it takes to bring a book to life.”

Each month, a book selection will be announced to coincide with the upcoming release of new Netflix content. As participants make their way through the book, Aduba will host conversations with the cast, creators and authors about the adaptation process.

Netflix is partnering with Starbucks to host these interviews in a new social series called “But Have You Read the Book?”

The series will begin on Nov. 16 and live on the Still Watching Netflix YouTube Channel and the Netflix US Facebook channel.

The first pick of the month is Passing by Nella Larsen. The Harlem Renaissance-era novel follows the story of Black women who can pass as white and choose to live on opposite sides of the color line in 1929 New York.

The film adaptation, starring Tessa Thompson and Ruth Negga, will hit Netflix on Nov. 10 after premiering earlier this year at Sundance Film Festival.

[From People]

I really like the idea of this show and I will definitely watch it and follow along by reading the books. I love understanding how creators adapt a book. Specifically why they omit portions and add things that are not in the book. I am also excited to see Uzo in any role. I have liked her since Orange is the New Black. I watched the first three seasons just for her and Laverne Cox. I also love the idea of reading a book to follow along with a film or series. I also had already planned to read Passing so I am also happy that it is the first book for the series. It’s great that the series will be on Netflix’s Youtube channel too. I like the idea of not needing a Netflix membership to watch. Anyways, good luck to Uzo on her new series. You can read more at

Uzo Aduba for Netflix Book Club

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  1. JayBlue says:

    I love this idea, it’s such a great way to motivate binge-watchers to take some time away from the screen!

  2. Yup, Me says:

    I’d started Passing and put it down some time ago and just revisited and finished it so I could prepare for the film. I love the idea of this series. It’s also great marketing for Netflix shows and a really smart way to get more people to join their platform.

  3. Southern Fied says:

    Yaaay! Very excited for this and hoping the books are my type.

  4. MsIam says:

    I think this sounds great. A lot of ads for Passing have popped up on my Facebook feed lately and it looks interesting.

  5. Neners says:

    This is such a cool idea!

  6. ML says:

    I love this idea, too!

  7. Case says:

    I think this is a brilliant idea!

  8. Gingerly says:

    Definitely interested in the concept and Uzo as host is a huge bonus. Read Passing back in college and did not realize film version was made!! Will check out for sure. It’s crazy unreal to think on some of the choices a racist society will force individuals to make.

  9. Stacy Dresden says:

    Loving that header photo of her. Looking so sweet and optimistic.

  10. Watcher says:

    I love the idea – I’m often motivated to read books based on an upcoming adaptation, so this series sounds right up my alley.

    It is kinda confusing that the Passing series starts 11/10 and the book club on Passing starts 11/16 – is it common to watch the media first and THEN read the book? I always do it the other way round – read book first, then watch media.

    • Abby says:

      I have found that watching the show first makes me enjoy both more. If I read the book first I’m usually disappointed in the tv adaptation.

      But I read way way way more than I watch tv/movies so I usually just read the book and *think* about watching the show. 😆

  11. Ksweet says:

    Just ordered Passing on Kindle. I love her and think it’s a great idea for a series! I always say that as well; the book is usually so much more than the screen allows for.

  12. Abby says:

    I’ll be honest, my favorite genre of book is “made into a tv show/movie.” I don’t even tend to watch the shows. I just like the idea of it.

    I’ll definitely tune in to this!

    I’m mad I didn’t read passing when I first heard about it, after I read The Vanishing Half. Now there’s a 6 week wait at the library. Thanks Netflix!

  13. Emma says:

    I love this! She is doing fantastic!

    (I hope I can support her and this book club without giving anything to the horrible transphobes at Netflix)

  14. Dierski says:

    Such a great idea! Will definitely check it out – would be great to be motivated to read more books.