Matthew McConaughey is against vaccine mandates for kids, his kids are unvaxxed

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Matthew McConaughey was also interviewed as part of the New York Times’ Dealbook summit yesterday, it wasn’t just “titans of industry” and “royalty.” McConaughey was there to talk about God knows what, but he ended up talking about vaccines and he sounded like an a–hole. To be fair, this is nothing new from McConaughey. The vaccine stuff is new, but he’s sounded like an a–hole for the past few years, especially as he’s entering the political arena and dipping his toe in Texas gubernatorial politics. About 13 months ago, MM claimed that “the illiberal left” has always been super-mean to MAGA peeps, and that’s why MAGA peeps simply had to turn to violent racism, misogyny and insurrection. He talks out of both sides of his mouth about abortion as well, and now he’s trying to do the same with vaccine mandates:

Matthew McConaughey says that while he’s received his COVID-19 shot, he’s against mandating that his children get vaccinated.

“I couldn’t mandate having to vaccinate the younger kids. I still want to find out more information,” the “Interstellar” actor said Tuesday, when asked at The New York Times’s DealBook summit about his stance on childhood vaccinations and whether to mandate them. The Food and Drug Administration authorized Pfizer-BioNTech’s coronavirus vaccine for emergency use in children ages 5 to 11 last week.

McConaughey, who’s repeatedly floated a possible campaign against Texas Gov. Greg Abbott (R), indicated that he’s not opposed to vaccinations, but would be against requiring them.

“I’m vaccinated. My wife’s vaccinated. I didn’t do it because someone told me I had to — [I] chose to do it,” he told the Times’s Andrew Ross Sorkin. “Do I think that there’s any kind of scam or conspiracy theory? Hell no.”

“We all got to get off that narrative. There’s not a conspiracy theory on the vaccines,” he said.

But McConaughey, 52, added of his children: “Right now I’m not vaccinating mine, I’ll tell you that.” Saying he’s “quarantined harder” than his friends since the beginning of the pandemic last year, McConaughey — who’s been a proponent of face masks — told Sorkin his family has relied on a “heavy amount” of COVID-19 testing. “I’m in a position though where I can do that, and I understand that not everyone can do that,” he said.

[From The Hill]

Does… does MM not realize that most states have had vaccine and immunization mandates for kids for decades? If kids go to public school, they need certain vaccines. Period. The Covid vaccine would just be one more shot needed to attend school. I assume most private schools have vaccine mandates too. But in any case, right now the federal government isn’t mandating jack squat. Most state governments aren’t mandating Covid vaccines for adults or kids either. And yes, Matthew McConaughey sitting there at the NYT summit and playing footsie with anti-Vaxxers won’t satisfy either “side.” Rational people think he’s a moron; anti-vaxx idiots think he’s not enough of an unhinged conspiracist.

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  1. Millenial says:

    People just out here telling on themselves, letting me know which movies to not spend my money on going forward. To be fair, we kind of already knew who he was before this.

    (My eligible child is getting vaxxed tomorrow).

    • L says:

      had my kiddo vaccinated yesterday! few weeks after that second dose i am going to allow myself to feel so, so, so much more relieved (within reason! of course). mine took it like a champ too, another relief. happy (early) vax day to yours! 🙂

    • Super Fan says:

      Yeah, glad to know who should get my money. Forgot what a douchebag he is.

  2. teatimeiscoming says:

    the naked bongo guy’s kids are unvaccinated? im shocked–SHOCKED! i say

  3. Lucia says:


    • BothSidesNow says:

      @ Lucia, yes. A certified idiot who thinks he has all of the answers and is qualified to justify his refusal to vaccinate their children. Please MM do NOT consider running for governor as you are just as dangerous as the Repugnant’s that are still slinging their rally cries of their free-dumb! You will cause harm to those who are interested in protecting ALL Texas residents, and not playing into the hands of these anti-vaxxerrs who need NO more representatives supporting their agenda!!

