Gal Gadot in sparkly Loewe at the ‘Red Notice’ premiere: cute theme dressing?

World Premiere Of Netflix's 'Red Notice'

The full-length trailer for Netflix’s Red Notice came out last week, and it looks very cute, like a silly action-adventure movie starring very likeable people. It stars Gal Gadot, Ryan Reynolds and The Rock (Dwayne Johnson). I think it probably started out as a buddy-crime movie between Reynolds and Johnson, but it changed when Gadot was added to the mix. I’m including the trailer at the end of the post.

Last night was the LA premiere for the film. Totally shocked that Blake Lively didn’t come out as Ryan’s date, honestly. Since they’re New York-based, maybe she didn’t want to travel to LA with their three kids just to attend a premiere. Ryan and Gal both dressed on the “red” theme, which was also very cute.

Gal Gadot’s red dress is Loewe, which surprises me a bit. I’m used to seeing men wearing that label now, I didn’t know Loewe did sparkly, sequined cocktail dresses. She looks like the dancing-lady emoji, right?? Anyway, I’m not completely in love with the dress or her look entirely, but I think she looks fine for a Netflix premiere. Slicked back hair, red lip, dangly earrings, red dress, done.

World Premiere Of Netflix's 'Red Notice'

World Premiere Of Netflix's 'Red Notice'

World Premiere Of Netflix's 'Red Notice'

Photos courtesy of Avalon Red.

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9 Responses to “Gal Gadot in sparkly Loewe at the ‘Red Notice’ premiere: cute theme dressing?”

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  1. Kat says:

    I don’t hate her dress…I also don’t love it.

    Ryan Reynold’s suit, on the other hand is fabulous.

    • Rapunzel says:

      The suit is great, but the shirt and tie don’t go with it.

      • BothSidesNow says:

        Nor do Dwaynes shoes look good either. Why gray shoes and black socks? No, no Dwayne. As for Gal Gator, she is stunning!! Her hair, make up and earrings are perfect!! She looks stunning in anything she wears, let’s be honest!

    • julie j says:

      There’s something making her (a very thin tall woman) look, trunky? I don’t know. It’s off somehow. The color is beautiful on her. But the cut is odd…

      • Amy says:

        Not trying to bump watch anyone, but I think the cut might be concealing a pregnancy? It’s cut loose through the sides with a drape on the side opposite the slit. Looks suspicious to me. Or she ate a cheeseburger. Either way she looks gorgeous!

    • Dlc says:

      She’s not a fashion girl, and she doesn’t have to be. I find it odd how all actresses are supposed to be now. I like her as wonderwoman, but otherwise she seems very bland.

    • Lee says:

      She had her third daughter a few months ago.

  2. Ariel says:

    I love her in that dress- i think it was occasion appropriate. It is a dress that is designed to be NOTICED. And that’s what you want, to bring attention to your movie.
    It is also just kind of fun looking.

  3. BeanieBean says:

    Yep, she’s the dancing lady emoji! Movie looks fun & silly, like a pleasant way to spend an hour & a half, eating popcorn and M&Ms.