Duchess Camilla ‘dreads’ the ‘difficult time’ when Charles ascends to the throne

Remembrance Sunday

Ever since Queen Elizabeth pulled out of the Remembrance Sunday event at the Cenotaph, there’s been a very weird and somber energy around the Windsors. Even the royal commentators don’t know where to go and what to say. It’s clear that QEII is not in great health, but it’s also clear that the two heirs – Prince Charles and Prince William – are not sure what to do next. Sure, there are preparations for Charles’ ascension to the throne. But what of a quiet regency? No one knows. So royal commentators are going to a safe zone: embiggening Camilla, and talking about how she’ll be a steady hand in the months and years to come, even if she “dreads” it.

The Duchess of Cornwall is ‘dreading’ the spotlight that will be thrown onto her when Prince Charles becomes King, a royal expert has claimed. Camilla was praised as ‘wonderful’ after she joined the Duchess of Cambridge and Sophie Wessex in putting on a united front, following the Queen’s absence at the Cenotaph due to a sprained back.

Yet according to royal biographer Penny Junor, Camilla will face a ‘very difficult time’ when the Prince of Wales ascends to the throne. Speaking to The Telegraph, the royal expert said: ‘She is a normal woman who, because of her relationship with Charles, has found herself in an abnormal situation. I don’t think titles do it for her, and the prospect of being Queen or Princess Consort, the fuss there will be at the time, the comparisons to Diana, it will be a very difficult time for her.’

Meanwhile she predicted Camilla would be Queen rather than Princess Consort, because ‘Charles is so proud’ and ‘grateful’ of her.

One former courtier explained that because the Duchess was 57-years-old when she became a member of the Royal Family, she has spent the vast majority of her life living outside The Firm. Explaining her unique position, the insider continued: ‘She understands how strange the world of the Royal Family can be, and how the public sees that, and knows that at times her husband, the Prince of Wales, can’t see that.’

They said the Duchess has ‘none of the apparatus’ of Royal life at her house in Wiltshire and engages in a ‘fairly normal’ existence, adding: ‘Her children will tell her how the outside world views things the Royal Family are doing. It means she is better able than almost anyone else to persuade certain members of the Royal Family of a certain point of view that they might not see otherwise.’

[From The Daily Mail]

I tend to believe that Charles’ sole concern, when he becomes king, will be that Camilla is named Queen Consort. Charles barely focuses on what will happen with his sons or his grandchildren – it’s always been all about Camilla, and people seeing Camilla as Queen and not Princess Consort. He’s been focused on that for decades. As for Camilla “dreading” Charles’ ascension… she’s 74 years old! I tend to believe that Camilla will approach being Queen Consort the same way she’s approached being Duchess of Cornwall: she’s just there to support Charles, not do her own thing or go for some power grab. She’s always known that her power is controlling Charles and whispering in his ear. Also: super-curious how, when talking about Camilla, it’s a good thing that she spent so much of her life outside of the royal system. That same characteristic was seen as so negative when it came to a certain American.

The Prince of Wales and the Duchess of Cornwall arrive at the Al Husseinnlya Palace, Amman, Jordan and are officially welcomed by King Abdullah II and Queen Rania

Photos courtesy of Avalon Red, Instar.

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  1. CV says:

    Just occurred to me no one ever asks about Princess Anne and her children … where are they in putting on the “united front” that includes the Wessexes?

    • Laura-Lee MacDonald says:

      Maybe the RR are worried about Tindall threatening someone else? All poor jokes aside, I think Anne et al have just done a better job at staying at a wider orbit from the rest of the family.

    • Murphy says:

      In this specific case it’s because Anne wasn’t on the same balcony with Cornwall, Cambridge and Wessex on Sunday.

      • Courtney B says:

        Anne now takes part with the men in the military ceremonial.

      • ElleE says:

        @Courtney B I am immature so I now call Anne, “Manne”. I just gives me lols. They take themselves so seriously, old British people in fancy military dress and prancing around on horses.

    • Sofia says:

      Because Anne’s kids are untitled and not working royals (neither are the Wessex kids but at least James is a Viscount and Louise is a Lady with a capital L). Plus the press know Peter and Zara’s personalities and know they’re not super exciting so don’t focus on them but since the Wessex kids are young, there’s a chance they’ll turn out to be dynamic in personality (which honestly, I doubt).

