Thomas Markle: Meghan should be ‘stripped of her title’ after the Ellen interview

Good Morning Britain

Since the Duchess of Sussex’s Ellen interview aired last Thursday, the British media has talked of little else. They are so obsessed with the woman who left them, and they’re behaving exactly like the most toxic, abusive stalker ex ever. That’s all this is. This is a toxic ex constantly trying to draw their victim back into their abusive web. Speaking of, Piers Morgan has chimed in multiple times, and he’s apparently vomitous with rage as he watched Meghan be an absolute dork on the show. One of my pet conspiracies is that Piers is the one writing Thomas Markle’s scripts, and it genuinely feels like Thomas went to the Sun this weekend to perform the latest script written by Piers.

The Duchess of Sussex’s dad has called for her to be stripped of her royal title after her cringey skit on US TV. Thomas Markle Snr, 76, said his family had been left “embarrassed” by Meghan’s appearance on Ellen DeGeneres’s chat show.

Her estranged dad added: “She insulted the Queen, the Royal Family and the British people. She made a complete fool of herself and should lose her title. I love my daughter but her performance was ridiculous.”

In one stunt on Thursday, the Duchess had to do whatever Ellen, 66, told her — which included squatting down, eating crisps like a chipmunk, dancing and swigging milk from a baby’s bottle.

Former actress Meghan, 40, also told a story about going for auditions and having to climb out the window of her car because the door did not work properly.

But ex-lighting director Thomas insisted it was “not a beat-up old car. She got a lot of help starting in Hollywood. She never had to worry about an apartment or spending money.”

[From The Sun]

Meghan didn’t get Suits until she was 29/30. She was a working actress throughout her 20s, getting small parts on TV shows and commercials, so I believe that she had some lean years. She never said that she was rock-bottom poor, she just made it sound like she couldn’t really afford to buy herself a new car? As for the whole “take away her title” thing… jeez, Piers. Come up with something new. It’s all pretty pathetic. Thomas Markle is such a vile piece of sh-t.

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Photos courtesy of WENN, screencaps from The Ellen Show.

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133 Responses to “Thomas Markle: Meghan should be ‘stripped of her title’ after the Ellen interview”

  1. OriginalLala says:

    Piers Morgan had several strokes writing about the Ellen interview – I read one of his rants and it was..insane? He is living in an alternate reality because we clearly weren’t watching the same Ellen episode…

    • Lady Digby says:

      Subtext ” it should have been me she was interviewed by cos we were besties”. P Moron was interviewed by Holly and Philip Schofield on the Morning TV show and actually claimed that he and Meg had a close friendship like theirs. Holly and Philip work together and take family holidays together over a decade. Their close bond is hardly comparable to a one IRL meeting that PM can’t seem to let go off?!

      • ABritGuest says:

        Yeah I saw piers had said something about interviewing Meghan. It’s crazy to think how his tune would change if she gave him an interview. So many of the British journalists still want an interview with Meghan who they suggest is a liar but are still complaining they haven’t met or hasn’t come to U.K. to promote her book.

        Piers has started on Adele because he clearly begged for an invite to show in the U.K. with stars like Idris Elba, Daniel Kaluuya, Emma Watson, Emma Thompson etc in the audience, but didn’t get one so now he’s lashing out. Also upset as Oprah got that big interview with Adele.

      • Fortuona says:

        While him and his wife claim Alice Evans as their best friend

      • BothSidesNow says:

        @ ABritGuest, so many people dissing PM and his blatant disregard and disrespectful statements against people, but mostly about women. Tells you he is too chicken sh*t to say it to men, but women are FAIR game. PM misogynistic displaced hurt to target women is due to probably his life time of being repulsed by women in general. Even in his teen years women stayed away from him. Good idea!!

        As for TM, they will dispose of him when he is no longer of use to them. Thankfully, TM is too dumb to see it now. He will go to his death bed alone and no one will visit him, except maybe Samatha the Sick & Demented!! But only for tv/magazine articles to slam Meghan. Funny how she slams Meghan but I don’t see her running to be by her fathers side!

