Duchess Meghan: Paid family leave ‘is a humanitarian issue’ not a political issue

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The Duchess of Sussex and Mellody Hobson did a good thirty-minute discussion on Tuesday with the New York Times’ Dealbook, hosted by Andrew Ross Sorkin (who is a Meghan-stan). Meghan was there in person, Hobson was video-conferenced in. The discussion was about a lot of different things, including Meghan cold-calling senators about paid family leave, unpaid work inside the home, financial literacy for women, work ethic, and a lot more. I’m including the full video at the end of the post. I’m not going to transcribe everything but here are some highlights from one part of the conversation:

On Tuesday, the Duchess of Sussex joined The New York Times DealBook Online Summit, celebrating the 20th anniversary of Dealbook. Meghan joined a conversation with Mellody Hobson, Co-C.E.O. and President of Ariel Investments, called “Minding the Gap,” which focused on how women can reach economic and professional parity.

Meghan, 40, was asked by host Andrew Ross Sorkin, Editor at Large, Columnist and Founder of DealBook The New York Times about recently reaching out to senators to continue her campaign for paid family leave. She acknowledged that the royal family traditionally stays politically neutral but said that she saw paid leave as a “humanitarian issue.”

“We can all agree that people need support, especially when they’ve had a child,” said Meghan. “Paid leave, from my point of view, is a humanitarian issue.”

As Remembrance Day approaches, the mom of two wore a black pants and top adorned with a poppy pin, the red flower that has been used since 1921 to commemorate military members who have died in war in the U.K.

Meghan also said that felt a need to speak up in a way that she has since she was young, alluding to when she, at just as 11 years old, called out a Procter & Gamble commercial that advertised its Ivory dishwashing soap solely to women. After writing a letter to the company, they changed their slogan from “Women all over America” to “People all over America.”

“When my life and lifestyle were very different, I always stood up for what was right,” she said.

Meghan also spoke about the double standard between women and men having ambition, which she called a “trigger word.”

“There’s nothing wrong with talking about a woman’s success or her ambition,” Meghan said, adding later that men should be part of the conversation.

[From People]

She’s right about “ambition.” That’s a word which has been weaponized against her, especially in the British press. Royal commentators are constantly referring to her as “Harry’s ambitious wife.” Like, how dare she have goals and want to financially support herself and – gasp – have ambitions “above her station.” I also agree with her that paid family leave should not be a political issue, any more or less than the environment. Prince Charles, William and the Queen all said words about the environment last week – were they politicizing themselves any more than Meghan and her work on paid family leave?

On a superficial note, she looked great. Shiny hair, clear skin, pretty smile. Loved the all black ensemble with the poppy pin too.

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Screencaps courtesy of the NYT Dealbook video.

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  1. Loretta says:

    She’s glowing

    • Elizabeth Regina says:

      Watching Meghan and Mellody speak yesterday was a dream. Articulate, intelligent, capable, hardworking women. I think they should create a financial literacy/entrepreneurship show. Meghan is everything her haters wish the other duchess is.

      • Alexandria says:

        No notes, no vague messaging, no stumbling, no lack of conviction. She talks and she inspires because she believes in her causes and she’s not talking for the sake of talking. Those English rats wish they can speak English like her!

      • GrnieWnie says:

        she clearly has professional skills from years of work and media training…no reason whatsoever why an institution wouldn’t put her to work for them as a sort of public face. But that’s merit-based thinking, of course. And naturally, merit is the last sort of thing the archaic, obsolete BRF would consider.

    • MMadison says:

      Meghan, Duchess of Sussex…… her beauty comes from the inside

  2. Laura-Lee MacDonald says:

    Oh please let this initiative succeed. I am Canadian. I got a whole year off, paid at 65% of my previous years pay, when I had my first. It was the first year Canada had the extended parental leave, but we’d had a shorter length program before. It’s outrageous the US does not have this.

    • OriginalLala says:

      I had an American friend who moved up here for graduate school , got married and had kids and talking to her about what her experience of pregnancy/birth/parental leave would have been like in the US had she stayed was mind-blowing. I took what Canada offers us for granted, I appreciate what we have a lot more now.