  2. K says:

    That picture is giving me Cruella Dressed To Kill vibes

    • Anners says:

      Lol! In that thumbnail picture I thought Lady Tremain. But ya, she’s definitely got some Disney villain vibes going on.

      Honestly, hoping that the monarchy becomes less of a thing once the queen goes. Like I don’t want Charles’ face on our money. And will we rename the QEW? Nah… hope Canada can just slowly drop the obvious ties. I know becoming a republic would be too much work. Sigh

  3. The Hench says:

    Might I suggest that Camilla widens her net of external advisors from her children? Because, if they really are advising her how the external world views the Royal family, I suspect they may be sugar coating it somewhat….

    • sunny says:

      Hahahaha! Truly this. i do think she lives in less of a bubble than most but I wouldn’t call her savvy or insightful.

      I do think she does dread the uncertainty of Charles’ ascension though because she knows she will be in for endless comparisons with Diana(which she can’t win) and a first-hand seat to the power struggle between Charles and his useless son, Willy.

      It is fascinating to me the extent to which Charles centres Camilla. I mean, he really seems to drop the ball on understanding legacy but maybe he just doesn’t care about that crap at all?

    • The Recluse says:

      Camilla comes from as privileged of a background in her own way that her husband does. I doubt that she gets what real world concerns are. And after her lack of discretion regarding President Biden physical malfunction(?), what are the odds that she’s going to put her foot in her mouth in the future?

      • Tessa says:

        Camilla was a debutante designed to marry up. But she was in the midst of the swinging sixties and had partners early on though she focused on APB after she met him. The two cheated on each other even during the courtship, he with Anne and she with Charles. Camilla lacks refinement. She giggled at singers which showed disrespect for them, who were entertaining C and C when they were on a tour. She giggled at the sermon at Meghan and Harry’s wedding.

  4. Cessily says:

    I don’t see the next year being a good one for this family at all. Between the Royal scandals, shady practices and criminal behavior along with the lack of transparency regarding the Queens health.
    The ultimate Princess Diana karma would be for the new season of “the crown” release to overshadow the real coronation and with the firm covering up hospital stays it isn’t so far fetched. I feel no sympathy or empathy for this couple, bless their conniving little hearts.
    As for PJ I will save all my empathy and support for what Meghan, the duchess of Sussex was put through for falling in love with an unmarried Royal and only wishing to build a life and family with him. Shame on her and all of them.

    • JT says:

      I also believe the next year is going to be sh*tshow for the royals. Sure they have the jubilee, but that’s the only bright spot in sea of scandals and shenanigans. Just the Ghislaine trial and Virginia v. Andrew situation alone is going to put a bit of a damper on things, to put it mildly. Not to mention the mess that is the Keen’s marriage and their laziness. Those two have no intentions to step up in reality, only on paper. If Meg wins again, which she should, the Mail is going to be out for blood. Chains will be yanked, invisible ink will be spilled. It’s going to be rough.

    • WithTheAmerican says:

      Great point. No one in the royal family attacked Camilla like they attacked/stabbed MM in back in public /via their press PR people.

      Yet Camilla was married and had an affair with a married man. All MM did was fall in love and get married while Black. Shame on… her?

    • BothSidesNow says:

      @ Cessily, yes, the next year will be a disastrous and utter combination of one fire after another to which the Royal family will have to contend with. Which is exactly what has happened all off their own making. TQ was driven to restricting the family from wearing their fake military dress due to the pressure and temper tantrums of an incompetent and lazy grandson as she was grieving for her husband and companion of 70+ years. Then she has had to deal with the loss of her dearly loved grandson who was driven out of the country due to her actions and the actions of those within her own family. I would not be surprised if she regrets never having stopped the relentless attacks thrown upon Meghan and taking a stand against everyone that were involved with it. Including her lazy and incompetent grandson and his equally lazy and incompetent wife. I wonder if she regrets having listened to those in grey suits and the relentless temper tantrums of Baldingham. I think that TQ sees in Harry what Baldingham should be but never will be. The Monarchy will certainly suffer tremendously once the responsibility is placed upon Baldingham. A commitment to an institution that she was tasked with at 25 and still holds as her most important duty. TQ sees that Baldingham will never be a competent king, nor has he displayed any competence or desire to become what he should. TQ had to physically take Baldingham by the hand and show him, at the old age of nearly 40, what he should have done and how to do it. TQ knows that Baldingham will be the worst king in the history of The Monarchy and it will all come crashing down.