    • BlueSky says:

      Not only does PM hate black women or any woman he can’t control, I also believe he’s an alcoholic. No one this vile is happy. I believe he was creepy and inappropriate with MM and she stopped communicating with him. He’s been bitter every since.

      • Jan says:

        Piers meet Meghan with the cast of Suits in London, he invited her to his pub and she said she was going on a date, the liar tweeted what an opportunity she missed.
        Then he changed his story to she came to his Pub and he put her in a taxi for her date with Harry, he didn’t know who her date was, he loves to take pictures, why there is no picture of them together and he takes pictures with every Tom, dick and Larry.
        Most likely she told Harry she met Piss and Harry gave her a rundown on him, and she blocked his number, and the rejection dented his ego.

      • @Jan

        I have NEVER believed his story about putting Meghan in a cab to meet Harry. It’s so apocryphal and he LOVES to picture himself as at the “center of HISTORY!” He’s furious that he’s a huge ham that women RUN away from.

      • HeyJude says:

        I believe Piers might be, um how should I say it, dangerous to women? Certain women he’s targeted.

        His obsession and fixation with Meghan seems to me to how sexual predators harass women they could never be with sexually.

        It’s extremely disturbing and I wouldn’t be surprised to hear his wife’s left him for harassing behavior or he’s caught in a MeToo situation down the road. He really needs help.

    • BeanieBean says:

      He loves using the word ‘stripped’ when writing about Meghan. Gross.

      • Monica says:

        All the hater-writers do. Stripped! STRIPPED—I tell you!!!

      • Melly says:

        I totally agree with you. There is something about that language that I find very sinister
        and threatening . I won’t be in explicit because I don’t want to put it out into the universe. Just I do not like how it’s used in reference to Meghan by these gutter journalists and if Meghan was my sister I would be very angry and would not let her out of my sight.

      • dc says:

        Thomas Markle is the gift that keeps on giving, where the toxic UK tabloids are concerned. He’s probably paid a retainer to keep coming out with these nasty snippets. He’s good value for the Daily Mail.

        I suppose his bitterness is so deep now, he doesn’t care that he’s burnt all his bridges where reconciliation with his daughter is concerned. Sad.

      • RoyalBlue says:

        That is so disgusting how they relish is using the word stripped.

  2. Nikki* says:

    I have never seen a more toxic parent than this horror, excepting people in jail for physically harming their child. That he seems to go out of his way to actively harm her and bring her down is just the WORST.

    • Xoxo says:

      When is he going to take a dirt nap already? Disgusting POS.

    • Lorelei says:

      Even if I despised Meghan, I would be so fcking done with this guy by now.
      He just pops up with the same repetitive talking points over and over again.
      He cannot embarrass her anymore than he already has, so whyTF do these networks keep paying to have him come on and speak?
      I really believe that even the most ardent Meghan-haters must be sick and tired of this idiot by now.
      I mean really. Not only is he a terrible father and a disgusting person but he’s just SO stupid and delusional on top of everything else.

    • Carmen says:

      And he expects Meghan will start talking to him again behind this? Does he think he can bully her into a relationship with him? Just how stupid is this dirtbag?

  3. Eurydice says:

    I had to scream a bit with laughter at the idea of Meghan embarrassing the Markle family. No, no, Toxic Tom being a big, sweaty, desperately grasping pig isn’t embarrassing at all.

    • Jane says:

      Ditto the royal family. I suppose Toxic Tom has never heard of It’s a Royal Knockout, Prince William’s participation in comic relief, or the Queen jumping out of a helicopter with James Bond to promote London 2012?

      • Amy Too says:

        Is that really a talking point that the royal family want out there? That they’re absolutely horrifically scandalized and upset by….harmless fun? Silliness is embarrassing to them? Way to look relatable again, RF.

    • Jay says:

      Exactly – which one of them faked a heart attack for attention just before his daughter’s wedding?

