Brad Pitt ‘would dearly love to date again’ & find someone for the ‘long-term’

Brad Pitt and Leonardo DiCaprio back in their car on the set of 'Once Upon a Time in Hollywood'

One of the genuinely weird things about Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie’s neverending divorce is that Brad has spent the past five years mostly alone. Sure, there was Neri Oxman (a debacle) and Nico Poturalski, the Instagram-model who happened to be married. There were also rumors about Alia Shawkat and completely random women, but the point remains: he has not had a serious or significant relationship since Angelina. Now, Angelina hasn’t been in a relationship either, but she has clearly been healing from a toxic marriage. Usually the toxic a–hole dudes move on quickly. Brad has not. Well, Us Weekly is trying to make it sound like perhaps Brad is finally ready. Not only is he feeling “forgiving” towards Angelina (for the love of God), he’s also thinking about wading back into the dating pool.

Waiting for The One. Brad Pitt “would dearly love to date again” amid his ongoing drama with ex-wife Angelina Jolie — but he has some hesitation.

“[He wants to] find that special someone to be with long-term,” an insider exclusively reveals in the new issue of Us Weekly. “The trouble is that he hates the process and how he can’t even step out for a friendly coffee without it being gossiped about.”

The Oscar winner, 57, has had his love life “scrutinized” in the public eye over the years, the source adds, but is “focused on his family, charities and work” for the time being. “Those are his main priorities,” the insider tells Us.

[From Us Weekly]

The thing is, I’m still surprised that he hasn’t found someone already. Like, think about how weird that is. It’s very easy for us to say “well, women run screaming from him because of how he treated Angelina, and maybe Jennifer too.” But the truth is, he’s still Brad Pitt. He’s still good-looking. He’s still rich. He’s still A-list. There are thousands of women in LA who would date him. It would have been good PR for him too, the storyline of “Brad moves on with —!” So I do wonder why he hasn’t even found some placeholder relationship. Is he just too toxic? Or is it more like… he could not move on from Angelina?

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  1. Jay says:

    Eye roll. Lots of celebrities keep their private lives on lockdown if they want to, even those based in LA or New York. He just wants the headlines of “Ready to move on!”.

    But if he really wanted to move on you’d think he would be tired of losing to Angelina in court. Apparently he’s not, though.

    Or being publicly played by a (married) Instagram model. He strikes me as an old guy who wants to live the DiCaprio life but doesn’t understand it. And I find it telling that nobody seems to have fixed him up with an eligible actress, musician, or director, if only for awards season.

    Maybe there’s constant fear of what might come out in court, or maybe they can sense the toxicity?

    • Meg says:

      Yes I forget an actor from gossip girl and one from the OC are married with kids, people equal to their level of success and fame are talked about a lot in tabloids for their personal lives yet these two are able to not be photographed and talked about all the time so this line from Brad is BS. Weren’t Lenny Kravitz and Nicole Kidman engaged but it wasn’t acknowledged or even gossiped about until years later? so this can be done

  2. Zen says:

    I think he hasn’t gotten over Angelina. But if he is worried about being noticed when dating, he shouldn’t only date actresses. He must meet writers, directors, casting agents, producers. Lots of women in “the business” who aren’t actresses. Maybe he wants an Amal Clooney. Good luck with that. He doesn’t have George’s charm or intelligence to attract that level.

    • minx says:

      Yes. He had a beautiful, interesting, multi-faceted wife and he blew it. Where does he go from there? He hit the jackpot with Angelina.

    • Lady D says:

      What does he have? He’s failed his children, charities and wives. Not a lot of humanity in this human being, yet millions of women would practically sell their firstborn to date him.

  3. Eurydice says:

    Brad and Angelina were only married for 2 years, but together for 10 – the kind of together where they had 3 children. In today’s world, that’s kind of long-term.

    • Myriam says:

      They have 6 children. Don’t “other” Maddox, Pax, and Zahara.

