Karlie Kloss: ‘I’ve learned to stay away from the comments section’


Karlie Kloss covered a recent issue of WSJ. Magazine. I’m not sure if she was promoting something specific, or if she was just a model for hire. Considering the Richard Avedon-inspired editorial, I suspect it was more like she was a model for hire and the interview was just a bonus, oh look, a model who can actually speak. Karlie gave birth to her first child earlier this year – a son named Levi Kushner. Because she’s married to Joshua Kushner, brother of Jared Kushner. Karlie keeps it polite with her in-laws but she’s not hiding the fact that her politics are more liberal. Some highlights from this WSJ. Magazine interview:

On pregnancy & motherhood: “I love my body in a way that I never have. I never imagined that I would have a career [in which] my body would be so intertwined with my success or failure. That’s something that I really don’t like about being a model, but — it’s part of the job. I think it’s really unfortunate that there are still such narrow kinds of ideas [like] you need to be able to fit a sample size. I’m not going to change who I am to fit that.”

She loved being still during the pandemic: “In fashion, there are no boundaries unless you put them up. Maybe that was why I was able to get pregnant — for the first time I was taking care of myself.”

Her model mom friends: Getting advice from other model moms — like Ashley Graham, Emily Ratajkowski and Irina Shayk — has helped. “The mom group friendship thing — I was always like, Yeah, that’s cute but that’s not going to be me.’ [Now] I don’t make a move without asking my mom friends.”

On her Kushner & Trump in-laws: “I’ve had to grow really thick skin as it relates to [being] impacted by other people’s opinions. Whether they love me or they hate me — because I’ve experienced all of it. I’ve learned to stay away from the comments section. I just try and… speak out on things that I am authentically passionate about. I live my life and try to show my values through my actions.”

[From WSJ. via Yahoo]

I’ve always gone back-and-forth about Karlie and the Kushners. I think sure, she fell for a guy and at the time, she didn’t know that his brother would end up enabling fascists in the White House. I understand not throwing out the whole man because his brother is fascist scum. But I do feel like Karlie expected people to never mention it or talk about how weird it was that Ivanka Trump is her damn sister-in-law. As for the other stuff… I didn’t even know she was friends with Irina and Emily. Does Irina give “mom advice” to other models? That’s a weird thought.

Cover & IG photos courtesy of WSJ. Magazine.

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  1. CROWHOODreturns says:

    She’s the absolute worst on Project Runway.

  2. apollocat says:

    This is the fake one and annoying as hell. She loves the money Jared makes and loves to spend it too. Her husband does nothing and rides off his brother’s money. I think she lowkey hates Ivanka trump. Not only do her inlaws love the trump(pardon her father-in-law) all those billionaire pals prefer Ivanka over Karlie. She learned that very soon because that’s how a billionaire’s role, they don’t care about your political beliefs. She hangs with Ivanka all the time and I hate this person and she uses people and discards them. She uses Taylor swift for clout and ditch her and now with the scooter.

    She should have to take Sussex’s book if she truly believes in her ethics.

  3. Alissa says:

    my husband’s family is VERY right wing, and he is a moderate registered Independent. everyone always thinks he’s more like his family, and they wonder how he can live with me, who’s liberal. honestly, he lies a lot closer to me than his family in terms of beliefs.

    I don’t really know why we would question Ivanka being her SIL. both her and her husband have made it pretty clear where their politics lie and they’re not close with his family. I think she expected people would pay attention to what she supported, and not her crazy in laws. I wouldn’t expect anyone to assume I was a Republican because of who I married.

    • Kate says:

      Plus Karlie started dating Joshua in 2012 when Ivanka (and jared?) were still registered democrats.

      She is a good model; some of these photos are very striking.

    • Anony83 says:

      My now-husband was a Republican growing up because that’s what his parents were. And when he graduated college in the midst of the W. Bush era, he became more disillusioned with the GOP and considered himself firmly independent. Which was good because the closest we’ve ever come to breaking up was when I found out he voted for W both times.

      Hilariously, I’ve now moved him to Massachusetts and the GOP has fallen into Trumpism and now he’s as close to a Democrat as you can be while still calling yourself an Independent. And all his siblings have moved further and further to the left in their adulthood. I’m still not sure if my FIL and MIL realize they’ve raised four Democrats but I sure do find it amusing.