    • Jay says:

      Fellow Canadian here, and I would like to add that one of the biggest benefits of having up to 18 months parental leave is that it encourages you to split your leave with your coparent! It makes such a difference, and I sincerely hope Meghan and this initiative find success.

      • DuchessL says:

        Another fellow canadian here. They stopped me because my work was unfit for pregnancy, so I got almost all my pregnancy off at home paid 90% and then my 50 weeks pf parental leave. Having mothers get back to work so soon after a baby is a humanitarian issue.

    • PrincessK says:

      I always found it unbelievable that in the US women are not entitled to paid maternity leave. The US is far behind many developing nations on this one.

  3. Carito says:

    No wonder TOB is jealous…Kopykate could never!! Keep thriving Meghan!!!

    • Elizabeth Regina says:

      And to think that this is just the beginning. Even the interviewer seemed a little smitten with her. MHF (another acronym Meghan gave us) dropped the ball big time.

      • aftershocks says:

        @Elizabeth Regina said:
        “And to think that this is just the beginning. Even the interviewer seemed a little smitten with her. MHF (another acronym Meghan gave us) dropped the ball big time.”

        Can you help out and explain the acronym, MHF? Is it Meg Harry Foundation??? I’m slow off the mark today, and racking my brain.

        Regarding ‘just the beginning,’ I would have to echo Meghan’s words from their 2017 engagement interview: “It’s a new chapter.” Where the Sussexes are now I don’t really see as ‘just the beginning.’ It has been a long series of battles, through which they have held fastly together and grown even stronger together in the process. They are in a hard-won place now where they can truly thrive and achieve so much more than they could have trapped within the gilded cage.

        I agree it is important to recognize and to mark this moment, and to appreciate what the Sussexes have been through to get here. They have been bold and courageous in their fight for freedom from abuse and oppression, often surprising even their greatest supporters. I’m going to continue to be inspired and pleasantly surprised by the wonderful examples M&H continue to set.

      • Becks1 says:

        @Aftershocks – its “my husband’s family” LOL instead of calling them the royal family or whatever.

      • aftershocks says:

        ^^ Thanks so much @Becks1 for ‘MHF’ explanation! Indeed, “My husband’s family, the RF.” Meg is so right to make that notable distinction, which is likely meant to continue maintaining the necessary boundaries that M&H had to set for themselves after leaving the royal firm’s leaky, abusive toxicity.

        Of course, the haters and rota ratchets have been so intent on trying to continue perpetuating that nasty negativity, but it’s not working or landing effectively.

    • MMadison says:

      Oh give her a minute…Kopykate brain is imploding at the moment

    • Alexandria says:

      I am with some of the posters here who theorize that TOB tolerated KopyKeen until he met Meghan. I think he was shocked Meghan was more than a pretty face and that his younger brother landed an intelligent beauty.

      I know I was shocked because I honestly did not know much about Meghan nor watched Suits. I really thought she was average, and nothing wrong with that. But wow. My role model!

      • JT says:

        @alexandria I agree. William was perfectly fine with Kate, or maybe tolerated her, until Meghan came along. Kate wasn’t chosen because she would be good at the “work” aspect of royaling, but rather because she would sit back and let William be William as long as she got a title and some money. Harry bringing in Meghan, and all she had to offer, put into contrast how poorly he had chosen and how unfit Kate is for the job. From that point on William, in my opinion, became fixated on Meghan, which only brought out hostility from from Kate. I still believe that the animosity started from Kate then she got William on board, perhaps with the crying story, and everything just snowballed as the Keen’s jealousy took over.

    • aftershocks says:

      Yes! It’s so lovely to see Meghan happy, thriving, and doing the purposeful work of helping others, like she’s always done — but now on a larger scale, and with a larger platform.

      Their conversation about ‘ambition’ reminds me of what I began learning about Meghan when I heard she was dating Prince Harry, in the fall of 2016. I searched all I could find that was directly from her (i.e., first-hand interviews, her own writing on her former Tig blog, her beautifully curated original Instagram, feature articles in Best Health magazine, Elle, Glamour, & Miami Living). I had been struck and impressed by Meghan’s interview with Larry King in which she boldly declared in response to a challenging question from Larry about the word, feminist: “It’s possible to be feminine and a feminist — to embrace both!”

