Paris Hilton got married on November 11th because 11:11 is significant to her

Paris Hilton married venture capitalist Carter Reum on Thursday, November 11, at her grandfather’s former estate in Bel Air. The wedding and reception were followed by two days of parties, a carnival at the Santa Monica Pier on Friday and a black tie event on Saturday. There are some photos from arrivals at the parties below and you can see some photos from her wedding here. Here’s a link to a photo of the dress she wore to the formal party.

Demi Lovato sang at Paris’s reception and Diplo DJed at the carnival. Paris had at least three gown changes on Thursday. Her ceremony dress was a tulle and lace embellished Oscar de la Renta which was absolutely stunning. Paris first posted multiple photos of herself in the gown to her Instagram, but it took her until yesterday to post photos with Carter. She also posted a video with him to her stories where they’re dancing at Friday’s party to a remix of “This Is How We Do It.” As for why Paris got married on Thursday, it turns out that November 11th is significant to her. Here’s how Paris explains her choice of date.

The date of Paris Hilton’s wedding to her husband Carter Reum was no coincidence.

Hilton and Reum, both 40, were surrounded by family and friends when they wed in Los Angeles at her grandfather’s former estate on Thursday. In fact, the exact date of the Nov. 11 ceremony is connected to something Hilton cherishes deeply.

“11:11 has always been my favorite time of day,” the DJ and businesswoman told Vogue.

“It’s my reminder to make a wish and be open to miracles,” she continued. “This date is special to Carter and I — it represents our love story, which both of us knew was meant to be.”

“On top of wedding planning, I launched my new media company, 11:11 Media, this year and am in the process of filming and producing a TV show with Peacock called Paris in Love,” she said. “Thankfully, my mom and groom had a lot of opinions on the planning, so I let them take the reins.”

[From People]

Paris cracks me up so much. She always brings it around to promoting herself and that’s why we’re still talking about her. Of course her wedding and the multiple parties were filmed for her Peacock reality show, Paris in Love. She’s probably either getting the production company to pay for most of this and/or writing it off as a tax expense. I am superstitious and, like Paris, whenever I notice the time is 11:11 I take a moment to make a wish. (Does anyone else have “I Got 5 On It” playing in their head now?) Paris scheduling her wedding for that date reminds me of Beyonce and Jay-Z getting married on April 4th and naming their first baby Ivy (IV, four). Paris has said that she is undergoing IVF although she’s waiting until after her wedding to get pregnant. She’s hoping for twins and will give them city names like London if she has a girl. If/when Paris has children you know there will be a show about that too.

Here are photos of the carnival party featuring Nicky Hilton, Lance Bass, Demi Lovato and Paris and Carter. That looks awesome and like a lot of fun. I love Nicky’s dress! There are also photos in the gallery of Kate Beckinsale, Jasmine Tookes and Nicky Hilton outside Paris’s black tie party Saturday night.




Photos credit: Backgrid and via Instagram

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  1. Sally says:

    Well, it’s the beginning of carneval, so that fits.

  2. ThEHufflepuffLizLemon says:

    It feels like the Paris gossip days are almost quaint compared to today.
    She looked beautiful and it sounds like a blast-it was always going to be a lavish display of wealth and excess but at this point, Paris is fine by me and I hope she’s happy.

  3. Deeanna says:

    Despite her being a brat, I’ve always liked her. Happy to see she finally found somebody who apparently met her requirements.
    Have to hand it to her, she waited a long time for this.

    She looked gorgeous, the main dress was spectacular. I wish her well and hope her dream of motherhood comes true for her.

    • SarahLee says:

      I feel the same. I’ve never been able to really dislike her for some reason. And that dress – my God is that stunning or what? I hope they are happy and that their IVF brings them a healthy baby.

    • april says:

      Agree with you guys. What a fun wedding to be invited to. I wonder if she also has 4 different wedding rings for her 4 different dresses! Best wishes to the newlyweds.

  4. Natters says:

    I was looking at pictures of her wedding in the last few days and there were hardly any with the groom. And if there was he was standing behind others or barely featured! Lol! It’s all about Paris. Her husband is basically a prop however I wish them a happy life together and him lots of luck.

    • Sue says:

      I noticed that about Kitty Spencer’s wedding too. It wasn’t a wedding so much as a fashion spread for her.