      All that is to say that you shouldn’t impute someone’s BIL’s opinions or actions onto them.

    • A says:

      He owns multiple businesses with his brother. He has shady links to the Gulf (as if there are any other kind of links when we talk about billionaires). Neither of them have said anything more forceful about the Trumps than a vague, ‘I think you know what my politics are’.

      Pretty much everyone must have sh—y family members somewhere, and I don’t blame them for that. But not everyone’s sh—y family tries to overthrow democracy and not everyone stays enmeshed in their sh—y family dynamics.

  4. Iris says:

    I find it a bit annoying when models as successful as Karlie say they’re not going to change who they are to fit the industry’s expectations, ie being a sample size. She has a huge amount of power and capital- it’s not as easy for a new or less established model to do that. (Also, karlie kloss is about 6’1 and is very thin so… she is fitting the industry standard anyway)

    I would love if a model said, yes, it sucks that I have to be this size for fashion week and they compared it to a jockey having to meet weigh-in before a race. Or at least was ready to have a conversation about how toxic it all is and how arbitrary it is that we celebrate one specific body type above all others.

  5. Valentina says:

    Of course she stays away from the comment section, she’s a trump

  6. girl_ninja says:

    The thoughts on this woman are always one way or the other. Either she’s evil incarnate for being married to a Kushner or she is independent and separate from them because it’s not her fault she fell in love with a Trump adjacent trash. I’m still waiting for the Taylor comments.

    • thinking says:

      I can’t get a read on her husband. He doesn’t seem as inclined to show his face in public like Jared, so who knows what he’s actually like. Maybe he’s up to something, but he seems to have the common sense to stay out of the public eye unlike Ivanka and Jared.

      I actually thought Karlie Kloss and her husband must have fallen for each other because they’re both the same level of attractiveness. They sort of “match” like how Tom Brady and Gisele Bundchen kind of match each other. And Kloss’s husband looks less weird in physical appearance than Jared. He has good hair, I think? If you take away political affiliations and corruption, they look like two people who would wind up together (tall, thin, white, and ….like they’d be into coordinating their outfits together, like wearing matching sweaters or something).

  7. Lucy2 says:

    Joshua is in business with Jared to this day.

  8. Sinead says:

    Wasn’t her dad (he’s a doctor) in a Facebook group trying to garner talking points for Donald Trump during he pandemic? Yes he was, I just looked it up, he created a fb group in his emergency room asking other doc’s “ If you were in charge of Federal response to the Pandemic what would your recommendation be?”. The only reason she pretends she has different politics to Trump is coz it would effect her brand of she said she’s the same out loud. Karlie Kloss only ever made ‘‘small’ noises about Trump, just enough to throw people off the scent without any real substance at all. Kloss / Kushner / Trump = The. Exact. Same

    • Emily says:

      Yes, Jared asking his SIL’s dad to cast a broad Facebook net for good ideas was one of the lesser-reported early indicators of just how f**ked-up the administration’s Covid response would turn out to be. Every day of the pandemic was a new low, but this early fumble showed us how dangerous nepotism can be when human lives hang in the balance.

      • BeanieBean says:

        Oh, wow, I knew nothing about that. Good gad, I’m just stupefied. The normal response is to go to your surgeon general, go to the CDC, and they go to…a family member reaching out on FB for ideas?

    • Jules says:

      Yes! I remember this. I know Vanity Fair covered it or at least had a blurb in one of their Trump pieces. Why would they be so involved in wanting to ‘help’ Trump if they didn’t share in his beliefs and/or also seek to profit in some way? This isn’t a case of she and her husband being different. They’re just better at covering up than Ivanka and Jared were (Ivanka faked being a more ‘tolerable’ Trump for ages but she’s obviously as bad and phony as her family) and I think Karlie, her family and her husband are also phony as well.

  9. Moderatelywealthy says:

    In theory, it is fine not yo read comment section if keeps your sanity.

