Virginia GOP gubernatorial candidate fails to distance himself from insurrection

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One of the biggest elections this year is the Virginia governor’s race. I live in Virginia and I’ve been trying to not pay too much attention to the drama, and holy crap, the drama is increasing tenfold in the final month. Democrat Terry McAuliffe (the former governor) is running again, for what would be his second non-consecutive term. His Republican opponent is a Trump acolyte named Glenn Youngkin. The MAGAts are pouring money, resources, racism and insurrection into Youngkin’s campaign. Meanwhile, McAuliffe seems to be super-worried that, like, Biden is bringing down Democratic enthusiasm? Which makes no sense to me – Virginia has finally gotten to a place where Democrats turn out regardless of enthusiasm. I mean, don’t count chickens before they’ve hatched and all that. I get why McAuliffe wants to keep people alert and agitated in the final stretch, but I have confidence that Virginians will reject mini-Trump Youngkin.

Well, two things have just majorly helped Democrats in Virginia. One of McAuliffe’s strategies has been to endlessly tie Youngkin to Trump, which isn’t difficult because Youngkin was dumb enough to go on the record about the “stolen election” and all of that. Then at a Republican “rally” this week, Youngkin’s supporters pledged allegiance to a flag which was used at the January 6th insurrection. At the same rally, Donald Trump called in and pledged his support for Youngkin.

Republican Virginia gubernatorial candidate Glenn Youngkin is distancing himself from a Wednesday night event in support of him where attendees pledged to a flag that was said to be flown at the January 6 attack on the U.S. Capitol.

The flag was flown at the “Take Back Virginia Rally” in Henrico County that was hosted by conservative radio host John Fredericks. At the start of the event, the emcee introduced a woman holding an American flag that she said “was carried at the peaceful rally with Donald J. Trump on January 6.” The flag was then used for the Pledge of Allegiance.

Youngkin, who has tied himself to Mr. Trump’s base during the GOP primary by focusing on “election integrity,” was not at the event but denounced the alleged flag’s use for the pledge on Thursday.

“If that is the case then we shouldn’t pledge allegiance to that flag. I’ve been so clear, there is no place for violence. None, none in America today. We have our right to assemble and protest protected in this great country and this great commonwealth. But there is no room for violence,” he said after a rally Thursday. Later Thursday, Youngkin issued a statement saying he had “no role” in the rally, and he called it “weird and wrong” to “pledge allegiance to a flag connected to January 6.”

Additionally, former President Trump dialed in during the Wednesday night event and voiced his support for Youngkin. Mr. Trump endorsed Youngkin earlier this year and floated the idea of an in-person rally in support of him before Election Day.

“Glenn Youngkin is a great gentleman. We got to get him in,” he said. “You have a chance to get one of the most successful business people in the country. I hope Glenn gets in there… I really believe that Virginia is very, very winnable. But people got to get out there and vote.”

[From CBS News]

I hope McAuliffe’s people popped champagne at their campaign headquarters. Typical Trumpist – so eager to tie himself to Trump to appeal to the wingnuts, but then wingnuts are gonna wingnut. Anyway, this was just one of the good news stories for McAuliffe – yesterday, Trump made noise about how he would order his people to stay home for a few election cycles if they didn’t pledge fealty to him and talk about how he “won” the 2020 election. Make Youngkin go on the record again about it!!!

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  1. Smile says:

    I live in the DMV and he is a vile Trump supporter!

  2. InVain says:

    I’m in MD but our local channels are out of DC. I’m a political consultant. I was pretty shocked at how early the commercials began for this particular race. The amount of money spent on those alone… I’m exhausted by it. Election Day can’t come quick enough.

    • Shannon says:

      I’m with you. Youngkin was out early and often. I live in MD and work in Alexandria. I’m really supposed how many Youngkin signs I’ve seen in Alexandria, Arlington, Falls Church, etc. I don’t have a good feeling.

  3. fluffy_bunny says:

    Does Trump realize if his base stays home for the next couple of elections then the Democrats will pretty much win everything? I’m pretty sure that’s not what actual republicans want.

    • MsIam says:

      You deal with the devil, you get burned. That’s why these RepubliCONs are launching all these fake “audits” of an election that has been over for more than a year. They are hoping these will pacify Diaper Don.

    • Seaflower says:

      That doesn’t bother Trump. His narcissism makes it all about him and who cares who gets burned on the way through as long as he gets his way. If you read Everything Trump Touches Dies by Rick Wilson, its littered with examples.

      It’s the same logic of telling his base not to vaccinate. He doesn’t care if they die, as long as they are worshiping at the cult of Rump.

    • Veronica S. says:

      Shhhhhhhhhh. Let them think this is winning. I want to be owned by Republicans who refuse to vote. Own me so hard, guys. 😂

  4. MsIam says:

    Trump is insane, bona fide. But yeah I hope he not only tells “his” voters to stay home if they don’t “solve” the 2020 election but to pack up and leave the damn country. And he should go with them. I know nothing of McAuliffe but I hope he is not a Joe Manchin type Democrat. If he’s not, then good luck to him.