      Meghan also wrote on the Tig about her friendship with Serena Williams, and how they immediately bonded over ‘girly’ delights and similar goals: “We are both endlessly ambitious, and we both like to exceed expectations.” I was won over by Meghan’s forthright, positive and enthusiastic approach to living her life. And like Meg told Sorkin yesterday: “Who I am as a person has never changed!”

      In the fall of 2016, YouTube and the Internet were not yet saturated with ‘Meghan-hate’ accounts, but the British tabloids were immediately on the warpath in sowing the seeds of hate against Meghan, which would continue to grow, to crazy lengths and outsized proportions.

      By now, the jealousy, hate, and racism against Meghan is surreal and beyond-the-bounds! It is important that the world recognize this hate for what it is, and for the utter destructiveness that is behind it solely for the purposes of making money, creating chaos, and stoking racism against a strong, successful black woman because she fell in love with, and married the world’s most high profile prince.

      • Agreatreckoning says:

        @aftershocks, Love your post!

      • aftershocks says:

        ^^ Thanks @Agreatreckoning. I always enjoy reading your comments too.

        Meghan is so dynamic and inspiring. She’s a combination of courageous and sweet, kind and ambitious, with a wonderful mix of brilliant and beautiful. I love the graceful and gracious way she moves in the world.

        I was glad to hear from Meghan how Mellody Hobson has been a friend and mentor to her after they were introduced by a mutual friend. A great example of African American women supporting and uplifting each other!

    • Over it says:

      Kate has never worked, she doesn’t understand what working is, she has no clue what working entails so therefore she can’t be expected to carry out work. Hence why she would absolutely never do anything that brings her close to looking engaged about anything to do with women in the workforce. Kate does buttons.

  4. Nev says:

    Go on Duchess.

  5. Miranda says:


    (Invasion of the Body Snatchers “point and screech” gif here)

    • Le Nugget says:

      Yeah, it’s amazing how many Americans (usually men) think it’s almost insulting to ask for parental leave because 1) if we want kids, we should save up enough money to be off for a year and not need government “help,” and 2) if we allow parental leave, our country will turn into Venezuela or Cuba!!!!!

      • Merricat says:

        Those particular Americans are also against birth control, so there you go.

      • Miranda says:

        And they always compare it to dysfunctional countries like Venezuela and Cuba. It’s never “we might become Norway or Finland!”

        As a side note, my fiancé’s uncle (who consistently refers to me as “the Mexican girl”. I am half Puerto Rican) once questioned why we always get immigrants from Latin American or African or other poor, non-white countries, but “why don’t people from Norway ever move here?” Gee, I can’t imagine!

      • Carito says:

        Meanwhile Venezuela has maternal AND paternal leave. I believe is 6 months for the mom and 3 months for the dad….so yeah!

      • Alexandria says:

        I think this was raised by John Oliver. For paid maternity leave, only 2 countries do not have it. One of them is the US.

      • pottymouth pup says:

        in addition to being against birth control, those anti-parental leave Americans also tend to think that women (married women, especially those with children, in particular) really shouldn’t be in the workplace as they should receive all the fulfillment they need from being wives & mothers. Of course that attitude about women not working outside the home is put aside when they speak of working class or poor WOC who should be working outside the home so they don’t need any assistance housing/feeding their children

      • Korra says:

        When it comes to white, middle-class women, these men will espouse the value of being a stay-at-home mom and the importance of motherhood…all while degrading motherhood to second class status. When it comes to women from lower socioeconomic classes (especially women of color), they believe that either these women should not be having kids at all, or should just suck it up and struggle.

        Basically, anything positive for women = bad.

  6. Becks1 says:

    She was glowing yesterday – she looks so much younger than me, and as you all know I’m about to turn 40 soon like Meghan, lol.

    I liked how she referred to the royals as “my husband’s family.”