      At this point, what exactly is the news value of putting Thomas on the air? He has no contact or recent information on Meghan, he doesn’t have an understanding of how any of these processes work, legal or otherwise, and he’s certain not adding insightful comment. Why does he get invited to interview or written about at all?

      • Agreatreckoning says:

        Right. The guy who collaborated with Jeff Rayner to take pictures/be filmed while getting measured for a suit, looking at books about British landmarks, googling his daughter on the internet and more. The same guy who colluded with Jason/KP/MoS in releasing his daughter’s letter. The same guy who is just a hateful, hot mess in his smearing of his daughter.

      • HeatherC says:

        @agreatreckoning It’s the same giu suing coleman-rayner for not paying him enough money!

      • what's inside says:

        Well said Jay and Agreatreckoning. He is a horror of a father.

    • HeatherC says:

      Tom Jr having his picture taken while licking a dog’s butt isn’t embarassing I guess.

  4. Sunshine says:

    His scripts are always interesting, if only because it’s gives us an insight into the thinking of the deranged royal family and their media.

  5. Stef says:

    This man is truly the worst kind of “father from afar” sh*tty that makes my skin crawl. She did the right thing by breaking free from his toxicity and everytime this clown opens his mouth, I appreciate Meghan a little bit more.

    Just wow. I’m not a violent person, but this man’s face needs a good smack, or ten… When will it end for her?

  6. Woke says:

    I don’t understand Thomas ultimate goal in all of this. He’s not exactly getting richer by doing this, if he was getting paid that much he would’ve moved out of Mexico already. Does he think these stunts hurt her still ? I’m sure her friends stopped telling her about his shenanigans a long time ago. He also must know he’s getting used he’s not that dumb.

    • ABritGuest says:

      Thomas become her troll not her father. I get the sense he’s the type who if he can’t get what he wants (control & access) his mission is just to make her life miserable. he’s also a media prop now used to say what the media wants. They probably have blackmail material on him eg that he didn’t have a heart attack pre wedding, how he worked with the press to sell Meghan out or stuff the Sun’s private investigator found out that he doesn’t want out there. So he says things according to the press script.

      I remember in 2018 when Thomas was initially just attacking Meghan & Harry & one time Doria or claiming he was dying. Knowing what we do now I wonder if the press needled him to start calling the royal family a cult etc as a way to get Meghan out to Mexico to shut Thomas up & for a press sting.

    • Jan says:

      Thomas owns property in California that he rents out.
      It looks like he living in a new place in Mexico, he just loves money and will do anything for it.

      • Fawsia says:

        He doesn’t a lot to piss in! If he owned property in CA the IRS would taken it by now! He owns ton of money and he is hiding in Mexico! We know he is Coke user and he runs through money in seconds!

      • Jan says:

        How can he be hiding in Mexico and come to the US for Health care?
        The IRS don’t just seize property if you make arrangements to pay your debt.

    • Eurydice says:

      At this point, I don’t think he has an ultimate goal. It’s pretty much “you go where people love you, even if it means they’re exploiting you.” This is his way of staying “famous.”

    • MissMarirose says:

      Narcissists love attention. There’s probably not much more to it than that.

    • goofpuff says:

      My guess is that he goes through money like water. I’m sure on all kinds of things. So he always needs more. And he’s a narcissist like his daughter Samantha. They love attention and to be seen as the victims.

  7. TheOriginalMia says:

    Of course, the old gasbag would have something to say about Meghan’s appearance. Gotta make that money. It’s a good thing, Meghan doesn’t care anymore what you say and do, Daddy Dearest. It’s just a pathetic look for the British media to keep on her like this when she has lived there in 2 years. What exactly is the purpose of this years long abusive campaign?

  8. pixyloo says:

    Awful, awful man. You have parents who stand by their sons/daughters after murdering someone as they believe that’s their duty as a parent and he behaves like this over nothing! So sad.

