Dakota Johnson in Gucci at the LACMA Art + Film gala: cute or horrendous?

10th Annual LACMA ART+FILM GALA Presented By Gucci

Here are some photos from Saturday night’s LACMA Art + Film gala sponsored by Gucci. Most attendees wore Gucci, and everyone in this post wore “customized” or “bespoke” Gucci. Personally, I think Gucci is going through a pretty bad phase these days, but a lot of people like feather sleeves, sheer dresses and gaudy hearts sewn onto everything, so here we are. Dakota Johnson is arguably the biggest name attached to Gucci these days – she’s a brand ambassador and she models for them in print ad campaigns. I can’t believe they gave their “face” such a WTF look. Those are STIFF SATIN PANTS.

10th Annual LACMA ART+FILM GALA Presented By Gucci

Serena Williams in Gucci. I actually think the dress itself – separate from the styling, gloves and neck ribbon – is really good. The way Serena styled it is what makes this not-great. The gloves are awful and Muppet-esque. The neck ribbon isn’t great on Serena and I feel like she should have gone for volume with her hair.

10th Annual LACMA ART + FILM GALA presented by Gucci

Kirsten Dunst… is that a CAT’S FACE in the lace of her Gucci? And the shoulders… my God, this is absolutely awful.

10th Annual LACMA ART + FILM GALA presented by Gucci

Maggie looks like she just got a big whiff of Jake Gyllenhaal’s stankass.

10th Annual LACMA ART+FILM GALA Presented By Gucci

Olivia Wilde in bespoke Gucci – this was one of the better looks from Gucci, because the gown is mostly just a stand long-sleeved sequined look and then they put that tacky butterfly on the chest. So dumb. But she looks good – she’s still with Harry Styles too.

10th Annual LACMA ART + FILM GALA presented by Gucci

Suki Waterhouse – this is sooo bad. The feathered sleeves, the lingerie, with a sequined skirt? Girl, no.

10th Annual LACMA ART + FILM GALA presented by Gucci

Florence Welch in a more boho look from Gucci, but Flo can make anything look boho. This IS her style, so it’s on-brand, like nouveau Stevie Nicks.

10th Annual LACMA ART + FILM GALA presented by Gucci

Photos courtesy of Avalon Red.

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  1. Lucy2 says:

    My internet was slow, and Dakota’s got progressively worse as the photo loaded.
    Serena’s gown itself is nice, but all the other stuff distracts from it.

    • Jan90067 says:

      Take away the neckband and feathered gloves and Serena “wins” this fashion parade. The rest go from *really* BAD to worse.

      Satin, while pretty to look at, is the MOST UNforgiving fabric. You can’t have one tiny bulge as it will expose and exaggerate it. DJ is a very slim woman and those pants make her look like she’s got a little pot belly! Maybe if they were a more fluid/drapey satin, rather than this stiff as a board fabric?

      The women stars in the 30s & 40s who wore those fluid satin gowns,,, my God…how THIN were they IRL??? Their stomachs looked almost concave in those outfits! (Check out Kate Hepburn in Bringing Up Baby for one, Carole Lombard in almost all of her movies… it’s unreal!).

  2. Eurydice says:

    To quite a psychologist friend – “I don’t want to seem judgemental, but that is bad, wrong and evil.”

  3. minx says:

    Kirsten Dunst’s is just a mess. It’s not even fun.

  4. Catwoman says:

    I can (and have) put way better looks from Goodwill.

  5. Becks1 says:

    I would really like Dakota’s outfit if that was a skirt and not wide-leg satin pants. A full satin skirt with that top would have been really pretty IMO.

    The feather sleeve trend needs to end, sorry Serena.

    Kirsten’s dress is not great but I feel like it’s pretty on brand for her, I feel like ugly looks at formal events are part of her “I’m so quirky” brand?

    Same thing with Maggie G….that’s not a good look for her but I feel like its pretty on brand. Jake looks good though.

    • Merricat says:

      I like the bodice of Dakota’s, and I like the idea of the pants, including the color, but in a softer, more drapey fabric. I kind of like Maggie’s dress, but I don’t think she’s wearing it well–it would look better on someone else, I mean. But yikes, Gucci. Pretty awful in general.

      • BothSidesNow says:

        After what DJ stated last week with her ignorant nepotism and all other tone deaf comments, I now see her as an awful person, so anything that she wears will be UGLY and unforgivable until she grows up and take responsibility. My gosh, how awful and ignorant can you be in the 21st century!!

      • BothSidesNow says:

        It’s very close to her profile pic in the article. But still off around the front look, was more forward and her curls were much more defined. It may have been someone else though!!


      • Merricat says:

        Well of course you’re entitled to feel however way you like about anyone you like. I am not looking at her as a person, I am looking at her clothes.

      • Becks1 says:

        Wait, what happened, why do we hate Dakota Johnson now?? Is this in the “cancel culture” article? I didnt read that one, I’ll check it out now….

  6. Iris says:

    Olivia Wilde’s face and hair is stunning. And I think Suki Waterhouse is working that look…

  7. electra says:

    i must be out of my mind, but i like Kirsten’s dress

  8. Ninks says:

    Oh dear god. I kept thinking that’s the worst one and then I’d scroll down to see one that was somehow worse. Serena’s dress is the nicest but the styling let’s it down badly, everything else is just awful.