    • Lula says:

      Yes, this is… absurd. He’s politicizing this virus, which makes him part of the problem. He’s an actor, not a scientist, not a psychian. Why does he think the world needs, wants or values his opinions re; the scientific research about vaccinating children? I mean you play characters in movies. Stay in your lane, dummy.

      The misappropriation of his celebrity-using his inherent platform to fan the flames of disinformation-it’s abhorrent. His words will have real life consequences.

      This virus is so novel, there’s no possible way to yet understand long term effects of covid on the young (minors/children) or anyone else. What I do know though, is what I’ve experienced. My own teenage daughter has long-covid, and I wouldn’t wish it on anyone-literally anyone. 18 months on, it’s still fresh hell. My nephew is also dealing with the aftermath of this insidious disease, most recently discovering both of his retinas are at risk of detaching. Another close family friends 14 yo, who had a very mild case a year ago, had to relearn to walk after having sudden onset seizures. This covid ish-it’s no joke. In fact, it’s terrifying. To say it can’t or won’t cause children great harm is an impossibly irresponsible campaign of disinformation.

      You don’t want to vaccinate your kids? That’s on you, but stop trying to justify it by spewing disinformation. I’m so tired of this.

  4. Rapunzel says:

    I’m not sure I believe he’s vaxxed. I suspect he’s possibly lying. His talk about doing lots of testing is fishy. Why so much testing if he’s vaxxed?

    Whatever. I also suspect he really is planning a Texas governor run, and his current messaging is aimed to that.

    • Pilot says:

      I mean, we also still use a lot of tests even though we and our friends are vaccinated. Even though it becomes less likely you can still get it and pass it on to your friends so for us it has become a no brainer to do tests before meeting up.

    • Brandy Alexander says:

      I don’t know, I personally know a lot of people who are vaccinated but hesitant to vaccinate their young kids. It is fairly new, and people are willing to take the chances with themselves but a little more hesitant to risk adverse side affects with their children who have no say so in it, especially when they are JUST at that threshold of 5 (I’m only speaking of the people I personally know who are a little nervous about it)

      • Lula says:

        @brandy Right-that’s the argument. That the vaccine is new and therefore it makes ppl nervous. However, those basing their decision to not inoculate their children don’t seem to grasp that this virus, in the history of viruses, is also “new”.

        I think it’s the lack of fatalities among the young that emboldens people to make really dangerous assumptions about how children remain magically immune to any/all long term medical issues upon being infected. The bodies own natural inflammatory responses can reap havock on many bodily systems.

        Nothing in life is sans risk. As such, we must always consider the consequences of each desicion we make-esp those we make on behalf of our children.

        (This is in no way intended as an attack on you-quite the opposite as I’m glad you brought this up bc it’s just too important to not discuss, so thank you)

      • Ana170 says:

        The coronavirus isn’t new. It’s been around a while. That’s why they got the vaccine out so fast. They’ve spent years studying it but never had the money or interest for a vaccine until this new strain started a pandemic.

        Still, side effects are rare and mostly mild, with headaches being the most common complaint. Absolutely no one’s died from being vaccinated. People have died from covid-19. People who have had covid are finding themselves struggling with long-term illnesses, some serious enough to require that they go on disability. People are facing massive hospital bills after being hospitalized, sometimes months on end. People are far less likely to die or get seriously ill from covid if they get vaccinated. I don’t know what more people need to know.

    • Chica1971 says:

      I think he is a soft-Maga republican who will try to run as a liberal republican

      • Commonwealthy sounded witty at first says:

        Liberal Republican doesn’t work anymore. Ask JD Vance. Have to go full nutjob or go home.