  9. Jan says:

    Ellen did rub it in a bit, turning up at the Sussexes for Halloween and describing the kids costumes, and old Tommy boy have never seem the children expect a picture of Archie, no wonder he is spitting nails.
    I think tommy hates women that he can’t control, first Oprah but still begging her to interview him and now he is on to Ellen.

  10. Sofia says:

    I’m going to post this comment every time he opens his mouth: I see this C U Next Tuesday still speaking.

  11. Ignore both those men. Her mother deserves all the love.

  12. Myra says:

    When people eventually tear into Meghan for skipping Thomas’ funeral, I hope they go back to this interview. This man can’t make his hatred of her clearer enough. .

  13. Jane Wilson says:

    Two words for all the gasping, shuddering, pearl-clutchers:

    Prince Andrew.

  14. Amy T says:

    Is it a terrible thing to look forward to an obituary? (Asking for a friend who is probably going to Hell for wondering…..)

  15. girl_ninja says:

    I see that he knows that he and Meghan will never reconcile so he’s swinging for the fences at this point. Imagine turning on the child who always took care of you for money and “fame.”
    Trash. Trash. Trash.

  16. MsIam says:

    Didn’t they show pictures of the car/truck? Yeah it was pretty old. He’s so vile. I wonder though if he is being blackmailed? There were all these weird stories about Toxic Tom involving tax evasion and sex trafficking early in the marriage. I think its more than just him wanting money. Someone is jerking his leash.

    • Amy Bee says:

      Meghan’s been telling this story since before she met Harry. Her father had no problem with her telling it then.

    • iconoclast59 says:

      Anybody who’s held onto a car for many, many years knows about the point where lots of little things start to go wrong, and it simply isn’t worth paying $$$ to fix them. I’m at that point with my 2008 car. I’m trying to wait out the chip shortage issue and hope my car doesn’t completely fall apart.

      • Lady D says:

        I got a ten year old Ford Explorer Sport like Meghan’s that I drove for another 12 years. I put 66K kilometers on my truck in those 12 years, and then everything went at once. Every time I started it or opened a door, the alarm would go off. I would have to literally open the hood, pop the battery cable and wait ten seconds before I could put it back on, and then start the flipping truck no problem. I started calling my truck Brutus, because it was turning into a bully.

      • JanetDR says:

        Haha! We’re still nursing along my son’s 1994 Taurus that I bought used when he was in college for $770. I think we got it in 2007 when he was in grad school. He lives in NYC and doesn’t have a place to park it so we have been keeping it going. It’s getting harder to find parts though and more needed to pass inspection every year. Cobbling together an exhaust system was last week’s challenge.

  17. Plums says:

    I really appreciate that legit American media doesn’t bother with him at all.

  18. Space Geek says:

    I’m seriously thinking of making a complaint to OFCOM because this is actual stalking, constant harassment and bullying of Meghan by the BM. I think the complaint that was made against this show when PM had a meltdown, was only not upheld because there were other people to “balance” out his histrionics. I haven’t watched the interviews Toxic Tom has given but I’d be shocked to find one of the presenters playing devil’s advocate and sticking up for Meghan.

  19. Cessily says:

    I think at this point if the Duke and Duchess of Sussex served him with a restraining order that banned him from these character assassinations their fans would throw a party. When does it end?
    Jason Knauf is his contact, the same Jason who with the blessing of William and Kate Middleton volunteered bits and pieces of select texts and emails to help a tabloid rag in an appeal. This was a huge and very public stance against the Duchess of Sussex by Kensington Palace. Every time Mr. Markle is dragged out to bash Duchess Meghan it is ALWAYS to deflect from actual crimes and horrific scandals done by others.

    • Andrew's Nemesis says:

      Perhaps it’ll all come out in the BBC documentary…

      • Jan says:

        Don’t hold your breath, Dan Wooten and others like him are on the panel.
        BBC and the palaces are playing games, ignore it like Earthshit. Did the same BS with finding freedom, a bunch of nothing burgers.

