“Adam McKay & Will Ferrell fell out years ago & haven’t spoken since” links

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Producing partners Adam McKay & Will Ferrell fell out a few years ago & haven’t spoken to one another since. [Dlisted]
Rita Moreno & photos from Monday night’s premiere of West Side Story. [Go Fug Yourself]
Matthew Goode looks like he came to this Silent Night premiere straight from a three-day bender. The hair isn’t helping! [Just Jared]
Spoilers for the finale of the Great British Baking Show. [Pajiba]
Succession’s Season 3 has been incredibly dark. [LaineyGossip]
Paris Jackson covers Vogue Hong Kong. [Egotastic]
Gawker makes fun of Love Actually Szn. [Gawker]
Here’s FKA Twigs’ new music video for “Measure of a Man.” [OMG Blog]
The lone Mississippi abortion clinic at the center of a SCOTUS case. [Towleroad]
More info on Alec Baldwin, the gun and the Rust shooting. [Buzzfeed]
Unexpected star Lexus has Covid. [Starcasm]

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  1. Normades says:

    West Side Story has been getting great reviews and the Oscar race is going to get interesting. I think we still have some dark horses in the running.

    • Becks1 says:

      It seems so similar to the first one from the previews, I wonder how much it differs – because if it is similar, then it makes sense its good, bc the first one is a masterpiece IMO. But at any rate I’m definitely going to see it.

  2. Becks1 says:

    oh thank you for posting the spoilers to GBBO. I had to turn the episode off because I was so distressed, lol. Jurgen not making it to the final was shocking enough.

    ETA and to clarify that’s not sarcasm. I was thinking I needed to look up the winner before I could finish the episode, lol.

    • Erin says:

      I was so upset when he was eliminated too. I actually put off watching the end of that episode because I had a bad feeling. Then I didn’t really have a favorite so I was going to be happy for whoever won and they were all so great on the final. The winner was not a surprise though lol.

    • STRIPE says:

      It was upsetting for sure. He deserved to go to the final.

      • Becks1 says:

        I knew it would be bad (that episode) bc Paul Hollywood tweeted something about how the judges were the ones who actually tasted and smelled the bakes, so they had an advantage over those watching, which is true….but I saw that and thought, uh oh, they angered some people! Jurgen didn’t have the best bakes that episode FOR HIM but they were still better than probably 99% of the people watching.

        the only reason I wasn’t more upset about it was bc I did think that Crystelle and Chigs both had done really well, so it wasnt like Jurgen was getting passed over bc he had a crap day and someone who was consistently pretty bad had a good day.

    • Keats says:

      I just watched the finale last night. WHAT a season, but I do think the best baker (or at least the baker that made the most things I want to eat) won!

    • Eurydice says:

      I was also upset about Jurgen, but the finalists were worthy and my co-favorite won. It was a great season.

    • JanetDR says:

      I assumed it would be Jurgen, who was so consistently good, but delighted that my secret crush won in the end! It was a really good season! I agree with every word in the Paijiba article.

  3. Silver Charm says:

    I can’t believe they have Ansel Elgort out there promoting this.

  4. bettyrose says:

    Why would there ever be live rounds on set? And why would the gun need to be checked a second time after lunch? Like, who was putting live rounds in the gun on their lunch break? If the investigation only reveals wide spread negligence, I feel like this is the most bizarre sequence of really stupid actions.

  5. AppleCart says:

    Adam was way in the wrong. You don’t go behind your Partner’s back and recast them without speaking to them first. Team Will on this one.

    • STRIPE says:

      100%. I’m not sure how you trust a business partner after that. I would very much wonder what else he was doing behind my back.

    • Jayna says:

      That was a huge betrayal by someone who was your partner and friend that long. No matter how uncomfortable the situation, you face it and talk to them. It sounds like he wanted to make sure he got John before he got rid of Will for the part just in case. But he didn’t bank on John going to Will to get his okay since they were friends. The hurt must have run so deep for Will.

    • Katie says:

      My company blocks Dlisted for reasons unknown to me, but I read a People write up that included this: “But, McKay said Ferrell ‘took it as a way deeper hurt than I ever imagined … I tried to reach out to him, and I reminded him of some slights that were thrown my way that were never apologized for.'” That is not the way to get your friend back!!!

    • Southern Fried says:

      It’s been reported Will is a very private person so Adam putting him on blast about this would feel like another betrayal.

  6. AppleCart says:

    Rita just turned 90 and she looks about 60 and maybe she had a little work. But her mind is as sharp as ever and looks amazing.

  7. Erin says:

    That does not look like Annabelle Wallis.

  8. VegasSchmegas says:

    I’m a Succession fan, and they’re both still listed as executive producers, under Gary Sanchez Productions. I wonder how that is working out, and how hands-on each of them really are. That show is an addiction.

    • Notsoanonymous says:

      Also a fan of Succession – in the VF article, they touched on it. Their company was dissolved in 2019, and Succession began in 2018. Adam did most of the initial casting and production, and Will is still listed as EP as more of credit in name only. I imagine he reaps financial benefit still but it doesn’t sound like he’s involved.

  9. Stephanie says:

    Just here to say that Matthew Goode usually looks better than that lol. (I have a thing for him🤷🏻‍♀️) I saw something on Vanity Fair’s insta about Adam McKay and tbh he seemed like kind of a jerk but I didn’t read the whole interview.

    • Christine says:

      I have a thing for him too, and I don’t find this look something I would toss out my life!

      • gemcat says:

        I think his hair might be greying “too much” so he’s covering that up with this darker colder brown which yeah, doesn’t go with his skin tone. His natural colour is lighter ..or at least warmer, than this.. wish he would just showcase those greys instead..now THAT I’d be here for!

  10. MelOn says:

    I have my ticket to see WSS next week. I’m looking forward to it . I’m not surprised that Ansel is the dead weight. He’s so blah as an actor and when he did sing a little on one Golden Globes show, I turned to my husband and said “Nah, he can’t sing Maria convincingly”. Oh well, too bad Ben Platt wouldn’t fit the role . Maybe they should have gone with an unknown for Tony also.

    • Becks1 says:

      I absolutely think they should have gone with an unknown for Tony. This movie didn’t need a big name for Tony – the combination of Spielberg and West Side Story would get people out regardless of who starred in it (although including Rita Moreno is perfection obviously). And Ansel Elgort isn’t that big a star yet – I know he was considered the hot young actor or next big thing or whatever a few years ago, before the rape allegations (I’m remembering that right, right? there were rape or sexual assault allegations?) but even then, I don’t think he was so big that he was going to bring in a lot of people who weren’t going to see it otherwise.. They should have gone with someone who can sing, first and foremost.

  11. lucy2 says:

    Stacey Abrams is running for governor of Georgia again!

    • Southern Fried says:


    • Lala11_7 says:

      What Georgia has done in the last two years reminds me that Democracy is TRULY not dead! What Abrams & LaTashoa Brown has done to ensure EVERYONE votes…has been a GIFT to humanity❣

  12. girl_ninja says:

    Annabelle Wallis looks lovely at that premiere. I’ll forgive Matthew Goode’s hair choice. We ARE still in a pandemic after all.