      In addition in trying to maintain civility amongst the heirs, she is tasked with the constant issues of her second son, who she has publicly and personally protected and continues to protect as she blindly believes in his constant lies. TQ is also tasked with not only protecting Andy the Pedo, but I am certain that Chaz has made his opinion quite clear in regards to his younger brother. TQ is being tasked with physically hiding Andy the Pedo so that he can escape the crimes he has committed. On top of paying heavily for his representation, she is also tasked with the issue of creating a position of protection from her eldest son once she has passed.

      TQ has many problems within her children that has been going on for years. But her greatest issue at hand is that PP has passed away and she relied on PP to handle the family matters for her entire reign. TQ must now try to chart the waters without his emotional and physical support. A territory that she is not accustomed to, and at her age she must forge alone. TQ has realized that it is much more difficult than she had expected and it’s coming from all fronts.

      • Magick Wanda says:

        A perfect summary of what TQ is facing. Your last paragraph made me sad for her in spite of everything. You are right about this.

    • The Truth Piper says:

      After Queen Elizabeth II dies, the UK will need to decide whether the royal family is worth the money since they’re no longer viewed as roll models of anything.

      Charles is unpopular. When and IF he becomes King, his forcing Camilla upon the people will only make things worse for him. Plus, Charles and Camilla will always live under the shadow of Diana.

      Queen Elizabeth is currently 95, ill and in morning over her husband’s recent death. No wonder there’s a somber vibe within the British Royal Family.

  5. Murphy says:

    She’s not wrong, it’s going to suck for her, it’s a job she never wanted.

    • Zapp Brannigan says:

      Meh she got what she wanted, she can lie back and think of England now.

      • lanne says:

        Damn. That’s a killer line.

        Anyway, the”she lived most of her life outside the royal circle” is pretty much bs. She’s been part of the royal social circle her entire adult life. Who else has she socialized with? If anyone should be familiar with royal life, it’s Camilla.

      • MerryGirl says:

        How could she have lived most of her life outside the Royal circle when she was in bed with Charles from a young age? Her husband was also in bed with Princess Anne so if you ask me they were both very much inside the Royal circle. And lest we forget, her great grandmother was a mistress to King Edward VII so bed-hopping with Royals is in her DNA.

    • Tessa says:

      I think she wanted it. Unlike “traditional” mistresses she bashed the wife, she even sat at Diana’s place as hostess at Highgrove in Diana’s absence. She never said “no” when Charles sent her expensive baubles.

  6. aquarius64 says:

    Some people will not forgive Camilla for being the riyal sidepiece. They are afraid of push back from the public.

    • Gobo says:

      She’s 74. Imagine being well past retirement age and having to face your last decade or two dealing with all that royal shite.

      • Tessa says:

        This is what she wanted. She should have thought about it in 1980 when she “befriended” Diana and took her out to that infamous lunch where she asked Diana if she hunted. I don’t feel any pity for her.

      • Lizzie says:

        She signed up for it.

      • Tessa says:

        Camilla is given leeway and is allowed to leave tours early if she is not feeling well. She also has a lot of down time and has kept her own residence where she spends time.

    • Courtney B says:

      I couldn’t find anything like that. Besides kate must have that title. Especially because Camilla does more events, per the court circular, than Kate. This despite being in her 70s with osteoporosis. And she takes up serious issues like sexual violence. Some of kates ‘events’ in the CC were literally’took a meeting with’ or ‘received’ Jason Knauf! Plus a lot of short zoom calls.

      • Tessa says:

        I don’t think Camilla should represent women’s causes considering…And I apply this to how Camilla treated Diana and later Meghan. Smirking at Meghan and Harry’s wedding. Kate is absolutely lazy and no excuses for her IMO.

      • LahdidahBaby says:


    • Merricat says:

      Has Tom met Kate? Because mirror, mirror, there’s another who takes that title, and it’s Waity Keen.

    • Nic919 says:

      Camilla can never be called the laziest woman in England or born in the 20th century as long as Kate Middleton is around.

  7. Sofia says:

    If the accounts are to be believed, Camilla never wanted to marry Charles in the first place anyways so I can see her not being to excited about being queen, especially since there’s always going to be people who hate her and do not want queen in front of her name (despite the PR campaign to rehabilitate her image).

    • Julia K says:

      I can recall that she was giggly, girlishly excited when Charles presented her with an engagement ring. That short video of their engagement interview was charming. They were both ready for marriage, imo.