      • Pamplemousse says:

        I’m one of those. It’s miles from being approved in my country, but we’ve already more or less returned to normal anyway. No one is clambering to get their young kids vaxxed, and there would be an outcry if it were to be mandated (it wouldn’t be, there aren’t even any mandates for adults on the horizon). All this to say, sane people can be skeptical about the benefits of vaxxing their young kids, especially when we’ve had one pediatric covid death since the start of the pandemic.

  5. Louise177 says:

    Almost two years later and I still don’t understand the opposition to masks and vaccines. Especially when these requirements are already in place in a different form. I understand the hesitation in the beginning. I was happy not to be part of the first wave of the vaccine but at this point, it’s obviously safe. I can also understand waiting a little before vaccinating your kids but to be completely opposed to it just because it’s a requirement is ridiculous.

  6. LaUnicaAngelina says:

    Aye, Matthew, pinche cabrón. He needs to stop this shit. My 6yo is getting his vaccine on Friday!

  7. Mac says:

    He is so lacking self awareness he has no idea how stupid he sounds.

    • Giddy says:

      He’s a talented actor, but not exactly a deep thinker. Just remember, his rise to fame began when he uttered “alright, alright, alright” with the right amount of cool.

    • Lula says:

      IKR? It’s honestly disturbing. He’s definitely become “that guy”. He’s literally vax-plaining like he has any qualifications to do so. Just another white dude with a bloated sense of importance.

  8. A says:

    Oh boy am I over people ‘doing their own research’ and doing things only when they ‘choose’ to do them.

    He should be thanking everyone who is vaccinated and who will be vaccinating their kids for keeping his family safe. But I can’t imagine he’d understand that argument.

    • Deanne says:

      “ Doing my own research” equals Googling for confirmation bias. He’s such a tool and that plaid suit is ridiculous.

      • Anne Call says:

        There was a great picture of someone for Halloween who had a skeleton hanging in their front yard holding a sign that said “I did my own research”. So sick of these armchair scientists and doctors.

      • BothSidesNow says:

        @ Anne Call, what a fabulous message to those who think they are smarter than a panel of scientists that have spent their careers in studying the actual science with the proper credentials. STFU and sit down with your stupidity and arrogance! FFS!!

  9. Miranda says:

    All wrong, all wrong, all wrong.

  10. Jessie Quinton says:

    I am so sick of his hippy dippy, soulful man from the South crap.

    We get it, you’re not very smart and like putting ‘word of the day’ calendar to good use. 🙄

  11. Amy Bee says:

    Let’s pray he never runs for office.

    • clomo says:

      I agree, but wouldn’t he be more uniting with dems if he was republican than most republicans? Deep down he is probably quite liberal on many subjects. I’m not voting for him but if stuck with a red, wouldn’t he be nicer than many others who want that spot? I am curious to hear others opinions on the subject. Maybe he’s really a major ass and it will rear its ugly head when he gets power.

  12. Aziza Mohamed says:


    Long time lurker here. Just my opinion: I am not the biggest fan of the political Matthew. However this is the one time I understand / am on the same side as him. For context: when the vaccine was available for my age group in Toronto I was one of the first in line. I truely trust science and I want to do the best for my family and society. I am just terrified what this means for my small, cute 5 yr old. What are the side effects? Remember when a minute number of people were experiencing side effects with the original vaccine? First everyone should get them J&J, Pfizer and Moderna. Then if you are under such and such age don’t get Moderna. Then J&J wasnt as effective. etc etc….I was willing to take the risk it wouldn’t be a problem for me. But am I willing to take the risk for my 5 year old? Its anxiety inducing.

    I do not know the answer to this complex question. Ultimately…i think i will get him vaccinated. BUT I am struggling with the decision. Much more than I was when it came to me.

    • Amy Bee says:

      Are they vaccinating children in Canada? If they’re not you have nothing to worry about. You should talk to your pediatrician to allay your fears.