    • Andrew's Nemesis says:

      @Jan Sorrow and mourning… :( My only hope is that, as I’ve mentioned on another thread, this republican journalist may spill the beans. The BBC really suffered in the public imagination with their coverup of Jimmy Saville and the underhanded way in which they subsequently treated whistleblowing journalists. May be an unlikely scenario, along the lines of a Hail Mary pass, but what if…?

    • Greywacke says:

      In my opinion, every time he speaks publicly is a good thing because more and more people now see how unhinged, vulgar, stupid, and greedy he is, and my god, what a terrible father to trash talk his own daughter. He doesn’t come off as a person to have sympathy for in any aspect. Once upon a time, some folks would have though Meghan was cruel not to talk to him. Now it is obvious why she has cut him off.

  20. Eating Popcorn says:

    Can we re-visit the “Leak” that the Royals couldn’t understand why Meghan couldn’t just make this monster shut up and go away, what were his thoughts on that? Should Charles have been stripped of his titles?

  21. Amy Bee says:

    There’s not much more to say about Toxic Tom. I don’t believe that he really wants to reconcile with Meghan. The British press are providing him with a steady pay cheque and the attention he craves and can no longer demand from Meghan.

  22. aquarius64 says:

    TT is still collecting table scraps from the BM. He’s mad that despite all the trashing he and his demon spawn Scammy and Jr have done Meghan is still getting invited to major US talk shows and covered by legitimate US media. No one outside of FOX will touch the Markles with a barge pole; and FOX only has a MAGA reach. Legitimate US press see them for the money grubbing vicious clowns that they are.

  23. Janey says:

    “I love my daughter but….”

    says it all really

  24. Mslove says:

    Why would Thomas Markle care whether or not the royal family is embarrassed? Is he besties with the queen? No one is buying this.

  25. Over it says:

    Being a pedo not embarrassing at all. Rolling in rose bushes not embarrassing. Being a tampon insert not embarrassing. Selling your daughter out for 10 bucks not embarrassing but sure Tom the tin solider and piers the moppet the stalker. Going on Ellen is what’s truly the embarrassment.
    When will these two hurry up and expire already and be taken off the shelf permanently

  26. Jan says:

    Thomas did say Meghan is like her mother, not that we needed him to tell us, because his other children are like him grifters.
    So he knew after that letter from Meghan, it was goodbye.
    Can you imagine the weight off Meghan’s back not having to deal Thomas and the royal family/courtiers, free at last, free at last, free at last, no wonder she is doing squats in heels.

  27. JennyJazzhands says:

    I love how the story was about the old car and he mentions “she never had to worry about an apartment or spending money” because its exactly how they twist stories to smear. Because, how could she have had an old car when she had a roof over her head and money to buy food!!! Does he hear himself?! 🤣

  28. Well-Wisher says:

    There is one question, after the usual Markle bilge – Why does he keep insisting that he loves his daughter, while his actions and words (scripted or unscripted) denotes the opposite?

  29. Che says:

    The Markle klan are a case study in family dysfunction. Doria deserves high praise for leaving that sad show. Meghan has my utmost respect as well as Harry for thriving despite growing up with toxic people. The more we learn about the royals and markles just makes HM shine brighter.

  30. lanne says:

    This is just about getting attention. No attention is worse than bad attention. Meghan and Harry continue to give him no attention. The BM keeps trying to up the ante in a bid to get Meghan to respond, but what’s the end game? At this point, they might try to send people to do harm. There’s not much more escalation they can make.

    Again, if the only message of the royal family is “we hate Meghan” then the monarchy deserves to die with the Queen. Right now, their only purpose seems to be harassing one person married to a spare royal.

  31. Pamuk says:

    Thank you Tom, you’ve helped me understand that my toxic abusive alcoholic father really wasn’t that bad after all. 🙄

  32. HK9 says:

    Every time someone interviews this poor excuse for a human being, all I can think of is shame on them for letting him open his mouth in public. C’mon now, enough is enough.