      • Sofia says:

        I’m talking about the first time round in the 70s/80s. I think they both love each other but Charles wasn’t Camilla’s first choice. They wouldn’t be married if Charles and Diana worked out. IMO, it seems to be that they only got married after some pressure from the media/family/public (as in “you did all that fuss yet you won’t get married? What was the point?”). Or at least that’s how I think it feels from Camilla’s “side”.

    • BayTampaBay says:

      I have always thought that Camilla wanted to remain married to Andrew Parker-Bowels and be Charles’ only and official royal mistress. All the perks and no public responsibility.

      I will always believe that Charles wanted their legal marriage more than Camilla did. I believe all this stated with the row over seating at the 6 November 2004 wedding of Lady Tamara Katherine Grosvenor (daughter of Gerald Grosvenor, Duke of Westminster) and Edward van Cutsem (son of Hugh van Cutsem).

      • Sofia says:

        Yeah I agree. Have always felt that Charles was the one who pushed a legal marriage while Camilla was more than happy being the “matrisse-en-titre” even after Diana’s death.

      • ArtHistorian says:

        Kind of like what Wallis Simpson really wanted – remain married to Mr. Simpson and being the power behind the King of England. Unfortunately for her, neither husband nor lover were happy with that scenario.

      • Jaded says:

        @ArtHistorian – exactly. She played a dangerous game and lost – Ernest fell in love with her best friend Mary Raffray and wanted out to marry her, and David abdicated so he could marry Wallis. She sealed her own fate.

      • lanne says:

        @Sofia, I read that as “Mattress in chief” and gigglesnorted.

      • lanne says:

        @Arthistorian, I think Wallis got exactly what she deserved: marriage to a whiny brat who wanted a mommy more than a wife, and whom she ended up detesting but couldn’t divorce. And no HRH for her troubles, unless you count a couple of envelopes from Princess ofMichael the Brooch Bitch addressed to HRH Duchess of Windsor and her greeting from Hitler.

      • Murphy says:

        Yeah Andrew divorced Camilla-not the other way around.

      • ArtHistorian says:

        @Ianne, she very much got what she deserved – her gamble totally failed and she had to perform a love that she didn’t feel as part of that grand love story their relationship was sold as. Sounds pretty miserable.

      • Tessa says:

        I don’t think Charles had a clue when he named Camilla. He probably was “surprised” at the ramifications like PB divorcing Camilla and Camilla’s father actually confronting Charles about naming Camilla. He got incandescent when someone Dared to question what he did. And he blamed a courtier.

    • Amy Bee says:

      @Sofia: I think the true story was that she wanted to marry Charles but he wasn’t ready and the family didn’t approve of her so she married Mr. Parker Bowles instead. I don’t believe for one minute that she never wanted to marry Charles. If that was true, she would have never married him

      • Sofia says:

        Eh. I think Charles was more keen on marriage. I think Camilla married him because 1) there was some pressure from the public/family. As in “Why go through all the drama in the 90s if you two weren’t even going to get married by the end of it?” and 2) Camilla had no other options and Charles is very stubborn and had already invested a lot into her. So she either had to marry him or else. But I do think she loves him but would have been happy being just his partner.

      • WithTheAmerican says:

        Agree. I just can’t with all of the ways people reflexively let Camilla off. She wasn’t forced into marriage. If she didn’t want marriage, why did she undermine his marriage to Diana to such an extent?

        She’s a grown woman and was an adult when they had their affair, not a naive 19 year old.

        I suspect she is very much like Charles and that’s why they get along so well. Power hungry back stabbing paranoid and vengeful. They know Bill is coming for them. I feel sorry for absolutely zero of the remaining royal.

      • GuestWho says:

        Nah. She wanted to marry Tom PB – he was the catch of their generation. She wanted to be the royal mistress – all of the power with little of the scrutiny.

        In recent years, they have tried to rewrite the history of their relationship to make them look like lovers ripped from each others’ arms. It’s BS.

        She and TPB probably wouldn’t have divorced if Charles hadn’t make a very public declaration that he had had an affair. If it hadn’t been made public, they would have carried on with their marriage. And once Charles did make it public, I think Camilla, like Wallis Simpson, had no real choice but to marry.