      • Jojo says:

        I wish I could “like” your comment.Maddox and Zahara were their first 2 children yet they are still not considered their “real” children by some people.SMH.

      • sunhine says:


        it’s the awful reality for adopted kids. I have cousins who are adopted and even though they look quite similar to us, other family members don’t consider them part of the family.

        Brad was very much part of those kids lives and even went with Angelina when Zahara was adopted.

      • EMF999 says:

        Thank you for saying that. I’m adopted and have been acutely aware of that my whole life. I’m definitely the “other”. But at least I didn’t have to live that in the public eye.
        As an aside, I recently found my birth Mom and that sense of belonging is almost overwhelming. It’s a wonderful thing.

    • Gabriella says:

      @eurydice they have 6 children.

    • Eurydice says:

      Yes, sorry to everybody, I know they have 6 children. I just got my timelines wrong – I should have googled when the other children were adopted.

  4. Mcmmom says:

    I always thought Brad was an intellectual lightweight and a bit dull until he got with Angelina. Their relationship made me reconsider him and improved my impression of him. Of course, now I think he’s a jerk and a moron. I bet he is having trouble moving on from her because despite his money, looks and fame, he was completely punching above his station with her. He’s not engaging enough to get with another woman of her caliber, but as dopey as he is, he is smart enough to know that.

    Angelina saw in him someone with more depth than he actually has and now that she’s gone, he’s just a shallow, aging pretty boy.

    • nina says:

      What looks. Those are long gone and waving in the rear view mirror. He looks like a hard-drinking greasy middle aged man.

      • Mcmmom says:

        When he and Angelina got together, he was considered quite handsome. That’s my point – when he was at his best, he was still “dating up” with Angelina. Now, he’s older and tarnished and knows at some level that he will never be with anyone like her again.

    • Jan90067 says:

      I always remember Jen saying he was a HUGE pothead, who liked to stay home, on the couch, and stay stoned. He also always seemed to take on the looks of whatever woman he was with. I doubt he has very much of any “intellect” in anything other than “THE BUSINESS”, and considering how shoddy his “charity” work is (N.O anyone? Has he done *anything* to take responsibility about the homes? The people who put their life savings into those homes? Nope and Nope).

      This aging Peter Pan doesn’t really have much to offer as a person other than his bank book and connections, IMO.

  5. Twin falls says:

    The problem could be that he keeps telling on himself and no one with substance wants a whiny 57 year old man child as a partner.

    The other problem – where do you go from freaking Angelina Jolie? Date someone beautiful, she’s one of the most gorgeous faces ever. Date someone acclaimed, she’s an Oscar winner. Date someone philanthropic, she’s an active, nearly life long humanitarian.

    Sure, it shouldn’t be a comparison but in his mind it always will be so he’s alone.

    • Esmerelda says:

      I think you hit on the problem: he wants to one-up Angie and “win” the divorce, and he can’t. His only option to have a media storyline bigger than Brangelina would be to get back with Aniston (or Goop, really), but neither of them seems to be into that, and Aniston seems wiser these days.
      So he’s stuck with: A) budget Angelina insta model (didn’t work, too risky), B) up and coming actress (didn’t work, his brand is a bit toxic, so no new promising actress wants to date him publicly), C) Amal 2.0 (didn’t work, Oxam shut it down)
      So he’s reduced to publishing this “looking for a serious relationship” personal ad as a press release.
      He should try and date an older woman, a famous beauty who wouldn’t care about his toxic brand, and who’ll make him look younger, but his vanity will not let him.

  6. Southern Fried says:

    I also wonder if substance abuse is a problem with finding other women to date long term. That’s okay. He still has his bros to cover for him and prop him up along with the Hollywood old boys network. Like I eventually realized with my ex, he simply does not care about family life and never really knew his kids at all because of his selfishness.