  33. RoyalGirzWin says:

    So is anyone going to bring up that Ellen is a horrible person? I watched the show and I think she was intentionally humiliating Meghan. I felt horrible for Meghan and embarrassed for her.

    Why would Meghan do this? She is a sophisticated mother of two and very successful, she doesn’t need to be humiliated on tv. I think Ellen is evil and had fun embarrassing a Black Royal.

    • ME says:

      Ellen said Meghan requested doing the “hidden camera” bit herself. She wanted to do it…it was all her decision.

    • Likeyoucare says:

      I guess we are not watching the same show.
      Just google meghan’s old interviews,
      Meghan was and is still the same in every interviews.

      She likes to talk about serious stuff and being silly at the same time.
      Search interview such as in the morning show, craig ferguson or rachel ray.

      Please dont put meghan on the pedestal, you are waiting for her to fall that way.

    • Jan says:

      This is a new one.
      Meghan is 40 years old, and if she wants to act silly, it’s her choice.
      So a successful, sophisticated mother of two must mind her Ps and Qs all the time, maybe she is just tired of people telling her what to do, say or wear and that was her way of saying sod off.

    • Sofia says:

      I’m not going to get into the bit about Ellen’s behaviour because I have discussed it before and don’t want to rehash it 4 days after the interview.

      All I’m going to say is let’s not assume Meghan has no choice in what she says and does. She participated out of her own free will and did what she wanted. If she didn’t want to do anything, she would have said no.

      • Athena says:

        British humor and American humor is very different. A number of RR commented that they didn’t get McCarthy’s humor when she did the 40 for 40 with Meghan. So I get that the Brits may not have found the skit on Ellen’s show funny including members of the royal family. For regular Ellen viewers this was normal. I think it made Meghan appear harmless to those who may have been up in arms about her calls to the Senators. Her appearance was targeted to the American audience so the Brits need to stop injecting themselves into everything Meghan does.
        There was no need for them to cover it, to live stream it, and then complain that she didn’t mention the royal family. Questioning her recollection of her own lived experience, it’s unhinged.

      • Agreatreckoning says:

        @Athena, I disagree that they didn’t get McCarthy’s humor or wouldn’t find the Ellen skit funny. The UK had The Benny Hill Show (that ran for 4 decades), Monty Python, Balls of Steel and more. No RR/royal commentator was going to say anything positive in the first place. Balls of Steel.

        Yea, there was no need to cover it especially when they all write/talk like they are sick of Meghan, Duchess of Sussex.

    • MsIam says:

      What’s wrong with having fun? Was it “royal” for Kate to let a giant spider crawl on her? William to hold a tiny watering can? The queen to try and cut a cake with an upside down sword? The point is they did these things for fun and to try and humanize themselves, I guess, so what is the harm? When Mrs. Obama was on Ellen they did some kind of prank at a CVS. Mrs. Obama also did Carpool Karaoke with James Cordon, who I guess is problematic too. So get over yourself already, Meghan or Ellen did nothing wrong in this case.

    • windyriver says:

      Actually, I thought it was rather the opposite. Several times Ellen said something to make sure we know how she and Meghan are such besties – being over on Halloween, knowing the kids, coming over for Thanksgiving. I’m sure she was thrilled Meghan mentioned her part in the puppy adoption story. She knows Meghan is the one with the higher profile right now. Having Meghan on her show was a massive get. No way is she going to do anything to embarrass her. And as mentioned above, Meghan asked to do the hidden camera bit.

    • L4frimaire says:

      You watched a totally different show fromt what we did. Notice how no one was going on too much about Harry being silly of Corden’s show and showing a bit of beefcake. I don’t get this ridiculous pollayanna perception of Meghan. The intention behind this purity standard for her are not good. She has a sense of humor, you don’t have to like her friends, she lives a very different life from the rest of us but she is both relatable and aspirational and yep, she is very charismatic and we choose to pay attention. It’s ok to not be into her Ellen skit, it was a bit long but had some funny moments. That’s all it is. She has done lot more substantial content if this isn’t for you. Just remember that Thomas was bitching and trashing her when she was meeting UN dignitaries, the Mayor of NYC and representatives from the WHO. Go figure.