    I was seeing a lot of the usual comments on NYT’s article about this yesterday, but they were being shut down really fast – like “she’s not a duchess” and there were 10 replies immediately saying YES SHE IS. My “favorite” were the people who had comments like “why is she talking about this, the US has horrible leave policies” yes, yes we do THATS WHY SHE IS TALKING ABOUT IT.

    Anyway I thought the clips I saw of her were great, she is comfortable, confident, glowing – talk about the Era of Thrive.

    • blackfemmebot says:

      I made the mistake of reading the Youtube comments and really wish I didn’t. I’m so proud of M and how thoughtful, eloquent and passionate she is but it does still make me sad/angry/frustrated that there are people hellbent on misunderstanding her and attacking her for the every. single. little. thing.

      • Alexandria says:

        Yes don’t read YouTube, IG, tiktok and fb comments about her. Don’t engage because it generates money for these social media companies when there’s engagement. This is a safe space. We are on the right side of history. In 50 years time, especially with the work of BotSentinel and Aspen Institute, the bullying and cruelty of these bullies will be less tolerated.

    • Elizabeth Regina says:

      MHF is my new favourite acronym. She gave us the classic TOD which has evolved to include TOB and TOBIAS.

  7. Amy Bee says:

    I enjoyed this. It was a good discussion and Meghan is such a delightful person. I can see why KP sought to undermine and smeared her.

  8. Polo says:

    Meghan looks amazing!! She looks and sounds herself for those who followed her from Suits!
    I really hope Paid leave makes it through whether attached to BBB or on its own. Everyone benefits from this.

  9. Sofia says:

    “Prince Charles, William and the Queen all said words about the environment last week – were they politicizing themselves any more than Meghan and her work on paid family leave?”

    This is why I laugh at monarchists who say royals do not get involved in politics. They absolutely do. Their entire existence (particularly the monarch) is political. There are some things that shouldn’t be political (like climate change and paid leave) but they are and it’s the world we live in. Every time Charles/William/Queen ask/urge the government to get involved with climate change, they’re engaging in politics. The queen lobbied to be exempt from certain laws. That’s getting involved in politics and laws. I think when they say “royals don’t get involved in politics”, they mean they’re supposed to be “non partisan” but they’re all a bunch of poorly disguised Tories so they’re not even doing that.

    • Elizabeth Regina says:

      Their speech and appearances were overshadowed by fart gate. They simply don’t have the it factor that makes people sit up and listen and worse they are not memorable.

      • Sofia says:

        That’s not the point I’m making. My point was that asking the government to get involved about climate change is political no matter how well it was or wasn’t received.

    • GraceB says:

      Just about anything can be political, which is why I don’t understand people who say they’re not interested in politics. The monarchy absolutely gets involved. It’s a silly argument and they’re always breaking their own rules.

      • Alexandria says:

        What GraceB said. The right especially like to accuse the left of politicizing issues as a deflection. How the hell do you not bring up fundamental issues like human rights and climate change without involving politicians and policy makers?

      • lanne says:

        That’s what I don’t get about Kate’s Early Years initiative. Early Years is an intensely political subject, as if has to do with nutrition, parental leave, resourses for parents, early education. All things that require political will to address.

        It’s fake, we know–it’s simply a reaction, as in “Crap! Kate needs a project too because Meghan’s showing her up!” But it’s a poorly chosen project because any real work related to it requires political responses. They should have stuck with sports for kids.

  10. mariahlee says:

    Idk, advocating elected representatives for policy change is inherently political imo. Policy is political, especially when there’s costs associated. But I’m also of the opinion that “political” has been unfairly stigmatized, when more often than not people mean “partisan”. That being said — love her! Love the fit, the glow, and the confidence as always.

    • NCDancer says:

      Thank you for pointing out that difference re: political v. partisan. I think we should all be political when it comes to advocating for policies that serve the collective good. Frankly, I tend to side-eye people who say they don’t engage in politics. And this is exactly what celebrities like the BRF should be doing – what good is the platform if you aren’t saying something that matters. The days of cardboard celebrities are over … we expect more of our human institutions.

    • luna says:

      Agree, I wish she didn’t say that. The issue is inherently political, as you said, however she regards it herself.