  7. Jane says:

    I think there’s a lot going on behind the scenes that we don’t know about, despite the propaganda that Brad’s team is putting out. Correct me if I’m wrong, but he hasn’t been photographed with any of the six kids for FIVE YEARS. Not one random blurry pap shot. Considering how often Angelina is photographed going about her business with the kids, and how often totally random celebs get photographed with their kids, whether they personally tip off the paps or not, I find it completely improbable that Brad wouldn’t have been, had he been seeing the kids normally in that time. Likewise, the oblique references to his alcohol & drug issues. Those couldn’t be completely covered up because of the nature of the catalyst for the divorce, but I bet we’re not hearing the full story. And if he’s got serious issues and is doing a programme and therapy properly, court ordered or otherwise, I can see why he wouldn’t be making certain areas of his life public. Basically, he’s trying to avoid being Johnny Depp, and he’s listening to what his advisors are telling him, doing just enough to maintain his professional reputation, get sympathy and imply Angelina is the one with the issues but not enough that she’s prepared to go scorched Earth on him. He’s lucky that she is a good person, is not dragging their kids through the mud to score points over him, and has much better things to do wrt her philanthropy. If she were less heavy weighty and busy and more self-absorbed (and we can all name celebs to whom that description applies, who make bank out of failed relationships), I think we’d be getting a lot more scandal. And yes, any sensible woman of the kind he might be interested in is probably looking at him, assessing whether it’s worth it, and deciding not, for any number of reasons.

    • Jojo says:

      I also think it’s strange that there have been not only no blurry photos,I have never read a tweet or an article about somebody seeing him with his kids at a restaurant,at an ice cream shop,at a store.Do they just stay at his house when they visit? Very odd.

      • alycea says:


        supposedly the kids are “homebodies” but that doesn’t really make sense since the kids have been seen with their friends and even with Angelina at restaurants. It’s odd indeed!

    • TeamMeg says:


    • Missa410 says:

      The fact that he hasn’t been spotted at all, anywhere, with any of his kids, is glaring. For comparison, George and Amal Clooney make a tremendous effort to keep their kids from being photographed for safety reasons, and there are still a handful of blurry paparazzi shots from a distance in Italy, or Instagram posts from someone who caught them out running an errand in LA. The fact that Brad, who would jump at the chance to play doting dad in public, has not been seen with his kids makes me think he still is only able to spend very limited, scheduled visits with them, which would typically require they stay at home. Or the kids don’t want to see him/be seen with him.

      • Jay says:

        I could be wrong, but he might still only be allowed supervised, scheduled visits with the younger children, due to the allegations of substance abuse. Not exactly something he would want to remind everyone.

        The older kids can choose not to see him.

    • Simmons says:

      I think you are on to something. I remember last year, when Ben Affleck was out promoting his alcoholic film The Way Back, a journalist asked him if he got sobriety help from fellow Hollywood actors Brad Pitt, Bradley Cooper, and Robert Downey Jr. Ben only mentioned Bradley Cooper and Robert Downey Jr. It could be these two were close to Ben, or in retrospect, Ben was hinting that Pitt was not sober.

  8. Jen D says:

    It’s super weird to me that he hasn’t been able to make anything stick. Like, it would be less weird if we heard absolutely nothing about him dating – he might be focused on sobriety, not ready, or just keeping it on the downlow. But he’s trying, and worse still – we can tell he’s trying. And he just can’t land it. It looks like he’s been rejected by these women – a successful architect, and Instagram model, and his ex. That’s a pretty broad spectrum. I’m sure the reality is different, but the optics are terrible.

  9. Beloved says:

    He should join raya.

  10. Ac says:

    That’s hard when you are a toxic narcissist!

  11. Karisma says:

    I think he’s not over angelina and he never will be.

  12. Robin says:

    I don’t get the Celebitchy bias toward Angelina. Part of me thinks she’s paying for these posts and comments. There’s just not enough information about what went down with them for so many people to side with Angelina in this way. She has always come across to me as manipulative and it’s not uncommon for a parent to turn their kids against another parent.

    • Twin falls says:

      Lol I promise no one is paying me to procrastinate and comment on a gossip site.