      • Tessa says:

        Wallis Simpson’s husband Ernest Simpson took the blame for the divorce, he was caught with a hired co-respondent. Edward VIII never named Wallis as his mistress like Charles named Camilla. He waited until after the Simpson divorce and after he stepped down as King. Charles broke tradition by confessing his involvement with Camilla while she was still married to APB. Which as something previously taboo among royals.

    • Tessa says:

      There was no way IMO that Diana and Charles’ marriage would have worked out. Not with Camilla around. She even went to Stuart Higgins (his testimony) then Sun Editor to give “her side” all the time while Charles and Diana were married. She even put down Diana to Charles in a letter she wrote to him that became public, telling him to ignore “that ridiculous creature.” Diana never had a chance. If he dropped Camilla, I think they’d have had a chance. Charles came close to marrying other women besides Diana, two turned him down a third was disqualified when her ex showed up and talked to the press.

  8. MMadison says:

    I believe the Fart Detective wants the title…Queen Consort. Pretty much that’s it. She will walk behind Charles and let him be her tampon.

  9. Lightpurple says:

    I too dread the difficult time when Charles ascends the throne.

  10. Andrew's Nemesis says:

    ‘…after she joined the Duchess of Cambridge and Sophie Wessex in putting on a united front…’
    Three women stood in a row, and this is newsworthy? Talk about low expectations.

  11. MagicMax says:

    I believe it. I think she just wants to drink gin and have a good time.

    • Zapp Brannigan says:

      At last I have found the title to my autobiography “She just wants to drink gin and have a good time – The Zapp Brannigan story”

  12. Over it says:

    Camilla and Kate’s neck tell the same age story. How is this even possible?

  13. Gigi says:

    Lol Kathy Cambridge is copying Meghan’s hat.

    • JT says:

      Her fans are even showing picks of her side by side with Meg…which does Kate no favors. I don’t know why the derangers won’t just drop the act and stan their true fave, Meghan, although they have stopped with the “best she’s ever looked” comments.

      • Betsy says:

        I’m not a Kate stan at all and I still maintain that that severe look she wore on the balcony is her best look because that’s who she is inside, severe and angry. Honesty counts and that’s her most honest look yet.

  14. Jezz says:

    If she wants to avoid comparisons to Diana, the title Queen will serve her better than “Princess”. Princess Diana is forever young and fresh. Queens (for the past 50 years in Britain) are old women and Camilla will fit right in.

  15. Esmerelda says:

    I do believe this, in essentials. Kate married for the title, Camilla married because she got caught and had no better alternatives once APB divorced her – being the divorced mistress in her 70s would be worse than being the much loathed wife under public scrutiny.
    But yes, she’s about to get more scrutiny, and more attention… and she will have to emotionally manage Charles while he is a most unpopular king. I do not envy her – all the tiaras in the world aren’t worth it.
    H&M keep looking cleverer and cleverer for getting out.

    • Tessa says:

      This is what Camilla wanted. She apparently disliked Diana very much and wanted what she had. I don’t have any pity for her at all.

  16. Amy Bee says:

    Camilla’s an aristo, she was never outside the system. As for the notion that the titles don’t do it for her, if that was really true she would have just remained as Charles’ companion rather than marrying him.

    • Tessa says:

      Camilla never had the title “Lady” like Diana had. Her grandmother was the daughter of a King’s mistress. Camilla undermined the wife, something traditional mistresses would not have done. Charles had to rewrite history about the “thwarted lovers” leaving out all the other women like the unfortunate other married mistress Dale Tryon.

    • aftershocks says:

      ^^ @Amy Bee
      Camilla grew up gentry, not aristo. There’s a difference. Albeit that the British class system is snobby and confusing.

      Of course, you are right that Camilla was always part of the royal system, after she met Charles. She grew up fascinated and fixated by royalty, in large part due to being obsessed over the fact that she is descended from the close, long-term mistress of Edward VII (named below by @MerlinsMom and @Jaded).

  17. MerlinsMom1018 says:

    Lest anyone forgets, Camilla has royal mistress blood running through her veins…Alice Keppel, anyone?

    • Jaded says:

      Exactly — Alice Keppel is Camilla’s great-grandmother and was Edward VII’s mistress, who just happens to be Charles’ great-great grandfather. Generational philandering much?

      • MerlinsMom1018 says:

        Yes and there were always “rumors” (cough) that Sonia Cubitt (Camilla’s grandmother) was King Edward VII’s daughter. So generational philandering indeed.