    • Becks1 says:

      I think its what you said – that the word “politicized” has been so stigmatized. The reality is that everything is political, from the air we breathe to the cars we drive to the roads we drive them on to the schools our children attend. It’s not always national politics – so much of that IS local (ahem school boards) but its all political. People just think that political means controversial these days and it shouldn’t.

    • Lemons says:

      I think the point Meghan is making is that this shouldn’t be a political issue. It shouldn’t be something that we need to agree to vote on to have or not have. It should just be.

      And I would agree. There are certain things that should be guaranteed as citizens of a nation. Just like children being born to parents, we don’t have the choice of the country we are born to…But that country should still aim to take care of us, its citizens, and provide an environment where we can live and thrive. The only reason we STILL don’t have this in America is because we’re too busy trying to “win” a competition that doesn’t exist against competitors who are our neighbors, coworkers, strangers, etc.

      • Sunday says:

        Yes, that was exactly her point – that nearly every single other country on the planet has rightly determined that parental leave is *not* a political issue, but a human right guaranteed to all parents.

        While the American right treats it like a political issue (like they do everything, including controversial things like “reading” or “Sesame Street”), nearly all other countries on Earth have put paid leave outside the political realm, and amazingly they’re not all communist dictatorships but rather countries with a wide variety of political spectrums and nuances.

    • Millenial says:

      I agree. I actually think just about everything is political. Our jobs. What we eat. Where we live. Where we send our kids to school, etc…

    • Amy Bee says:

      @Mariahlee: Look the only reason the critics are saying it’s a political issue is because they want Meghan to be silent. According to the Palace what William and Charles do regarding the environment is campaigning not lobbying but they were just at COP26 talking to a bunch of politicians. The fact is anyone regardless of status should be able to talk politicians on matters of importance. Access to paid leave is a human rights issue but the only ones who can change it are politicians.

    • sunny says:

      This is such a nuanced point! I totally agree but with how the media and commentators treat the term “political” she probably wanted to tread lightly.

      This is such an important issue and I am glad she is advocating for it. It is wild to me, as a Canadian that the United States has no paid leave. It is such an important policy for the health of families but even if lawmakers don’t care about that, economically it is a hugely important policy. I mean, we know that woman have been set back due this pandemic(some estimates say gains have been set back by an entire generation), it is wild to me that you wouldn’t want to implement a policy with enormous social and economic benefit.

  11. Dandun says:

    i find the lack of care that America provides its citizens as just crazy. when i was pregnant with my first i was on American boards and i couldnt believe the cost and lack of leave. it was truly eye opening and shocking. I feel for any American woman who has to deal with all the issues around having a baby there.

    i couldnt believe that while pregnant people had to decide if they could afford an ER visit or not, here maternity care is 100% free and childs GP visits are free for the child until they are 6 although that is currently being extended to 8. that way you never have to worry if you can afford medical care or not. i just couldnt imagine the stress that would case otherwise

    • Steph says:

      Where are you? I’m in America. I feel like we are equally but oppositely mind blown right now. I’m like “yall get all that?!”

      • Dandun says:

        I’m Irish and genuinely didn’t think anything of it before chatting with American women on the boards! I got 6 months full pay (government pay part and then work tops up the rest) then 16 weeks unpaid. There is now an extra 5 weeks paid. We also get unpaid parental leave which a lot of people use a day a week over a few years

  12. Stelly says:

    It’s absolutely inhumane to force women to go back to work right after giving birth. I love that she’s doing this.

  13. HeatherC says:

    I had a conversation with a troll yesterday (more than one, I was bored) who was saying Meghan had no right to advocate for this because she’s never had to face the challenge of time with a baby or paying the bills.

    I said exactly. Thats why she and others are the perfect advocates. Their position/privledge has allowed them to take time to be with their babies without any financial repercussions. They have experienced the benefits of that special time. And now they advocate EVERYONE to have it.

