“Are Irina Shayk & Bradley Cooper back together or just very friendly?” links

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Friendly exes Irina Shayk and Bradley Cooper pictured chatting at a local park in NYC!

Bradley Cooper and Irina Shayk pictured with little Lea in NYC

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  1. Care says:

    Just in time for award season! Quelle surprise, BCoop. He’s like Leo – the Rock Hudsons of this gen’s movie stars

    • Div says:

      Exactly. B Coop doing this with Irina two weeks before his next picture opens and all of the sudden addressing the Gaga rumors from way back when (he denies them, but then goes on to be overly effusive about her))….well…

      • Normades says:

        This. I don’t think he’s gay but I definitely don’t think he’s actively with Irina. They knew they were getting papped and he’ll probably roll her out for some events during awards season

      • josephine says:

        He was overly effusive about Gaga when their movie came out, too. And I said this below, but Cooper and Irina are spotted together in NY a lot. I don’t know, I just don’t see some big publicity kick here.

  2. TIFFANY says:

    I think they are now friends. The relationship didn’t work, the co parenting situation is working, and maybe they just like each other without the aspect of being romantic partners anymore.

    • huckle says:

      I totally agree with you. To be honest, I’d rather think positively for their sake than make snide comments all over the place…we don’t need to mention who. I do not agree with “this is a gossip site” excuse either.

      • canichangemyname says:

        Same. I can’t find snark for two parents getting along with each other – gossip site or not.

  3. Pocket Litter says:

    Cheaper to be seen with Irina than to hire another beard.

    • Lena says:

      So everyone is just one hundred percent sure he’s gay? Seems to me he has a famous woman hang up (in that he has to be seen with one, non famous need not apply) but I don’t think that many women (look up his long dating history) would be up for faking it.

  4. jferber says:

    I find the two comments about Rock Hudson and bearding harsh. I do believe that is what this relationship is about, BUT I would emphasize that there is still so much homophobia in America that some stars do prefer to stay in the closet to protect their careers/income. I think this says more about America than these particular stars. No need to be pejorative about it. A lot has changed, but a lot has not. I just watched the excellent film Passing with Tessa Thompson and Ruth Negga about black women passing for white and I blame society, not the women, for not “embracing” who they are. I feel the same about closeted Hollywood stars. And again, it’s just my opinion on who is closeted and who is not (like it is for all the rest of you guys).

    • BadDee says:

      America?! Oh honey no. It’s for that international revenue. UK & USA are infinitely less homophobic than the countries Hollywood gets a bulk of their box office from. You can’t even have a irl gay man or woman IN A MOVIE as a CAST member without immediately losing the possibly of millions from China etc

      It’s all about money. To Hollywood, the only kind of money that matters is riskfree. Openly gay actors considered a liability to the bottom line. Hollywood pretends to be progressive re LGBTQ+ representation or castings, but international buck is king. That’s why they stay in the closet.

    • Div says:

      I do sympathize, as the world is still incredibly homophobic and as others have mentioned studios steer away from openly gay actors in fear that the movies might be censored in China, etc.

      That said, I think the reason we snark at BCoop sometimes is he absolutely seems to time these sort of things when his movies open while at the same time is one of those actors who goes on about “privacy.”

      • josephine says:

        He’s spotted with her all the time, though. So much so that’s it really not news. I think they just get more attention because he has a movie coming out so the gossip world is checking back in with him again. I don’t really get it. Even if they were getting back together, which I don’t think they are, it’s not really some amazing gossip.

  5. Wilma says:

    People who co-parent peacefully always warm the cockles my heart. As a teacher I just see so many divorces that make people go completely off the rails. I don’t know if they’re back together either, but they do get photographed often with their daughter.

  6. Mr D. says:

    Women do not want to be beards any more; looking back they can see few females benefit from this arrangement. This is why DiCaprio is with the average looking Camila Morrone; only one who wanted the job with his rules. Ela Kawalec was supposed to be his PR GF. Irina must also be between Sugar Daddies and needs to liquid income to maintain her lifestyle. I do not think the kid is his. My sister saw them doing a pap shoot on a cul-de-sac in Brentwood near his house; arrived in separate cars; took a bunch of pics; left in separate cars with no words exchanged.

  7. Mabs A'Mabbin says:

    Coop looks like sooooooo many people I know lol.

  8. Dee Kay says:

    My theory is that Cooper wanted a child, first and foremost, not a permanent romantic relationship. It seemed like marriage was never on the table for him and Shayk. Cooper talked about wanting to be a father a ton around the time that his own father passed, that was a huge life goal and milestone for him. He seems to have picked a good co-parent in Shayk, b/c they seem to get along super well and they both have been papped taking their daughter to various appointments and things so one of them is not carrying 94% of the work. In fact I think that may have been Cooper’s goal: to have a child with someone responsible who he could share custody 50/50 with, which can be scheduled according to work commitments. Imo even if this plan was maybe a bit mercenary on his side, I think it’s better than having full custody and leaving the kid with the nanny all the time. This way, he leaves her with her other parent half the time.

  9. jferber says:

    Mr. D., just curious. Why do you think Cooper is not the father? Even if they’re not in a sexual relationship, they could have easily done IVF with his sperm.

    • Mr D. says:

      Search their argument at Wimbledon. Their kid was born nine months after that event. I think that is when she told him she was preggo. He did not look happy. Her having a kid was not part of the deal.

      • Melanie says:

        Mr D: I seriously don’t think that Bradley would STILL be stepping out with Irina or Lea if he was not the father. If they had a contract that did not include a child, he could have easily asked for a DNA test, and when the results proved that he wasn’t the father, they could have gone their separate ways. I assume there would have been a non-disclosure agreement that would have prevented Irina from outing their arrangement(not to mention she would have been outing herself in the process) and I can’t imagine that Bradley would get negative press for breaking up with a woman who became pregnant by someone else. It would be pretty funny(not impossible though) if she just happened to get pregnant by a guy with blonde hair and blue eyes. I don’t know if you follow any fan sites, but we’ve seen his backyard (thanks to photos Irina has taken) and there is children’s play equipment there. Bradley has spent a lot of time with Lea over the years and taken her on trips without Irina. Why do that if the child is not his?

  10. canichangemyname says:

    Kyle Thug Rittenhouse is gonna walk, there’s no doubt in my mind. The entire trial has been a cluster and that judge should be taken off the bench. The really sad thing is that when he does walk, he’ll have “learned a lesson” that he can kill and get away with it, and there will be more victims. Blood on lots of hands here.

  11. canichangemyname says:

    I can’t be the only one who finds speculation about anyone’s sexual preferences to be going a step too far?

  12. Mee says:

    I saw Coop at a Vegas on pool party in may 2015 and he. Was. Beautiful. We couldn’t stop staring at him. Ummm he’s aged 15 years in 5