    • BothSidesNow says:

      I agree that everyone looks are very badly hitting the mark and striking every ugly look branch as they fell from the tree, but I do agree with Kaiser’s assessment that Florence looks very on board with her personal style and it shows!! I think the colors of the dress with her skin tone are perfect!!! Another exception is Serena! Her dress is lovely, but she needs to cut out the muppet gloves and the choker! I see her with a different hairstyle as well!! Issa Rae had a fabulous picture with her hair held back just past her forehead with a fabulous follow through with her natural hair down and well coifed. I will see if I can find a picture! But everything else, Serena looks beautiful!!

    • Rice says:

      IKR? It’s like Gucci is making fug on purpose.

  9. Mina_Esq says:

    I feel like all of these are great dresses (except the monstrosity in Kimi Dunst), and it’s just a matter of bad styling. Please don’t let feathers be the next big thing :(( Also, I feel like a lot of these dresses look 10x more amazing in person. Way back in the day, Olivia Wilde wore what was my wedding dress by Reem Acra to the Emmy’s. It looked blah in photos, but I can’t begin to explain to you how stunning the dress is in person.

  10. AVEA says:

    That was pants??? Ew why? Florence is the only one who looks halfway decent, everything else needed at least one element to be removed

  11. Shawna says:

    Why didn’t they do a nostalgia collection to hook into the House of Gucci movie? Stupid of them to waste that energy.

  12. death by bacon says:

    That cat though, lol

  13. death by bacon says:

    I love the halter on Dakota. I’d wear it with everything, jeans, skirts, slacks. Satin pants seem like an exercise in wrinkle led defeat, I don’t think anyone could make those pants work.

  14. Sofia says:

    God everyone’s outfit at this event is awful.

  15. Merricat says:


  16. Maria says:

    Kirsten is a noted cat lover so this may just be tongue in cheek. Weird to see her and Jake!! I like Serena’s best.

  17. Léna says:

    Oh my, everyone’s outfit is terrible lol

  18. Kviby says:

    Suki looks good, and I love the nude mix of textures and her makeup, some how she made those strong brows look good. the others are too much . Even jake. In theory I like the butterfly and crying cat ideas but it looks really intense in a bad way. Serena looks very different here. Net makeup or hair? Also I like the idea of gloves as a fancy accessory but it always looks bad I think because celebs like Madonna and Paris choose gloves that are too tacky/look at me. Women have to go though so much to look « presentable » for something formal so I like the idea of gloves and also hair scarf being seen as presentable instead of women having to sit there getting chemicals on their hands and hot hair/etc around their head. Men just need clean nails and a recent hair cut.

  19. anniefannie says:

    It’s difficult to make all of these gorgeous people look ridiculous but Gucci pulled it off….
    FFS what’s going on???

  20. Jules says:

    Is it still Halloween?

  21. BC says:

    I’m back to Gucci designs stink at this moment. Did they lose a designer or something? They have Dakota who has a great body for clothes and is relatively tall looking lumpy in the middle and the added wrinkles on the bottom just add to the hot mess. I hope the poor girl doesn’t get asked if she’s pregnant, cause that’s all the design. Serena and Olivia’s dresses might be the best but they added some dumb things to them aka butterfly or weird arm things, but the overall dresses are still kind of boring underneath. I think it’s kind of funny they think the additions probably made the dress. Yes it made the dress more horrible. The others are just too horrid to go over.

  22. NotSoSocialButterfly says:

    They are all hideous pieces.

  23. Case says:

    These are all pretty bad. Olivia’s is decent, I guess. Dakota’s doesn’t even fit her! It’s way too tight!

  24. Sof says:

    I always associated flowers and neck ribbons with Chanel, interesting that Serena paired it with a Gucci.
    Kristen looks like a mysterious “cool widow” from an Indie movie, please get back with Rodarte!
    Suki… she looks as if a kid was playing with her doll and decided to dress her up, the pose doesn’t help.
    I think that from all the looks Maggie’s is my favourite, which is ironic because it’s the simplest one and on another post I was glad to see fun clothes. Oh well.

  25. Tw says:

    Between this stiff satin hell and her comments supporting abusers like Shia and Armie, Dakota hasn’t had a great week.

  26. Lila says:

    Oof. How did they make someone with as fabulous a body as Dakota’s look that bad?

  27. Maria from Tercer mundo says:

    Horrendous is winning, right?

  28. Mabs A'Mabbin says:

    Wow wow wow.

  29. Lena says:

    Olivia’s getting more and more Melania look alike to me. I would have liked Dakota’s outfit more if it was a skirt rather than wide legged pants although the clothes snd top look good on her.

  30. Lola says:

    Those trousers on Dakota!!! No no no no no!

  31. Theothermia says:

    Serena! 😍 I agree about the neck ribbon but she looks great and I love her makeup. That lip colour is gorgeous on her!

    • Isabellla says:

      I love Serena’s hair and makeup too. She is pulling off that dress, but I want to rip off the gloves or sleeves or whatever that is.

  32. Sammiches says:

    I am so stoned that everything looks AMAZING to me

  33. Lily says:

    Florence looks great