  14. Chisey says:

    I agree that if you call an elected representative to ask them to support a specific policy or piece of legislation that’s political action. I don’t have a problem with her doing it -she’s a US citizen with as much right to call a senator as I do – but it seems a bit disingenuous to pretend it’s not political. I understand that she’s saying her position in favor of paid parental leave isn’t inherently political because it’s a human rights issue not a red or blue one, but the process of getting paid leave in a bill is 100% political.

    • MsIam says:

      She said the issue of family leave is humanitarian and not political. And that’s true. But since governments control policy, that is who you have to speak to. That’s the reason why MHF was in Scotland “advocating” in front of politicians.

      • Sunday says:

        Exactly correct. If you want to fix a humanitarian issue, who can you talk to except the people in charge of making that change? That’s why she also mentioned that Archewell is leading by example by offering paid parental leave, because in absence of government action she (rightly) believes that the private sector should take those steps independently.

  15. Nev says:

    So when Hilary or Michelle or Oprah or AOC talk about issues they can’t and shouldn’t because they obviously are privileged and are successful?!!!

    This please. The racism and hater is showing.


    • Tessa says:

      Hillary is white, so not sure how it’s racist. And AOC is not privileged and she’s an elected official, so I’m fairly sure everyone expects her to talk about issues. While all these women do get a lot of undeserved hate, these blanket outrage missives that say absolutely nothing with “STAHP. THIS. NOW” are getting tiresome as well. Some of them are incredibly privileged. In some contexts, bringing this up is important. We are on Celebitchy, not on Fox News. If we can’t have a nuanced discussion about the interplay of race, wealth, gender, etc. here, where can we?

    • aftershocks says:

      @Tessa, there’s no need to come in and police @Nev because she detects the misogynist, polarizing hate against Hillary, coupled with the racist hate against Meghan. Hillary has been well known to advocate for women and minorities. Both Hillary and her husband, Bill Clinton, have been excessively and outrageously demonized by the far right wing in ways that are reminiscent of the irrational hate campaign against Meghan.

      The ongoing smears and racism against Meghan are happening because she fell in love with and married a high profile British prince, who some feel should have been ‘off-limits’ for a multi-ethnic woman to marry. (Read ‘multiethnic’ as ‘black’ since it is Meghan’s ‘black’ heritage which is heavily despised by haters).

      The point @Nev is making is valid in the instances of all the women she named, so there’s no need for your ‘pushback’ claiming that @Nev’s ‘pushback’ isn’t worthwhile or ‘nuanced.’ The women @Nev named are mentioned in the contexts of ‘privileged’
      and ‘successful,’ which by this point, all of them are, including AOC, who does enjoy privileges as an elected official. BTW, @Nev’s reference to ‘racism’ is not specifically referring to the women she named. It refers to the vendetta against Meghan.

  16. Miranda says:

    Here’s a fun fact I learned recently: In 1426, Sejong the Great granted nobi (the medieval Korean serf class) women 100 days of maternity leave, and later expanded that to another month of leave before the birth. A few years later, he granted nobi men a month of family leave, too.

    That’s where we are on family leave, folks. We’re behind medieval Korean serfs.

  17. Kimber says:

    Just watched CBS morning show. One of the anchors WENT THERE. When Gayle mentioned how people want to attack Meghan for anything she does or says the male anchor said “you mean the palace” She laughed and said well, people are in the palace.
    Loved it.

  18. Steph says:

    I think upper crust white folk have a fundamental misunderstanding of Black women and education. We are the most educated demographic in the US. “Education is the key” has been ingrained in us since birth. We are getting our degrees to use them, not to just bc college is an environment full of potential suitors.
    This is why they can’t understand the difference between M&K. Meghan never planned on wasting her degree.

    • OriginalLala says:

      Seriously this – also the BRF literally are not intelligent nor do they put much emphasis on education and intellectual curiosity. C&C came to my former place of work once and conversation with them seemed pretty painful, just like pointing out obvious things and trying to be funny. Meghan must have terrified them.

    • Name keeps changing cos I delete my cookies says:

      Facts. If American workplaces were truly merit-based there would be way more Black women in all areas of leadership and there would be paid leave, among other people-centered things. (I’m a Black African woman, we have a similar “education is the key” mindset, from birth!)