  5. Tanya Nguyen says:

    She is a bride who gives the impression that the wedding was all about her. It feels like her husband could have been any man put in place to be the groom. I wish she spent more time making it clear it’s about both of them.

    • AMA1977 says:

      I feel like she is going to have a very, very, very hard time with not being the center of attention now that the “big day(s)” is (are??) over and she’s “just” somebody’s wife and not THE BRIDE. She gave off nothing but “MY DAY” vibes throughout, and all of the pics in her dress with no groom by her side just cement that. I’m dying at the thought that she let Carter choose ANYTHING at that wedding! Like Monica from Friends on steroids.

      On one hand, I kind of admire her total commitment to the spoiled-early-twenties aesthetic that made her famous, but on the other, come on. You’re a 40 year old woman. Act like a 40 year-old woman who wants a marriage, not a bratty overgrown teenager who wants a wedding. And woe unto her if she does actually have kids, because nothing puts you out of the center of the shot like a baby, lol!

  6. M says:

    Honestly that’s probably the best wedding gown I’ve seen in a long time! She looked amazing and the dress will age well even if the marriage doesn’t.

  7. AnnaC says:

    Her main wedding gown was lovely but when I first saw it wondered if she was repurposing Nicky Hilton’s as her something borrowed as they are very similar.

  8. MarcelMarcel says:

    I also make wishes at 11:11. My favourite numbers are probably 3 and 13 (because I read as a child that three was a witches number. Bad luck always comes in three which I find reassuring because it means the bad luck will pass eventually).
    It sounds like Paris enjoyed her wedding and she’s have a resurgence in pop culture.
    It’s a pity she was never held accountable for making racist slurs. But on the other hand she’s raising awareness about how kids are mistreated in facilities set up to ‘reform’ ie boarding schools, poorly managed rehabs and camps for wayward teens.

  9. Heather says:

    Do you think she knows he’s gay? I get major gay vibes from her new husband. I could be wrong. Of course it doesn’t matter at all if he is – god bless – but it’s just an impression.

  10. Cynthia says:

    I can’t get over the hair, its slightly too long, it dangles.

    • BothSidesNow says:

      @ Cynthia, no. I can’t even look at it. It looks like they started to style her hair and stopped, mid styling..….. Paris easily could have created something magical, a chignon would have been perfect!!! Very classy and easy to change clothes with it on.

  11. RoyalBlue says:

    Her main gown is stunning.

  12. Sue says:

    The first dress in the People post is my favorite. She really does look stunning in it. Nicole and Nicky look fabulous.
    Oh these heiresses and their 3 day weddings. How do they do it? I could barely move the day after my one day wedding.

  13. BethAnne says:

    Weird to me. November 11 is a solemn occasion for remembering the sacrifices of veterans in many places in the world. But I guess it’s not a thing in the US?

  14. 123Qwerty says:

    I’ve thought that “Gossip” has been over for some time. Paris is from the era of the last bloom sudsy promotion enabled by the web. It seems fitting that she’s married and gossip is dead.

  15. Julia K says:

    Forty. Time to grow up

  16. ME says:

    Wow Paris is a gorgeous bride.

  17. Sof says:

    Not a fan of the Pamella Roland dress, but the others looked great.
    Agree on Nicky’s dress! The shoes she chose finish the look.
    Now, was there a dress code? So many people wearing black…

  18. Emily H says:

    I do love her ceremony dress with the long sleeves. It is very elegant. It does, however, look like her sister Nicky’s dress. I do not care for her other dresses, especially the ridiculous pink one. And I was shocked at how bad her hair looked. With all that money, plastered to her head on one side and a huge wave on the other? A softer approach would have worked better, something like Meghan on her wedding day.

    I am happy for her, if she is genuinely happy. Paris is like a gnat…I don’t mind her, but she is annoying. She also has an over-inflated ego and sense of her own “fabulousness” – which exists in her mind. She also has not evolved, least of all with her style, but seems to be the same person at 40 as 20….into the same fashion, DJ-ing, partying, etc.

    Her husband is goofy looking, at best. I am very surprised that he is her choice for a life partner. It seems more like she is a troubled woman who has difficulty in relationships (as many of us do) and her “taxi light” is on – she wants a baby, and he happens to be the one in the taxi at the moment. I hope it lasts, but this look at me, 3 day event, TV show of a wedding does not bode well.