      • Aziza Mohamed says:


        the Canadian version of the FDA has to do their own independent review prior to approving the vaccine for the younger age group. But I would be shocked if its not approved before the end of the year. So its food for thought – in terms of whats coming down the pipeline

    • D says:

      I understand your hesitation but I think we also have to look at the fact that they’ve taken longer to put this out then the others just for that reason. They studied it. I have vaccinated my two older kids and my 8 year old will get hers in a few weeks. As with anything, the pros outweigh the cons in this situation. Do I think the entire pediatric medical industry would get behind something that could harm a large amount of kids? No. Is there risk with every vaccine that an individual could have negative side effects? Yes. I just try to remember that if every parent denied their child the polo vaccine when it was first out we would not have eradicated it.

      As for this guy, I am reading it that his kids aren’t vaccinated for Covid, not general vaccinations. I don’t know how old they are so it’s possible they weren’t eligible yet. But seriously, nobody is mandating that kids get vaccinated but I am sure this is all part of the lead up to 2022 when the campaigns will focus on “parental rights”. It’s already started locally but they want to make it a national issue.

    • AlpineWitch says:

      I nearly died after my first dose (AZ), I am 1 of those very few people in UK who developed a severe allergic reaction. And you know what? 10 weeks later I got the second dose (Pfizer) in a controlled environment. But the risk of getting Covid on top of my health issues was far too great.
      If I had a kid I would vaccinate him/her/them because the alternative is so much worse.

    • Nicole says:

      I get it, I really do, but at the end of the day it comes down to whether I am willing to risk losing my kid because I was too scared to vaccinate him? The odds are really slim that a child could get seriously sick due to COVID, but I’ve never been the gambling type, so why start now? Plus, my youngest has a wellness check up Friday and I plan to ask his pedi. I likely know what the pedi will advise, but I expect it to alleviate my anxiety.

    • Annabel says:

      I hear you. And I know the decision’s scary for a lot of people. As a fellow parent of a five-year-old, here’s how I’m thinking about it: the known risks of Covid are way, way worse than the known risks of the vaccine. Even for five-year-olds.

      We all know that the mortality rate for little kids is super low, and I’m so grateful for that. But I follow a lot of pediatricians on Twitter, and it’s become clear to me that there are a lot of ill effects from Covid short of mortality that I really, really want to avoid for my daughter. They’re seeing kids suffering from blood clots and long-term breathing problems.

      There’s also the societal consideration: one of the kids in my daughter’s class is tiny for his age, and looks really frail to me. Was he born prematurely? Are his lungs okay? I don’t know. I do know that kids who are less healthy than my daughter need to be protected. Anyway, my kid’s getting her first shot next week, and I’m so grateful that the vaccine’s available for her age group.

      • Betsy says:

        So far complications from this vaccine have been absolutely minimal. Complications from catching covid can be terrible, with even people who had asymptomatic covid developing long haul covid. People are developing Type 1 diabetes. Some huge number of people who catch covid are losing grey matter in their brains and others are developing symptoms of Parkinson’s. Adult males are developing ED.

        My kids are 5-10 and they are getting their vaccines next week, which was the earliest appointment we could get. If my kids caught covid and something bad happened, I would never forgive myself.

    • atorontogal says:

      Children cannot get into school here unless their vaccination card is up to date. I assume you vaccinated for chicken pox and polio, rubella and mumps? So what is the difference?

    • SP says:

      Hey! Also Canadian here, also parent of a 5 year old. Current reports are that school aged kids now make up the majority of new COVID cases here. While kids are less likely to have severe illness from it, it is happening, and even without severe illness there are often post illness difficulties. Those risks are real, known, and much more common than vaccine reactions. At this point, the risks of not getting the vaccine outweigh any potential risk of getting it. Now that the land border is open I am seriously considering a day trip to check out the American pharmacies if it’s not approved here by the end of the month.