  19. Steph says:

    One of the things I noticed is how well she does in conversation. She is better at it than speeches. Besides that one Fab4 panel, are there any clips of Kate doing discussions rather than a speech? Curious to see if she’s better at that then at speeches.

    • Becks1 says:

      I think her roundtable with Dr. Jill was more of a discussion…..that was not good.

      Kate doesn’t do well even in discussions because she is not confident of her position and does not have the knowledge to back up what she is saying, or to know what to ask to keep the conversation going. In general the clips of her talking that come out from engagements do not make me think she is better at just conversing than giving a speech.

      • GRUEY says:

        @becks1 one of my jobs in my twenties was working for a foundation and we were constantly doing events and round tables with our grantees. I always felt uncomfortable on some level because we, the funders, were so much less knowledgeable than our grantees, and yet they had to kiss our asses. It was very humbling and a huge reason I went back to grad school. I see this exact same energy with Kate on that panel. Maybe I’m projecting but I really felt it. It’s mortifying and all you want to do is run back to your hotel room at the conference while the real grownups talk. Difference is that I took those lessons and went to school. The first time I experienced that sensation I would have been like, let me get my hands dirty so I can look in the mirror at the end of the day, let me learn and earn some chops. Not Kate!

      • Alexandria says:

        You can actually see it in photos. Her over the top mannerisms show she can’t hold conversations and has to resort to jazz hands and fake laughter.

      • Nic919 says:

        This is why they never should have lied and pretended that kate had studied early childhood issues for eight years because it raised the expectations even more. But they wanted it both ways. Claiming she was working for eight years and not be lazy AF but then also claim to still be learning about the subject.

        Kate is not very bright and basically reads the talking points given to her by her staff. There is nothing of substance there and after ten years, there never will be since she will never make an effort to learn.

        When the UK media surrounds her they can pretend she isn’t a dim bulb, however with someone of substance like Jill Biden, who actually has worked in the area for decades and who more importantly doesn’t need to kowtow to Kate, we see the truth come out.

    • Alexandria says:

      She attempted that roundtable “discussion” with Dr Biden. She crashed badly. Please help KopyKate, she needs her mother.

  20. Over it says:

    This is why she couldn’t stay In that institution and family. She speaks clearly and makes sense. She is intelligent and articulate. Harry and Meghan couldn’t dumb themselves down to fit into mumbleland , so they were smeared to make them leave to make others look better. However all it’s done is show the world just how inept and stupid the remaining ones truly are.

  21. Margaret says:

    This from a American citizen, politicians are our employees, there to bring the wishes of their employers to the forefront. So many forget that. We are not the plebs, and to many people forget that.

  22. Athena says:

    I’m curious as to what Jason knauf’s evidence is. At the time Meghan wrote the letter her father did pose for pap pictures but there would be little reason for her (at the time) to think he would sell her letter. The selling from his end of all things Meghan happened after the letter was published). Unless Meghan said it and Jason has a collaborating witness wouldn’t anything he has to say considered hearsay?

  23. Jenni says:

    Isn’t it fabulous that when Meghan has an engagement we focus on the content, and the fashion is just a footnote?

  24. L4frimaire says:

    It was great seeing Meghan in this discussion. She looked so confident and relaxed, didn’t shy away from the personal questions but very circumspect in her answers. Mellody Hobson was amazing and had some really good insights and perspectives; glad she is a mentor to Meghan. It was great to see the exchange and even the enthusiasm of the moderator was refreshing. Was so happy when she said she is doing much better. Someone on Twitter had a contrast of her in 2019 during the South Africa interview compared to yesterday. Like night and day. She looked distressed then, but now she’s so happy and confident, glowing. I wished the discussion had gone on longer, it was getting really interesting when they had to end it. It was so good to see both her and Harry in discussion on the same day. Great insights from both and love to watch them work.

  25. loras says:

    We are a center right country.The topic of paid family leave is a waste of time in a country that a controlled by corporations.Meghan probably knows this but always an opportunity for attention.

  26. Ania says:

    „My husband family” was awesome, I hope next time she just calls them „my in-laws”