    Nicky looked very nice in that short dress. She generally looks very elegant, married well, and has two beautiful girls. Overall, she turned out much better than I would have imagined when they were partying and falling out of cabs back in the 2000-era. Well played, Nicky.

    • AmelieOriginal says:

      Nicky was always the lower key of the two of them. Sure, she partied and went to events but you never saw her on any reality TV show that I remember. She focused more on her fashion company (no idea if it’s successful) and was discreet enough that she started hanging out with the European elite/aristocracy and bagged herself a Rothschild.

  19. Lululu says:

    I love the dress she wore for the ceremony, but I thought everything else was pretty tacky. But I guess that’s on-brand for her, extravagant and a little tacky. Well, she seems happy at least.

  20. Maria says:

    She planned a wedding on the same date with her last fiancee.

  21. lisa says:

    I went all through her IG and she never says his name, not once. Even in the direct tributes, “you’re my everything, my world”, etc, etc, she never mentions his actual name, or a nickname, a pet name, “honey”….nothing. This is very much de-personalized, I give it 3 years.

    • Normades says:

      I think she’ll get the kid she wants out of this and they’ll split a couple of years after that.

      I always make a wish wherever the clock says the same number across the board: 1:11, 2:22, 3:33, 4:44, 5:55 and yes 11:11. Been doing that since I was kid.

  22. DeeDeeBanana says:

    I don’t understand why Celebitchy constantly gives Paris Hilton a pass. She and her family voted for Donald Trump because he is a family friend. She has been and is still a close friend of Ivanka Trump’s. It is hypocritical to champion women, LGBTQIA, and minority rights, complain about antivaxxers, magas and racists only to fawn over Paris Hilton, a racist Maga. Paris may have revealed some trauma in her past but it doesn’t excuse her from the trauma she has inflected upon others which she had never apologized for. It’s disappointing that you guys chose to cover her without mentioning any of these things.

    • death by bacon says:


    • Emma says:

      Agreed. She’s literally on tape using the N-word about Black people. Like, at least the site could mention how problematic she is.

      Additionally I think she and her family have a really overtly tacky, nouveau-riche, disaster ‘80s fashion sense.

    • PoppedBubble says:

      Thank you. I really wish someone would explain why Paris gets a pass here. Also, the photoshopping of her face is something. I would not have recognized her in a few of these pics.

    • BothSidesNow says:

      @ DeeDeeBanana, you are certainly on the mark with Paris! Her comments about Drumpf, him being a gentleman and that she called all of his sexual assault victims liars is unacceptable and disgusting!!! Plus, he watched her sex tape and told her he enjoyed it. Who says that? Never mind, I forgot who I was talking about. 🤢

  23. Oria says:

    In some of her photos she looks so much like Kim Kardashian. They must have the same plastic surgeon, no?

  24. Zaftig&Kitty says:

    I love the main wedding dress, and it pains me to say that. She’s a garbage person and I hope she fades back into obscurity again.

  25. MangoAngelesque says:

    Every time I see the little clip of him proposing to her, I automatically wonder how many tomes she made him do it before they got the right shot.

    Isn’t that what she did to the last guy? Had him repeat, “Paris, will you marry me?” on bender knee over and over, until they had the right camera angles and everything?

    I can’t imagine living a life like that. It’s so curated, I’m amazed they don’t have docents on staff just to get them through their day.

  26. bobafelty says:

    11:11 is a big party day on the college campus I attended. The frats all over town set up kegs, host big parties, and collectively are supposed to drink 11 kegs in 11 minutes. I will forever remember Paris as getting married on 11:11 keg day. LOL

  27. Julia K says:

    She is also now a stepmother. New hubby has a 9 yr old daughter.

  28. ElleE says:

    Paris is an institution in the online gossip world and no one “ gives her a pass” because of her family’s voting history or bc she made racial slurs. Are you guys for real? Paris was high as a kite for 2 decades, she nailed guys of every race in lavoratories all over NYC, said a bunch of stupid shit and her family literally sued to get back all of the $$ her grandfather left to specific New York charities bc her father is a greedy bastard and they WON. There is so much dirt on the Hiltons and Paris, no one is giving her a “pass”, they just want to know what she is up to bc she is gossip worthy.

    (No Lindsey?? And Nicki Hilton=still stunning.)

  29. canichangemyname says:

    That dress is absolutely gorgeous – she looks beautiful and I truly hope she’s happy