    • Tessa says:

      Prince Charles often did tv stunts like doing weather reports and mug for cameras.

  34. Lucylee says:

    The sperm donor continues to shoot blanks.

  35. Gk says:

    I always start off my comments that I am not a fan of MM, or a hater. But this is ridiculous. Who cares that much if she is either silly or makes a fool of herself? Her brand/ $ is her problem to manage and compared to Andy…..

  36. CJ says:

    Meghan’s father is an abusive alcoholic. There’s not much more to his behavior than that stark fact.

  37. lunchcoma says:

    It’s really obvious that he’s getting fed his talking points. What California guy would focus so much on titles if left entirely to his own devices?

  38. Haylie says:

    If Meghan is stripped of her titles, that brings an end to Thomas’s grift. He’s stupid and being fed his script by a Rota Rat or wannabe like Piers.

  39. Lady Digby says:

    Bad dad is a flabby faced coward who says provocative things to get attention and repeatedly whines that he does not understand her silence. The 5 page letter made it very clear how disgusted and hurt she was by his public betrayal the entire week before her wedding. Lies then refusing to talk to them over the phone but instead giving daily paid updates to TMZ and only deeming her worthy of a couple of texts before evilly texting ” its a pity that I didn’t die, because you could have pretended to care!” In response to that unhinged text they left messages begging him to speak to them. He didn’t and left his daughter and bride to be embarrassed in front of her in-laws. From that week alone I see a weak and cowardly narc who only thinks of himself and his feelings.
    Meghan and Harry forgave him for papgate and gave him a second change to attend so he responded with an even bigger betrayal. He is a coward and if,let’s hope not, a trial happens next year he will let the fail down and once again not travel to UK to face hostile cross examination.

  40. Athena says:

    I was watching Loose Women recently and they were discussing his previous appearance and the general consensus is that it’s cringe worthy and they didn’t see the point of this man still being granted interviews.
    Piers must have secured a contract for Tom for these monthly appearances. They might also worry that if they don’t let him come on to voice the nonsense they’re writing for him he might go TMZ with the truth.
    The inability to move on, is that an English trait? Americans would have realized a long time ago that this angle is not working, Meghan is not falling for it and drop it by now.

  41. L4frimaire says:

    If Meghan is actually “ stripped” of her title, then what use would Thomas Markle be to the royal family and the British media? That title is what keeps him even remotely relive at to those clowns over there. Careful what you wish for Thomas. Seriously, f*ck this man. It’s like he’s in a cult and there’s no deprogramming him. Meghan said she lost her father and she really and truly did.

  42. swirlmamad says:

    I’m sending Doria all the calming light and blessings in the world….because if that were me and my child’s sperm donor (he does not get the honor of being called father anymore) was spewing this constant bile about my daughter…..I do not know how she manages to stay silent. I hate him on her and Meghan’s behalf and I don’t even know any of them.

  43. Feebee says:

    I think Mr Markle should be stripped of his title of Father. Daddy dearest needs to be blocked forever. The only reason is is given airtime or column inches is to further smear and attack Meghan. That is his one and only purpose. It really wouldn’t surprise me if it was Piers writing his scripts. I’ve always found it odd that he has this obsession with how it looks for the Royal Family/oh the poor Queen.

  44. DeluxeDuckling says:

    Smart choice of cover photo – earpiece as puppet string.

  45. Flying Fish says:

    Please make him shut up!

  46. Alibeebee says:

    and i thought my non-existent father who left us when i was a wee baby was bad .. thomas is far worse. what a horrid man !

  47. RoyalBlue says:

    So mean to his daughter. He is psychotic.

  48. Eleonora says:

    He talks a lot of shit if he wants to pretend to only want to reconnect.

  49. jferber says:

    I just hate this mofo. Can’t we just boycott this ass? It’s too much already.