    • Lizzie Bathory says:

      Hi, Brad!

    • sunhine says:

      The appellate court reprimanding him is enough is enough for me.

      >Part of me thinks she’s paying for these posts and comments

      This is absolutely a ridiculous comment l I honestly can’t believe you actually submitted it.

      >She has always come across to me as manipulative

      Didn’t you just say “There’s just not enough information about what went down with them”? Same thing goes for Brad too.

      • alycea says:

        @ SUNHINE

        Funny how his fans never want to bring that up. Or how California’s AG is now investigating one of their therapist. You gotta wonder if Brad is paying these people to purposefully distort information. Sorry Brad we can all read!

      • Sierra says:

        @Robin: lol enough with the bc about Angelina not supposedly having friends. That has been disputed years ago 🙄

        She has many decades old friends both inside and outside Hollywood. Many people didn’t know of her friendship with George Lucas until he presented an award to her.

        Just because she doesn’t use her friends for publicity like other celebs, it doesn’t mean that she doesn’t have any.

    • alycea says:

      Hey Brad!

      I see you have conveniently forgot how Brad was called out for manipulating the courts and tried to push for custody modification. And that’s on record love!

      • sunhine says:


        I am not going to lie, it does anger me a bit. The decision was public and while it’s long, it laid some important details out that pointed to Angelina being right when she said she didn’t get a fair trial. The decision to disqualify the judge was not just on a technical error. In fact the appellate court said Brad’s efforts to change the agreement while his laywer had been advocating for the Judge on outside cases, could have been enough for the disqualification. They coupled that with the judge’s failure to disclose and it was more then enough proof.

        We still don’t know exactly what those efforts were exactly since all of the evidence wasn’t released, but one thing we know for sure is something (a pattern perhaps) did not sit well with them.

        @LANNE is right. We actually investigate what’s happening on here

    • lanne says:

      Then you just don’t get Celebitchy period. Here, we don’t just take the tabloid party line. We don’t just accept whatever misogynistic tripe that gets served up. We investigate it, examine our cultural biases, examine our own individual biases, and consider how women are portrayed in the public sphere, and who benefits from that portrayal. It’s been too easy to pit women against each other, to put women down, to subject them to double standards, and sell a story about “good” and “bad” women. If you just want to “burn the bitch” at the figurative stake, then this cite is not for you. I suggest Facebook, or the Daily Sieg Heil. You can yell “shame” and point and hiss to your hearts content.

      • Krystina says:

        Yet this site also has people putting women down. Like any Kardashian woman, and a few others. Even here our biases come out.

    • lmao says:

      ah yes we don’t know anything but angelina is a manipulative mom who turned her kids against their father and the problem here isn’t the alcoholic father who gets abusive when he drinks too much. Angelina paid me for this comment btw.

    • Ohlizbennet says:

      All of the people Brad hired to help him with his custody case are being investigated by the attorney general of California for malpractice.

      He’s being sued by his charity (LOL at the he’s busy with charity) for abandoning them after half assing them.

      What more information does anyone need. He’s the one who plays dirty. He’s the one constantly in legal trouble. That’s all the information any sane and logical person needs.

      • alycea says:

        Not to mention he stopped paying his interior designer but stull tried to get her to finish. She had to close her studio because of him.

    • Jaded says:

      @Robin – LOL! Sure, we’re all getting rich posting positive comments about AJ.

      The simple truth is Brad had problems with booze, weed and aggression. He got ugly drunk on a plane, started mouthing off at Maddox for some reason, AJ tried to defend her child and it escalated into a shoving match with Maddox and likely her too. When the plane landed he jumped out and tried to hijack a fuel truck.

      AJ didn’t need to turn her kids against Brad, he did that all on his own.

    • NightOwl says:

      Projection. Utter projection.

