Bebe Rexha was Britney, Elvira and Anna Nicole Smith for Halloween

Bebe Rexha celebrated the heck out of Halloween this year. She went all out in not one, but three costumes with a full glam team along for the ride. I guess if you have a glam team, this a good time to employ them. On Tuesday, Bebe posted the Instagram above of herself done up as Britney Spears. In addition to the IG, Bebe posted this TikTok of her lip-synching to Stronger:


Stronger than yesterdayyyy. 💋

♬ Stronger – Britney Spears

In Bebe’s defense, she doesn’t say she’s Britney Spears, she’s just singing and dancing to the song in a costume like the one Britney wore in the video. Bebe looks great, but she does not look like Britney in Stronger. The costume is close. The hair is all wrong, though. It shouldn’t be straight. And Britney didn’t have a cat eye. So unless this was a last minute throw together, I have to mark this down significantly. However, all the shots look like they are in Bebe’s house so it could very well have been a last-minute choice in which case, well done. Except the hair – there’s no excuse for that. (P.S. I love Britney but I don’t know all her work. If Bebe is wearing some other well-known Britney outfit, than my apologies.)

For the Halloween party she attended, Bebe went as Elvira. This one we know she had help from her team because she posted a video of herself being transformed (NSFW language):


Halloween party tonight!!! Elviraaaaa

♬ original sound – Small busines product reviewer


💋💋💋💋 what the fu*k

♬ Frenchcore Loca (Original Mix) – Randy & Randy & Radium & Radium

This is a great look. Bless Bebe, I love her music but her lip-synching skills need some help. I’ll give them (Bebe + team) a win but the hair is a little more B52s than Elvira, although that’s a great wig. And it’s a huge miss to have forgotten her beauty mark by her eye. If you pick icons, you have to pay attention to details:

The final costume I’m including was actually the first one Bebe posted. She did a full photo shoot of herself dressed as Anna Nicole Smith. Specifically, a recreation of Anna Nicole’s wedding to J. Howard Marshall II. I was really hoping this was for something other than just dress up, but Bebe captioned her TikTok with “Happy Halloween Eve.” She had a gentleman for the J. Howard role, chairs set up, cake brought in and a full bridal bouquet. All the famous people in her comments are praising her for this. Am I being too sensitive? Her look is spot on but this one does not sit well with me. There is a production credit in her IG post so maybe this wasn’t just for fun:

Here’s the accompanying video she had for her Anna Nicole look:


Icon Anna Nicole Smith on her wedding day. Happy Hallow’s Eve 🎃

♬ Going To The Chapel – The Paragons

Photos via Instagram and TikTok

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  1. MY3CENTS says:

    My gut reaction is not so good as well. I would not dress up as two women who were taken advantage of and abused, just my feeling.
    Hopefully for Britney it’s time she takes back control of her life.

  2. Jezz says:


  3. J ferber says:

    I think she looks beautiful ❤️.

  4. Normades says:

    She looks so much like Anna in that Black and White shot

  5. Christine says:

    Anna Nicole Smith was a complicated woman with a complicated history. This feels pretty gross.

  6. ooshpick says:

    That picture of Anna Nicole (the original one) is heartbreaking.

  7. Lary says:

    Who? I’m old…you’ll have to explain who these “celebrities” are now…