  50. canichangemyname says:

    He’s despicable and toxic. He’s pathetic.

  51. aquarius64 says:

    I think the BM has dirt on Bad Dad, courtesy of the Sun private investigator. If it were to come out it may be embarrassing to Meghan but it would be destructive to the sperm donor. Dollar bet the royals ordered a background because Meghan was marrying into the BRF; Harry was 5th in line and a Counsellor in State so scrubbing her family would have been necessary for security. I bet MI5 or MI6 found a ton of dirt on her family especially Daddy. The BRF didn’t want her and the government got the receipts. But if the queen refused consent to the marriage the optics would have been horrible and risk bad relations with the US. So consent was given but Jason and the press conspired to stop the wedding using Harry’s soon to be Monsters-in-law. TT was intentionally caught for Papgate but it didn’t stop the wedding. So they weaponized the Markles to force a divorce. These scum didn’t count on Archie being born, Harry leaving and Lili arriving. So here we are. Bad Dad is the monthly hostage video the BM and BRF rolls out to force Meghan’s cooperation. Grant us access and exclusives or we will destroy your father. I guess the rota rats think a part of Meghan still cares for her father and in the end she’d want to save him. TT knows he will out live his usefulness and the BM will throw him under the double decker bus. They have two recoup their money some how.

    • Monica says:

      Interesting angle. And if they’d found any little thing in Meghan’s background to justify stopping the wedding they would have, so they all need to just STFU.

    • Bex says:

      As I see it, I don’t think they have anything on him. The only reason he didn’t sell Meghan out before Harry is because NO US media outlet would pay for dirt on her (as an actress on a cable show).

      But let Meghan have gotten to Kerry Washington’s or even Julia Roberts’ level of fame and name recognition? He would have sold Meghan out without a second thought. He’s said over and over again that he should be allowed to profit off Meghan. He’s said that multiple times in print and on TV (“she owes me”). He’s not doing this under duress. This is and has always been a choice he decided to make.

  52. Ry says:

    This is no father. Period.
    He’s a creepy bitter fk who needs to be vanquished. To speak of your child this way? You’d have to kill me first.
    No one likes this person. He’s reading this all. So are hos other kids. I promise you this.
    Like he cares about the Queen, this opportunist. He speaks to be heard and paid, not because he cares about a point.
    I know this type of dangerous person. I can smell his Ill intentioned ass from here. He has my mother’s bday no less lol
    I know him.

    Go live your own life you scummy fucks. It’s embarrassing. No one likes you.

  53. Silent Star says:

    Thomas Markle should be stripped of his title of “father”.

  54. Caseysmom says:

    I think he was promised a big payday if the wedding was cancelled. When he couldn’t fulfill his part of the bargain, he went to the tabloids. The man’s filed bankruptcy once or twice. I suspect he’s a gambler…a poor one. Meghan covered his expenses before meeting Harry so he could live his life however he wanted. Once she stopped, all bets were off. I would be surprised if TM even had Doria’s phone number now.

  55. Margaret says:

    I believe the markles were promised big money to stop the wedding. However Tommie sr. acts like a scorned lover, and a abusive father, his blackmailing is a tell.
    When said the royals owe him, he wasn’t lying.

  56. Tessa says:

    I hope Tom is ignored by the media and soon. No more $$$.

  57. JRenee says:

    Hey can’t have always been such a jerk. I can’t imagine Dora marrying such an evil spirit..

    • Bex says:

      Considering Doria separated from him within two years of marriage, and was divorced from him by the time Meghan was six, his jerk side came out fairly quickly after the wedding.

  58. Bex says:

    Meghan has been telling this story about her car for about a decade. It’s so funny how her dad never felt the need to claim it wasn’t true. Until now.

    Also, I can guarantee that most parents have no idea what minor issues their ADULT children have with their cars. Or homes. Or anything. He’s a liar and a joke.

  59. Che says:

    Tom Markle looks like an overstuffed puppet being fed his lines to attack his daughter. Money sure talks and basic common decency walks away .

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