Ciara wore Monot to the Elle Women in Hollywood event: stunning, perfect?

Ciara stuns in all white at the 2021 Woman in Hollywood Event

Last night, Elle Magazine hosted their annual Women In Hollywood event, where they honored the stars of film, fashion and music. There was a cloud over the event because some of the biggest honorees – the women of The Eternals – had to cancel their appearances because they had been exposed to Covid the night before, at their premiere. All of which meant that there was more attention on the women who did attend. Ciara’s high-slit gown got so much attention – the gown is Monot, and Ciara paired it with Bulgari jewels. I love her hair right now too – she’s just so beautiful and sexy.

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Demi Moore wore Schiaparelli and I’m shocked by how much I love this look and how great Demi looks.

Demi More at the Elle 2021 Woman in Hollywood Event

Halle Berry in Dundas. Feminine, pretty, a little bit witchy. I love it.

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Gal Gadot was pretty in pink- she was one of the few women in pink at this event. She really stood out, even though this dress isn’t all that special.

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Hailey Bieber in Miu Miu. She looks… nice. Conservative, even. The outfit is kind of ugly, honestly, but I like the total effect.

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Jennifer Hudson was one of the honorees, and I think she wore Ralph Lauren, one of the sponsors of the event. I love when women wear severe pantsuits, honestly, and J-Hud looks great. The only thing I would change is maybe how high the shirt is buttoned up.

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Addison Rae in Brandon Maxwell. I loathe the cut-out trend and I think there were more flattering ways for her to show off her (lovely) figure.

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  1. Zut Alors says:

    Ciara is a very beautiful woman with a great figure. I love that you can tell she works out. The muscle definition is really sexy to me.

  2. Pocket Litter says:

    Lovely, one and all.

  3. Cat C says:

    Ciara stunned! Man, I wish I had her muscle 😍

  4. Amy Bee says:


  5. Eve says:

    Great arms.

  6. Eurydice says:

    Ciara is gorgeous – the dress is basically a bedsheet. JHuds’ head looks great and I kind of like the suit, but the high collar and flat white makes it look like her head’s been glued on top of a cardboard figure – great shoes. I’m with you on the cut-out trend – Addison is beautiful, but I keep noticing her underboob.

    • Eve says:


      “(…)the dress is basically a bedsheet.”

      Very curious about the shape and size of your bed now.

      • Eurydice says:

        Lol, it’s nothing very interesting, alas. But to me Ciara’s dress reminds me of those scenes in old movies where the sexy model/flight attendant/spy gets out of bed wearing nothing but a bedsheet.

  7. Katherine says:

    Gal Gadot looks stunning. It really is about the context, isn’t it? If this were a different event with more people in exciting and colorful outfits, she might’ve looked a bit dull, but here, she looks great.

  8. HeatherC says:

    I don’t like HB’s outfit. I think if she weren’t standing with her legs crossed, that wide white collar would have overwhelmed the look even more. By standing with her legs crossed it draws the eye down to almost a point, if that makes sense. I agree with above that if everyone else was wearing bright colors GG might have faded into the background but she looks fabulous. Ciara is gorgeous, and I love the long draping scarf effect as well

  9. lucy2 says:

    I like all of these except Hailey and Addison’s.

  10. Normades says:

    I like all of these except Addison’s.

  11. myjobistoprincess says:

    there’s hard work on Ciara’s body. I also like how effortless Gal Gadot looks. So cute. They all look cute.