  13. CE says:

    We do have vaccine mandates for kids. You know why? Years before covid, in Brooklyn, a bunch of anti-vax parents started a legit measles outbreak in the city. But yeah go on

    • salty says:

      Vaccine mandates for childhood illnesses yes, but the Flu vaccine is not mandated, at least not as widely as those you receive before attending school. Covid vaccine is not mandated for children and i am not confident that i would want my child to be forced to receive it just yet. It’s a thought weighing decision for some.

  14. Kristen says:

    Honestly he doesn’t sound as crazy as I expected given the headline. Should he get his kids vaccinated? Absolutely. But he is saying that he’s vaccinated, they wear masks, and he admits a hefty amount of privilege in how much his money allows them to isolate and test. The biggest thing is that he speaks out against vaccine conspiracies.

  15. TIFFANY says:

    I enjoy when parents post their children getting the vaccine.

    Those parents got the memo.

    This is the same dude who says his musk is the only deodorant he needs. Is this really surprising?

    Yeah, the only reason he got vaccinated is because he going to want to work again and no ‘alright alright alright’ is gonna get him pass that.

  16. nana says:

    Proud to say that here in Costa Rica covid vaccines for kids are mandatory, as is the HPV shot and a lot of others. They are provided by our public health system for free and not getting your kids vaccinated can trigger a social case work for medical neglect. For the life of me I cannot understand these people!

    • TIFFANY says:

      I had to get vaccinated for college.

      If a private institution requires that, there is no way a accredited elementary and high school does not.

      And how selfish you gotta be to be vaccinated yourself and make sure your children aren’t?

      • nana says:

        I agree! Some grown ups here were grumbling about vaccine mandates for adults but I am all for it! I mean 90% of people here support the mandate for adults!

      • Seraphina says:

        Tiffany I get what you are saying, but as I wrote below – my issue was the unknown that these kids will have to live with based on their parents choices. If anything happens to me, it was my choice but to think of that for my kids – it was a anxiety inducing. One of mine was 6 months old during the wave of anti vaxxers for infant shots and the possible link to autism. That was stressful too. Do you wait or do you immunize. We were traveling abroad and the pediatrician explained what she could catch if she was not immunized. Well, we immunized immediately. As parents we try our best to do what is best for the family and the kids. It’s not always easy.

      • Emma says:

        There is absolutely NO causal link to autism. Vaccines do not cause autism. That has been extensively disproven. Please stop repeating it.

        The COVID vaccine is safe for children and has been completely thoroughly tested. Period.

  17. Tootsie McJingle says:

    My kids (6 and 7) school district had a vaccine clinic yesterday. I took them to get their shots and was pleasantly surprised to see a long line of families waiting to get theirs. My kids are doing great so far. Not even complaining about a sore arm! The next one in three weeks may bring a little more complaining, but it’s worth it to me! Now almost our entire household is vaccinated. We have three month olds twins but I don’t know if or when they’ll approve kids younger than five.

  18. Seraphina says:

    First, that suit is just as crazy as he is.
    I will not judge here. Husband and I are vaccinated and so are our kids. It was not an easy road to come to that decision. I thought that OUR decision to vaccinate or not vaccinate would have major effects on these kids – even years from now. Was that fair? We talked to them and discussed and also asked what their opinion was on the matter – regardless of age.
    Children sometimes have insight that we do not. Mine are also a bit older than the new group. We knew they had to be protected if they were going back out into society. Until that time, they were at home with us and that was not good for them either developmentally.
    Also, subconsciously we see small children as more vulnerable and thus need to be protected. I get that. We are the test subjects with COVID. Just like our great grandparents were for polio or small pox or chicken pox.
    It’s been such a long road for all of us. Parents too. So many issues to struggle with. I won’t judge parents. No one understands until they walk in that parent’s shoes.
    Throw the rotten tomatoes at me (as I duck).

    • Emma says:

      Uh no. You are not the test subjects for the COVID vaccine. They did extensive tests on animals as well as humans.

      I’ll just add that your children do NOT magically, intuitively know better about the spread of disease than epidemiologists and trained public health professionals.