      Let me fix it for you, Brad: “Part of me KNOWS I AM PAYING FOR for POSITIVE posts and comments. There’s SO MUCH information about what went down with US for so many people to side with Angelina in this way. I HAVE always come across to as manipulative and it’s not uncommon for a parent to turn their kids against another parent, LIKE I AM TRYING TO DO.”

    • minx says:

      That’s one of the oldest blogging accusations in the book, claiming that people are getting paid to write something you don’t agree with. No, I’m not getting paid, I can easily see who is the better person here and it’s not Brad.

      • Otaku fairy says:

        Yep. That’s always one of the first things on people’s internet “How dare u say Not Shitty Thing about bitch Me don’t like” bingo cards. It’s not the most desperate thing some of them will try though.

    • Kaiser says:

      Lol. I would defend Angelina for free. 💕

    • Maria from Tercer mundo says:

      Angie, where is my money.

    • AppleCart says:

      My comments are available for hire, pay me Brad!!!


    • MerlinsMom1018 says:

      @”Robin”: 🙄
      Now Bradley. The adults are talking so have a seat.

    • Ameerah says:

      Hey Brad!

    • LMAO!! Sorry Brad, I mean “Robin”, I know it must be frustrating to have people see you for who you really are despite your best efforts to smear your ex-wife over the years: I’m sure all of that Page 6 propaganda didn’t come cheap! Stay mad boo!

  13. Julia K says:

    Something big went down on that plane. The shit doesn’t hit the fan that fast and dramatic enough to cause her to file. The children appear to want to distance from him as well. There will be no answers unless someone wants to talk.

    • Missa410 says:

      I do wonder if any of the kids will ever talk publicly. They’re all getting older and able to make these decisions for themselves. I’m waiting on the edge of my seat for an Insta post from Zahara about her shitty dad to go mega-viral lol

      • sunhine says:

        I think they will once the twins hit 18, MISSA410. They seem to be going down the non famous route (Maddox and Pax whose also allegedly in college across the country). I am sure they are tired of their names being dragged like this. It will always happen but say their peace to curb others putting words in their mouth

    • AppleCart says:

      I think we read between the lines well enough. Brad was drunk and attacked Maddox on the plane. And that’s all she needed to hit the eject button on the marriage. She grew up with a crappy Dad. She wasn’t going to subject that to her children. She didn’t save face and sweep it under the rug to stay married. She left and put her kids first. Brad will never get over that and good. He can suck it hard.

    • susan says:

      I thought from the beginning that he probably got physical with HER.

  14. Ac says:

    @Robin your comment is insane and your opinion seems to be biased because I don’t say things about people that I don’t know. I am sure that you haven’t been around her to know if she is manipulative, but you seem to think it’s ok. Wow! I have always seen horrific and ridiculous comments about her on a lot sites and by Jennifer Anniston’s fans. Perhaps you can take your negative energy there.

  15. Ac says:

    @Robin your comment is insane and your opinion seems to be biased because I don’t say things about people that I don’t know. I am sure that you haven’t been around her to know if she is manipulative, but you seem to think it’s ok. Wow! I have always seen horrific and ridiculous comments about her on a lot sites and by Jennifer Anniston’s fans. Perhaps you can take your negative energy there. Or should we not like her because you don’t? GTFOH

  16. Mslove says:

    This has all the feels of a pr agency creating a false persona for Brad Pitt so they can continue to make money off him. I imagine his drinking and drugging have completely taken over his life and his agent doesn’t want the public to know. The best thing he can do for his kids and himself is leave Hollywood behind and really focus on his recovery and hopefully, taking the L on the divorce so the kids & Angelina can heal from this toxic mess.

  17. Simmons says:

    Maybe it’s all three things:
    1. Women in the industry won’t touch him because they know the stuff;
    2. C/D listers from dating apps like Raya are mostly cloudchasers who only want to date him for external reasons. Ben Affleck tried Raya briefly in 2019, and look what a mess he got himself into. Those women are also likely not discreet who may sell his secrets to tabloids that he doesn’t want others to know about;
    3. He may genuinely be not ready to move on from Angelina Jolie.