      • lanne says:

        wouldn’t that make Camilla and Charles just as close cousins as Elizabeth and Phillip (both descendants of Queen Victoria) ?

      • Tessa says:

        I don’t think Camilla is related to Edward VIII. Supposedly a wealthy banker was Camilla’s grandmother’s father. Or so I read.

      • aftershocks says:

        ^^ Obviously, you mean Edward VII, @Tessa.

        Edward VIII is Queen Elizabeth’s uncle, the Duke of Windsor, always called David by his family.

      • Tessa says:

        Yes, Edward VII, indeed. I wrote about Edward VIII and just kept using the VIII. LOL.

    • MerlinsMom1018 says:

      Well, if you want to split hairs 😎
      But yes, it would make them related. Which is squishy and gives me the creeps.

  18. dido says:

    I can’t get over how this family literally dresses like they’re from a different century. So out of touch.

    • Betsy says:

      They’re wearing suits. There’s a lot to fault the royals for but I appreciate that they wear the appropriate and more formal clothing for some things. Not everything is a sweat suit function.

  19. Ann says:

    I am so shallow but I can’t stop looking at Kate’s face and neck and thinking how old she looks. Cigarettes and dieting are a bad combination for skin, ugh.

  20. MarcelMarcel says:

    Maybe Charles’ self absorbed nature & tone deafness will end the monarchy. Maybe Williams’ self absorbed nature & total lack of PR skills will end the monarchy. Maybe Andrew will actually face some legal consequences for his behaviour.
    Either way, may I live long enough to see the British monarchy crumble. And hopefully they will return all the things they stole from BIPoc across the globe. Some British aristocrats and museums still have the bones of Indigenous Australian people. It’s really creepy and they need to start return everything they stole. The bones of ancestors belong to their descendants. It’s so strange that the British elite would rather hoard human remains then return to their descendants so they can perform burial rites.
    May the Goddess save the Queen because at this point no one else can.

  21. Eurydice says:

    So, she’s been living in dread for 17 years? More Penny bs.

  22. Deeanna says:

    According to numerous books on the subject, Camilla was in love with and wanted to marry Andrew Parker Bowles. They were in a long-term (years) on again, off again relationship when she took up with Charles during one of their “off” periods. Andrew was well known for skirt-chasing ways and there has been speculation that Camilla was merely giving Andrew a taste of his own medicine when she initially took up with Charles.

    Charles was serving in the Royal Navy at the time and he went to sea for a six month tour. During his absence Camilla and Andrew became engaged and were married.

    • Tessa says:

      Charles never told Camilla to wait for him. There is some spin that Mountbatten sent him away on the navy tour. Although it would not have mattered if Charles told Camilla they had a future together. He did not. Charles told all this to his biographer DImbleby back in 1994.

    • A says:

      APB was f-cking around for pretty much the entirety of his marriage to Camilla. And yet, he didn’t want to divorce her, until he was absolutely forced to by the fact that Charles made his affair with Camilla so public. It’s very likely they would have stayed married and just continued f-cking around on their own if that Dimbleby interview had never taken place.

      Now, why two people would want to stay married without having a lick of fidelity for each other is beyond me. I think Camilla always cared more for APB than he did for her, and it hurt her deeply that he continued on his ways even after marriage. I think she tried to stay chipper and put on a brave face, but that wasn’t the case in actuality. Their relationship has always been f-cking weird from everything I’ve read, so who knows what was going on in reality.

      • Tessa says:

        Camilla and APB were just keeping up the pattern of their “courtship.” I read two biographies of her and the two rampantly cheated on each other. So it would have been a surprise if they totally changed their natures after the wedding. And Camilla could always have divorced APB if she were unhappy. Being “senior” Mistress to a Prince of Wales gave her a lot of influence. Camilla I don’t think was hurt because after she and APB had their children, she was right back with Charles. If Charles had not named Camilla as mistress, he could have married a younger woman and still kept Camilla and others
        on the side. I doubt though he would have wanted more children.

      • A says:

        Oh I know that both of them cheated on each other for the entirety of their marriage. I’m just curious as to why they’d choose that for each other. I do remember reading that Camilla was not entirely satisfied with APB’s infidelity. She’d have preferred him to be faithful, but given the fact that he wasn’t, just settled with what she had and did her best with it. The impression I always got was that even for the aristocratic set, they were far more promiscuous in their infidelities than most others.