      • Anne Call says:

        Thank you. Children are a lot of wonderful things and having them was the most fulfilling thing I have done in life, but I didn’t ask their advice about how to raise them, what values I passed on and certainly not their medical insights. Keeping them safe is getting them vaccinated during a global pandemic. A vaccine that has been administered 7 billion times throughout the world and 3.1 billion people are now fully vaccinated.

      • Rapunzel says:

        The doctors know best. There may be the odd quack, but honestly, it’s saddening that people are not trusting medical professionals.

        I get that sometimes the doctor doesn’t listen properly to a patient. I’ve had that a few times. But the doctor is still the one with experience, education and that expertise shouldn’t be discounted.

        I don’t see why any parent is “thinking this through”. You would take your kid to the doctor and trust them with your child’s well-being in every other situation. Why second guess on the vax?

    • Remy says:

      the varicella vaccine (aka chicken pox vaccine) came out in ‘95. not sure how old you are, but pretty sure you’re great grandparents weren’t “test subjects” for that vaccine.

  19. MelOn says:

    My children are in the their teens, they were both wiped out the day after their 1st shot after the 2nd they were fine. I understand being afraid with smaller children, talk to your pediatrician. Some kids will have side effects some won’t , just like any other vaccine. For me a side effect is better than a case of Covid.

    • Seraphina says:

      Agreed. All the doctors we spoke to said the side effects are way more dangerous and more likely to happen if they catch COVID than from the vaccine.

  20. salmonpuff says:

    I’m really tired of (especially white and male) people with zero expertise believing their personal opinions matter AND the press treating those opinions like they are as valid as those of the experts. Like, doubt and question all you want — that’s good! — but every time these fools open their mouths and spout off about things they understand only minimally, they show how ignorant they are. And the media lets them do it unchallenged, which makes people think that there is doubt about what the experts are saying, which there is not.

  21. jferber says:

    Well, he’s an idiot. And his wife is okay with her kids unvaccinated?

  22. grabbyhands says:

    Every time I hear an average person proclaim that they “need more information” or “they want to do their own research” I want to scream.

    It’s been TWO YEARS. It has been researched backwards and forwards and PS what kind of fucking arrogance to you have to possess to be that certain you know more than an actual scientist??

    The reality is, none of these people will EVER believe it, not even when they, or their unvaccinated children are dying a wholly preventable death. Fuck Matthew McConaughey for playing into this narrative so he’s a bankable political figure when he finally runs for office.

  23. Daisyfly says:

    This is what happens when you snort your oatmeal along with your oxy.

  24. JRenee says:

    The only surprise for me is the proclamation that he and his wife are actually vaccinated…

  25. ME says:

    This is why this pandemic is never going to end.

  26. LouLou says:

    I never hear any of these people claiming to do their own research actually share what that means. The average person does not know how to access peer-reviewed journals and even fewer have free access, but regardless, it does not take months to reach an informed conclusion. I just hate the lie. They are not doing any research unless listening to Joe Rogan, the Horse Paste Whisperer counts.

  27. bettyrose says:

    Would it be super sexist to tell him to shut his pretty mouth and just let us enjoy looking at him?

  28. Nadeni says:

    So is he just anti covid vaccine mandates for his kids or anti vaxx in general? I feel we’ve entered that slippery slope of labeling people antivax when we really are just referring to the covid vaccine.

    • Same says:

      He clearly stated he and his wife are vaccinated ( not immunized 😂) so I think it’s fair to say he is not anti vaxx

  29. Twin falls says:

    I subscribed to the Your Local Epidemiologist newsletter, she’s on FB and IG, for information and I’ve learned a lot about this vaccine and more. Highly recommend.