  5. Chill says:

    LOSER, Lock him up.

  6. Cara says:

    As the right is so fond of telling the rest of us, perhaps if they don’t like it here, they should leave.

  7. janey janey says:

    In Virginia too. Terrified at the amount of Youngkin signs in Fairfax. Its scary/ VOTE/

    • Sandra says:

      I live in Fairfax County also. Hopefully our Democratic base is still strong and shows up.. my husband and I already voted early. Keeping fingers crossed.

  8. Aeren says:

    We’re a commonwealth?

  9. Willow says:

    You reap what you sow…

  10. Christine says:

    Yes please. Stay home

  11. wordnerd says:

    I’m curious: have many Trump-endorsed candidates won?

  12. Velvet Elvis says:

    I live in VA and am terrified that Younkin’s going to win. Many people are not inspired by the thought of a second McAuliffe governorship. I’m afraid that a lot of Democrats will stay home and not vote.

    • Mama says:

      My words to them, “Shut up and vote”. Not inspired? Me either… there were better choices but we have to vote who will win. Just like Biden. I didn’t want him as the candidate but I sure as hell voted.

  13. teehee says:

    So he can ow tell people when to stay home?

    Its not an infringement of any freedoms?


  14. Trillion says:

    I hate that Trump is still gas-lighting our democracy and it’s getting clicks. I’m scared that he/they actually have traction.

    • BothSidesNow says:

      I agree @ Trillion. The fact the he is sticking that ugly orange mug into any political race should be a seen as troublesome by any RepubliCANT, even if you are running for a dog catcher. Wait until there are 2 options left. Drumpf in prison OR Drumpf in such a scandal that he has been proven to take advantage off all of his followers! One day he is going to have to come up with the purpose of his massive campaign money that is still being promoted to “clear” Drumpf of his many, many criminal actions.

  15. CityGirl says:

    I live in Northern VA and I am Very Worried by the number of his supporter signs I’m seeing. I mean a lot of Virginia is already Trump country and Northern Virginia is needed in order to keep the state democratic. I may have to move

  16. AmelieOriginal says:

    Just here to say I really thought it was Pete Souza (Obama’s photographer) in the header pic and I was like what does he have to do with a VA gubernatorial candidate?

  17. make it bahrain says:

    The race is close. There are enough Northern Virginians upset about mask mandates and CRT to tip it in Youngkin’s favor. I early voted for McAuliffe pinching my nose. Not a fan.

    One rich white guy vs. another rich white guy. It’s hard to believe this is still where we are in 2021.

  18. Kelsey says:

    I live in the Hampton Roads area and I can’t wait to get this damn election over with. The campaigning has been ridiculous. If anyone’s stayed with a job through this panini it’s been these auto election text senders.

    I voted for Jennifer Foy in the primaries but unfortunately she didn’t get it- I’m not a big fan of McAuliffe but the democrats have made changes I actually like in this state. Hell, they’re the reason a good close to dozen members of my family can now vote and had their rights restored off petty crimes. I can now enjoy a blunt on my balcony after a hard day at work and not have to worry about being petty arrested. They’re raising wages (NOT as quickly as I’d like or as much as I think they should but hey…better than the alternative). Not a fan of him but I don’t want to see Virginia backpedal into red state madness. I sure will be placing my vote for him on election day.

  19. Kfg says:

    No one is reporting that like trump, youngkin is a gifted, he’s not from Virginia, his kids have never been to public school, his 501c3 is a tax shelter and none of his finances make no sense. He’s also an anti-masker and a huge racist. Im not worried bc most of his supporters aren’t from Virginia. Literally he and the Republicans have been hiring people to come to school board meetings and disrupt. They tried it here in Prince William County and got rocked when it was pointed out they don’t live here or have children. He’s garbage.

  20. Moira's Rose's Garden says:

    Virginian here too. I voted for another candidate in the primary because I can’t stand McAuliffe, but he got my vote the first day I could vote early. In my area, I’ve been seeing a lot of Trumpkin and Winsome Sealy campaign signs pop up recently. Here’s hoping that VA remains blue instead of turning into 7th circle of hell (or Texas East).

  21. Emmitt says:

    I drive through Virginia once a week and I’ve only seen one McAuliffe sign. I’ve seen tons of Youngkin signs. This has been true all year. I certainly hope VA do not believe the hype from non-native Virginias, people not in Virginia or young Virginians that “Virginia is Blue.”

    Virginia is purple AT BEST. It most certainly is not Blue.

    I fear McAuliffe and the Democrats are coasting and will wake up on November 3 to a Governor Youngkin and all they will say is “But I thought Virginia is BLUUUUUUUUUUE…..”

    If Virginians want to keep their rights, they better hold their nose and vote for McAuliffe. Because at least half of Virginians WANT the DeSantis/Abbott/Trump treatment and too many Democratic voters are willing to sit at home. Don’t count on Northern Virginia to save the day. That’s what Deeds did in 2009 and we woke up to Gov. McDonnell.