  23. RoyalBlue says:

    hahahaha. I had a good laugh over that one. Camilla is in her glee and no one can convince me that she never wanted Charles. All she ever wanted was Charles, but he was not ready to commit to her as he had a wandering eye.

    • Tessa says:

      The spin was she “never wanted anything” which I find absurd. Since Diana noted that Charles would have his staff wrap up expensive jewelry for Camilla. She did not back off when Charles married Diana, they were seen together at fox hunts and so forth. I don’t think Charles really wanted to marry Camilla in the first place. He was serious about other women, and proposed to Amanda Knatchbull who turned him down. I don’t think she was the love of his life. He could have up and married someone like Anna Wallace who I think would have given Camilla a run for her money.

      • A says:

        I think she wanted all the perks of being in a relationship with Charles, without actually being with him officially. And let’s not forget, she not only did not back off when Charles married Diana–she took Diana out to lunch to suss her out to see if Diana would be a threat to her and Charles’ relationship.

        I don’t think Charles was ever serious about any other women. I actually don’t think Charles ever really wanted to get married at all. Looking back at his history with women, I think he wanted the fun, and not the work. He really tried to follow Lord Mountbatten’s advice to him to a t–mess around with as many ladies as you want, but find a nice, quiet, unassuming girl to marry who can produce a few kids for you and do the job and turn a blind eye to your affairs. Amanda Knatchbull was the first option to be that girl. She wisely turned Charles down because she likely knew what was up and didn’t want any part in it. Otherwise, I think Charles would have been unmarried well into his 40s, if he hadn’t stumbled across Diana. None of the nice, quiet, unassuming girls wanted him, except her.

      • Tessa says:

        Camilla also held a lot of influence as the “senior” Mistress of Charles. Although, Janet Jenkins reported she spent time with Charles during the time he was spending with Camilla. I read a biography of Charles and it was reported Charles was attracted to and besotted with Anna Wallace and when she ditched him, he wanted her back! Had Mountbatten survived, I think Amanda would have been persuaded to marry Charles. The question is would he have advised Amanda to turn a blind eye to Camilla and other women when she was married to Charles.

      • A says:

        @Tessa, I’m assuming that by ‘he’ you mean Lord Mountbatten, and the answer to that is yes, of course he would have advised her to do so. He chose her to marry Charles for a reason, knowing that she was the “nice, good girl” with “no experience of life” that Charles needed to settle down with. His primary interest in promoting that alliance was in terms of what it would do for him, not Amanda Knatchbull’s own happiness. Remember too, these are aristocrats, notorious for bed hopping. The fact that Diana was so appalled and refused to abide by her husband’s infidelity and expected him to actually be faithful to her was considered outside of the norm. Getting married and staying married for the title, money, social ranking, networks and whatever else is not outside of the norm at all.

        Whether Amanda Knatchbull actually would have heeded that advice or not is a different story. I think the fact that she turned Charles down speaks a great deal about what her own desires were on the matter, and it wasn’t to live a life in the public eye. And there’s the fact that her parents were protective of her interests too. I remember that her parents refused to let her go with Charles on the tour of India, bc they were fully aware of what the press would attempt to insinuate, and did not want to put her in that position when she was only a teenager. And then Charles really corked it by proposing so damn soon after her grandfather had just died so tragically. Talk about sh-tty timing.

  24. Jane B says:

    She calls Prince Charles “sir” so she um gets off on titles. She wants one for herself. She wants power too and whispering in Charles’ ear gets it, so she can quit a tour midway or tell the press Kate is stupid or drink all day at her old home. Camilla is a playa.

  25. TeamMeg says:

    Does she dread it in diamonds or dread it in pearls? No sympathy here for the Duchess of Dread.

  26. jferber says:

    I will always dislike her and her ass of a husband.

  27. Theothermia says:

    Wow I really like Kaiser’s take, saying that they’re praising Camilla because it’s safe. This article would have really confused me without that insight.
    That insightfulness is why I read Celebitchy 😀

  28. Robin Samuels says:

    Is it confirmed that Penny Junor is stepping forward as the official Royal Reporter for Clarence House? She will be the first to cut Camilla off at the knee. That’s what she did to Diana. She is 100% Prince Charles.
    Monday, she said the UK is tired of Meghan Markle. She hasn’t seen tired when the UK and the US join forces to remind Camilla that she should dread ascending the throne with her once upon a time unfaithful lover.
    Can someone whisper in Charles’ ear and tell him he needs to buy a new tailored suit? He has the habit of keeping one hand in his pocket, which causes the jacket to sag.
    If her children are keeping her informed about the news from the outside world (as if the Royal Reporters don’t), she knows the “fart” story didn’t go over very well.
    Sophie and Edward are the last resort fill-ins. What happened to Sophie being the Queen’s favorite? I will always only remember her as the one who goes along with William and Kate’s shenanigans to snub the Duchess in church. I hope it never happens to Lady Louise.