    In practice,she behaves as if the Kutschbers were not shady before Trump.. And it us not like her husband cut Tues with the family business and just deals with brother abd father privately. They are all together moneywise and she is just making sure she dies not upset her employers abd audience, which are more liberal, while being protected from any trouble in the event if the fascist coup.

  10. Emily says:

    “I never imagined that I would have a career [in which] my body would be so intertwined with my success or failure,” says a woman who’s been modeling since she was 14.

    • shanaynay says:

      Yeah, she’s so FOS. That is the career she chose, and she knew what it was all about going into it.

  11. mariahlee says:

    I used to stan her in her early modeling days. Even from these pics you can tell she’s extremely good at her job (she’s also amazing on the runway). The personally never gave tho, so that didn’t last.

    • Tessa says:

      Not really, I can’t tell if she’s good at her job. Thousands of models could have done the same. She has makeup, clothes, lighting and styling to help her get different looks. I actually think she’s very average-looking, I’m very surprised she’s that successful. And her super archy brows annoy me lol.

      • BeanieBean says:

        Tall, skinny, blonde, young–that’ll get you far. I didn’t realize her eyebrows were so pointy at the top, though.

      • thinking says:

        I’m not surprised she’s successful. She’s very tall and not ugly — in modeling, if she has those two and she shows up on time for meetings and isn’t doing drugs, then, I think success should be very accessible to you. If you’re as tall and thin as she is, and you still find a way to fail at modeling, then I’d be much more surprised.

      • Kate says:

        You can tell she is good at modeling by how she connects with the camera, particularly with her eyes. There are no shots of her looking dead eyed, for example. There is a range of movement and expression in these shots and they all feel different. Of course there is a big team of people and directions given, etc., but look at many of the nepotism models’ photo shoots and you (or at least I) can see a big difference in how they connect with the camera.

  12. Erica says:

    It’s weird to me that the Wall Street journal does high end fashion shoots. Shouldn’t they be photographing stacks of money or people who work in finance? I don’t get it.

  13. Lizzie says:

    What I think I know about the Kushner’s as I don’t really pay that much attention. The whole family were big democrats until Trump ran for president this last time. Jared owned a news paper that was liberal. The family do not like their sons marrying non-Jewish women. Jared broke up with Ivanka because he couldn’t marry her and she came back and said she would convert. The parents refused to meet Karlie for all the years she dated her now husband.
    And finally, the father was sent to prison by Chris Christy for witness tampering. They sound like intolerant criminals. trump didn’t bring them down, like met like.

  14. thinking says:

    The Kushner brothers have a type, it would seem.

    I do think Karlie Kloss looks more natural than Ivanka though – as in I think Karlie Kloss was born looking the way she does and Ivanka had to get a bunch of surgeries. But the tall height and blonde hair is an interesting overlap.

  15. E says:

    I’m really confused about her body position in the cover photo: it looks like she has a squishy hump back or something with an owl-type head that can turn 360 degrees.

  16. bisynaptic says:

    josh kushner is no saint—as, i imagine, is also the case with karlie. and is she cosplaying an indigenous american, in the first IG pic? does no one give these people the memo? sheesh.

  17. BountyHunter says:

    I don’t think she’s really that great of a model. Sure she’s tall, thin, young, etc. But, to me, there’s no real personality or it factor that comes across. And, I know it’s only my opinion and it doesn’t matter, but I really don’t think she’s that pretty either. She just “fits the bill ” of what a model should be, so she slid right into that niche.
    I feel the same way about her political life/in laws and husband.

  18. jferber says:

    Weren’t there other millionaires/billionaires that were lower profile than brother of Satan? I think she’s made a mistake marrying and procreating with him, frankly. Just like Jamie Dornan with his 50 Shades haunting, I think this decision/this man, will haunt her throughout life. Dumb move for a smart model looking for the big pay-out. Even the thirsty ex of Orlando Bloom did better with Spiegel. I love how insecure Karli just naturally makes ivanka feel by being genetically tall and beautiful. Even with so many procedures, countless since pre-teen puberty to please Daddy, no doubt, Ivanka must want to crawl under a table every time Karli catwalks into a room. I really like that image, too. Ivanka should cringe under a table every day for the rest of her life. And give back all the money you grifted!