  18. lola says:

    He’s not over Angelina hence the dragging of the divorce. He f**** took a model to Miraval near or on their wedding anniversary, who does that? unless you’re petty as f**** and not over your ex. Wait until Angelina gets into a serious relationship you’ll see a full meltdown and thousands of sources about how she’s neglecting their children etc. I said it back then and saying it now, AJ was too good for him on so many levels.

    • Ohlizbennet says:

      He won’t be able to use her dating to convince people she’s a bad parent much longer. For starters, I think Angie may choose to keep private from here on out. But if she does confirm any relationship, it’ll be well after the courts (or his fully grown children) expose his abuse and lies. By which case, he won’t bother putting out any more fake stories concerning the kids cause there won’t be a point. Either it’ll become public knowledge they don’t want anything to do with him which result in him giving up on them like he did the older 3 kids (notice no articles about them wanting to see him or how he misses and praises them). Or it’ll be by the time they are all adults so the “neglectful” parent angle will be a joke. Neglectful of a bunch of kids moved into college or living on their own with jobs? No one will buy that.

  19. Amandahugandkiss says:

    I ain’t got a horse in the race, but maybe he has been just focused on putting himself in a better place personally and emotionally?
    That’s what I’ve been doing for 5 years. It’s not weird and it’s not bizarre. Just reorienting myself after a divorce, figuring out what I want, and who I am.
    Maybe it’s the same thing.

  20. Truthiness says:

    If rumors are true, he’s been hooking up whenever he wants this whole time but it’s been discrete booty calls, not relationships. There is no way he’s obsessed and staying celibate. That one woman, Nicole, wanted more mileage out of their booty calls since she was an influencer and he got played a bit, he just moved on to other discrete booty calls.

  21. LizinA says:

    I think he looks so sad, his eyes really show it, and he knows he blew a good thing up. I am not surprised it has been taking this long.

  22. Liz Version 700 says:

    He seems so pitiful. A man who had the world, but wouldn’t take care of it and blew up his life. That being said I sure wouldn’t want anyone I cared about dating him.

  23. Oria says:

    First of all, if he finds dating hard because he’s so famous that he can’t have friendly coffee with people without speculations, he could focus on being a human being over a celebrity and just live his life. If he stays out of the limelight completely, people will go “meh…” after a while.
    So no sympathy in those regards. He choosing to stay in the life he has and letting those things “be hard” because he wants the fame.

    Secondly, if we’re getting served this story now he might already be dating someone and this is just a slow roll out.

    Brad needs to step away completely from his life and live like an ordinary. That would solve his “problem” with not being able to have coffee with anyone without rumours.

    I’m very tired of celebrities complaining about being famous.
    They put themselves in these situations for various reasons, and have a myrad of people working for them so they can be “seen” all the time. Just be honest, humble and open about wanting the limelight, is that so hard?

  24. Ac says:

    @Robin it’s sad that you come to this site to spree bullshit.

  25. Ac says:

    @Robin, I don’t but I know t
    How to read and not come on a site and lie because I don’t like someone which is totally childish. Someone must be paying you to come on here and state bullshit. People that don’t have nothing to do but dislike and respond with continued nonsense, has no life.

  26. Ac says:

    No. You s just don’t like her and want everyone else to feel the way that you do. You are a sad person.

  27. LOL says:

    Thanks Kaiser for getting rid of the Robin troll… Brad Pitt fans sure have been angry since the news about the attorney general is investigating one of his child psychologists that he hired , and also s new news he has a new lawsuit regarding his make it right Foundation..

    • minx says:

      Yes, glad to see all those comments deleted.

    • sunhine says:

      A lot of them lost it when the judge was disqualified. They were able to push aside the make it right lawsuits and him getting sued for non payment but his image is starting to fall apart and they can’t handle it.