  30. Abby says:

    I feel like MM is a both sides type of politician with the things he’s been saying. I’m in Texas and there are those rumors about him running for governor. I just don’t know what his constituents would be. He’s too liberal for MAGATs. He’s too conservative for democrats (especially if Beto runs). Saying his kids are unvaccinated will alienate democrats. But saying he and his wife are vaccinated will put off the far right. Politics are a battlefield here right now. You can’t really be a Republican without being tied to Trump at this point.

    I used to really like him. But I don’t care for the way he uses his platform to be so nonsensical.

    I will say on this issue—many people I know were willing to get the covid vaccine themselves, but are hesitant to vaccinate their under 11 year olds. My kids were vaccinated on Monday. But I can see why people are a little less gung-ho. If you’re looking *only* at the risk to your child, fewer kids get covid. Even fewer get it severely. And even fewer die from it. The number of kids in the study was not huge so they can’t realistically find all the rare side effects.

    HOWEVER. I feel the known effects of getting covid are far worse than any side effects I think could stem from the vaccine. I would rather give them a vaccine that millions of people have taken and done well with to protect them than risk them getting long covid, MISC-C or dying. As a community, I have not been able to rely on people around us to do what is necessary to keep the vulnerable safe. I CAN give my kids every protection possible, while doing my part to reduce the spread.

    Also, my pediatrician recommended giving the vaccine to my kids. I already felt comfortable with the info from experts but it was extra confirmation from a source I trust.

    Once my kids are fully vaccinated, I can worry less about whether or not other people and their kids are vaccinated/masked/practicing safety measures. I’m really really ready for that.

    PS – my 6 and 7 year olds have handled their first dose just fine. A little tired, sore arms. Otherwise doing great!

  31. Marigold says:

    I respectfully disagree. He isn’t perfect, but he tries to find middle ground which is a blessing in Texas where I am from. The horrible Magas are strong here. Even liberals are slightly conservative. I think he is a creative thinker who overestimates his intelligence, but he is not the worst person in Texas.

    • Deering24 says:

      There is no middle ground when it comes to Covid. Either you get vaccinated and get safe–or you either die/suffer long-term health effects. I am _so_ tired of people trying to find a compromise with facts proven a hundred times over. This damn pandemic could have been over with if we didn’t have morons doing this kind of uninformed whiny half-stepping.

  32. Rapunzel says:

    I’m gonna say something possibly unpopular here: if you are still unsure, worried, or fearful about the vax for kids….you are not thinking straight.

    This isn’t a difficult decision. This doesn’t need weighing in your mind or reflection.

    The experts have done the thinking and weighing. That is their job. I swear, nobody understands the notion of expertise anymore.

    Moms and dads…. just stop. You are not the experts. Your opinions and feelings don’t matter and you need to get off thinking you should be in charge of your child’s health decisions. Unless you are a doctor, you should not. You know this. This is literally why you have a pediatrician.

    It boggles my mind that parents will take their kids to the doctor for every health issue their child has and then when the American Pediatric Association and their pediatrician says give your kid the vax, they all of a sudden go, “I don’t know…seems iffy.”

    Trust your goddamn pediatrician and let the doctor tell you what to do. It’s their job, not yours. You pay the doctor for their expertise. Listen. You don’t know better.

  33. 2lazy4username says:

    I don’t nunderstand the logic of vaccinating yourself but not your children? The whole “I don’t mind putting myself at risk, but I won’t do that to my children” makes zero sense. So, it’s not okay to choose to immunize them against their will but it’s entirely okay to choose to put them at risk of contracting COVID?

  34. French Hen says:

    This guy. His ego and his attitude. He used to be okay, just like most of them, but it went to his head and now he thinks he’s a politician. Smug and anti-vaccine so they can infect my kids does not make me think kindly of him.

  35. bisynaptic says:

    he’s a choose-your-vaccine (adventure) kind of guy.

  36. Yonati says:

    My daughter has a friend who let her kids decide whether they wanted to be vaccinated or not. 10 year olds!!!!! Because 10 year olds are totally capable of making their own health decisions???????