    • Tessa says:

      When Charles is king, I think Junor will become Dame Penny Junor. She wrote spin for them and slammed Diana. She also vacationed with Camilla and she admitted that C and C cooperated with her on her books. Junor will lose credibility big time if she turns on Camilla. She practically names Camilla a saint in her books. Camilla does not dread or regret a thing IMO.

    • Nic919 says:

      There has been an oft repeated story that a current royal reporter only got her scoops because she gave Charles a bj at a society wedding back in the 70s. Since there aren’t many still around who would have been old enough, I have wondered if Penny Juror is that RR. Her loyalty to Charles and criticism of Diana would seemed to confirm where her interests lie.

  29. Izzy says:

    Cry me a river. She got what she wanted, now she’ll get what she deserves – misery at the hand she picked for herself.

  30. Lizzie says:

    Good. It doesn’t bother me in the least that Cam dreads every day of her life. However I don’t believe it. She schemed and cheated to get her hooks into Charles. I think she cackles with glee everyday.

  31. A says:

    I do think that Camilla is more down-to-earth than the rest of the royal family, and more able to see the writing on the wall when it comes to the public. I think that the press attention that got rained on her head once the whole Charles-Diana-Camilla stuff exploded was not something she wanted at all. I think she was perfectly content to carry on affairing with Charles, and expected Diana to put up with it and shut up, bc she was going to be Queen. I imagine Camilla and Charles and everyone in their circle thought that Diana would do that because she was going to get the ultimate prize at the end of the day, and wouldn’t that be enough for her. The fact that it wasn’t is exactly why Diana is so freaking beloved.

    I remember reading in Tina Brown’s book that Charles had to be barked at by Camilla’s father in order to a) go public with their relationship, and b) actually make it official. Charles was planning originally on still skulking around in the shadows with Camilla. He’d publicly stated that he’d never remarry and all that. Even after Diana’s death, he continued dragging his feet, and Bruce Shand had to demand that he stop f-cking around after all that had happened, bc the horrendous press attention that Camilla got was also something the rest of her family had to put up with. I remember reading that photographers and tabloid reporters were parked outside the front of Bruce Shand’s house for days after Charles’ Dimbleby interview, and some of them even going up to knock on his door to ask questions. He slammed the door shut on all of them.

    So I do I think she’s dreading the press attention, bc of her past negative experiences with it, but at the end of the day–lady, you jumped into bed with a married man, while married yourself, and thought you could bully his wife into silence to get your way. You don’t get to be mad that it didn’t happen! You don’t get to bitch and moan about how it’s so UNFAIR that your affair got exposed by Diana, and you had to deal with the subsequent hate. If you didn’t want to deal with this stuff, you shouldn’t have had an affair with the future monarch of the UK. It’s really that freaking simple.

    • Tessa says:

      Her father went to Charles and demanded what he was going to do now, that he named Camilla and forced a divorce of the PBs. Charles had to try to rewrite history and make it a Star Crossed Lovers saga. Charles had a lot of women in his life and he was the one who did not pursue Camilla as wife material when he first met her. ANd she was involved with APB and very much interested in HIM. I can’t help but wonder what Shand really thought about how Camilla treated Diana, who was a royal wife. Charles could still not marry Camilla early on because his grandmother the Queen Mum was afraid of another crisis with Charles pursuing a divorcee. She provided safe houses for C and C in Scotland (there was a photo of C and C leaving one of the homes together), and apparently did not care that Camilla was married and Charles was married. Camilla never said no to all the costly jewels that Charles gave to her, while both were still with their spouses.

  32. Ksk_pamuk says:

    Camilla is typical aristo, crass, rudeand bed hopping with their cousins. She’s a perfect replacement for old Phil. And the brits will lap it up when chucky the tampon puts the crown on her head. They will stand in the streets waving and cheering at the multi-million dollar spectacle that their tax dollars pay for. It’s hilarious to me, and salty island deserves her.