  28. Hanna says:

    Sound like he heard something at Angelina camp that maybe Angelina have secretly romance or dating someone. His courousity hit his nerve so badly wink wink

    • Maria from Tercer mundo says:

      That’s an interesting analysis of his lame PR. Because it’s very pathetic the narrative of a senior’s love life. I hope Angie find love real love. She deserves it.

  29. Bread and Circuses says:

    Oh, I think he’s romantically over Angelina. He’s just not over trying to hurt her for leaving his ass and never looking back.

    His team is the one that’s been leaking stories all along to tear her down and build him up, so if there have been no ~public~ romances, I suspect that’s intentional to keep his image polished.

    The romance roll-outs they’ve tried have all backfired on him (and then been scrubbed away), so I think his team is pretty gun-shy about the narrative of him having moved on, romantically. So this new narrative is just a trial balloon, to see what they can get away with.

    • minx says:

      Yep, exactly.

    • NotSoSocialB says:

      Yes. I think he remains very hostile toward her because he insanely blames her for his fall from grace, when in reality it has all been by his own hand. Flaming narcissist and toxic asshole.

  30. alane says:

    It amazes me how Brad, to this day, still gets so much sympathy for the demise of his marriage. He fumbled the ball, not Angelina. She stuck to her convictions as a parent and put her kids first. Too bad Brad screwed up, time and time again. Now he wants to date again…lol…that should get his fans fired up.

    • ML says:

      Exactly: Angelina was NOT married to Jennifer, Brad was, yet Angelina got most of the blame for the breakup of their marriage. I personally don’t think it’s great to get involved with someone who’s in a relationship, but the person actually IN the relationship deserves most of the blame for its demise.
      Next, as most people here have already commented, Brad 100% owns the fallout of the breakdown of his marriage and family. Personally, I cannot understand how People and other sites continually try to rehab Brad’s image. He physically attacked his kid and whatever happened was so egregious that his wife filed for divorce, he wasn’t able to be alone with his children without supervision, he had to publicly admit to substance abuse issues and wrongdoing, and as many commenters stated, he hasn’t been seen with his children since the incident. Purportedly, his eldest children want nothing to do with him. Brad has also gone after Angie by denying her child support, trying to destroy her reputation, trying to stop her sale of a FRENCH property in LUXEMBOURG, trying to retain a corrupt judge and child psychologist during the divorce… Not to mention NOLA and the cruddy housing his charity provided, which has left vulnerable people in dangerous conditions. I really don’t understand his appeal.
      He’s utterly toxic.

      • AppleCart says:

        Looking back at that time Angelina represented the boogeyman to all the wives relating to Jennifer. Your husband goes to work and leaves you for the “hottie”. And the W cover of them playing house was poorly timed. Which gave Jennifer some choice comments to make about Brad and his “missing a sensitivity chip”. Also looking back that was her subtle warning to Angelina of things to come one day.

      • NotSoSocialB says:

        @AppleCart- your comment is accurate and made me cackle thinking about those two having a chatty lunch together at Bradley the a-hole’s expense.

  31. Jen says:

    Brad should take a look deep in his soul and find a bit of humanity there, that’s the only way he can learn to apologise from the bottom of his heart, learn from his mistakes and not repeat them. Let vanity go.

  32. Paulala says:

    While I am “Team Brad,” I think he probably doesn’t have much of a personality. I dated an extremely handsome man. Literally, women and men would stare and hit on him when we were out. I think he got by on his looks for so long that he didn’t have much of a personality, sense of humor or really anything to offer other than his looks. I feel Brad has the same problem.

  33. Cacec04 says:

    I think from all the commentary over the years it’s fairly known he’s either a narcissist or “lacking an empathy chip”, so it would not surprise me if he’s not containing his bitterness about his divorce with Angelina and the “audacity “ of her leaving him that it just ends up being a turnoff from anyone who is anything but in it for fame.

  34. Ameerah says:

    I honestly think it’s because he’s still in love with Angelina. It explains why he has this need to punish her for leaving him – besides his obvious narcissism. Where do you go after you were married to Angelina Jolie??